Why Choose DSC for Your Home?


Along with the increasing crime rates, many security companies have emerged to provide protection to people and their properties. Home security has always been a top priority by these companies and one of these companies is DSC or Digital Security Control.


DSC alarm is one of the world leaders in electronic security. They have been producing revolutionary security systems since 1979. They specialize in home alarm systems for security and fire prevention. Their products are very useful and can even alert parents when their children have returned from school, distinguish pets from intruders and can even adjust home appliances. DSC alarm systems has been improved to minimize the chances of having false alarms. They offer alarm system kits which include a variety of devices such as alarm keypads, DSC accessories, expansion modules, wireless sensors and remotes. Aside from their products, they also offer excellent service and support for their customers. They have a dedicated team for technical support and customer services as well as sales representatives available.


For a long time, DSC has been a brand trusted by companies and residents in a lot of countries all over the world. A lot of people use the DSC alarm in their homes. This is because the DSC alarm exhibits features which residents find fitting to their lifestyles. A lot of their clients find that their products are very user friendly and can be done even with a single click of a button. DSC products can provide different codes for all family members and even visitors or tradesmen. It only takes a few minutes to learn how to use the system from the DSC installer or from a handy manual that comes with the product. Clients can also access their website or contact them for more help.


The DSC alarm can also automate the client’s home. Clients are able to control their alarm systems from a wireless key, smart phones, telephones, computers, and other gadgets even from a remote location. With the system, the client can also regularly check the activity of important people in their homes as well as intruders. The system also features the addition of controls for home appliances such as entertainment consoles, lighting, heaters and air conditioning units, internet and other home systems. Their products are stylish and unobtrusive. They are so designed to blend with the contemporary architecture of homes. Their keypads are also ergonomically designed with modern contours and backlit buttons with universally recognized icons that are easily identifiable during emergencies. They also have touch screen models for convenience and added elegance. The touch screen model can simplify arming and disarming the system as well as for other everyday functions. They can connect with the client’s existing alarm monitoring company for added security.


The DSC alarm puts together technology and industry experience which results to reliable, flexible and durable security systems of high quality. Their products are very easy to install, easy to use, and can be upgraded. There is no wonder a lot of people trust them in keeping their homes safe.


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