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West Virginia is home to 1.8 million residents. In 2011 there were 42,189 property crimes and over 11,000 burglaries according to the FBI’s Uniform Crime Report. West Virgina is also known as the Mountain state and residents understand the importance of properly protecting ones home. has ranked the best home security system companies in the state of West Virginia and the results are detailed below. West Virginia Home Security

West Virginia Home Security Systems Reviews

West Virginia Home Security Systems Reviews Visit
FrontPoint Security
Protect America
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LifeShield Security
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Tips to Determine the Best Home Alarm Companies in West Virginia

The Best West Virginia Home Alarm Systems
When it comes to home security systems, we simply pick the best. Yes, people often choose the best alarm system for home, especially when it comes to their family’s safety. In reality, because of the large number of alarms and security devices in the market today, it is fairly hard to pick the best from the rest. It is really a challenge to pick the most effective and the most affordable security system. So, the question that we have now is what is the best?

West Virginia Home Alarm Systems

One of the best types of alarm systems that we can use for our homes are computerized locks. Computerized locks are special devices which lock down our homes when we are away. Unlike the traditional lock and key mechanism, computerized locks are all about passwords. When we want to enter our home, we simply need to need to type the password and the doors will automatically unlock themselves. The best West Virginia alarm systems can now access online data sharing in order to share information with the home’s owners. This means that home owners will be able to know who is in their home simply through the use of computerized locks.

Aside from computerized locks, another type of system which must be installed in our homes is sensor cameras. Long ago, we relied on security guards to view rooms and patrol properties. They often have a series of monitors in order to watch all rooms at once. Today, we no longer need such types of West Virginia security monitoring services. With the use of sensor cameras, we will not only be able to save some footage but we will also be able to save money. Sensor cameras automatically turn on once they have sensed a certain type of movement. Once the sensors on the camera are disturbed, the lens open and it records everything. The video recorded by the camera will then be sent through a mobile phone or through a website. Therefore, we no longer need to hire security guards or adopt a rabid German Sheppard.

The next type of alarm systems which should be placed in our homes are electronic window locks and infrared sensors. Electronic window locks are special computerized locks which automatically turn on once we leave the house. The locks prevent any intrusions or theft inside our homes. Along with the locks, infrared sensors can also be used to check the windows. Once the sensors are tripped, a signal is sent to the police. The whole house is also locked in automatically in order to prevent the thief from exiting the house.

The last type of home alarm systems that is a must in every home is the phone controller locking system. The phone controlling system is a sophisticated program which automatically locks all the rooms inside the house once we leave the premises. The locks can be opened through a password or through sending a message via mobile phone. The message will be received by the system and the security system will then open the rooms. Such are the best West Virginia security systems found today.

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