Home Security Systems Reviews

Below you will find the 2014 home security systems reviews and the ranking results. If you scroll further down on the page you will find a side-by-side comparison of the features and services available from each of the leading home security system companies.

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#1 – Frontpoint Overview

Frontpoint is the best home security system company for several reasons including their ability to maintain an outstanding customer service record and deliver 100% cellular monitoring services for their wireless home security systems. Frontpoint has the best Better Business Bureau rating out of all of the companies we reviewed. They furnish their customers with warranted home security equipment from GE Security and back up their monitoring services with a 30-day money back guarantee. Check out Frontpoint today by calling them at 855-436-2406.

Services and Features Available

Home Security Monitoring

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#2 – ADT Security Overview

ADT Security is the silver award winner for the best home security system. If you prefer to have your home security system professionally installed then we highly recommend going with ADT Security. They have been in business longer than most of the other security companies combined. For over 100 years ADT Security has provided an outstanding home security monitoring services to their customers and they maintain a great Better Business Bureau rating. To learn more about ADT Security monitoring services call 866-518-1238.

Services and Features Available

Home Security Monitoring ADT

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#3 – Protect America Overview

Protect America is the 2014 Best Home Security System Company 3rd place winner. Protect America offers their customers with home security equipment from GE Security and offers a lifetime warranty. Protect America has several types of monitoring including phone line, broadband and cellular with all of their equipment packages. One of the nicest features with Protect America is that they provide free upfront equipment. Speak to a Protect America representative today at 888-305-0285.

Services and Features Available

Home Security Monitoring Protect America

Home Security Systems Reviews Process

Each year the 6Webs.com home security staff conducts a thorough review and investigation of the critical aspects of each home security systems company including their monitoring technology, pricing, customer service records, equipment and warranties provided to name a few. These home security reviews are conducted independently by each staff member then compared once all of the reviews are finished. The results are then published on the 6Webs.com website for consumers to freely look at and compare. 6Webs.com has helped thousands of consumers conduct their research and home security comparisons to find the best home security system for their home and family.

Home Security Systems Comparisons

Download the Home Security Systems Reviews Scorecard (pdf). Easy to print and share.

#1 #2 #3 #4 #5
Frontpoint ADT Security Protect America LifeShield Security Vivint
Frontpoint Review ADT Review Protect America Review LifeShield Security Review Vivint Review
Visit Frontpoint adtbutton Visit Protect America Visit LifeShield Security Visit Vivint
Monitoring (M)
Technology (T)
Equipment (E)
Support (S)
Brand of Equipment GE Honeywell GE LifeShield Honeywell
Pricing $34.99 to $49.99 $28.99 to $53.99 $29.99 to $54.99 $29.99 to $39.98 $44.99 to $68.99
BBB Rating A+ B+ B- A- C+
BBB Accredited
30-day Money Back Guarantee
Control Panel
Control Panel
Mobile Apps
Mobile Apps
Window/Door Sensor
Window/Door Sensor
Motion Sensor
Motion Sensor
Garage Door Sensor
Garage Door Sensor
Water/Flood Sensor
Water/Flood Sensor
Smoke/Heat Sensor
Smoke/Heat Sensor
Carbon Monoxide Sensor
Carbon Monoxide Sensor
Wireless Camera
Wireless Camera
Glass Break Sensor
Glass Break Sensor
Door Locks
Door Locks
Frontpoint ADT Security Protect America LifeShield Security Vivint
Frontpoint Review ADT Review Protect America Review LifeShield Security Review Vivint Review
Visit Frontpoint adtbutton Visit Protect America Visit LifeShield Security Visit Vivint

Annual Home Security Reviews

Home Security Monitoring Reviews

Each year we take a look at the home security industry and the home security providers in the space. We take a team of home security analysts and they all independently rate and rank the home security companies. We compare the results to narrow down to the top home security companies where we do a deep dive analysis and review of their home security packages, monitoring plans, technology that they use along with the customer service and pricing. We want to see how their customers view them and if they would be likely to recommend the home security company to a friend or relative.

Best Home Security Company Ranking Factors

  1. Customer Service is the number one factor and carries the most weight. If you have happy customers then you have a sustainable business model. The home security companies that made our top security companies list all excelled in this area. There are a few companies where we say a few more complaints but they have a lot more customers as well, so the ratio of positive to negative complaints was still above average.
  2. Home Security Systems and the equipment are very important because as a consumer you want your system to work and maintenance should be hassle-free if you ever needed to replace a sensor or control panel.
  3. Monitoring Technology plays a big role in ranking the home security company. We want to see that they offer cellular monitoring. It is the new standard in the home security industry and carries the most features with it. All of the home security companies we ranked offer a cellular home security monitoring package.
  4. Pricing is also important when making a decision. You want all of the features and technology but you don’t want to be overcharged. The home security companies we ranked all are very affordable and packed with features. That’s what is so exciting about the home security industry is that technology is growing leaps and bounds and security systems are becoming easier to use with more and more features.

Home Security System Company Reviews

Home Security System Reviews

We look at both the home security company as well as the home security systems that they offer. We must look at both because they go hand in hand when you purchase a home security system with monitoring. We want to make certain that our readers know the entire scoop and not just what home security system has the latest and greatest features.

Who is the Best Home Security Company?

