How a Burglar Targets Your Home

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How a Burglar Targets Your Home

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We all want to make sure that we are safe and free from attacks on our family and loved ones. The best way to do that is through education and taking general safety measures. It’s good to know how a burglar thinks so we can prevent a burglary before it happens. Of course not everything is in your control but there are certain measures you can take in order to not become a target for a burglary.

Burglars Case Your Neighborhood

Burglaries are often premeditated so there is quite a bit of planning involved. They case a neighborhood to see it is a good target. A lot of burglaries occur within a few miles of where the burglar lives. This typically happens because they know the area well and know what neighborhoods would be the best target. One way to prevent or minimize the risk of being a targeted neighborhood is to implement a neighborhood watch.

They Target Homes with Poorly Maintained Landscaping

This could be for several reasons. Maybe the home is vacant or if the grass is long they homeowners might be on vacation. Whatever the case is a poorly maintained yard and especially long grass is a dead give away that someone hasn’t been home for a while. Burglars can also hide behind large shrubs or trees and keep them from being seen while they try to climb into a first floor window. Keep your property maintained. If you are going on vacation for a week then try to cut the grass the day you leave.

Burglars Learn Schedules

Once a burglar targets a home they learn the schedules of the homeowners. When do they leave and how long are they typically away from home. If it is a family then they know what time the kids leave for school or go off to work. A large percentage of burglaries happen in the day when most people are away. The best way to combat a burglary is with a home security system with monitoring services. If someone attempts to break in the authorities are immediately alerted and dispatched to your home.

Burglars like to Get In and Get Out

Burglaries don’t last long, maybe a few minutes at most, just long enough to grab the high ticket items and get out. A good escape route is on the burglar’s priority list. Depending on the merchandise they are stealing whether it is large or small will determine how good of an escape route they will need. If you see a burglary taking place they won’t be dressed in a striped suit with a black hat. They often pose as delivery men or maintenance men who look like they should be on the property to begin with.

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