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With so many home security companies in the market it is hard to tell who has the best home security system. At 6Webs, we conduct independent reviews of the top home security companies in the nation. Get your scrolling finger ready and learn about what each security company offers and what makes them stand out against the competition. Jump to Gold Award, Silver Award, Bronze Award.

Frontpoint Award
Frontpoint Review Visit Frontpoint

Services and Features Available

Home Security Monitoring

#1 – Frontpoint Review

Frontpoint has been in business since 2007, is accredited with the BBB and maintains an A+ rating. There’s not even a handful of home security companies that fit this profile. Frontpoint has an excellent customer service record and it shows. If you do your research you’ll see they have a very happy customer base. Frontpoint offers a simple do-it-yourself, wireless home security systems with cellular monitoring services. Simply put they offer the best home security system with the best monitoring available.

They are confident you’ll love the Frontpoint experience that they are one of the only companies who offers a 30-day money back guarantee. Frontpoint only offers cellular monitoring because they believe it is the best home security monitoring available today. We agree, anything less than cellular monitoring poses a risk to the security of your home and family. With out cellular monitoring a burglar can simply cut a telephone wire or Internet connection and render your home security system useless. When you combine Frontpoint’s cellular monitoring along with their outstanding customer service, clear pricing and 30-day moneyback guarantee, they are the all-around best home security system you can buy. You can give them a call at 855-436-2406.


  • – 100% Cellular Monitoring
  • – Wireless Home Security System
  • – 30-day Money Back Guarantee
  • – Outstanding Customer Service

  • – $34.99 to $49.99
  • – Instant Discounts
  • – Special: Coupon Code

ADT Review adtbutton

Services and Features Available

Home Security Monitoring ADT

#2 – ADT Security Review

ADT has been in business for over 100 years and they have over 6 million customers. ADT also has one of the largest networks of professional installers. They only offer home security systems that can be professionally installed so your mileage may vary depending on your local ADT installer. ADT does have a vast array of product and services so your sure to find a system that meets your needs. Every other home security company compares themselves to ADT because they do all of the advertising and are the most well known. The fact is that they offer a quality service at an affordable price.

ADT is accredited with the Better Business Bureau and they carry a B+ rating. If you decide to go with ADT we recommend also looking up the local ADT Security dealer in your area and find out if they are also listed on the Better Business Bureau. If you’re interested in finding out what ADT has to offer visit ADT or call 866–518-1238.


  • – Cellular Monitoring
  • – Professional Installation
  • – Longest in Industry

  • – $36.99 to $47.99
  • – Special: Free Equipment

Protect America Review Visit Protect America

Services and Features Available

Home Security Monitoring Protect America

#3 – Protect America Review

Protect America has been in business for over 20 years and they pioneered the self-install or DIY home security model that has become extremely popular today. Protect America offers their customers equipment from GE Security and it carries a lifetime warranty as long as you are Protect America customer. They have many equipment options and monitoring plans to choose from and there are no upfront costs for equipment. Their broad range of home security monitoring packages makes them a favorite for many home security shoppers.

Protect America also has competitive price matching so you are sure to get the best bang for you buck with Protect America. If you need a large amount of equipment to properly secure your home or if you are on a budget, Protect America might be the best home security system for your family. Similar to Frontpoint, Protect America offers Interactive home security services through This allows you to remotely arm/disarm your home security system, receive text message alerts when specific events happen and allows you to remotely stream video from a wireless home security camera to you iPhone or Android device.

You can call Protect America at 888-305-0285.


  • – Cellular & Broadband Monitoring
  • – Competitive Price Match
  • – Free Equipment

  • – $29.99 to $54.99
  • – Special: $19.99 til 2013
  • – Special: Free Equipment

LifeShield Security

LifeShield Security Review Visit LifeShield Security

Services and Features Available

Home Security Monitoring LifeShield Security

#4 – LifeShield Security Review

LifeShield Security started in 2002, they are accredited with the Better Business Bureau and hold an excellent rating. LifeShield Security is known for the for their innovation as they hold over 20 patents in the home security industry. They offer both do it yourself and professional installation services for their wireless home security systems.

LifeShield Security furnishes their own equipment which has given them a technological advantage since they have control over the process from start to finish. Their wireless home security systems have multiple base units that can contact the home security companies central monitoring station. In the event one of the base units is damaged by a burglar, the other base unit will contact the central monitoring station so the authorities can be alerted. LifeShield Security provides cellular monitoring with back up monitoring that uses Internet and landline connections. To speak to a LifeShield Security representative call them at 877-723-3796 or visit them online at


  • – Cellular Monitoring
  • – Excellent BBB Rating
  • – Best Technology

  • – $29.99 to $39.98
  • – Special: Free Equipment

Vivint Review

Vivint Review Visit Vivint

Services and Features Available
Home Security Monitoring Vivint

#5 – Vivint Review

Vivint has been around for over 15 years and they’re based out of Provo, Utah. Vivint has been known for their door to door sales people but in recent years their focus has shifted to online sales and creating innovative products. Vivint has one of the best control panels in the home security market, it is called the GO control panel from 2Gig.

Vivint does an excellent job of blending home automation with home security. Their products and services enable customers to remote control their lighting and home’s environment from a mobile device. If you’re looking for a high-end system then Vivint might be your best choice. Visit Vivint or call them at 866-864-7135.


  • – Cellular Monitoring
  • – Many Automation Options
  • – High-end Components

  • – $44.99 to $68.99

Best Home Security System Alternatives

SafeMart Review

SafeMart Review

SafeMart has one of the best Better Business Bureau ratings and they have reasonable monthly fees however their upfront costs can get expensive. Their basic package does not include cellular monitoring or a cellular-ready control panel, which is one of the reasons why the upfront costs are more than compared to other home security companies. Due to their higher upfront costs they did not secure a top spot on our ranking. Read the full SafeMart review.


  • – High Upfront Fees
  • – Cellular Monitoring is more expensive
Pinnacle Security Review

Pinnacle Security Review

Pinnacle Security has been in business for over 10 years and they are based in Orem, Utah. They are at GE security dealer like Frontpoint and Protect America and they also offer services through Pinnacle Security has a wide range of products including a unique image sensor that snaps a picture when it detects movement. It can then send the picture to you via email. Pinnacle Security carries a poor Better Business Bureau rating so that’s what kept them out of the top. They also recently sold 93k subscriber accounts to Monitronics, so if you are a recent customer your account might of been sold. Read the full Pinnacle Security review.


  • – Poor BBB Rating – F
  • – Not Accredited with the BBB
Xfinity Home Security Reviews

Xfinity Home Security Review

Comcast Xfinity went into the home security market in mid 2012. Their offering only extends to Comcast Xfinity customers and the first release of their home security system is fairly expensive when compared to the competition. Bundling your home security services with your Internet, cable and phone might be a good idea to consolidate your bills however we don’t recommend having everything in one due to the security risk alone. It’s kind of like putting all of your eggs in one basket. If something happens to your Internet connection then multiple services are affected. Additionally, should you ever decide to move you might not be in an area where Comcast Xfinity Services are provided. Our recommendation is to see how their offering develops over the year. They are new to the home security business. Read the full Comcast Xfinity Review.