If you want the short answer it is Frontpoint. Why do we rank Frontpoint as the number one choice? Frontpoint had overwhelming high ratings from each of our security consultants. The aspects of Frontpoint that really stood out were the number of positive customer reviews combined with the lack of negative reviews. They rank very high on sites like Yelp.com and AngiesList.com and they are accredited with the BBB and carry an A rating. This combination is a rare find in today’s industry. That is not to say that the competition isn’t tough because it surely is, but Frontpoint earned their top ranking spot.

Types of Home Security Monitoring

Security System Reviews

Landline Security System: Landline technology has been used since home security systems were invented. This was mostly because it was the only technology in place. Burglars are smart and quickly found ways to circumvent the systems by simply cutting the wires running from the phone company to your home rendering your home security system useless.

Broadband Security System: The Broadband or Internet-based security systems were quickly introduced with the popularity of high-speed Internet. Like a landline security system broadband systems also suffer from the same vulnerabilities where a burglar can cut the Internet connection before breaking into your home. They also are susceptible to Internet attacks since they are connect via the Internet.

Cellular Security System: Cellular home security systems use a secure GSM signal similar to your cell phone to connect to the home security companies central monitoring station. There are no wires to cut and it is extremely difficult to break the transmission of the cellular monitoring signal. There are several security companies that are partnered with Alarm.com who offers anti-smash protection. This protection will trigger an alarm if the control unit is smashed. Both Frontpoint and Protect America are partnered with Alarm.com and offer this unique protection.

Our independent security consultants ranked and reviewed the best home security companies in the home security industry. “What goes into ranking home security companies?, you might ask. Each home security company undergoes a rigorous review process. Our security consultants judge them on their home security systems and equipment, warranty, customer service, monitoring technology pricing and plans. Then they look at customer review, Better Business Bureau ratings and speak to actual customers to gauge how happy they are with the home security company and their home security system.

Reading Home Alarm Systems Reviews

Alarm System Reviews

Home security is very important. These days, burglars, intruders, and other criminals are more resourceful. Apparently, goons also keep up with the recent advancements in technology. In fact, their illegal ways are becoming more cunning each time. These criminals are mostly equipped with the latest tools and gadgets.

If you want your home to be safe from these people, you should consider installing a high-end security system. You should pay attention not only to your gate and doors, but also to your windows and other parts of your house. Check out various home alarm systems reviews so you can have an idea on what is in store for you.

You can look for reviews in newspapers, magazines, journals, and online. In fact, there are numerous reviews on the Internet. These mostly come from home security experts and homeowners who have tried these devices themselves. It is more ideal to read personal reviews since these are usually more honest and practical.

Nonetheless, these home alarm systems reviews will give you an idea regarding the most recommended tools and equipment. You will be updated with the latest trends. You may not know it, but your driveway gate may need more security than you think. Perhaps, it is time you consider getting an automatic swinging or sliding security driveway.

As you know, burglars are very creative and clever. They can improvise and even create weapons from scratch. Having a high fence or gate will not guarantee that no one will break into your home. These criminals can easily climb up your gate, fence, and even roof. If you want to be secure, you should use high-tech devices.

In addition, upgrading your driveway not only increases security but also provides more convenience. Instead of having to get out of the car just to open the driveway, you can just use a remote control. You can also program it with the use of infrared detectors, loop detectors, and exit wands.

By reading good home alarm systems reviews, you will also find out the advantages and disadvantages of different alarm systems. This should enable you to determine which devices are best for your needs. These reviews also give suggestions to homeowners regarding the types of equipment that are ideal for the size, location, and type of their homes.

You will know which home security companies to trust and which ones to avoid. See to it that you read a reliable and unbiased review. Do your own research and find out if the review is written by a real expert or just someone who works for that company. If you can, try to visit forums and join discussions with regard to home security equipment.

Moreover, reading home alarms system reviews should help you become familiar with the various available devices such as smoke detectors, heat sensors, security cameras, door and window sensors, motion sensors, carbon dioxide detectors, flood protection devices, sirens, and intercom systems. These reviews should also give you a briefing on electronic locks and motion lights among others.

Get the Info through Home Security System Reviews

Home Alarm Systems Reviews

Today, no commercial establishment or household is completely intrusion-proof. When it comes to burglary, 85% of the reported incidences were done by non-professional burglars. Since households constitute 60% of the locations where burglary takes place, the associated risks will vary depending on the level of security of the house. Apparently, a house without a security system, according to home security system reviews, is 300% more prone to burglary than those with even the simplest of home security systems.

Home alarm systems offer you more than security from intruders such as burglars, murderers, stray animals, unwanted visitors, and many others since it also provides protection from accidents such as fire or flood or an unconscious family member from leaving the premises without supervision.

Reaching the decision of buying an alarm system is a very good starting point. However, do not expect the process to be hasty and very easy. You should evaluate your house or residence and its needs before you actually decide what to buy. If you are living in your own house, count the number of entryways. Do not just account for the major entrance points but also those that may seem to be unlikely for an intruder to break in. Remember that intruders are getting more and more creative these days. After listing down the parts of the house that you need to guard, you should also consider whether you have a pet or kids. After viewing and reviewing all the possible angles important for the effectiveness of the security system you are about to purchase, you can now read home security system reviews to know the offers, warranties, packages, and other features of home security companies.

In case you live in an apartment, apartment security systems will not be solely your responsibility. The property owner will have a bigger role in ensuring you and your property’s safety. However, you may still buy some additional services to intensify your apartment security. You have the option to purchase more affordable packages since your system will just be an addition to the current measures that have already been taken by the property owner.

