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frontpoint-security-monitoring-plansFrontpoint a GE home security dealer with headquarters in McLean VA, is a breath of fresh air in an industry full of marketing gimmicks to get your attention. We researched a dozen companies and while you’re typically bombarded with advertising for free home security systems that are anything but free, Frontpoint seemed to be focused on getting you an actual quote and fair price.  Every time we called the sales reps asked why I was in the market for a security system in an attempt to find out what was important to me as opposed to recommending a package before getting to know me and my concerns. Needless to say we were impressed by Frontpoint’s approach, but there’s more.

Frontpoint offers 100% cellular and wireless home security systems, we were curious as to why they avoid the landline or Internet-based systems and they managed to explain and address a concern I already had  coming into the call. Landlines and Internet connections can be cut from outside the property, burglars are already doing this prior to entering people’s homes. They explained they couldn’t claim to provide customers with the safest security systems out there and provide the obviously flawed landline and Internet-based systems. The Frontpoint solution is to provide customers with cellular monitoring which does not require a subscription and extra costs of phone and Internet at a prices comparable to these other less than safe services. Frontpoint’s cellular monitoring starts at $34.99 per month.

Monitoring Plans

Frontpoint has 3 different monitoring plans to choose from, don’t worry they are all cellular so you are getting the safest monitoring either way you go. There are three plans that we discovered when conducting the Frontpoint system review.

Frontpoint Monitoring

  • Protection Monitoring: 24 hour cellular monitoring covering fire, burglaries, theft, intrusion. $34.99/month
  • Interactive Monitoring: All the features of Protection Monitoring plan plus, Smartphone apps and remote access from any web enabled device, with Real time alerts and notifications. The Smash and Crash feature in case a burglar destroys the control panel the authorities can still be dispatched (pretty big deal) among other features like Geo-location services that allow you set up a Geo fence around your home that prompts the system to remind you to arm you system if you leave the area, could turn lights on or off among other features for $44.99/month. The Interactive monitoring is great for families and is  already a favorite amongst home security system customers.
  • Ultimate Monitoring: Includes all the features of the Interactive Monitoring but adds web based video indoor and outdoor video surveillance and Z-wave based home automation that allows you control thermostats, lock and unlock doors, programmable light controls. The interesting thing about Frontpoint’s video cameras is they also provide off-site video storage, ensuring that your video are safely being stored on a server far away from your home so a burglar can’t destroy the evidence on site. Front Security’s Ultimate Monitoring plan is priced competitively at $49.99.

Frontpoint’s combination of transparent and competitive pricing on monitoring and the array of functional features provided in their monitoring plans puts them ahead of the competition and shows in their stellar reputation for customer service.

Customer Service

This is a deal maker or breaker for most home security system customers and shoppers. People want to know that they are dealing with a company that simply takes good  care of its customers. We had to look to a few things to score companies on customer service and Frontpoint aced them all.

The reps were polite and informative, but that should be a basic standard so we dug deeper and called the customer service line to see how quickly we got a real person on the other line ( about 45 seconds) asking how they can help. We looked to ratings and reviews from other entities. A  Google search for “Frontpoint reviews BBB” and you be as equally as impressed as we are to learn that Frontpoint has an A+ rating on the BBB (the had about 8 resolved complaints in 3 years) a somewhat rare rating in this industry, but what was also rare was finding a negative review about Frontpoint from its existing customers.

Yelp for example rates Frontpoint with 4.5 stars, with no complaints on or that we could find either, so we kept searching and found that Frontpoint had managed to provide a great product and excellent customer service at the same time, people “rave” about their experience with this home security company and the home security reviews show it.

When it comes to customer service among the top home security companies, Frontpoint is the best we could find hands down.


From conducting our in-depth Frontpoint consumer reviews we learned that they provide wireless home security equipment by GE Security. Their control panel made by GE is the Simon XT, the latest version is Z-wave compatible for home automation. The wireless home security equipment makes it easy to install the system, sensors are peel and stick without a need to run wires or drill holes in your doors, windows or walls. The wireless home security sensors also make transferring them to a different location a breeze, more and more home security system customers are finding this flexibility is necessary in a home security system.