  • – New to Home Security
  • – Everything under one provider. Affects multiple services.
Alarm Zone Reviews

Alarm Zone Review

Alarm Zone is a smaller home security company that lacks quite a few essentials that our top rated home alarm companies possess. They do not offer carbon monoxide sensors and there is no mention of an accredited central monitoring station on their website. They also do not have a Better Business Bureau accreditation.It if for these reasons why they didn’t make the top of the list. Read the full Alarm Zone review.


  • – Not Accredited with the BBB
  • – Lack of information on products and services on their website
  • – No mention of an accredited monitoring station
Protection One Home Security System Review

Protection One Review

Protection One is the 2nd largest electronic security company in the US and they carry a good Better Business Bureau rating. They offer home security and business security packages and have a wide range of equipment. Unfortunately, their installation costs are higher which kept them out of the top home security system companies. Read the full Protection One review.


  • – Cellular monitoring is only used as a backup
  • – Lack of clear pricing on their website
  • – Installation Fees

Top Rated Home Security Systems

Throughout our site we talk about the best home security companies and how we rank them according to our strict guidelines, but what about the home security systems themselves. How do we conduct our home security systems reviews? I’m glad you asked. There are a few important aspects to reviewing and rating a home security system which include:

  • Equipment

    The type of home security equipment you purchase can make a big difference especially in the features. We recommend going with a GE, Honeywell or 2Gig system if you can. Frontpoint and Protect America are some of the largest dealers of GE equipment.

  • Warranty

    Most home security companies offer a warranty on their equipment. The standard warranty is 2 years however there are some lifetime (or as long as you own the equipment) warranties available from companies like Protect America.

  • Supported Monitoring Technology

    This is an extremely important aspect to selecting the right home security system. We recommend going with a 100% cellular monitoring home security system because they are more reliable and they are overall safer for your family. It’s fine to have landline or broadband home security monitoring as a backup.

  • Price

    Home security system pricing is always a concern because you want to make sure that you get the best home security system for the money. Frontpoint has the most upfront and straightforward pricing. Protect America also has good pricing as they will price match any competing offer.

Top Rated Home Security Systems

Finding the Best Home Security System

Finding the Best Security System

When you’re looking for the best security system or company usually the place to start is a Google search for “Best Home Security Company” or you might go on some social review sites like or even the Better Business Bureau. Our reviews are a little different than most companies for a few reasons.

  1. We contract independent home security experts to conduct our reviews. They look at all aspects of the home security companies and the systems they offer.
  2. We do not get paid for performing a review. We never have and will not take compensation for conducting a review or ranking someone as the number one spot. Our reviews are completely independent and unbiased.
  3. We speak to actual customers. Yes we look at customer reviews and we speak to actual customers of the home security systems we review and their feedback goes into the review process.

Home Security Equipment

Control Panel

The control panel is the brains of the unit and it communicates with the home security company’s central monitoring station. Some security systems have multiple base or control units so if one is down the other can communicate. The control panels can come in a touch screen interface but it usually comes at a higher price. Most control panel are capable of home automation features and have built in Z-Wave or X-10 communication technology.

Window / Door Sensor

Window or Door sensors are a staples of a home security system. They can be placed on any opening like a kitchen cabinet or a gun safe for added piece of mind. They simply peel and stick with a self-adhesive.

Motion Sensor

Motion Sensors are a great way to cover multiple windows or a large room. It sweeps the room for any motion and will sound an alarm. Petowners might want to go with a glass break sensor over a motion sensor if you dog is over 40lbs as they might trip the alarm.


A keychain remote is similar to a car remote but only for your home. It allows you to arm and disarm your home alarm system once you are close enough to open the garage door. It’s more of a convenience factor than anything else.

Garage Door Sensor

Similar to your existing garage door sensors that monitor if there is something in the way that would prevent the garage door from closing all the way this sensor monitors for to see if the garage door is opened or closed. These sensors might not be needed on your typical home if you have a door sensor on the door from the garage to the house.

Recessed Door Sensor

Recessed door sensors are great for a nice clean look. They do require a bit more of an installation so be prepared to break out the drill but once your finished you can’t even tell it is there.

Water / Flood Sensor

Flood sensors are a great way to detect if there is a water leak or the beginnings of a flooded basement. Place this flood sensor near a potential water hazard and you will be alerted as soon as it comes in contact with water. Again, this isn’t a common security sensor but if you have a special condition you would like to monitor it an available option.

Smoke and Heat Sensor

Smoke and heat sensors are a staple in every home security system. It is now code in most areas that you have a smoke detector in each level of the home and they should be in each bedroom as well. The smoke and heat sensor is an excellent addition to any home security system.

Carbon Monoxide Sensor

You’ll be able to detect dangerous CO2 levels with a carbon monoxide sensor. A lot of people ask, “Where should I place a CO2 or Carbon Monoxide detector?” Similar to a smoke and heat sensor it is recommended that you place a CO2 or Carbon monoxide sensor on every level of your home.

Wireless Pan / Tilt Camera

Wireless home security cameras can be an excellent way to keep tabs on what is going on at home while you are away. With advancements in technology most home security companies, especially our ranked security companies, provide their customers with an iPhone or Android app that enables you to stream video to your smartphone. You can install multiple cameras and operate them from your phone if needed.

Door Locks

One of the essentials to home security is to make your access ways from the outside impenetrable or at least much harder to simply kick-in. A Grade A door lock with a security code is the best way to do this. They are reinforced with longer and stronger screws when mounted to the doorway and the components are overall stronger in a Grade A door lock.

Glass Break Sensor

Glass break sensors detect the frequency of glass shattering. If you have a room with multiple windows then a glass break sensor would be the perfect application. Some people who have larger pets use these as an alternative to a motion sensor.<


Deciding on Home Security Sensors

Should I use Motion detectors or Glass break sensors?

When it comes to designing your home security systems and coming up with the best security equipment for your needs, you find that there are several options out there. Some people want to recreate Fort Knox in there home by adding sensors on every point of entry then redundant sensors inside the home. You can purchase too much equipment, but more equipment doesn’t mean you have better security.

Motion detectors have always been a popular part of a home security system as they cover a wide area and you can position motion detectors as you would position a trap for a burglar. The idea is to keep them in areas with high traffic, or those areas of the property with the most valuable items. If a burglar makes it into the house and they go to those areas, your home security system is triggered, a siren goes off, and the authorities are alerted and sent to your home.

Glass break sensors are another interesting and important piece of a home security system. They listen for the sound of broken glass within an area, up to a 20ft radius. Glass break sensors are part of protecting the perimeter of your home, if a window gets broken as a burglar tries to gain entry (this happens a lot, burglars break windows and then open them) the glass break sensor detects the sound of broken glass and triggers the alarm before the burglar can even make it into the property.

Home Security Sensors

So if you’re trying to decide between a both sensors, Motion sensor vs Glass break sensor the table below may help.