Once you have had a good view on your security needs, it is time to further assess the service provider. Through home security system reviews online, you will have access to a variety of information including the price of the equipment needed, monitoring packages, and the like. While you are still reviewing the potential of the companies, you should try to call their hotline. This is your chance to directly hear from them what flexible packages they can offer you. Alongside this, it is a great opportunity to evaluate their technical skills and reliability.

Note that when purchasing home security systems, home security system reviews can be of more use than you think. Thus, do not hasten into settling for what you think you already know. Get some advice and perspective from people who have experienced such as system and who have extensive knowledge on the security system technologies. This is an investment for your safety and happy living, thus, take not only money but also time and effort to put into finding the best security systems for home.

Security System Reviews: The Importance

Home Security Systems Reviews

There are a variety of home security systems available in the market today and one can’t simply trust their gut feel when it comes to picking the best. Remember, not only should your alarm system suit your personal needs but it also has to be compatible with your type of residence.

Going over security system reviews are undoubtedly a big help when it comes to choosing the perfect security system to set up in your home. Besides, the best way to find out how a company is doing is to read reviews from fellow consumers.

Here are a few steps you might want to follow when looking for home security system reviews.

  1. There are dozens and dozens of free security system reviews websites available on the Internet and it only makes sense to visit them. In these websites, you will be able to find consumer reviews written by consumers themselves attempting to comment on a certain company and how their services have worked for them.

Sites like this may not provide a comprehensive rating or review but it surely will help you a ton in deciding which among a list of companies have the products and services you need.

  1. Leaf through consumer reports. Consumer reports contain substantial and relevant security system reviews that may help you take your pick about what security system to purchase. Consumer reports release security system reviews annually so potential buyers are updated with the latest trends. Anyone is also free to check out their website or grab a copy of their regular publication at any bookstores nationwide.
  1. Gather opinion from your own neighborhood. Walk around and ask those people living within your vicinity alarm system reviews straight from their mouths. There’s usually a tiny signage in their lawns or flower beds which will aid you in pinning down those who have alarm systems installed in their homes. Some might even have small stickers placed in their windows or doors so it won’t be that hard for you to determine which ones have alarm systems in their homes. You’ll amazed at what you’re about to hear.

People who write security system reviews do have their own criteria when it comes to choosing the best home security products. Among the most common are the following:

Home Security Reviews – Monitoring Services

It is necessary for most reviewers that security alarms have a monitoring service that could be readily accessed anytime and anywhere, 24/7. And now that people are mostly relying on their smartphones and tablets for information, they likewise expect security systems to be managed in such fashion where a residence owner may be able to access the goings-on in their area via their tablets and smartphones

Home Security Reviews – Other Security Devices

What most reviewers have been looking for in a security system that  has more ­­­­­than just an alarm to detect a thief.  It is essential that multiple security devices are also installed in the different parts of a home besides the main control panel

Home Security Reviews – Good Customer Service

Installation of home security systems are extremely intricate and sensitive so most  consumers are raving about home security systems that have excellent consumer support and are willing to help out consumers who have questions about its products and services.

Make the Best Purchase by Reading Home Alarm Reviews

Home Security System Company Reviews

The number of options that you may choose from when it comes to investing on home security systems is growing by the minute, which makes it so much harder to pick out the best option for your home. There are a lot of ways through which you can pinpoint which model will suit you best, the most effective and easiest of which involves reading through home security system reviews and using them to find out which brand will offer your property the highest level of protection. These reviews are often written and published by experts and professionals who have taken the time to thoroughly investigate the products that they are dealing with, so reading through them will surely give you the valuable opinion that you need in order to pinpoint which home security system will suit your needs best.

The home security systems reviews that you will find will tell you everything that you need to know about the home security systems that are available to you. This means that they will be invaluable tools when it comes to choosing the model and the brand to invest your money on. As a matter of fact, looking through these review pieces is a great way for you to be able to gauge which option will give you the best value for your investment. Since this kind of equipment does not really come cheap, you might as well make sure that you will be able to milk the value of your dollars. Reading through the best and the most reputable pieces will help you decide which system will work best for you and will allow you to maximize your investment.

The best home security systems reviews will also give you all the information that you need in order to find out which system will give you the level of protection that you need for your home. The design and plotting of your security cameras will highly rely on the architecture and design of your home, so make sure that you do your role in checking out the nooks and crannies of your property before investing on anything. If you find that you house has more than a handful of blind spots, them make sure that you will buy a system that will help you keep an eye on every corner of your property. Look through the best reviews and find out which model will suit your needs.

The home security systems reviews that you will find will also allow you to get a vague idea of which systems are highly recommended by field experts and professionals. It will do you well to visit a couple of tech blogs and websites in order to get your hands on these expert opinions. Just make sure that you will keep an eye out for paid reviews that will usually sway you into investing on a certain brand or model. As much as you can, limit your reading to honest and reputable home security systems reviews that will give you everything that you need to know about the models that are available in the market.

Using a Home Alarm System

Home Security Equipment Reviews

Our home and family are the most valuable things in our life. Your home alarm system will provide you with the best security for your home and family, if you utilize all of its features. If you want good results from your security system you will need to take care of your home security equipment. Performing regular maintenance will ensure that the equipment is working properly.

If you suspect you home alarm system is not working as expected, or there is no response from the panel, your battery is not charging or dead, system hangs or any other complaints, you will need to follow up with the home security company by calling their customer service department.

