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Vivint TechnologyVivint from the words “Vive” which means to live, and intelligent “int” to live intelligent is Vivints theme Vivint has lived up to their name by providing customers with smart solutions, intelligent equipment, the most accessible customer service team in the home security industry, with an industry leading if not industry only 24 hour customer service access for existing customers. Since the re-branding, Vivint has received some of the highest accolades in the industry; Vivint is also highly accredited by several industry relevant organizations CIAA and home industry magazines like SDM. Vivint’s focus on new technology , energy management and the introduction of Vivint solar shows this is a home security company that is focused on making the most innovative and efficient technology available to its customers.

Customer Service

Vivint received a Consumer Digests Best buy award, an award only companies that present the best value to their customers receive. Vivint’s 24 hour access to customer service is also rare amongst home security companies. The company strives to continue to improve the service experience for their customers and may be headed in the right direction.


Vivint’s Go control panel is one of the most innovative Control Panels in the home security industry; some have referred to it as a game changer or the new standard. The wireless Go control panel is cellular with a touch screen LCD. Vivint provides climate control, video surveillance with wireless cameras, lighting and small appliance controls. I’m used to looking at home security equipment – in my opinion Vivints security equipment is also more aesthetically appealing. Their equipment just looks good.


When it comes to home security monitoring, it’s important for home security companies to provide monitoring services that are practically unbeatable from outside the premise, or at least not easy to defeat by just cutting a phone line. Cellular monitoring gives home security customers the safest option for monitoring and Vivint provides cellular home security monitoring. They also provide home automation services, light controls even severe weather alerts. They also provide non-emergency alerts for medicine cupboards and gun cabinets. Vivint’s combination of wireless sensors, cellular monitoring with home automation and alerts, not only give customers one of the safest monitoring out there but also one of the most advanced.


We haven’t noticed any Vivint coupon codes or discounts that are available online. It’s best to call and speak to a sales representative to see if there are any Vivint promotions that they are currently offering. It’s also a good idea to buy a home security system towards the end of the month as they are more willing to provide a discount or coupon code.


Vivint Disclaimer: * Activation Fee and 42-Month Monitoring Agreement at a minimum of $49.99/mo., home ownership, and satisfactory credit history required. Local permit fees and/or sales tax may apply. Services not available in all areas.