Features Motion Sensor Glass Break Sensor Winner
Covers a Wide area? Yes

Motion detectors could cover up to 1000+ sq ft. Motion detectors help ensure an alarm will be triggered if a burglar makes it into the home and moves inside of a protected area.


Listens for the sound of broken glass, within around 20 foot radius. Glass breaks can cover all the windows and sliding glass doors in one room.


Both motion detectors and glass break sensors can be limited by walls or large objects. For people concerned about a break in when the property is vacant motion detectors may work better, for those concerned about a break in when their home, and looking for perimeter protection glass break sensors may be better.

Prevents entry? No Yes Glass Break Sensor Wins

Wireless Home Security Systems

It wasn’t that long ago that the only home security system you could purchase was a hard-wired system. They were solid systems and can be fairly easily installed with new construction but they have some limitations. One, you can’t take them with you when you move and two; you need a professional to install the system for you. The wireless home security system enters the scene. With the proliferation of wireless Internet access and cell phones this same technology was adopted by the home security industry. Let’s go over the type of wireless communication that goes on with your home security system because there are two distinct types. When you search for wireless home security system or wireless home security companies that term “Wireless” is referring to the communication between the home security equipment installed in your home. This is how the door sensor sends a signal to the control panel letting the control panel know that it is opened or closed.

The second form of communication is how the home security system communicates to the home security company’s central monitoring station or the wonderful folks who are on standby in the event of an emergency. This communication happens one of three ways: over a phone line, via the Internet or via a cellular communication like the technology in your cell phone.

Wireless Home Security System
Let’s take a look at each of the different technologies and their advantages / disadvantages.


This is the technology we grew up with. You pick up the phone and dial your family or neighbor. It’s how the security system connects to the home security company’s central monitoring station just like a phone call. The only issue is… what happens when someone cuts that phone line? We all say Panic Room with Jodi Foster right? The burglars cut the phone line and her cell phone didn’t work. That movie is the best advertisement for cellular monitoring there is. Here’s a link to the DVD in case you never saw it.

Internet or Broadband

This technology uses the same signal as your computer to connect to the home security company’s central monitoring station. The internet is fairly reliable right? For the most part it is but how many times have you experienced an issue with your Internet connection? If it is more than once than that’s too many when taking the safety of your family into consideration. It has the same drawbacks as the antiquated Landline technology. The Panic Room situation applies to Broadband as well. Hope those cable wires aren’t exposed outside of your house.


Eureka, now that’s a great idea! A technology that is truly wireless and there are no cables to cut. I’ll take two. The cellular technology is the same technology as some of your cell phones. It is a highly secure and reliable GSM signal that communicates from the home security control panel or any other local devices to the home security company. It solves the issues with the wires being cut. Now most home security companies will also include Landline or Broadband as a backup to cellular, just as an extra safeguard. LifeShield Security does exactly this.

DIY Home Security System

DIY Home Security Systems

A home security system installed about 15 years ago might require an electrical engineering degree to properly configure. Well, that is not the case with today’s easy to install and simple to configure DIY home security systems. If you look at the installation manual from any DIY home security company you’ll see that the physical setup takes about 5 minutes. This is because all that you are doing is peeling off the adhesive tape and sticking it on the wall. Really, it is that simple. You can purchase sensors that are flush with your doors which require a bit more time to install but the overall process is very straightforward.

Once you have all of your sensors setup you can configure your control panel and Interactive monitoring from your mobile device if you went that route. We highly recommend interactive monitoring from any home security company, otherwise you will lose out on a lot of cool features like, remotely arming / disarming your home security system, viewing logs, setting reminders, streaming live video feeds and much more. Below is a list of the best DIY home security companies.

Now if you would rather have a home security professional install your system for you or if you are buying a home security system for an elderly parent or grandparent, a professional installation might be the way to go. Most all of the DIY home security companies offer professional installation as well as an additional option but there are a few companies who only perform a professional installation and that is ADT and Vivint. You can’t get a DIY home security system from these companies but the installation is very affordable so there is not much difference. A nice benefit to going the professional installation route is that you have someone in your home to show you how to use the home security system rather than trying to read it from a manual. Some people tend to learn quicker this way.

Home Security Monitoring: Central Monitoring Stations

What is a central monitoring station?

Home security companies rely on central monitoring station to dispatch the proper authorities when an alert sent from your home security system. The central monitoring station acts as the connection between your home to the proper authorities if you have an emergency. The central monitoring station should operate 24 hours a day and have well trained operators available 24/7, their job is to send help in case of a buglary, fire, medical emergency 24/7.

When your home security system sends an alert via the phone line, internet or cellular link connected to your security system an operator at the central monitoring station should call you immediately to notify you that help is on the way, then dispatch the authorities to your home.

Central Monitoring Station
A few things to look for in a home security company with a central monitoring station:

  1. Find the Best Home Security Company: The top security companies understand the importance of having a quality central monitoring station. The main reason most people get a home security system is for the monitoring, its not about the equipment or who the most popular security company in your neighborhood is, the important thing is who can dispatch the police or fire department quickly if you had an emergency at you home. The best security companies are aligned with the best monitoring stations because they understand the importance of a top notch monitoring station.
  2. 24 Hour Monitoring: The central monitoring station should be prepared and staffed to dispatch the authorities to your home 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
  3. UL listed: Its is important that your central monitoring station is UL approved. What is UL? UL stands for Underwriters Laboratory a company dedicated to testing for the highest safety standards, they are non-profit and non affiliated to any home security companies. UL is the benchmark when it comes to testing for safety across a broad range of products and services.
  4. Back Up Power: In order to ensure that a monitoring station stays operational 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, they need to have a back up power incase they lose power for any amount of time.Things happen, ensure your central monitoring station has back-up generators.
  5. BBB rating: The central monitoring station provides, you are not only a customer of your home security company, you’re also a customer of the central monitroing station. When shopping for a monitored home security system ask your security company who their monitoring company is, then look them up on the Better Business Bureau. This gives you a good idea about how they treat their current customers, and how reponsive they are to emergency situations.

Best Home Security Companies

Best Home Security Companies

Our independent security consultants ranked and reviewed the best home security companies in the home security industry. “What goes into ranking home security companies?”, you might ask. Each home security company undergoes a rigorous review process. Our security consultants judge them on their home security systems and equipment, warranty, customer service, monitoring technology pricing and plans. Then they look at customer review, Better Business Bureau ratings and speak to actual customers to gauge how happy they are with the home security company and their home security system.

Who is the Best Home Security Company?

If you want the short answer it is Frontpoint. Why do we rank Frontpoint as the number one choice? FrontPoint Security had overwhelming high ratings from each of our security consultants. The aspects of Frontpoint that really stood out were the number of positive customer reviews combined with the lack of negative reviews. They rank very high on sites like and and they are accredited with the BBB and carry an A rating. This combination is a rare find in today’s industry. That is not to say that the competition isn’t tough because it surely is, but Frontpoint earned their top ranking spot.

Home Alarm System or Home Security System?

