Pinnacle Security Review

Pinnacle Security Review – Overview

Pinnacle Security ReviewThe “largest authorized dealer of GE security products”, Pinnacle Security was established in 2001 and has since then grown into a nationwide business with over 300,000 customers served to date. The hardware used is primarily from GE and several add-ons can be included with their standard packages. Pinnacle Security is also associated with and Golden Gate Capital. Their headquarters are located in Utah.One of the most distinguishing features about the website is the presence of video tutorials. There is also a blog and a newsroom where existing and potential customers can find out the latest news about Pinnacle Security.

With the success of their business model, Pinnacle Security is expanding its sales force and customer support. Their fully equipped monitoring station and immediate response time has helped them secure many customers.

The company was started by two college students (Kelly Walker and Steve Zolman), and it still offers plenty of opportunities for college students in the sales and customer service department. Unlike AlarmForce, Pinnacle Security does not manufacture hardware.

Pinnacle Security Review – Products and Services

Pinnacle Security has formed a “three lines of defense” model for their residential and commercial security packages. Yard signs and window stickers are the first line of defense to discourage intruders; motion sensors and glass break detectors at various entry points are the second line of defense, and the intruder alarm is the third line of defense.

Both wired and wireless solutions are available through Pinnacle Security. Two-way hands free communication is also included in all standard packages. The home security essential package includes a motion sensor, two standard door/window sensors, a Simon XT panel, and yard signs along with window stickers. The panel has two-way voice control, and can be customized with the inclusion of a cellular system.

The mobile control package includes all the standard hardware along with a key remote and a wall Fob. The keypad included is a touch screen keypad. Other packages include a “stay-at-home” package, and an enhanced perimeter protection package.

The company also offers a going green package, a fire protection package and an environmental protection package. Another popular package being offered by the company is the medical monitoring package.

The company also sells products such as medical pendants, carbon monoxide detectors, fire, smoke, freeze, and heat detectors, and flood detectors that can be added on to any security package.

Pinnacle security also deals in security cameras, live video and image service; cameras fitted with motion detectors, and fixed cameras.

The company also offers its customers to design their own security system package, selecting from their wide range of products. The essential security package starts from $199 a month, while other packages may go up to $399 or more depending on the products and services being used.

Pinnacle Security Review – Pros

The major advantages of hiring Pinnacle Security are as follows:

  1. You can create your package from scratch. The company arguably has the most complete range of security products you can find in the market, so you can design a package including just the products you need.
  2. All standard packages have the customer relocation option, i.e. if you move; your security system can be installed at your new location without you having to sign a new contract.

Pinnacle Security Review – Cons

  • They maintain a Poor BBB rating although they have improved over the last year.
  • The prices are a little higher than the competitors.
  • The company occasionally sells its accounts to other security companies.

With so many security service providers out there, and seemingly no standard market price for service offered and hardware installed, it can be a confusing time for people looking for security systems. We will be posting reviews of other security companies regularly, so that it becomes easier for you to make price and value comparisons.

As far as Pinnacle Security is concerned, they seemingly have all bases covered when it comes to security systems and security products, however they still need to improve their customer service.