Here are some of the tips for using your home alarm system:

  1. Set the arming modes: Many home alarm system owners forget to set the arming modes in their appliance. They might be in a hurry to get back to office or work-shy to set it right. It is very important to arm your home alarm system to function properly. Otherwise it might result in false alarms.
  2. Regular Maintenance: Be sure to perform appliance maintenance as per the schedule time recommended by the home security companies. Make sure all the required equipment maintenance is done by a certified company professional. Never have your maintenance done by a local technician.
  3. Test your equipment: Perform safety drills when you are at home to ensure that your home alarm system is working as expected. You will not know if your equipment is failing to detect until you test it. Testing you equipment will ensure if its sensors are working fine and whether the audio and visual indicators are set to the correct levels.
  4. Know your equipment: Make sure you get a full demonstration of your equipment from your certified company professional. Be sure to ask all your queries and questions regarding how the alarm system functions, its features, settings, maintenance schedules, safety checks and precautions in handing your appliance. Also ensure to get the emergency contact numbers in case the equipment stops working. Make sure you understand the user manual and the company’s terms and conditions.
  5. Pay your subscription: Always remember to pay your monthly subscription fee for the alarm monitoring services that you have opted for. Make your payments in-time to enjoy the benefits of alarm monitoring services coupled to your home security system.

Remember, your home alarm systems alone cannot act as a complete shield to security. It should be complemented with added protection, like a security steel door or double protection twin security door. This will increase the usefulness of your home security systems.

Think of your home alarm system as your best safety tool. Taking proper care of your appliance will ensure you to get the best result and safety in times of emergency. Your home alarm system will act as a perfect watch dog protecting your home, family and your valuables.

Home Security System User Profiles

Tiffany – Home security system user


Hi my name is Tiffany and I’m a single mom of 2. The best home security system is one that I can use while both of my kids and I are home, honestly that’s the only reason I purchased one. I wasn’t sure what I needed until I started calling around to home security companies.

What I wanted out if a home security system?

My kids are aged 7 and 3. I wanted to know my home was safe when we arrived home after a long day at work, school and daycare, for whatever reason I sometimes felt uncomfortable, walking into my own empty home with the kids.

What I like most about my home security system?

My security system chimes whenever a door is open, I like to know when my kids open doors like when they’re heading out to the yard. More importantly, knowing that if someone broke in the police will be notified and immediately sent to my home. My kids are not big fans of the alarm system, I think they thought it was interesting at first, you know the chime when the door is opened but the siren has gone off a few time (user error) and the sound drives them crazy.

Did you read reviews on home security companies?

I did, I read a lot of reviews, as a matter of fact I found out about my security company on a review site. I like the way the different companies were ranked and I just had to call them to see for myself. I picked the company with the best customer service record. I also looked at the BBB better business bureau for all the home security companies I was considering.

What we recommend for people with concerns like Tiffany?

A home security system designed with sensors on all the accessible points of entry. Tiffany is concerned about a home invasion or walking in a burglary with her two little children. We want a sensor on her doors and windows because we want her to hear the chime or siren going off of they opened during a home invasion. It may also be beneficial for Tiffany to purchase a keychain remote or key fob. The keychain remote or key fob will make it convenient for her as she arrives and leaves her home to arm of disarm her security system at the push of a button but more importantly if she arrives and sees or hears an intruder in or around her home she can push the panic button which triggers a siren and prompts the Control Panel to notify the central monitoring station.

Tiffany needs to be notified quickly of an intruder so she an protect herself and her children, while the alarm siren serves as a temporary deterrent until the police arrive.

Chris- Home Security system user


My name is Chris, I’m an Account manager and I volunteer at my local fire department. The best home security system for me is one that is monitored 24/7 and has smartphone apps. I live in s townhouse with may 2 room mates, and we can all control the security system remotely our smartphones. It allows us to keep tabs on who is home and gives me the peace of mind I get from knowing that if my totally forgetful roommate forgets to turn on the system for the 7th time in 7 days, the more responsible amongst us (Me) can easily arm the system remotely.

What I wanted out of a home security system?

Well we live in the city and you never know when a break in could occur, we fully understand that a security system doesn’t guarantee we wont have a break in but I wanted to be notified immediately if there was a break in so with my security system I get a text message immediately and then a call from the central monitoring station letting me know that the police is on the way.

What I like most about my home security system?

I’m a control freak so I like the ability to control it from whenever I need to. Its also really important to me to know that valuables are secure and we didn’t carelessly leave a window or door opened and forget to lock the overhead garage door. We are renting our townhouse so we actually got a short term contract incase we move after our lease expires.

Did you read reviews on home security companies?

Well kinda we checked the Better Business Bureau BBB and scanned some reviews on Yelp. I kind of had to do my own research and come to my own conclusions on how the systems work and narrow down based on which systems would work for me.

What home security system solutions we recommend if you’re like Chris?

Chris and his roommates probably work different schedules and arrive and leave at different times of the day. They seem to be looking to arm their system mainly for when they are not home and to give them the peace of mind in knowing that the security system is armed and their property is secure.

A monitored home security system with interactive features would be serve Chris and his roommates well, we know Chris not only likes alerts but he also like to control the system remotely. He doesn’t want to leave the safety of his belongings in up to his roommates.

We would also recommend a security system design that has sensors on all the doors and motion detection in key areas like the ground level. Since they are in the city a yard sign could also serve as a deterrent or at least discourage a burglar from breaking into their home.