Often times these two terms are used interchangeably and for the most part that is fine. If you get into semantics one could state that a home alarm system is a stand alone system that sounds an alarm if an intrusion occurs, but the terms are so commonly used that it is applicable in both situations. Regarding the stand alone home security systems, these systems do not have any active security monitoring services so there is no one sitting at a central monitoring station waiting to dispatch the authorities should something happen. These systems are programmable so you can configure them to call a series of phone numbers. For example, if you home was broken into and you had a stand alone home alarm system installed it can be pre-programmed to call the local police, fire department, your neighbor and your mother. They would all receive a prerecorded message that you recorded stating there is some type of emergency.

As you can see there are quite a few problems that exist in this type of home security setup. First, most people prefer to have a live human being on the other end of the phone when there is an emergency. Let’s take that same example if a home security system with monitoring services was used. If a break-in occurs the home security system immediately alerts the central monitoring station. The central monitoring station dials your phone, should you answer and say there is no emergency then the authorities are not dispatched. If it is a true emergency and they either speak to you or don’t hear from you, they will immediately dispatch the appropriate authorities whether that is the police or fire department. When they call the authorities they can provide them more background information than a pre-recorded voice mail message. The second big issue is piece of mind. Some people might be apprehensive that any false alarm will automatically notify several people. After so many false alarms it could be the boy who cried wolf syndrome. Finally, if you decide to purchase a home security system with monitoring services you will save more on your homeowners insurance. Just ask your insurance company what the difference is between a monitored and a non-monitored home security system.

Home Alarm or Home Security

Home Security Contract

Home Security System Contracts

As with any contracts you have to sign in order to begin a service you have to read and understand the basic terms, and home security system contracts are no exception. Understand the contract term, which is how long you have to pay monthly monitoring fees on your home security system. Also understand that a lot of of the offers on alarm equipment you receive are based on the contract term. You could find that the longer the contract term, the less you may be paying for equipment upfront. That added cost could be rolled into you monthly monitoring cost over the long term.

The typical alarm system contract is for 3 years, and range from 1-5 years. The alarm companies rightfully recoup costs and attempt to earn a profit over the life of the home security contract, this shouldn’t be a problem as long as you check for a few things.

  1. Make sure you’re getting a fair price or even a great deal on your home security system equipment.
  2. Separate the equipment price from the monthly monitoring cost and make sure you’re getting a fair deal on both.
  3. Understand the cancellation or early termination fee, most alarm companies charge a cancellation.
  4. Ensure you own your equipment and you’re not renting it.
  5. Ask if they can increase their monthly monitoring fee during the term of the contract.
  6. Make sure your contact or home security systems are transferable.
  7. Ask if the security company’s equipment is locked.

As always don’t fall for the marketing tricks like teaser rates on monthly monitoring fees, that start with a low rate to get your attention and business, then they increase your rates later.

Ask if your contract automatically renews after the term, be sure they explain what you need to do to assure the contract does not renew automatically. Ask if the system is transferable, in case you move. You can typically take a wireless DIY security system with you when you move.

iPhone Home Security App

Remote Access from Your iPhone or Android

One of the best innovations in the home security space is the ability to remote control your home from an iPhone, iPad or Android device. Both Frontpoint and Protect America offer these interactive services through, while LifeShield Security provides these services directly. Let’s cover a few examples of where remote access of your home security system can come in handy.

Example 1:

Your cable box has been acting up and you scheduled service with the cable company however their maintenance window is from 12 to 4 PM, and you can’t take off work. With remote access of your home security system you can remotely disarm and unlock your doors, allowing the maintenance worker access to address the issue. Once they leave you can lock the doors and arm the home security system.

Example 2:

You’re going away for the weekend and leaving your teenager home alone. Even though you’ve told them not to get into the liquor cabinet you want to know for certain if they do. You smartly placed a door sensor on the liquor cabinet and configured your home security system to send you a text message alert should that sensor be tripped.

Example 3:

You just got a new babysitter and you want to be able to check in and make sure everything is okay at home. With the wireless home security camera installed you can pull up your home security app on your iPhone and see that everything is ok at home.

Convenience, Convenience, Convenience

As you can see having a home security system not only provides security for your family but also adds another layer of convenience to your lifestyle. Most home security companies incorporate home automation into their equipment which allows you to control the environment of your home. You can reduce your energy bills by controlling your thermostat, lighting and appliances. Maybe you left the iron on when you left for work. What if you could check from your iPhone and turn it off if needed?

The Old vs the New

About 10 years ago there was only one way that home security system would communicate and that is over your phone line. All of the components of the home security system were hardwired together and if a sensor was tripped, the home security system would alert the monitoring station. These home security systems were rather difficult and expensive to install and required a security professional to install and configure. These systems have several drawbacks in both safety and convenience. The main safety drawback is that the system relies on a landline connection to connect to the home security monitoring station. If this line is cut by a burglar then it can render the entire system useless. A burglar can simply look outside of your home and determine if the telephone line is exposed. The second drawback is the home security system is hardwired, so you can’t take it with you should you ever move. On the other token it is a nice selling feature should you ever decide to sell your home but you will end up paying on the life of the contract.

In more recent years the home security industry has made technological advancements to both the home security system and the way that it is monitored. The landline communication method is often used as a backup and either a broadband or a cellular connection is the primary means of communication. Broadband connections do have the same drawbacks as a land line where a burglar can simply cut the wire however it is only if your broadband connection is exposed to the outside of your home. Cellular connections are 100% wireless and use a secure digital GSM signal. It is the same reliable technology that your cell phone uses. A burglar would be in for a surprise if they cut the telephone connection outside your home thinking that they disabled the system only to find out that you have a cellular home security system. Hopefully that is not the case as most homes with home security systems are a lot less likely to be broken into.

The way the home security system components connect to each other is also wireless however this is the same wireless technology that you have in your home-based Internet connection. The only drawback with a wireless home security system is the distance that the components can connect to each other. This is normally not an issue unless you have a larger warehouse or a extremely large home. The two biggest advantages to wireless home security systems is that one, you can take them with you if you move and two, they are very simple to install. This has ultimately led to the do-it-yourself or DIY home security systems that are very popular today. A typical installation for a do-it-yourself home security system takes less than 30 minutes. Frontpoint actually pre-configures their home security systems before they ship them to their customers, making the process extremely simple.

Home Security Systems Old vs New

Home Security Systems Reviews

Home Security Systems Reviews

Our reviews of the home security systems and home security companies are unbiased. We do not receive a fee or any free equipment for conducting the reviews. Our home security system reviews are a result of online research, speaking with actual customers, viewing the home security companies Better Business Bureau rating, researching customer testimonials and speaking to the home security companies ourselves.

We reviewed and researched quite a few of home security companies but these are the top three that stood out and that we recommend. If you search our site you will find that there are other reviews of the companies who didn’t make the top three. We always recommend that you do your own research and that you call each of the home security companies for yourself and see what they have to offer. You will also get a feel for their customer service when speaking to them over the phone.

