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The state nickname for Idaho is Gem. There are over 1.59 million residents that call the state of Idaho home. There are actually greater than 35,000 property crimes per year in the state of Idaho. A lot of Idaho people understand the significance of home security and put family safety as a main concern. Until recently most Idaho consumers were without an impartial resource to consult when they had been in the market to protect their Idaho home. After performing complete consumer reviews of the leading home security system companies in the state of Idaho, has graded the leading companies based on many aspects such as monitoring technology and safety. The rankings of the once-a-year ratings can be found down the page as well as other helpful information.

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Guidelines to Determine the Best Home Security Company in Idaho

Top 2 Reasons for False Alarms

When it comes to home security systems, there are times when a false alarm occurs. A false alarm is one of the worse things that can happen, especially when you are working or during the wee hours of the night. A lot of accidents have happened just because of a false alarm, and just the sound of an alarm can cause terror and panic. Therefore, it is important to prevent false alarms. There are several things that can cause an alarm to accidentally go off. Most DIY home alarm systems often go off because of faulty wiring. Sometimes, it might even be because of unturned motion sensors. By understanding the causes, we will be able to prevent them from happening.

The first reason why most alarms go off is because of faulty alarm systems. Common to DIY home security systems, fire alarms often activate prematurely because of problems with the wires. The wires might be flawed or there might be rotting due to changing weather conditions. Alarm wires can corrode after a couple of years and because of the corrosion, they can actually cause the alarms to go off. It is important to check for corrosion and rotting in order to prevent this from happening.

Another reason for false alarms is due to accidentally arming the home security system. Most of the time, home owners forget to disarm their security systems when they enter their home. Because the alarm is armed, it can go off at any moment. That is why it is important to also disarm the system before entering the house. Similarly, motion sensors can also go off because of accidental operation. Home owners also forget to turn off their motion sensors. The result is a false alarm.

Preventing False Alarms
Actually, it is very easy to prevent false alarms. It only takes the right actions and a little awareness. First of all, it is important to learn to always disarm the system before going inside the house. Most systems can be rigged by a password trigger. Once the password trigger has been typed in the security console, the security system inside the house turns off. There is also the cellular-based trigger which is based on the concept of mobile messaging. Once the owner of the house messages then machine, the protective locks are turned off and the homeowners will be able to enter their property.

Another way to prevent false alarms is through monthly reports. Most home security companies do free maintenance for their clients. Such companies will be the one to visit homes and to fix the alarms. It is very important to contact the companies every month. If there is damage in the alarm system or in the wiring, it is also important to report it immediately to the authorities. By constantly managing the system, there will be lesser occurrences of false alarms. Security companies can also provide a whole host of added features for the alarm system. They can simply integrate the house owner’s cellular phone to the alarm system so that the home owner can turn off the alarm through phone.

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