Larry- Home Security system user


Hello to every one reading this, Larry here and I’ve used home security systems for about 15 years now. I’ve used 3 to 4 different home security companies in the past in 3 different homes, but the best home security system for me has always been one that protects all the points of entry in my home. I live in a one level ranch with a basement with my wife and 3 kids. Since our bedroom windows can easily be accessed by an intruder, we want to protection from a sensor on all the windows. The system had to be easy for my wife and kids to use since they would be using it daily. The kids also like have smartphones, so if the apps make them more likely to have.

What I wanted out of a home security system?

Peace of mind, I used to travel a lot, the main purpose of the home security system was to give me the peace of mind of knowing that my family is safe when I’m away for days or weeks at a time. We live in the country and our closest neighbor is quite a hike away. So knowing that the police can easily quickly be sent to the home if I’m not there makes me feel much better.

What I like most about my home security system?

I like the keychain remotes, it has the panic button so my wife can easily push the button and trigger the siren in the house, the police are called automatically. I do like the smartphone applications and the more intuitive features like text alerts, because I like to know that the home is secure when it should be and even if I’m out of town I still get an alert when my wife arms the security system at night before she goes to bed at night.

Did you read reviews on home security companies?

I did some online research with my most recent security system and monitoring plan purchase, but you have to understand that when I purchased my first alarm system there was not much if any information available online for security systems. The sales guy came and knocked on your door and started talking to you about maybe a free ADT system, with a monitoring contract of course. Its nice having access to all the consumer reviews available on the internet.

What home security solutions would we recommend to people like Larry?

Larry is already very knowledgeable about home security systems and how they work, having used several security companies over the years. Larry is very much interested in a solution that gives his family the highest level of safety and in turn gives him the peace of mind he needs.

Since Larry’s lives in a ranch style home, he may want a security system that provides full perimeter protection, with sensors on all his doors and windows, glass break sensors for rooms with a sliding glass door like a walk out basement. He already likes the keychain remote for his wife but since he lives in a remote area having a monitoring plan that includes alerts and notifications may give him that added peace of mind in knowing that if something happened in his house emergency or not he can receive a notification quickly.

It will be beneficial for Larry to also have an emergency contact that lives near his family he can reach out to if he receives an alarm message and wants someone to check in on his family, or call the police.

Larry needs a home security system design with sensors accounting for all accessible doors and windows in his ranch style house. He should also invest in 24 hour monitoring with interactive features.

Betsy – Home security system user


I’m Betsy and I’m home security system user. I’ve lived alone for 15 years now in the house my late husband and I bought over 27 years ago. The property is the same and I’ve done my best to keep up with maintenance. They say home is where your heart is, my heart is definitely in this house. Nothing much has changed with the neighborhood has changed over the years. I’m one of the few original people that bought here decades ago and still resides in the community, we’ve seen population growth and an increase in crime over time. Which is why I bought a home security system.

What I want in a home security system?

Well I want a security system or alarm that can send help my way, if I should need it for whatever reason. We have almost as many businesses as we do homes on my street so there’s quite a bit of activity and people doing business in all hours of the day. I want a security system that protects me from anything from a random act of violence and or burglaries. I want a responsive central monitoring station that will send a police to my aid quickly. As I get older I also want access to medical assistance like having an ambulance dispatched in case I have a medical emergency.

What I like most about my home security system?

I have an emergency pendant first and foremost, I like that I can push a button and the medical team or EMT will be dispatched quickly to my home. All my doors are secure and I have window sensors and a glass break sensor to protect against windows. I actually have a motion sensor that I don’t use much because I worry one of my 3 cats will trigger it , my security companies attempts to make me more comfortable by reassuring me that the cats wouldn’t set off the system hasn’t helped with my fear of the siren startling me at night.

Did you read reviews on home security companies?

I did I talked to a few first then I called the Better Business Bureau (BBB) to get some feedback. I found out how they were rated and went with the customer I thought had the better rating with the BBB. I now know how to look at online reviews and on the product review sites. I wanted a great home security system but the technology mumbo-jumbo wasn’t impressing me as much as the customer service record of the home security companies.

What home security system would we recommend for Betsy?

We would recommend a security system design that protects all the points of entry into her home, since motion detectors would not work for her as she is not comfortable with them. It is important that home security systems for seniors come with a option for medical monitoring. We will also focus on convenience for Betsy, she could use key chain remotes and panic buttons and a panic pendant too. Medical devices and sensors combined with home security sensors will be the safest option for her. With that said added two way voice is not a necessity but we would recommend Betsy at least discuss the benefits of 2 way voice with her security system company.

Ron The College Guy


My name is Roy and I live on campus and yes I have a home security system. I’m a senior now and the security system was something my parents suggested I purchase as a sophomore. They wanted to know that my belongings were secure when I left campus for the summer. I live in a condo apartment and there’s moderate crime occurring around me.

What I want in a home security system?

Honestly when I first got the security system I didn’t use it much, the system was never really armed and I just never really warmed up to it until I started getting nice stuff. I have music equipment now, studio equipment in a room so I figured I would use the security system more. I have a lot of people coming and going from my house mainly friends and acquaintances but it just means I need my security system to be armed more often.. I want my security system to notify me as it does whenever there is any type of activity in my house and I’m not there, then calling the police.

What I like most about my security system?

I like that my home is secure, I live in a ground floor condo and I have a wireless sensor on the door to my studio/music room so I receive a text message and an email (which I like because of the record it creates) so I’m the first to know. This capability is even more practical when I’m out of town and sometimes have to let people into my place, I can arm and disarm my home security system remotely. I also own a saltwater aquarium so I like that my security system tells me when the power goes out.

