Reasons Why Home Alarm Systems are Needed

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Reasons Home Alarm Systems Are Needed

Home alarm systems are designed to protect your home through sensors and a control panel. These sensors are your first line of defense. Pets and small animals won’t be able to trigger these sensors for as long as you turn the “pet immune” setting on. If you are still unsure whether you need a home alarm system, here are some more reasons to convince you to install one.

Why do you need one?

  • Crime prevention – Top home alarm systems are equipped with motion and vibration sensors that will spot intruders if they try to sneak in. Once these sensors report unusual activities within your property to the control panel, alarms will go off. The noise the system makes is loud enough to rattle the intruder and when he or she starts to panic, chances are that person will get caught before he or she commits the crime.
  • Fire detection – Aside from intruders, fire is also a huge threat to your house. When a fire starts, your best bet is to take it out immediately before it develops into something bigger. Fortunately, top home alarm systems can help you with that. Just like motion detectors, smoke sensors are also connected to the control panel. When the sensors detect smoke, you are alerted right away. But if you are on a trip and can’t deal with the problem, the control panel will report the fire to the monitoring companies and they will be the one to notify the firefighters.
  • Home insurance discount – Installing top home alarm systems isn’t only advantageous for your home security. It is also advantageous when it comes to home insurance. Home insurance companies offer discounts to homes with alarm systems since the threat of robbery is significantly lower than those without one.

How does it function?

The system functions by connecting all its sensors to a single control panel. The control panel acts like the brain of the system while the sensors are its eyes and ears. If the sensors discover a threat, it communicates with the control panel which would then create an alarm and warns you and the monitoring companies about the threat. The alert will be given off as soon as the sensors detect problem and would continue until you respond to it. Another thing worth nothing is that before monitoring companies send authorities over, they will first confirm that the alarm isn’t a false one. So what they do is they call you and question you about the problem. They may ask you for the password to confirm that the person their talking to is really you.

Backup power

Top home alarm systems come with backup batteries that can be used when the power is out. This way, burglars can’t take advantage of your home during power outages. Some burglars also try to purposely cut your power supply to shut down sensors. But with the help of the backup batteries, doing this will be useless. The chances of them getting caught will still be high no matter what they do.

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