Comcast Xfinity Home Security Review

Xfinity Home Security Overview

Comcast Corporation is better known as one of the largest Internet, telephone, and cable network provider in the US. Comcast Xfinity has also branched out into home security. The new line of products is called XFINITY Home Security System, and includes a wide variety of security products ranging from motion detectors and sensors to complete home automation.The company has an online portal for their existing customers, where customers can log in, make payments, change (upgrade or downgrade, or add services to) their package, and can contact customer services. Through the portal, customers can also arm and disarm their home security system. An iPhone app is also available for existing customers through which they can control their security systems.

Comcast Xfinity Home Security Review

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Comcast Xfinity Home vs ADT Security vs FrontPoint Security

I think you’ll find that when you compare Comcast Xfinity Home vs ADT Security that ADT Security comes out on top. ADT has been in business much longer than Comcast and has over 6 million home security customers. They have been through all of the growing pains that Comcast Xfinity will face in the coming years. ADT Security has the largest network of professional home security installers and their installation is less expensive. If you are debating whether to go with Comcast Xfinity or ADT Security, we recommend ADT Security. Take a look at the below side-by-side comparison of Comcast Xfinity Home vs ADT Security vs FrontPoint Security. If you are looking for a solution with no installation fees, we highly recommend FrontPoint Security.

DIY Install
Professional Install
FrontPoint Security ADT Security Comcast

Xfinity Home Security Reviews
FrontPoint Security Review ADT Review
Visit FrontPoint Security Visit an Authorized ADT Dealer
Brand of Equipment GE Honeywell ???
Pricing $34.99 to $49.99 $36.99 to $53.99 $29.95 to $49.95
Warranty Included Included $4.95 /mo or $178.20 for 36 month contract
Installation Fees $0 $99.00 to $199.00 $199.00 to $499.00
BBB Rating A B+ B-
BBB Accredited
100% Cellular Monitoring
30-day Money Back Guarantee

Comcast Xfinity has thousands and thousands of customers, but those numbers are for their Internet, cable, and telephone services. The Xfinity Home solution was recently released in 2012.

In this review, we will discuss all of the packages offered under XFINITY Home Security System, and will provide the pros and cons of purchasing their home security services.

Xfinity Home Security Products and Services

The 24/7 security plans are divide into three categories. The Basic package includes 1 motion detector, 1 wireless keypad, 2 window/door sensors and one touch-screen controller with security functionality. The basic package is about $29.95 a month, excluding the cost of the equipment. For an extra $4.95, a warranty to replace damaged security equipment can also be added.

The Preferred package is $39.95 a month, and includes additional features such as 1 extra window/door sensor, and complete access on the touch-screen controller. The option to include warranty for an additional $4.95 holds true for this package as well. There is also an additional option to include video monitoring for an additional $4.95 a month.

Home automation is also an included perk of this package. There are no video cameras included in this package, so video monitoring would also cost the customer an additional fee for the camera.

The Premier package is available for $49.95 a month and includes 2 lighting controllers, 1 thermostat, and 2 cameras that can be used indoors and/or outdoors. Video monitoring and home warranty plans are included in this package.

Standalone products offered by XFINITY Home Security Systems include video cameras, keychain remotes, glass break sensors, smoke detectors, curtain movement sensors, water sensors to detect flooding, and carbon monoxide detectors. Indoor cameras, power-line device, remote sirens, and motion detectors are also available as add-ons.

Another set of packages include a Protect Pack valued at $249.95. The Protect Pack consists of 1 motion sensors, 4 window/door sensors, and 1 keychain remote to arm and disarm the alarm. The Eco Pack is available for the same price and includes 1 thermostat and 2 lighting/appliance controllers. View Pack includes 2 lighting/appliances controller, and 2 indoor/outdoor cameras, it is available for $399.95.

Xfinity Home Security Pros

  • – Complete home automation is available.
  • – The products are wireless.
  • – Video streams can be sent to your phone or email address, you may also get a live video stream from your security cameras anywhere in the world.
  • – Email and text alerts are included in the all packages.
  • – Products and services can be bundled with your existing Comcast account. If you already are a Comcast customer, getting home security is simply a matter of upgrading from your existing services.

