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tiffanyTiffany – Home security system user

Hi my name is Tiffany and I’m a single mom of 2. The best home security system is one that I can use while both of my kids and I are home, honestly that’s the only reason I purchased one. I wasn’t sure what I needed until I started calling around to home security companies.

What I wanted out if a home security system?

My kids are aged 7 and 3. I wanted to know my home was safe when we arrived home after a long day at work, school and daycare, for whatever reason I sometimes felt uncomfortable, walking into my own empty home with the kids.

What I like most about my home security system?

My security system chimes whenever a door is open, I like to know when my kids open doors like when they’re heading out to the yard. More importantly, knowing that if someone broke in the police will be notified and immediately sent to my home. My kids are not big fans of the alarm system, I think they thought it was interesting at first, you know the chime when the door is opened but the siren has gone off a few time (user error) and the sound drives them crazy.

Did you read reviews on home security companies?

I did, I read a lot of reviews, as a matter of fact I found out about my security company on a review site. I like the way the different companies were ranked and I just had to call them to see for myself. I picked the company with the best customer service record. I also looked at the BBB better business bureau for all the home security companies I was considering.

What we recommend for people with concerns like Tiffany?

A home security system designed with sensors on all the accessible points of entry. Tiffany is concerned about a home invasion or walking in a burglary with her two little children. We want a sensor on her doors and windows because we want her to hear the chime or siren going off of they opened during a home invasion. It may also be beneficial for Tiffany to purchase a keychain remote or key fob. The keychain remote or key fob will make it convenient for her as she arrives and leaves her home to arm of disarm her security system at the push of a button but more importantly if she arrives and sees or hears an intruder in or around her home she can push the panic button which triggers a siren and prompts the Control Panel to notify the central monitoring station.

Tiffany needs to be notified quickly of an intruder so she an protect herself and her children, while the alarm siren serves as a temporary deterrent until the police arrive.

chrisChris- Home Security system user

My name is Chris, I’m an Account manager and I volunteer at my local fire department. The best home security system for me is one that is monitored 24/7 and has smartphone apps. I live in s townhouse with may 2 room mates, and we can all control the security system remotely our smartphones. It allows us to keep tabs on who is home and gives me the peace of mind I get from knowing that if my totally forgetful roommate forgets to turn on the system for the 7th time in 7 days, the more responsible amongst us (Me) can easily arm the system remotely.

What I wanted out of a home security system?

Well we live in the city and you never know when a break in could occur, we fully understand that a security system doesn’t guarantee we wont have a break in but I wanted to be notified immediately if there was a break in so with my security system I get a text message immediately and then a call from the central monitoring station letting me know that the police is on the way.

What I like most about my home security system?

I’m a control freak so I like the ability to control it from whenever I need to. Its also really important to me to know that valuables are secure and we didn’t carelessly leave a window or door opened and forget to lock the overhead garage door. We are renting our townhouse so we actually got a short term contract incase we move after our lease expires.

Did you read reviews on home security companies?

Well kinda we checked the Better Business Bureau BBB and scanned some reviews on Yelp. I kind of had to do my own research and come to my own conclusions on how the systems work and narrow down based on which systems would work for me.

What home security system solutions we recommend if you’re like Chris?

Chris and his roommates probably work different schedules and arrive and leave at different times of the day. They seem to be looking to arm their system mainly for when they are not home and to give them the peace of mind in knowing that the security system is armed and their property is secure.

A monitored home security system with interactive features would be serve Chris and his roommates well, we know Chris not only likes alerts but he also like to control the system remotely. He doesn’t want to leave the safety of his belongings in up to his roommates.

We would also recommend a security system design that has sensors on all the doors and motion detection in key areas like the ground level. Since they are in the city a yard sign could also serve as a deterrent or at least discourage a burglar from breaking into their home.

larryLarry- Home Security system user

Hello to every one reading this, Larry here and I’ve used home security systems for about 15 years now. I’ve used 3 to 4 different home security companies in the past in 3 different homes, but the best home security system for me has always been one that protects all the points of entry in my home. I live in a one level ranch with a basement with my wife and 3 kids. Since our bedroom windows can easily be accessed by an intruder, we want to protection from a sensor on all the windows. The system had to be easy for my wife and kids to use since they would be using it daily. The kids also like have smartphones, so if the apps make them more likely to have.

What I wanted out of a home security system?

Peace of mind, I used to travel a lot, the main purpose of the home security system was to give me the peace of mind of knowing that my family is safe when I’m away for days or weeks at a time. We live in the country and our closest neighbor is quite a hike away. So knowing that the police can easily quickly be sent to the home if I’m not there makes me feel much better.

What I like most about my home security system?

I like the keychain remotes, it has the panic button so my wife can easily push the button and trigger the siren in the house, the police are called automatically. I do like the smartphone applications and the more intuitive features like text alerts, because I like to know that the home is secure when it should be and even if I’m out of town I still get an alert when my wife arms the security system at night before she goes to bed at night.

Did you read reviews on home security companies?

I did some online research with my most recent security system and monitoring plan purchase, but you have to understand that when I purchased my first alarm system there was not much if any information available online for security systems. The sales guy came and knocked on your door and started talking to you about maybe a free ADT system, with a monitoring contract of course. Its nice having access to all the consumer reviews available on the internet.