Did you read reviews before purchasing your system?

I didn’t, probably because my parents did the research and my Dad is actually enjoys reading about all types of companies and products. With that said I think they picked a good security system for me, I wouldn’t have known where to start. I would advice any one who is looking for a home security system while in college and living on or around campus to look into shorter term contracts or no contracts at all. Also get a wireless system, I can take my system with me if I move.

What home security system would we recommend to Ron?

Ron is mainly concerned about an intruder when he is not at home, he also enjoys the controls and insight he gets from his interactive monitoring features. We will recommend the sensors for his doors and a motion detector properly positioned inside his home. He needs 24 hour monitoring with remote access and controls to his iPhone. He actually has a few interesting reasons for the use of the interactive monitoring features since he needs to know if there was a power outage because of his aquarium, he also allows others access to his home when he is away for the summer, so the interactive monitoring helps him to know when someone enters his home and who entered his home.

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  • Home security systems reviews
           Tuesday, 22nd January 2013 at 3:39 pm

    I’ve been reading through your site and I must say there is a ton of information on here. Looks like FrontPoint Security is the way to go. Thanks for the info.

  • Home Security Reviews: How to Choose a Security System
           Thursday, 24th January 2013 at 9:19 pm

    From a Guest Writer:

    Subscribing to a home security system is necessary to keep your home and your family safe against criminals. It can actually be a very valuable line of defense. Nonetheless, how can you find out which home security system is the best? Well, you can look for reliable home security reviews. Just make sure that the home security reviews you read come from credible sources. Do not readily rely on write-ups by people working in the home security industry.

    Reading good home security reviews should help you with alarm system quotes. The current state of the economy is not very good, which is why you need to budget wisely. However, this should not be a reason for you to avail of a discounted security system from an unknown company. See to it that you do a background check, as well as find out about their quality, history, and list of devices.

    This is especially important if there is a contract involved. Before you sign anything, make sure that there are no hidden fees and charges. Some companies are associated with high fees for their long-term services. If you do not want to end up with bigger bills than you expected, you should read home security reviews. You should watch for tips and advice regarding security system scams.

    For instance, you should be very cautious when dealing with salespeople who go door to door. These salespeople are only soliciting home security sales, and this is obviously not how major security companies operate. Reputable home security companies advertise and have branches. They let customers come to them and not vice versa. Also, they offer customer service; those who go door to door will not guarantee any customer service.

    In addition, you should be doubtful when the door-to-door salesperson tries to offer you reduced or discounted prices. Usually, this comes with a hidden agenda. Once they lure you into signing up with them, you will be obligated to pay certain fees you have not been told previously. Hence, make sure that you inquire about their system protection. You should also be clear regarding all inclusive costs.

    As much as possible, choose a home security company that does not require contract signing. Home security companies that do not require contracts are often enumerated in home security reviews. You should be able to cancel your subscription anytime, as well as reactivate it whenever deemed necessary. You should not be tied to a contract, especially if you are not satisfied with the services.

    In fact, according to the federal law, clients are allowed to cancel a contract that is entered via a door-to-door transaction provided that it is done within three days upon entering the agreement. Furthermore, you should be careful when purchasing security alarms on the Internet. Just like door-to-door salespeople, you cannot completely trust online sellers. If you want to be sure of the quality, you should only go for trusted brands.

    Choosing the right home security system can be a bit tricky; but with the right resources, you should be able to do just fine. Keep in mind that caution should be exercised at all times. You should only deal with people and companies you can trust.

  • Where to Find the Best Home Alarm Companies
           Thursday, 31st January 2013 at 1:10 pm

    Providing a safe and secure home for our family has been the topmost concern of everyone. Not only will it protect you from burglars, it also provides you a sense of tranquility knowing that your home is constantly monitored for any fire, flood and carbon monoxide leaks. With the emergence of home alarm systems, several home alarm companies begin to flourish offering their services to their customers. When trying to find the company that will best provide the service that you and your family need, it is essential to first look at your options. Below are the top rated home alarm companies rated for different services such as monitoring services, security services, home automation and help & support.

    FrontPoint Security. A name which tops the chart, FrontPoint Security’s ultimate goal is to provide the widest security coverage for all homeowners. At the same time, this company ranks high when it comes to customer support. The company never fails to make their customer their highest priority.

    Protect America. If you are having second thoughts of subscribing to an alarm system provider because of the cost you will be paying at the start of the contract, then worry no more. Out of several home alarm companies, Protect America’s primary aim is to provide everyone an affordable alarm system for you and your home without sacrificing the quality of the system. Using a superior quality GE Simon XT system, Protect America proves to be the top choice for an efficient yet affordable home alarm system.

    Safemart. Safemart is one of the new home alarm companies with a high rating. Installation process is do-it-yourself so you do not need a technician to install the system for you. Since it uses a wireless security system installation should not be a problem. If you need any help and support, you can reach their customer service desk which is always ready to walk you through the process. Apart from the great home security service, Safemart offers low monitoring costs.

    Pinnacle Security. As one of the best names for home alarm companies, the competence of both their security device and monitoring system earn the company a high rating. Pinnacle Security also provides a great alarm system not only for your home but for your business as well. It is best to check with the company about the packages that they offer. You can customize your alarm system according to your family’s needs and lifestyle.

    ADT. ADT is known to be the largest and most well-known name out of all home alarm companies. Although the service may have slipped over the years, some loyal customers still prefer the company. With the broad range of security devices and numerous monitoring stations all over the country, it is not surprising that ADT remains to be one of the best options when it comes to security alarm systems.