How to get a discount on your home security system

There is usually a promotion going on between one of the top three companies. Front point security offers a 30 day moneyback guarantee and they also have a coupon for $64.99 off of their security system. If you use the coupon code firesafety12 you can get this offer. Protect America will sometimes offer free shipping but their special now is $19.99 per month for their monitoring services. It is their 20th anniversary which is the reason why they have this special. Please visit their site or call them for details. Life Shield security at the moment does not have any promotions however you can always call them and try to use the competitors coupon or ask for a discount. We found that home security companies like many other businesses are more apt to provide a coupon code or discount towards the end of the month.

Home Security Discounts

Home Security Recommended SetupHome Security Setup

Is there a Recommended Security System Setup?

There are many ways that you can protect your home and there’s virtually a sensor to monitor any intrusion or environmental event. It’s ultimately up to you to decide on your level of protection but we like to give you a recommended or best practice set up to secure any home.

Let’s start with basic intrusion detection and we’ll focus on the first floor. Every entry way whether a door or window should be protected with either a window/door sensor. If you have multiple windows in large area you can use a motion or glass break sensor. A motion sensor placed centrally in a large room can scan the entire room. The motion sensor Will generate an alarm after someone is already inside the home depending on where it is placed whereas a glass break sensor will alarm you as soon as the sound of broken glass is detected.

Each door entrance should be armed with a door sensor. If the door has direct access to the outside you should also have a deadbolt installed along with a high-grade lock. High-grade locks use longer screws and have better overall. Some home security companies like Frontpoint offer high-grade automatic locks that can use a punch code or can be remotely locked from an the control panel or iPhone app.

This covers the first floor for intrusion protection now let’s look at environmental protection for both the first floor and the basement. It’s highly recommended that you install a carbon monoxide detector on each level of your home as well as a smoke detector. It’s a best practice to have a smoke detector in your first-floor hallway along with the kitchen. Of course this depends on how your house is set up but you want to make sure that you have a smoke detector in every room that you spend time.

Now let’s take a look at the upstairs. You should have a smoke detector in every bedroom of the home. You should also have a carbon monoxide detector on the top floor. If you choose not to place a carbon monoxide detector in each bedroom, you can place one in the hallway were all the rooms meet. Most people only use one carbon monoxide detector per floor.

That covers the basics the rest of the sensors are up to you. There are sensors to monitor pipes bursting from the cold or if you frequently have water in your basement you can purchase a flood sensor as well.

How to Install a DIY Home Security System

The first step to install your wireless home security system is to set up your control panel. The control panel is the brains of your home security system it connects wirelessly to all the sensors throughout your home. You should place this is a central location and it can be on any flat surface such as a table top or wall. You don’t want to place this next to a window as a burglar could easily see it from the outside and damage it.

The next step is to plan where you’re going to place all of your sensors. It helps if you make a list of all these places like your front door, backdoor, living room or office. You can place a window or door sensor on anything that opens or closes like a liquor cabinet or a gun cabinet. The only restriction is that you place the sensors with in 100 feet of the control panel. The sensors are easy to install as they have a peel n’ stick adhesive on the back of the sensor.

If you purchased a motion sensor you can place this is the central room or hallway. You want to make sure that it is at least 5 feet off the ground and it’s a good idea to install it in the corner so you get maximum coverage. There are a few tips for pet owners who have motion sensors. The first is don’t install a motion sensor in a room where you’re going to have a pet that is over 40 pounds. This can trip the motion sensor. Also multiple pets can also trigger a false alarm if they group together.

If you have a large animal, another option is to place a glass break sensor within 20 feet of the glass being protected. You can mount this on the wall or ceiling or you can rest it on a shelf. The only caveat to this sensor is you don’t want to use it in rooms with excessive noise like a kitchen, garage or anywhere that has a fan that is continually running.

Next you want to install your smoke and heat sensors. It’s ideal to install these sensors in a hallway that is centrally located to several bedrooms. It’s best to place it on the ceiling in the center of the room. If you must place it on the wall and make sure it is a least a foot down from the ceiling. Don’t place a smoke and heat sensor near a ventilation duct or a cold air return as it could prevent the smoke from reaching the actual sensor.

The final step is to call the home security company’s customer service hotline and activate the home security system. The home security specialist will walk you through the activation process and

ensure that you hooked your home security system up properly.

DIY Home Security Installation

Burglary Facts

Burglary Facts

    • – A burglary occurs every 15 seconds in the United States.
    • – 90% of burglars gain access from either the front or back door.
    • – Burglaries typically occur between 10am to 2pm.
    • – On average a burglary results in a loss of $1600.
    • – About 30% of burglaries are unlawful entry which means the burglar gained access with having to use force.
    • – Nearly 66% of all burglaries occur in homes.
    • – Less than 15% of all burglaries are solved.
    • – 85% of burglaries occur in large metropolitan areas
    • – Residences without a home security system are two to three times more likely to be targeted for a burglary.

These facts have been taken from various sources including the FBI’s website.

Wireless Home Security Cameras

Security Cameras have come a long way, most people would remember CCTV cameras that recorded to a video recorder. More recently camera’s that recorded to DVR were popular in the home security industry. The typical set up for these cameras was to locate them pointing towards or facing areas that need to be monitored. These cameras would also typically be hardwired, so wires would one from the camera location on or behind the walls to the recorder. Security cameras also require power so you’d have to plug them in or hardwire them to the circuit in the home for power.

Most wireless cameras these days rely on the Internet or broadband in the property to stream the video. Wireless cameras still record to DVDs, but you would notice more and more of them record to the hard drive or flash drive. The interesting thing about wireless cameras today is the addition of 2 new services. This new services are live streaming video and offsite video storage.

Live streaming video: This allows users to have real-time access to their cameras from any Internet-based device from multiple locations. You can now view what your cameras are looking at as if you were in the room real time. People don’t just use this as a security feature, we find that a lot of people use this to monitor family members Arriving and leaving the house, to keep an eye on kids getting home from school knowing that he made it home okay. But there’s also the use of nanny-cam’s Or hidden cameras for other purposes.

Wireless Home Security Camera

Offsite video storage: For people concerned about evidence being destroyed, they may want to set up a backup recorder. Recording off site is a great option for security camera because it ensures that when footage is recorded and It cannot be destroyed on site. This is great for businesses, or people who use cameras in locations that the whereabouts of the cameras are known to others. Since the typical reaction for people who get caught on video doing something they shouldn’t be is to try to destroy the evidence. This ensures that the evidence can still be retrieved at a later time or at a different location.

It is important to note that even monitored security cameras do not typically trigger an alarm response from the police; Security cameras could supplement or add to a monitored home security system solution but are not designed to replace a monitored home security system for emergency response.

Here are a few terms you may hear when looking for wireless cameras and how the relate to home security.

Wireless IP cameras

        – This is a wireless camera that’s uses Internet protocol.Wireless IP cameras would rely on broadband to stream video to the network or the storage location.

Wireless motion cameras

        – Motion cameras or motion triggered cameras are cameras that could begin recording automatically when something moves within range.

Night vision cameras

        – Night vision cameras in the home security industry, typically referred to cameras that can see in pitch black, no lighting around. Also called infra-red cameras.