Frontpoint has your entire home covered.
Frontpoint reviews

A key point with the equipment and selling point is that the system is non-proprietary. People tend to ask if they own or rent the equipment, but that answer is irrelevant if equipment use is proprietary or limited to the company you are receiving monitoring from. Frontpoint provides the programming code on request so should you choose to change home security providers, you can use the same system you already paid for. This point should not be overlooked as it adds to the total long term value of the system.

The GE Security equipment is also one of the best in the industry as it provides a lot of features and allows for future upgrades and modifications. GE Security wireless sensors from other systems are also typically compatible with the newer GE control panels and security systems, which adds value to reduces long term cost of ownership.

Don’t forget smoke and heat sensors for fire and other environmental sensors they provide. We also love Frontpoint’s web based wireless cameras and their easy DIY installation and integration of the sensors.

Equipment Offered

  • Windows / Door Sensor
  • Motion Sensor
  • Wireless Security Camera
  • Control Panel
  • Secondary Control Panel Touch Screen
  • Fire/Heat Sensor
  • Smoke Sensor
  • Flood Sensor
  • Carbon Monoxide Sensor
  • Recessed Door Sensors
  • Security Door Locks


Frontpoint Equipment


Frontpoint offers 1, 2 and 3 year contracts and provide are among home security companies with a military clause for members of our armed forces who may be deployed overseas.

FrontPoint received rave Frontpoint home security system reviews from customers, their nack for the best and most practical technology and upfront competitive prices make them our Top Choice.


Frontpoint coupons are available from time to time. The current Frontpoint promotion code is “FireSafety12” it will offer you a discount of $64.99 off your order. This is the same price as a Fire/Heat sensor.

Another promotion Frontpoint offers to people who call in at 855-436-2406 is a $300 instant credit off their alarm equipment package. This is a huge savings and is the best coupon in the home security industry at the moment. Its usually best to call them to find out if there are any current Frontpoint promotions.



About our Frontpoint Reviews

How Accurate are is the Frontpoint reviews?
Our Frontpoint reviews are continually maintained and are up to date. Not only do we conduct an annual review of the top home security system companies but we also check back on a consistent basis to see if anything has changed. Our editors visit the Frontpoint website and call them to see if there current offers, pricing or equipment has changed. We have the most up to date information related to Frontpoint.

How was the Frontpoint review conducted?
Like all of our home security systems reviews we take an approach that reviews Frontpoint on a 360 degree basis if you will. Both online and offline research is conducted which involves speaking with actual Frontpoint customers as well as reading Frontpoint customer reviews online. We value what customers say about their experience so if there are any Frontpoint complaints we are aware of it and we often hear about them first hand.

Every aspect of Frontpoint is investigated including: monitoring plans, equipment, pricing, customer service, warranty and mobile applications. Each of our editors conducts an independent review of dozens of home security system companies then they are compared and ranked. This is how we determined the winner of our awards. Frontpoint stood out from the rest in almost every aspect and that is why we awarded them our Gold Award.

We research and review many home security systems companies and our process for conducting the reviews as evolved overtime but the basics remain the same. We hope that by reading our Frontpoint system reviews that you will gain insight into product offerings and that it will help you quickly and easily compare Frontpoint’s home security system against that of its competitors. Sometimes understanding the home security review process and how a company conducts their reviews makes it easier to compare each home security company.

Frontpoint reviews are conducted by speaking with sales people

This is one aspect that a lot of review sites miss. We take the time to speak to the sales people when conducting our Frontpoint reviews. In fact, each home security expert on the staff that conducts reviews will call Frontpoint and pretend that they are a customer. The goal of this part of the Frontpoint review is to understand how they treat potential customers. Its one thing to write a review on a product but speaking with their sales people gives great insight on how they will treat you as a customer. Needless to say the staff at Frontpoint was extremely helpful and friendly.

Each editor reported that when they asked how many sensors they need to secure their home, every time the sales people walked them through the process of spec’ing out a home security system designed for their needs. There are a few standard packages available with Frontpoint but these are designed as a starter package that can be fully customized in order to properly protect your home.