  • Three of the Best Home Security Company in the Country
           Tuesday, 5th February 2013 at 7:36 pm

    Thanks Ted K. for the write up.

    We can all agree that security systems have now become practically a requirement. With the increasing reports of burglary incidences, we must all become vigilant in protecting our homes. But as the burglary incidents increase and the demands for home security systems also increase, companies that offer security services are also increasing in number. If you are unaware of the many security companies out there, here is a list of some of the best home security company that can offer you competitive prices and deliver satisfactory services.

    FrontPoint Security
    FrontPoint Security is the top rated and most highly recommended security companies in the country today. The company offers a competitively priced systems and devices that will surely satisfy a wide range of budget. Moreover, they offer added features such as a cellular alarm monitoring system in partnership with Rapid Response as well as interactive monitoring in partnership with the Alarm website. With new features that allow you to integrate and communicate better to the authorities, it makes FPS indeed the best home security company. It has set a benchmark for home security providers and is the company to beat. Guaranteed, with an alarm security system from FrontPoint Security, your house will stay protected and safe.

    Protect America
    Runner up for the best home security company is Protect America. Although they offer similar equipment as FPS, they do not offer similar new features, which is why this falls in second place. But, they also offer DIY services allowing you to install security systems in your home on your own in less amount of time than you would expect. The systems they offer are closely monitored by Criticom, which is a highly credible and reputable monitoring service company. And similar to FPS, they also provide web-based controls and actions through the Alert website. They have the lowest pricing you can find – and the quality of services is not compromised.

    Coming in at third place is ADT. This is the best home security company for local installations and very fast services. You can have the home security set up within the same day of purchase. They offer professional installation for people who are not comfortable with installing their own home security systems and will arrive at your doorstep within the day. Though ADT may be competitive in terms of features available, many people have had unpleasant experience with their customer service. Some people complained about customer service taking a very long time to answer their inquiries as well as their calls. If you are considering ADT as the company for your home security, it may be best to check with your neighbors and friends first who use this company to get feedback.

    These three companies are considered the best home security company mainly because of the services and features that they offer. If you want the best services and features available, FrontPoint Security is definitely the company to choose. But if you want to save money and just want the basic features of security system, then Protect America is definitely your best option. For faster services, ADT is the best there is. Depending on which you prefer, there is a company that can help protect your home.

  • Best Home Security
           Thursday, 7th February 2013 at 7:28 pm

    Guest Article:

    If you are looking for ways to protect your family, one of the best options is to have a home security system installed. It would not only prepare you from unwanted intruders; it will also give you a better chance of protecting your loved ones from calamities such as fire, carbon monoxide gas and flood. It will certainly give you the peace of mind knowing that your loved ones and possessions are protected in the best way possible.
    Home alarm systems with monitoring come with a cost but it can help you protect treasures which are priceless. It is nothing but an additional investment to help you protect those which are more valuable.

    The best home security – 5 Things to Consider

    1. Good reputation – If you are planning to purchase a home security alarm system, it would be wise for you to check the company’s reputation. This will tell you how reliable and commendable their service is.. You can also ask your friends or neighbours for feedback and opinions if they already have a home security system installed in their house. This will save you a lot of time if you can find a solid recommendation.

    2.Product reviews – If you are not yet sure about what home security system to purchase, reading product reviews is a big help. However, you must remain critical because some of these reviews are sponsored and biased. Go for those independent reviews that provide both the advantages and disadvantages of the product; it will give you a clearer picture.

    3. Cost –The price is not about the “actual price”, but the “worth” of the product. It may be the most expensive thing on the market, but if it’s worth every cent then it’s a good investment.

    4. Installation Process – Another consideration is the ease of installation. Some security systems in the market are cheaper but harder to install, in which case you have to pay for a technician (additional cost) to do the set up.

    5. Long-term Maintenance – Durability is certainly an issue in every home alarm system. If you are going for a home security system, you would want something that’s durable and easily maintained. Look for those products which offer the longest warranty for a wider coverage.

  • Advantages of Home Alarm System
           Wednesday, 13th February 2013 at 11:06 am

    The home alarm system provides lot of advantages to the user. It always protects you from the dangerous situation. One of the most important things is that this best alarm system for home can cost 100 dollars to install. You can buy this best alarm system for home either in online or offline. Buy online is one of the most excellent way to hoard your moment as well as currency. You just choose the alarm system through online. After few days, you can get the products in your door way. It is the best way to buy a high quality product at cheap cost. Install this alarm system and protect you and your family members safely and securely.

  • Alarm System Reviews Aid You to Select the Good Service
           Thursday, 14th February 2013 at 10:55 am

    About Alarm System
    In this modern world, most of the inhabitants are using alarm system to protect their home or office safely and securely. It is an electronic system which consists of output and input devices, respective wiring and control panel. This system is mainly utilized in home or office. The main aim of this system is to monitoring corporation or alert you while a window or door in your abode has been tampered or opened. This alarm system has been built up in power supply, so it will continue to work if the power supply is shut down. This device contains smoke alarms, security systems, carbon monoxide detectors and more. The main purpose of this system is to diminish loss from fire, vandalism and burglary. This device will really aid you to keep safely from the hazardous situation. If you desire to know more information about this system, you can search through the internet.

