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The state nickname for Maine is Vacationland. There are actually greater than 1.3 million residents that call the state of Maine home. There’s in excess of 33,000 property crimes each and every year in the state of Maine. Numerous Maine consumers understand the great need for home security and place family health and safety as a main concern. Up to now many Maine people did not have an independent reference to consult when they had been in the market to secure their Maine home. has conducted comprehensive evaluations of a multitude of home security systems companies that do business in the state of Maine and has now graded them according to several factors such as customer service and warranties offered to mention a few. Below you will find the outcomes of the yearly home alarm systems reviews performed for the state of Maine.

Maine Home Security

Maine Home Security Systems Reviews

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FrontPoint Security


Protect America


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LifeShield Security


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Guidelines to Determine the Best Home Security Provider in Maine

What to Look Into Before You Search for Home Alarm Systems

Home alarm systems, even the most basic set-ups, are really an investment – that is, they can be very expensive. Thus, before you even begin searching for the best security system company that offers quality equipment and competent service, you should first consider several aspects of your property and your needs. Read the rest of this article for a brief discussion of each factor.

Your Property
Home alarm systems are installed in the house so it is but natural that you consider your property first before you purchase security equipment for it. Here are some of the things you should do:

  • Decide where best to place the main control panel of the security system. This is often placed in the master bedroom; if you don’t like this idea though, just remember to position it somewhere secure.
  • Determine how many alarm keypads you need, as well as the ideal locations for each of these. Most people place these in their rooms – in particular, in areas that are easily accessible to all members of the household.
  • Take note of the number and location of the windows and doors in your property, and then decide which should be “switched” or included in your home alarm systems.
  • With regard to the control panel, it is important that you are aware of its distance from each part of the house where you want to place security equipment – regardless of whether you are looking to install a wired or a wireless security system. This information can help you determine the length of wire needed during installation, or how far the sensors should be able to detect the equipment.

Your Needs
The type of home security equipment you purchase and which monitoring services to go for are dependent on your needs. Before you even set a budget for a security system, then, it is important that you look into the following first:

  • The neighborhood you live in – If you reside in a community with a high crime-rate, a sophisticated security system for your home is a necessary investment. However, if you live in a relatively peaceful area and have neighbors who look out for you and your family, you really don’t need to spend a fortune on security and alarm equipment.
  • The members of your household – Motion sensors are a popular inclusion in most home security systems. Before you add these to yours, though, consider the habits of the people in your household, as well as your pets. If your kids like their midnight snack, for instance, or if you have a dog who wanders inside the house during ungodly hours, motion sensors might not be such a good idea. Also, if you have small kids, it might not be okay to place alarm keypads in areas they can easily reach.
  • Your lifestyle – If you live alone and are often out of the house, or if your family is fond of going on trips, it is advisable that you have a more advanced security system in your home. This may include taking advantage of 24-hour monitoring services, or equipment that automatically alerts the authorities when triggered. If, however, you are always in the house, basic home alarm systems will suffice.

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