Low lux cameras

        – These cameras require little light, they are very different from no lux cameras which can view and record images in pitch black.

Pan/tilt or fixed cameras

        – Pan/tilt cameras are cameras you can use to get a panoramic view of the area. This can be done on site or remotely. A fixed camera just as the name suggests, is stationary.

Video monitoring- When home security companies provide video monitoring it typically means that video surveillance is included or is added to a home security monitoring plan. Home security companies rarely monitor your video that’s being recorded. Video monitoring also rarely includes dispatch in the authorities, in the event of an emergency.

Lower Homeowners Premiums with Home Security

Can an Alarm System Lower Your Homeowners Insurance?

Homeowners may not be able to reduce a lot of the costs related to owning a home, when it comes to your home insurance premiums you’re able to get a discount by owning a monitored home security system.

How you could get a discount is home insurance companies are looking to discount people who have home security monitoring, they may view Home security system owners as having reduced risk. Monitored home security systems could reduce costs and claims for home insurance companies. They are typically looking for 24 hour security monitoring, and fire monitoring. The criteria for getting the insurance discount may vary by insurance companies, they typically look for customers who have security monitoring with an accredited central monitoring station.

Home security systems just don’t give you added safety, peace of mind, but they also could help you save money with your homeowners insurance company. Sounds like a win-win proposition.

Are there Apartment Security Systems?

There’s no need for people who live in apartments and condos to feel like they cannot protect their homes with a home security system. The issue over the years is that alarm companies have marketed more to single family home owners and people living in apartments and condos For whatever reason.

With wireless home security systems that are available on the market now, People will leaving apartments and condos don’t have to be worried about drilling holes in the walls installing permanent wires behind the walls, or causing permanent damage to the home. Wireless security systems are becoming more and more portable, so you can take your alarm system with you if you were the move maybe to a bigger home. It is also possible to upgrade and add to your home security system should you need more doors without having to buy a whole new system. Condos and apartments get broken into as much as single-family homes do, so there is no reason why people that live in apartments shouldn’t protect their homes my advice would be to invest in a wireless home security system. Make sure you ask the following questions before you settle on the alarm company.

Apartment Security System

Is there a contract? It is important to find out how long the contract is for, so you can adjust your needs based on the contract length also asked if there is a termination fee or clause.

Is the contract transferable? In case you move to a new area, or you living situation changes and you do not need an alarm system it is important that you can transfer the alarm system and contract to somebody else. Check to make sure the transfer fees and costs are reasonable before you sign up.

Is the wireless security system portable? With all the new technology available, you may find that you can take your wireless security system with you when you move. This could possibly be done without having to sign a new contract or begin a new contract and some companies offer this at no additional charge. Needless to say this gives you a lot of flexibility in case you were to move the technology is there it’s important to find out if the alarm company is willing to facilitate this.

In my opinion wireless home security systems may be the best fit for people who live in apartments and condos for the reasons stated above. Don’t forget to ask for cellular monitoring because apartments and condos typically have phone lines that are accessible to the public, those phone lines can easily be cut rendering wireless security system useless if you had an emergency.

Cellular Home Security Monitoring

How does Cellular Home Security Monitoring Work?

Now that we know why so cellular monitoring is safer, and that it makes for a better home security system altogether, we need to learn house owner monitoring works.

First lets describe how he traditional phone line based home security system works.

It’s starts at entry, when your home is breached through one of your doors, the door sensor is triggered, it immediately sends a signal to control panel, which could be described as the brain of the home security system. With a landline-based home security system, the door sensor sends a signal to the Control Panel, the control panel then the connects with the phone line which dials out to the central monitoring station.

As you may know this is different when it comes to cellular home security systems. With cellular home security systems there is no phone line connection through the Control Panel. Most cellular home security systems have the Cellular link device built into the control panel. Since the cellular device is built into the control panel upon receiving a signal from the door sensor, the Control Panel uses the cellular device to dial out to the monitoring center. Since all this is done with the safer more secure Cellular network, it is important to note that the monitoring center has a better chance of receiving the alarm signal, due to the reduced risk of burglars tampering with the phone lines.

It is also very important to note that the Home security company has to be aligned with the great monitoring station to ensure that in the event of an emergency the police were dispatched in a timely manner.

It’s typical for some people to think that since it’s using cellular technology, that this may add to your cellular phone bills or its someway connected to your current cellular plan. This isn’t the case, the home security company bills you for both monitoring and cellular connectivity in your monthly monitoring plan, so there should be no additional costs to your cell phone bill. There should be no connection between your cellular provider and cellular home security system monitoring plan.

So to summarize how cellular monitoring works… It starts with entry, a burglar kicks-in the door, the door the door window sensor sends a signal to the Control Panel, and then the Control Panel connects to the cellular link device available, and then dials automatically to the Central monitoring station using cell phone towers around you.

Ask these questions before buying an alarm system

Is it Hard Wired or Wireless?

It is important to understand the current options and technology available with home security systems. The traditional Home security systems were hard wired. More and more companies are providing newer wireless home security systems. Wireless home security systems could require less maintenance, and some come with industrial adhesives so sensors just stick in place in your home. Some wireless home security systems are portable making them the alarm systems of choice for people who could be moving from their current property. It is important to understand the difference between a hard wired system and a wireless home security system.

How does the home security system connect to the Central Monitoring Station?

Does the home security system rely on a phone line to dial out to the monitoring center? Do you still have a traditional phone line? More and more people are moving towards bundled packages with their cable company that may not be compatible with the traditional land line based home security systems as the provide internet based or broadband phone services.
Cellular monitoring has become the most sought after means of communicating with the central monitoring stations for customers as more and more home security companies are educating their customers about how easily phone line based systems can be defeated.

Top Home Security System Questions
What is the home security companies BBB rating, and can they provide other evidence of an excellent record of customer service record?

Consumers are always interested in price, a home security company’s BBB rating and customer service record are probably the most important things you can learn about them before giving them your business. You want to know how they’ve treated customers in the past, and how they treat their existing customers. Search for reviews online on sites like, search complaints .com to understand where they may have dropped the ball in the past and ask what they have done to rectify problems they’ve had in the past.

How long is the contract term and what does monitoring cover?

3 year contracts are pretty common in the home security industry, but you may find companies that offer shorter contract terms 1 or 2 years. Some home security companies also offer longer contracts. Be careful because paying less in equipment fees may result in a longer contract term and shorter contracts may mean paying more for equipment. Once you have researched the company and are comfortable that their offerings meet your needs then you can decide what contract term you are comfortable with. Ensure that the company provides 24 hour monitoring with an accredited central monitoring station.

How does your price compare to your competitors?

It is important to take all the information mentioned above into consideration when determining the best deal you are getting. Remember that the lowest upfront price does not necessarily mean the low cost of ownership. Discuss if the equipment is proprietary or locked, which means the home security company only allows you to use the equipment while you’re under contract with them. Proprietary equipment could be inexpensive but may not allow you to use your equipment with another provider should you become dissatisfied with your current alarm company. Which could mean buying another security system = more costs.Compare apples to apples , don’t compare safer cellular monitoring with phone line based or internet based monitoring remember anything with a line outside your house (like phone lines) is vulnerable, so it may cost less than a cellular system. Make sure you are paying for what you need and nothing more.