Xfinity Home Security Cons

  • – The products and services are very expensive when compared to the competitors. Although the packages are price within the same range as many of the big name players in the security industry, but the services being offered are fewer. The user also has to pay for additional equipment. All the mentioned factors put together makes the XFINITY Home Security System an expensive choice.
  • – Xfinity home security system is limited to residential customers. We have included this as a disadvantage because this excludes a very large market of business customers.
  • – Several competitors are offering carbon monoxide detectors, smoke detectors, temperature sensors, medical pendants, panic buttons, and several additional features in their home automation package. Compared to them, Xfinity’s home automation is rather limited.
  • – The official website lack information about the procedure to follow as soon as the alarm is activated. It does not feature their central monitoring station either.
  • – The services come with a three year contract.

With Comcast’s wide network throughout the nation, adding home security to the list of services seems like a natural step. The home of tomorrow as envisioned by many is supposed to be completely automated, with the TV, Internet, appliance and temperature control, telephone, and security all bundled together. Comcast is offering such services by including XFINITY Home Security Systems to their already vast range of products.

However, companies that specialize in home security are offering a greater price/value ratio with their products.

We realize that this is a new endeavor by Comcast, and we are hopeful that they will improve on this product to cater to a larger market.

Xfinity Home Security Video

NOTE: For the latest information on the Comcast Xfinity home security offering please visit the official Xfinity Home website at The Comcast Xfinity information was taken via the Comcast Xfinity website and via their customer chat as of March 2013.

Xfinity Home In the News

2 Responses

  • Comcast’s Newest Line: Xfinity Home Security Systems
           Sunday, 10th February 2013 at 3:38 pm

    Thanks John K. for the write up!

    Comcast Corporation just recently ventured into home security systems featuring their new product line, Xfinity Home Security Systems. Who would’ve thought that one of the biggest cable network, internet and telephone providers in the US would also take a crack at safekeeping your homes? The Xfinity Home Security System’s product highlights include security motion detectors, sensors and even complete home automation.

    This newest offering from Comcast Corporation comes in bundled packages (meaning you won’t be able to get the Home Security products unless you also purchase Comcast’s other services).

    Well Comcast isn’t the only one that seems to be delving into home security these days, other cable companies are too. Apparently, Multiple System Operators or MSO’s (as these companies are most commonly called) have very high rates of cancellation and due to its slow-paced growth; obviously need another niche to venture into. And what’s their next best alternative? Home security, of course!

    The Xfinity Home Security Reviews

    The Xfinity Home Security System product line features three primary packages: (1) Basic, (2) Preferred and (3) Premier. The Basic package costs $29.95 per month (not including the cost of the equipment) and consists of a motion detector, 2 window/door sensors, a wireless keypad and a touch-screen controller with additional security features. A warranty that promises to replace worn out or damaged security products may also be purchased in this package for an additional charge of $4.95.

    The second package, known as the Preferred package, costs $39.95 per month and has the same features as Basic, only you get an additional window/door sensor and could have full access to the touch-screen controller. With Preferred, video monitoring may also be added for an additional charge of $4.95 and the warranty mentioned early on may still be purchased.

    Home automation is also fully-integrated into this package but it doesn’t seem to make sense without all the other sensors like smoke detectors and temperature sensors installed. Also, video cameras are not included in this package so in order for you to utilize its video monitoring service, you’d obviously need to pay for an additional camera fee.

    Lastly, for $49.95, the Premier package features 2 cameras that are compatible to use for outdoors or indoors, a thermostat and 2 lightning controllers. Video monitoring and warranty are also incorporated in this package.

    Among the most commendable points of the Xfinity Home Security System as most users have pointed out, is that most of the products are wireless, the video monitoring has live video streaming which can be sent to your phone or email address and there are regular email and text notifications in whichever package you choose. However, there are also downsides to this new Comcast line. Some Xfinity Home Security System reviews indicate that the products are pretty expensive. The added equipment you must pay for is also what makes it even more expensive.

  • Comcast home security contract
           Monday, 14th October 2013 at 9:02 pm

    Comcast is trying to sign me up under a new contract. I don’t have a contract with them now but in order to get the Comcast home security service, the sales rep offered me a pretty good package, but it had a contract. I’ve read the comcast/xfinity reviews on this site. I wish I could try them out first before committing to a contract.

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