Qualities of a Home Alarm System

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An alarm system for homes is very important these days. It helps protect your home and your family. But choosing the best alarm system for home can be a challenge. There are so many options and so many companies offering various features and services. So, how do you choose the right alarm system for your home? Here are some of the qualities you should look for:

Qualities of a Home Alarm System

Provision from Power Interruption

An alarm system should still be up and running even with power interruptions. They should be able to protect and secure your home even with brownouts and blackouts happening. The best residential security should be one that can continuously function, record malicious activities, and alert homeowners of such activities in the event of power outages.

This is particularly important when trespassers intentionally cut-off your electricity in the hopes of disabling your security system. This is why most companies and homeowners choose a battery-operated system as the best alarm system for home as they can still very much function even if electricity is absent. But this not to say the electricity-powered systems are unreliable. It is just highly recommended and advised that your best choice is a system that can easily switch to battery operation in case an interruption with electricity occurs.

Three-Layer Defense System

Another quality to look for in the best alarm system for home is the defense system that it can provide. Most trespassers or burglars for that matter are easily daunted when they are faced with various layers of security. This threatens their ability to commit the crime because of increased risks they have to face with each layer and because they will soon run out of time. Here are the three most important layers of defense your alarm system should have:

  • Alarms on windows, doors, and other entry points – upon opening these entry points from the outside, the alarm will immediately ring alerting the household and other people in the neighborhood. Here, you have two options: closed circuit and open circuit. A closed circuit is said to be more efficient because even the slightest opening will trigger the alarm. With an open circuit, the door has to be fully opened before the alarm will ring giving burglars the time to cut the wiring.
  • Motion detectors – this is also very important in case there are malicious movements happening around your home. The alarm will immediately ring when it senses malicious movements anywhere around your home. This is helpful as it gives your home complete protection and can prevent any burglary incidents from happening.
  • Alarm connections – alarms connected to various systems such as circuits and motion detection are important to help you not only prevent events of burglary and trespassing but also casualties from happening like fire.

The best alarm system for home should satisfy these qualities. These qualities will ensure that your home and your family are protected and secure inside. So, when looking for an alarm system for your home, make sure that it can still operate even with no power and that it has three layers of defense for better protection.

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