Simon XT Control Panel

The Standard Control Panel: GE Simon XT

The GE Simon XT control panel (model number 80-649-3N-XT) has become the standard for when it comes to wireless home security system panels. The GE Simon XT features:

  • – Backup power supply typically 24 hour in case of a power outage.
  • – Fast action keys for Fire, Panic alarm, medical emergency.
  • – Very loud siren
  • – Simple menu, set timers, key in pass codes, and latchkey.
  • – LCD backlit display.
  • – Up to 40 zones of burglary and fire protection.
  • – Latchkey to alert users by text if the system has not been disarmed at a scheduled time.

The Simon XT is capable of a phone line connection, internet or broadband and cellular link devices to report alarms to central monitoring station or contact person. Add Z-wave based modules (X-10 in older versions to the Simon XT) to control power door locks, thermostats and light controls and other appliances.

Top home security companies like the Frontpoint and Protect America primarily use the GE Simon XT and compatible wireless sensors as their equipment of choice. It allows for multiple monitoring options and is great for houses, condos and apartments. The GE Simon XT is also a good for businesses and commercial locations.For customers who want a Do-It-Yourself wireless alarm system the GE Simon XT is a popular option, it’s simply plugs into a wall outlet and could be mounted on the wall or sit on a flat surface. You could find wireless sensors with peel and stick application which makes for a portable home security system, great for apartments and condominiums with short term leases.With the cellular link addition, the Simon XT gives customers a safer, less vulnerable way to connect to the central monitoring station. While the Simon Control Panel offers options for land line and internet based connections, cellular monitoring is said to be the safest because there are no lines to cut. The Simon XT comes with a compartment to install the cellular link device, so it’s embedded into the unit.The GE Simon XT can also be unlocked so it’s not tied to any one home security company. Look for home security companies on this site that offer the GE Simon XT control panel.

Cellular Alarm Monitoring Services

If a home security company is serious about providing the safest security system monitoring to their customers, they should have cellular monitoring. Cellular monitoring is relies on cell towers and a cellular device integrated with the home security system. The benefit is that the signal is much less likely to be hacked by a burglar. The alternative monitoring connections are phone or landline based or Internet/broadband based systems, while these connections are reliable and would even be considered traditional as they’ve been the default connections for decades now. Burglars are anticipating people with alarm systems have these types of connections so they look to disable the wires the phone or Internet lines use before they access the property. There’s no way a connection can be made to the monitoring center if the landlines these systems solely rely on are cut.

Cellular Home Security Systems Reviews

Different types of Cellular Monitoring Configurations

Cellular link built in: Some home security have control panels with designated cellular link compartments. These compartment house the cellular device, so it’s basically built into the control panel and hidden as the radio is out of plain sight. This is appealing for many home security users as the control panel and the cellular link/radio are one unit.

Cellular as a backup

It isn’t uncommon for a home security company who primarily uses phone line or Internet based connections to the central monitoring station to offer a cellular connection as a backup. The possible irony here is this systems further highlight how vulnerable a phone or Internet based connection for a home security system could be, but having a backup is not a bad idea. For some peace of mind comes from knowing they have a fail safe system in place in case of a burglary.

Detached Cellular towers

Cellular towers work like cellular link devices. The digital cellular connection gives you the safety of having cellular connection with your home security system; the cellular radio is not built into the control panel and is a separate unit. Cellular towers sometimes have issues with interference and have been reported to cause false alarms when they lose cellular connection. These issues should be easily resolved by your home security provider, but could be a nuisance. Cell towers can also serve as a back up to a phone line or landline based home security system.Upgrading from a phone or Internet based system to a cellular system could mean an increase in monthly monitoring fees, and depending on the home security company, you could incur additional costs on the cellular equipment. Always ask for the best deals your home security company offers, or just avoid additional upgrade fees altogether by choosing a cellular home security system first.

Home Security System Warranty

Does an Alarm System come with a Warranty?

As with any product you purchase it is important to understand the manufacturer warranty and to know how the warranty works, length of the warranty and if there are any hidden fees involved. The home security industry is no different, whenever you purchase a home security system, the hardware should come with some backing from the company that manufactured it.

For some home security companies they carry whatever the manufacturer’s warranty is and make that available to the customer. A good warranty should cover equipment replacement, labor by a technician and/or provide a customer service line to answer question and help with installation and troubleshooting. It is imperative that home security customers understand what could violate the warranty.

Here are some of the typical warranties you may find out there:

Lifetime Warranty

Ask if it covers the full equipment replacement costs. If you have a hard wired system you may need labor costs covered too, some lifetime warranties don’t cover labor or may just cover the first hour and if a tech charges $80/ hour that could add up depending on how much work they are doing. From a marketing standpoint the words lifetime warranty go a long way when it comes to setting a customer’s mind at ease, but as they say the devil is in the details. Make sure you understand what could violate the warranty; you want to ensure that your setup wouldn’t violate the warranty in any way.

Limited Warranty

I actually prefer when home security companies come out and say they have a limited warranty, most if not all warranties have some kind of limitation – so as a straight shooter myself i appreciate when warranties are introduced as such in the home security industry. Like the lifetime warranty, you may find the specifications of the limited warranty in your service agreement or contract. Understand what the limitations are, normal usage and setup of the home security system should be covered under a limited a limited warranty. Common issues like lightning strikes that short circuit a hard wired system should be covered; you may find that water damage on sensors intended for indoors may not be covered under the warranty. There may also be a limitation on labor costs with hard wired home security systems. Limited warranties also have a time limit which means they typically last for months or years.

Consumer Guarantee

These used to be known as statutory guarantee; these reflect rights a consumer has against the purchase of defective products. The products must be of acceptable quality, fit the description and meet basic standards or the consumer can return them for a full refund. As a result you may find that home security companies could offer risk free trial periods so customers have some time to try out the product before fully committing to a contract. Terms like 100% Guarantee are intended to set the customers mind at ease and provide reassurance that they have purchased a quality product.

With the prominence of high quality wireless home security systems now, customers find these products could be less maintenance than hard wired systems in some cases. Home security companies could provide free equipment replacement during the warranty period. With DIY home security systems you may just need to have your free replacement equipment mailed out to you and you can install it yourself in no time.

When it comes to home security system warranties, asking the right questions could make all the difference.

The Best Alarm Company for You

It’s a simple question that everybody in the market for a home security system should ask. The best home alarm company should have a combination of good offerings. Alarm companies have improved their services in recent years and while security monitoring prices have increased has the monitoring options have improved over the years. Home security customers have a lot more options now because home security companies have focused on adding value and expanding on the features they provide with their monitoring plans.

24/7 Monitoring

This is a must have, 24 hour response is a bare minimum with a monitored home security system. Burglaries could occur at any time of the day, even during national holidays so it is important that customers know that if a break in occurs at any given time the police will be dispatched. Peace of mind is what owning a home security company is all about and 24/7 monitoring is necessary for that.

