Protection One Review

Protection One Home SecurityThe “second largest electronic security company in USA”, Protection One Security Solutions was founded in 1988. It was reported in 2009 that the company catered to about one and a half million customers nationwide. The company has headquarters in Illinois and has over 66 branches. Protection One has a BBB accreditation and carries an A+. Protection One offers a wide range of security products and services. The Protection One home security plans and business plans are extremely detailed, and have been designed to cater to a wide range of customers.

Protection One Review – Products and Services

The packages offered by Protection One Security Solutions can be categorized in two broad categories, home security packages and business security packages. An option for multi-site protection is available for both residential and commercial properties.

Home Security System Packages range from basic home security to digital, energy and video security. The very basic version includes one pet-friendly motion detector, a keychain remote, and three intrusion sensors along with two-way voice. As more and more features are added, the package is upgraded from basic to digital, digital and energy, digital and video, and the all inclusive digital, energy and video package.

The features that can be added include WiFi compatibility, web and mobile control, advanced protection logic, video cameras, and email notifications. The customers can also subscribe to weather forecasts, and can get their homes completely automated.

The property can be installed with a Z-Wave touch screen thermostat; this feature combined with automation can result in an environment friendly and energy efficient home. Protection One Security Solutions also offer a smart phone app that can be downloaded from their website and can be used by their customers to control their automated homes from any location. The app can also be sued to check whether a door has been left unlocked, or if a medicine cabinet has been accessed.

The basic home security package starts with a $99 installation. Business security solutions being provided by the company do not consists of pre-set packages. The company prefers that their business customers contact them and let them know their requirements. In other words, business customers can customize their own package.

Based on the type of hardware products the company is dealing in and the technology being used, it can easily be deduced that they are more than equipped enough to cater to the needs of their business customers. Security solutions for multi-sites are also available.

Protection One also deals in security solutions for multi-family dwellings such as senior housing, military housing, apartments, student dwellings, and condominiums. Protection One Security Solutions boasts a large business clientele with about 100,000 business customer reported in 2009. The customer service representatives are online round the clock and the customer is put in direct contact with the representatives as soon as any alarm is activated. Two-way communication and wireless technology come in handy in this regard.

Protection One Review – Pros

  1. The solutions being provided are wireless. The hardware technology being used is from well known brands such as GE, Honeywell, and Verizon
  2. The home security solutions are divided into several packages that cater to a wide range of customers.
  3. Customers can select from a list of services and hardware to create their own customized package.
  4. The company offers complete home automation.
  5. The company offers complete digital control over the security system through your cell phone, laptop, or any computer from any location.
  6. The company’s size, number of years in the business, and number of existing customers all add to the company’s reliability.
  7. Detectors for fire, flooding, and carbon monoxide are also available.
  8. Live video feed can be sent to the customers’ phone from the on-site security cameras.

Protection One Review – Cons

  1. Protection One has a high installation fee.
  2. Protection One monthly fees are more expensive than the competition.
  3. Protection One does not have clear pricing on their website.

While there can be no compromises when it comes to security, an average home owner/business owner also has a budget to consider. The price/value ratio is one of the most important factors along with reliability of the services being provided to you.