SafeMart Review

SafeMart ReviewSafeMart is a BBB accredited company with an A+ rating. Based in St. Mary, Kansas, and founded in 2002, SafeMart claims to be the fastest growing security company in the US. They have served over 100,000 customers. SafeMart  provides alarm systems, home monitoring systems, business monitoring systems, and home monitoring devices along with security camera systems.

In this review, we will discuss different services provided by SafeMart and will list several pros and cons.

SafeMart Products & Services Review

SafeMart offers a wide variety of home security products products. The home alarm systems include both wireless and wired, garage door openers, driveway alarms, and automatic door locks. SafeMart offers hardware from big name brands such as GE and Total Connect along with many others. The services associated with the alarm systems include:

  1. Live communication with a representative in case of emergency.
  2. Video camera feeds that can be sent to the customer via email or watched over a smartphone.
  3. Door lock activation from any location.

The home monitoring service includes an alarm monitoring system, VOIP alarm monitoring system, LiveWatch Home monitoring system, and systems by Total Connect and Honeywell. SafeMart has three fully equipped monitoring centers, so they always have backup in case there are some technical difficulties at any monitoring station. SafeMart  claims to have an 18 second response time, and provides real time cell phone notifications incase an alarm is triggered.

SafeMart has a separate section on security camera’s on their website, but the services provided in this package are part of “LiveWatch”. This service is customizable as customers can select when to receive notifications. Notifications, reminders, and alerts can be set for various occasions ranging from small events such as changes in temperature to large events such as a door or window being open for too long.

The home automation system is probably the most complete package being offered by SafeMart. SafeMart customers using the home automation system can lock and unlock their doors remotely, the air conditioning and heating can be controlled from remote distances, and live video feeds are available round the clock. SafeMart customers are contacted whenever the alarm is activated and it can be deactivated in case there is no medical, fire, or security emergency.

The business security/commercial solutions being offered by SafeMart allow for the business owners to assign their employees with pass codes to prevent an unauthorized entry. All LiveWatch features are available for businesses and the alarms are highly customizable. Business owners can have complete surveillance of their office/ work area 24/7/365. They can also receive a live video feed as soon as any alarm is triggered. LiveWatch video history is available for those who wish to keep a check on past activity at their workplace.

SafeMart Pros

There are several advantages of using the products and services offered by SafeMart. The major advantages are:

  1. The most affordable package starts from $9.95 a month, so the prices are affordable for the basic package.
  2. The packages are highly customizable.
  3. Tech support and customer support is available round the clock.
  4. There are backup monitoring centers.
  5. The hardware equipment is form a wide range of known companies, and the customers have an option to opt of wireless security as well.

SafeMart Cons

A few shortcomings of SafeMart are as follows:

  1. With every new feature, the cost of the service becomes higher. The basic package starts at $9.95, but if you are looking for advanced features, the price would be range between $30 to $50 dollars per month or more.
  2. SafeMart charges high upfront fees for their equipment.
  3. The two-way voice communication with the monitoring centre requires additional hardware and is not included in the basic packages.
  4. Cellular monitoring for their packages is often an additional and high charge.

SafeMart offers a wide variety of services and products, and some of the packages are comparable to the competition. However, you should do your online research, make a list of the services you require for your home and/or workplace, and consider the price/value ratio before reaching a final decision.

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