    Alarm Monitoring Services
    If you desire to install alarm system in your home or office, first you have to consider the monitoring services, because this monitoring service only aid you to keep away from danger. The alarm system appears with different variety of services which enable versatile and constant monitoring. The different services are home automation services, twenty four hour monitoring plus online account that permits you to handle your Alarm system on the website. Several security systems for abode also have distant monitoring from your tablet or Smartphone and a 2-way intercom which permits you to converse with the safety and security corporation throughout an installed Cpanel control panel.

    Types Of Alarm System
    Normally, alarm system can be classified into five types. They are CCTV monitoring system, duress alarms, fire alarms, movement detectors and magnetic reed switches. The CCTV monitoring system entails the utilize of video tape recorders to observe activity at tactical points through your property. A security and safety guard is required to monitor the video tape screens. Duress alarms can be positioned at different point through your abode and pushed whenever a crisis takes place to inform the police instantly. Fire alarms can be positioned in home to inform the system in the occasion of a fire. The movement detectors are utilized to find out movement in your abode throughout the utilize of infrared or ultrasonic detectors after the system has been set up. This form of magnetic reed switches alert the house-owner wherever a window or door opening in the abode is unlocked after the system has been set up. Choose any one of the system and install in your home or office.

    Immense Benefits Of Alarm System
    The alarm system provides lot of benefits to the users. It comes in a different variety of sizes and shapes. So, you can choose the system as per your preferred style. It really aids you to protect you and your home in the dangerous situation. One of the most important things is that you can buy this alarm system either in offline or online. Set this system in your home or office and keep your place securely.

  • Pros and Cons of a DIY Home Security System
           Wednesday, 3rd April 2013 at 7:03 pm

    A lot of homeowners want only the best home security system for them and their family. Of course, the best security systems often come at a high cost, which is why some people opt to do it by themselves. For the homeowner confident in their skills, having a do it yourself home security system is both cheap and practical.

    Using a do it yourself security system for the home is not a bad idea. It is not as difficult as some people might think it is. All a person really needs is a little bit of care, the right tools for the job, some “how to” information from articles on the internet, and the dedication and perseverance needed to get the job done right.

    Those who are still on the fence whether or not they should actually use a do it yourself home security system may want to learn the pros and cons before making a decision.
    The pros of a do it yourself home security system

    One of the very first and most attractive pros of a do it yourself security system is that it is extremely cheap to build. The most basic kinds of alarm systems that can be built with household supplies can cost a person around $10 to install.

    The price can only go lower if the homeowner already has most of the supplies needed in order to make one. Basically, the alarm systems that homeowners will be using for their security system would be similar to something that MacGyver would make on his old TV show.

    The second greatest pro about a do it yourself security system is that it will not screw up with the house’s wiring. Homeowners no longer have to spend extra cash for a security company to rewire the entire household.

    Another money saver is the fact that a homemade security system means that the homeowner does not have to pay security bills.

    The cons of a do it yourself home security system
    The most obvious downside to a do it yourself security system is that it will not be as great as the kind of security that professional companies give. The honest truth is that security companies place a premium on their service because the technology and services they provide are really superior. They use some of the most advanced pieces of technology. These companies also have professionals monitoring the systems and so much more.

    The kind of protection that a professional security agency can provide a household is much more comprehensive than one that can be provided for by simple tools and equipment found in the attic or the shed.

    When the power goes off, the security system put into place by the homeowner will fail because it runs on the grid. A private security system for home will most likely have a failsafe in the form of a battery. This means that the household is protected by the security system even in cases where a do it yourself security system won’t be able to.

  • Vivint Home Security Systems
           Wednesday, 1st May 2013 at 6:12 pm

    I just bought a Vivint home security system and I love it. I got the most upgraded package that includes the home automation and there’s so many things you can do with it.

  • Protect America vs FrontPoint Security
           Thursday, 9th May 2013 at 5:45 am

    I’m torn between these two companies because they seem so much alike. They both offer equipment from GE security, they both have wireless home security systems and cellular monitoring services. There is something to be said for customer service and that is were FrontPoint Security has the edge but I need a lot of equipment so I’m leaning towards Protect America since their home security equipment is included in the monthly cost.

  • Home Security Systems Reviews
           Thursday, 16th May 2013 at 2:41 pm

    I’ve been looking for some unbiased home security systems reviews and I found a few different websites but this site definitely has the best information. After reading the section on wireless security system reviews and learning about how to get the right equipment, I think I’m all set to go. The iPad access is really cool and I’m glad it comes with most of the home security companies.

  • Security System Reviews
           Tuesday, 8th October 2013 at 6:07 pm

    These are the best security system reviews I’ve found. It was easy and in plain language. I wasn’t sure which alarm company to go with, I really set out to monitor the existing alarm system in my home. Upon reading about all the new technology on your website I realized I should just buy the latest wireless home security system. So far so good.

  • Reviews and Pricing
           Wednesday, 9th October 2013 at 1:14 pm

    I’m going to be purchasing a home security system this weekend, and the reviews have been helpful. I’ve gotten all the information I need without having a sales rep in my house, and I was able to call all these companies pretty much and get a quote from all of them. Now I just have to decide and it comes down to the top rated companies at the best prices.

  • Choosing between FrontPoint and Protect America?
           Monday, 14th October 2013 at 8:54 pm

    I’m having a hard time choosing between FrontPoint and Protect America. FrontPoint Security seems to be the company that people like and Protect America seems to have a great deal but some of their reviews are not so great.I usually find reviews helpful but with a smaller budget I feel like Im settling for the next best thing if I go with Protect America.

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