Can a Home Security System Stop a Burglary?

A lot of home security systems market themselves as burglary stoppers, as if to say that simply owning a security system stops burglaries from occurring. The truth is while a home alarm system is a great line of defense against burglary; security systems don’t stop burglaries or burglars from breaking into your house. The truth is that they start working when a break in occurs. How so? I’ll come back to this later.

Now, with that said there are a few things home owners can do that can serve as a deterrents like, motion detector lights, yard signs, the good old “Beware of Dog” signs and in some cases barb wires. There are also more subtle things that people can do to make their homes less attractive to burglars like trimming bushes that can serve as hiding places, having good lighting inside and outside the house, even vigilant neighbors and an active well advertised neighborhood watch program.

Back to the point I made earlier about how your home security systems starts working when a break in occurs – an event has to occur like a door being open, or a window breaks and then a sensor in the house sends a signal to the control panel which then notifies the response center then the police is called. The primary purpose of a monitored home security system is to help dispatch the police to the home as quickly as possible if an alarm event occurs.

Home security owners should understand that if a burglar has made up his mind to break into the property then he may find his way in or at least attempt to get in, its worth noting that not all burglaries are random acts and in fact a good number of burglaries are committed by someone who knows the area or has interacted with the victim. As with many crimes, the perpetrators believe they can get away with it without getting caught. This belief or conviction is what may drive burglaries in the first place. All us law abiding citizens can do is to proactively take steps every day to protect our household and family members from burglaries and getting a home security system could mean help is on the way sooner.

Burglary statistics:

1. What percentage of homes have  home security systems? About 30%

2. Half of burglars live between a 2-mile radius from the property they break into.

3. Only about 13-15% of property stolen in a burglary is ever recovered.

Its safe to say that having a home security systems can help increase the odds that your stolen property can be recovered because the police can report to the crime scene quickly. While an alarm system can help reduce the odds that your home will be burglarized, it just cannot completely stop a burglary or home invasion from occurring.