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Protect America Lowest PriceProtect America is a leader in provider wireless security system solutions nationwide. A quick look at Protect America and you find a company looking to simplify the buying process by providing an array of equipment packages to choose from, for free. Yes, Protect America considered different equipment packages that would be sufficient for a wide range of home security consumer’s needs and provide the equipment for free.

Everything from their basic Copper Package (3 doors sensors, 1 motion sensor plus more) to their bigger Platinum package (15 doors and windows plus more) are free. This simplicity based approach seems to have made Protect America a darling amongst home security companies and independent review websites alike. It is also notable the equipment is top notch with the popular and efficient GE Security wireless offerings.

While packages are free, you will have to pay for additional equipment and monthly monitoring costs increase rapidly based as the equipment package you pick. Protect America also offers phone line, Internet or broadband monitoring based monitoring, as well as the top end cellular monitoring. Ask about the different monitoring plans.

Customer Service

Protect America reps know their stuff, and understand the products they offer. Talk to sales rep and they ask if you’ve reviewed their different packages online so they lead their free equipment as they should, because this gives them an initial competitive edge. They also seem to be an urgency created by the sales reps to become a customer and secure your home. Push option 2 and you are promptly sent to the customer service line, the service reps introduced themselves, were courteous and very helpful, I got a sense of that Southern hospitality vibe, which we cherish but that’s just us.

A look on the BBB which we consider an indication of how well you treat your customers reveals they’ve have a B- rating which is good for the home security industry. They also received high praise from other accredited organizations and web sites.

This is one of the reasons why Protect America is our top rated home security company for 2013 the combination of their simple approach and industry leading value on home security equipment make them a force in the industry and a great value for their customers alike. Protect America also offers a lifetime warranty on their equipment, which is a step in the right direction towards reassuring their customers and shows they are willing to stand behind their product..

Protect America receives a good rating for customer experience. They truly aim to provide a great support and guidance for home security customers.

Monitoring Plans

Protect America has it all, they provide monitoring plans that include phone line based, internet or broadband based and cellular monitoring. Protect America’s monitoring prices starting as low as $29.99, a competitive price when you look at other home security companies. Asking the question what will I pay for monitoring? is not easily answered because it depends on a few factors like equipment package, type of monitoring etc. Equipment pricing is easy to understand but monitoring prices vary. Protect America also provide interactive monitoring with remote access from smartphones and other web devices, home automation and touch screen keypads which enhance the home security user experience.

While Protect America has something for everyone when it comes to monitoring and can appeal to a wide range of customers, be sure to ask the benefits of the different monitoring plans and which will work best for you.


Not only does Protect America have great deals on equipment they provide the highly rated GE Security equipment which provides the best quality in home security equipment. Protect America’s equipment technology is up to date and they strive to stay current, which is somewhat rare amongst home security companies. Home security system customers may want to look beyond what is included in their home security packages for environmental sensors for fire or flood, or camera’s but the additional equipment is available at an additional cost.

Protect America’s equipment packages earned them our top rating for best home security equipment.

Look for Copper, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum free home security equipment packages, but be sure to ask about and understand the different monitoring plans.


Protect America coupons or coupon codes are not normally available. They do offer a discount on their shipping if you ask a customer service representative. The best way to find out if there are any Protect America promotions or Protect America discount codes is to call them and ask. They do offer competitive price matching so if you get a quote from another home security company you can let them know the price point and they will match it.

Home Security Tips: Top 5 facts about Protect America

  1. Protect America is a home security company founded in 1999 and Headquartered in Austin, Texas
  2. Protect America offers wireless GE equipment. The GE Simon XT is their Control panel of choice.
  3. Protect America offers free equipment from 5 packages to choose from. The home security packages include their Copper, Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Read more about Protect America’s packages on this site.
  4. Protect America offers 3 different types of monitoring packages to choose from, Phone or landline, Internet or broadband and cellular monitoring. 24/7 central monitoring station monitoring is standard with any connection you choose.
  5. Protect America offers iPhone and Android smartphone applications that allow you to access your system remotely from anywhere, receive text alerts and notifications and more. You can also purchase cameras and get live video surveillance from your smartphone and your computer, as long as you have high speed internet at your residence.

Protect America is a leader in the home security industry, providing their customers with great value, and many options to choose from. There seems to be a home security solution for everyone at Protect America. Talk to a Protect America representative and have them match you with the best home security system for your needs.