What home security solutions would we recommend to people like Larry?

Larry is already very knowledgeable about home security systems and how they work, having used several security companies over the years. Larry is very much interested in a solution that gives his family the highest level of safety and in turn gives him the peace of mind he needs.

Since Larry’s lives in a ranch style home, he may want a security system that provides full perimeter protection, with sensors on all his doors and windows, glass break sensors for rooms with a sliding glass door like a walk out basement. He already likes the keychain remote for his wife but since he lives in a remote area having a monitoring plan that includes alerts and notifications may give him that added peace of mind in knowing that if something happened in his house emergency or not he can receive a notification quickly.

It will be beneficial for Larry to also have an emergency contact that lives near his family he can reach out to if he receives an alarm message and wants someone to check in on his family, or call the police.

Larry needs a home security system design with sensors accounting for all accessible doors and windows in his ranch style house. He should also invest in 24 hour monitoring with interactive features.

betsyBetsy – Home security system user

I’m Betsy and I’m home security system user. I’ve lived alone for 15 years now in the house my late husband and I bought over 27 years ago. The property is the same and I’ve done my best to keep up with maintenance. They say home is where your heart is, my heart is definitely in this house. Nothing much has changed with the neighborhood has changed over the years. I’m one of the few original people that bought here decades ago and still resides in the community, we’ve seen population growth and an increase in crime over time. Which is why I bought a home security system.

What I want in a home security system?

Well I want a security system or alarm that can send help my way, if I should need it for whatever reason. We have almost as many businesses as we do homes on my street so there’s quite a bit of activity and people doing business in all hours of the day. I want a security system that protects me from anything from a random act of violence and or burglaries. I want a responsive central monitoring station that will send a police to my aid quickly. As I get older I also want access to medical assistance like having an ambulance dispatched in case I have a medical emergency.

What I like most about my home security system?

I have an emergency pendant first and foremost, I like that I can push a button and the medical team or EMT will be dispatched quickly to my home. All my doors are secure and I have window sensors and a glass break sensor to protect against windows. I actually have a motion sensor that I don’t use much because I worry one of my 3 cats will trigger it , my security companies attempts to make me more comfortable by reassuring me that the cats wouldn’t set off the system hasn’t helped with my fear of the siren startling me at night.

Did you read reviews on home security companies?

I did I talked to a few first then I called the Better Business Bureau (BBB) to get some feedback. I found out how they were rated and went with the customer I thought had the better rating with the BBB. I now know how to look at online reviews and on the product review sites. I wanted a great home security system but the technology mumbo-jumbo wasn’t impressing me as much as the customer service record of the home security companies.

What home security system would we recommend for Betsy?

We would recommend a security system design that protects all the points of entry into her home, since motion detectors would not work for her as she is not comfortable with them. It is important that home security systems for seniors come with a option for medical monitoring. We will also focus on convenience for Betsy, she could use key chain remotes and panic buttons and a panic pendant too. Medical devices and sensors combined with home security sensors will be the safest option for her. With that said added two way voice is not a necessity but we would recommend Betsy at least discuss the benefits of 2 way voice with her security system company.

ronRon The College Guy

My name is Roy and I live on campus and yes I have a home security system. I’m a senior now and the security system was something my parents suggested I purchase as a sophomore. They wanted to know that my belongings were secure when I left campus for the summer. I live in a condo apartment and there’s moderate crime occurring around me.

What I want in a home security system?

Honestly when I first got the security system I didn’t use it much, the system was never really armed and I just never really warmed up to it until I started getting nice stuff. I have music equipment now, studio equipment in a room so I figured I would use the security system more. I have a lot of people coming and going from my house mainly friends and acquaintances but it just means I need my security system to be armed more often.. I want my security system to notify me as it does whenever there is any type of activity in my house and I’m not there, then calling the police.

What I like most about my security system?

I like that my home is secure, I live in a ground floor condo and I have a wireless sensor on the door to my studio/music room so I receive a text message and an email (which I like because of the record it creates) so I’m the first to know. This capability is even more practical when I’m out of town and sometimes have to let people into my place, I can arm and disarm my home security system remotely. I also own a saltwater aquarium so I like that my security system tells me when the power goes out.

Did you read reviews before purchasing your system?

I didn’t, probably because my parents did the research and my Dad is actually enjoys reading about all types of companies and products. With that said I think they picked a good security system for me, I wouldn’t have known where to start. I would advice any one who is looking for a home security system while in college and living on or around campus to look into shorter term contracts or no contracts at all. Also get a wireless system, I can take my system with me if I move.

What home security system would we recommend to Ron?

Ron is mainly concerned about an intruder when he is not at home, he also enjoys the controls and insight he gets from his interactive monitoring features. We will recommend the sensors for his doors and a motion detector properly positioned inside his home. He needs 24 hour monitoring with remote access and controls to his iPhone. He actually has a few interesting reasons for the use of the interactive monitoring features since he needs to know if there was a power outage because of his aquarium, he also allows others access to his home when he is away for the summer, so the interactive monitoring helps him to know when someone enters his home and who entered his home.

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