Online research when conducting the Frontpoint review

Our editors add both online and offline research when they conduct the reviews of Frontpoint. Both are equally important, so let us first take a look at the online research. It is easy to find information online nowadays. In less than 30 minutes someone can go from not having any knowledge to having a solid understanding in any subject. There is so much information available you just have to know where to look. Our expert team of home security editors and writers know exactly where to look when conducting thorough online reviews of Frontpoint. A few places that we check are the Better Business Bureau. This lets us know if the Frontpoint took the time to be accredited with the Better Business Bureau, what type of rating they carry and how many Frontpoint complaints that have been filed in the past one and three years. Additionally, customer reviews are then looked at to see what their current customer base is saying. Are they happy or frustrated with the support they receive? Needless to say, Frontpoint carries an excellent Better Business Bureau rating with very few complaints and has an overwhelming amount of positive customer feedback.

Offline reviews are also conducted which is a rarity in online review sites mostly due to the fact it is so easy to investigate someone online. Our editors have spoken with actual customers and have used the equipment themselves. This adds another aspect to the review process when you have actual hands on time with the products.

How can consumers benefit from our Frontpoint reviews?
If you are in the market for a home security system then you found the right place. We provide unbiased and independent reviews of the best home security system companies in the industry. We review dozens of home security companies and list the best ones on our website. Frontpoint is the number one home security system company we ranked. You, the consumer, can benefit by researching Frontpoint before calling them. Once you are ready to call them an get a quote you already have an idea of the equipment they offer and the pricing plans available. Best of all you can compare the company that you are interested in like Frontpoint to the other leading home security companies in the market.

Consumers who do their research can often get the best deals on the products they are purchasing. Frontpoint coupons are available like the one we list on this page, “FireSafety12” this coupon is valued at $64.99. You can get a free smoke/heat sensor just by telling them this Frontpoint discount code.

Top 5 Questions to ask about Frontpoint’s Home Security Solutions

When talking to one of Frontpoint’s friendly sales consultants, here are a few things you can ask about their systems to ensure you have a good understanding of how the system works. Nothing replaces discussing your needs with the sales rep working with them to design the best home security system for you.

Ask about the benefits of their 100% cellular system?

They are happy to explain why a cellular system is safer than phone line or Internet based systems. You’ll find that cellular monitoring is just a basic standard at Frontpoint, as all their customers have the safest monitoring available.

What is the benefit of going 100% wireless?

There is a difference between wirelesses and cellular, Frontpoint reps would explain the difference. Wireless refers more to the equipment and cellular is the way it connects to the monitoring station. There wireless home security equipment is quickly and easily installed, no drilling hole or running wires is necessary. The equipment is also portable making it great for residences and businesses alike. You own the equipment so you can take it with you when you move.

Whats the benefit of a 30-day risk free trial period?

This is great, their industry leading risk free trial period means that customers get a 30-day test of Frontpoint’s service. The promise that if you are not satisfied with the system for any reason you can return at no charge, no questions asked.

How easy is the installation?

Frontpoint representatives will explain their easy installation process; it is important you ask the range of the sensor’s 150ft radius and if that would cover your home.

Do you have detached garage or a shed that you want monitored?

Make sure they are within range. The system comes with a quick setup guide and toll free number you can call to activate your systems. Frontpoint’s remarkable customer service team can also walk you through the setup and have you activated in minutes.

What monitoring plan would work best for my needs?

Frontpoint has three different monitoring plans, Protection, Interactive and Ultimate. They are all cellular and provide 24-hour Rapid Response Monitoring. Which monitoring plan is the best? It really depends on your needs. The Frontpoint rep should be able to match you with the best monitoring plan for your needs, if you want email and text alerts them the interactive should work for you. If you want live streaming video to your iPhone, remote door locks and thermostat controls then the Ultimate should work for you.

People have different needs so it is important to ensure that your Frontpoint home security solution meets your needs. Explain what’s important to you and have the rep recommend the best solution, but this should help make sure you are asking all the right questions.

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