Best Home Alarm System

Cellular Monitoring

While there are other monitoring connections out there, including the frequently used, more common phone or land line connections or the internet based monitoring. Cellular monitoring gives customers the added peace that comes from knowing that a burglar can’t cut their phone and internet line and break into the house, ensuring the central monitoring station cannot be dialed and the police will not be dispatched.

Customer Service Record

Researching a home security company’s customer service record on the Better Business Bureau is important, look for independent review sites but dig a little deeper and research customer complaints on sites like Yelp or The best way to know how a home security company treats their customers is by researching and reading customer reviews. Look for 5 star rated companies or companies with an A rating on the Better Business Bureau.

Remote Access and Interactive Features: Home alarm systems are not all about responding to burglaries, at least they don’t have to be, look for home security companies that offer added features like remote access to your home security system, get text messages and notifications about what is going on in your home at all times. Parents can tell when their kids arrive from school, remind them to Arm the home security if they forget or turn the security system on from their iPhone or Android apps. Interactive features like these could enhance peace of mind for home security customers.


The best home security companies will have a warranty on their equipment that covers free equipment replace, and labor costs for a specific period of time. You should always ask questions and try to understand the different warranty packages and how they work in real world scenarios. Some home security companies also offer the trial periods, look for a 30 day risk free trial period this should give customers enough time to try out their home security systems.

The best home alarm system is the one that fits your individual needs the most, but make sure you cover your bases by checking for all the points listed above. Check out the reviews for the top home alarm companies on this website.

Who is is a technology company. Headquartered in McLean, VA, they specialize in home security system technology and providing features that enhance the home security user’s experience with their home security system. While most traditional security companies stuck to the cookie cutter phone line based security system connections, pioneered cellular GSM connected security systems. From a safety standpoint the cellular home security systems are the best option since burglars cut phone lines and Internet lines before entering the property.

So how does enhance user interaction with their home security systems? This stems from the basic understanding that home security users want more information from their alarm system. Home security systems aren’t solely there to protect people’s homes from burglaries, that doesn’t cover the full scope of peace of mind that home security customers are looking for. Peace of mind also comes from information, readily available or real time information.

For example, parents who have kids who leave and return from school unsupervised, may benefit from real time alerts and notifications. Knowing what time their kids get home, details like what door they came In through, did they leave the house again and at what time? makes this information available to you by text message or email. More and more home security users own smartphones now so downloading the app should be a breeze.Another example is the ability to control systems remotely, from wherever you are. Lock and unlock doors, now you can let people into your home without a key with compatible power door locks and smartphone app. If you forget to turn on or arm your home security system, you can remotely from your smartphone while at work or at least check on it. A popular feature is the thermostat controls, for the same reason people get remote starters for their cars; make sure your home has the right temperature when you arrive. It is also worth mentioning that this is very energy efficient.

In the video surveillance world, inspires with their technology. Some of us remember the DVR cameras and CCTV cameras. With compatible cameras, both wireless and hard wired home security customers can now watch live streaming video of what’s going on in their homes at all times. Capture video of anything from a burglary to a what your pet does when you’re away. It’s important to stress that also provides video storage, off site video storage so your recordings are safely stored at a different location.

So how do all these features come together? Simply call one of the dealers on this website like Frontpoint or Protect America and a representative will explain how the home security system can integrate with features and provide you with the peace of mind you and your family needs.

How to Arm Your Home Security System

After people determine what kind of sensors they want with their home security system, the next thought that comes to mind is how is this going to work on a day to day basis? Do I power my security system on and off as I arrive and leave? How am I supposed to move around my home without triggering my motion sensors?

There are typically two ways to arm your security system; you can arm it in Stay mode also known as home mode, or away mode. Security system designs typically come with a combination of sensors for doors and windows and motion sensors inside the home. Most home security users will arm their security system in both modes.

Armed Home Security System

Stay mode or Home mode

This would assume you want your security system armed while you’re in the house, watching TV moving around, but want the alarm triggered in case someone breaks in when you’re home. Stay mode would typically turn off motion sensors, so you can move around your home but keep door and window contacts armed. If a burglar kicks in the door or opens a window in stay mode the security system should trigger an alarm and dispatch the authorities.

Away Mode

This is how you would typically arm your security system when you leave your house, as the name suggests it says you’re away and expect limited to no movement in your home during this time. Perimeter sensors like door and window contacts are armed, and motion detectors are also armed in away mode. If a burglar breaks a window and jumps in when you’re away the motion sensors can pick up their movement. Should they open a door or window the alarm system is also triggered.

Glass break sensors have become a popular part of some home security designs; glass break sensors, like door and window sensors are perimeter devices. I mention Glass break sensors because they stay active in both stay and away modes.

It is important to discuss how you intend to use your home security system with your security company, go over what you are trying to protect against before choosing the equipment that works best for you. Knowing how to Arm your alarm system is an important part keeping your home safe and using your home security system efficiently.

Find out more about home security companies who do a good job choosing equipment based on your needs on this site.

Best Security System for Business

Commercial Security Systems

Businesses are some of the primary users of security systems, for many reasons. Like homes businesses have valuables they need to protect, very expensive valuables in some cases. Businesses also need security systems to protect workers and employees from burglaries. Some businesses are required to have security systems because of the confidential information on clients and employees they keep. Its clear to be see why businesses need security systems, but as an administrator or business owner – how do you determine the best security system for your business? Here are a few tips.

Understand your risk

It is typical for business to have unique reasons for purchasing a security system. Some businesses want to protect against theft by employees, some businesses are concerned about the high crime rates in the area the business is located, businesses also understand that they could be easy targets especially if they are open to the public. In some cases I’ve heard of businesses wanting to protect against competitors either vandalizing or plotting to steal information, tools or equipment. For businesses understanding your key threat means knowing what to do and how to protect the premise.

Business security recommendation

A cellular based security system would be helpful. Businesses have certain risk factors which may include employees who are aware that there is a security system in the business, and may work to defeat it so they don’t get cut. The easiest way to stop a traditional security system from being able to connect to the central monitoring station is by cutting the phone and internet lines, which are sometimes easily accessible from outside the business.

Protect the perimeter

Ensure that all the entry doors have a sensor on them, that way you can keep a log of who opens the business and when. You may also need to know the last person to leave on any given day. There’s more to putting sensors on the perimeter than just that, doors remain the main point of entry during a burglary or burglars may come in through a window and carry expensive out through a door. Protecting your door is probably the most important part of owning a security system.

Business security recommendation

Get a security system that provides a monitoring plan with remote alerts to your business. Some companies provide access control cards, but for smaller business you may rely on employees arming and disarming the system using their security codes. With alerts and notifications to your smart phone you receive a text message and or email alert when someone opens a door, arrives at work or leaves you have a record of it. If something seems unusual or you sense an unusual pattern you can react quickly.

Use Motion Detectors

Especially since most businesses use their security systems after hours. Motion detectors protect a wide area in the property and ensure that if there is any movement in the premise after hours your alarm will be triggered and with a monitoring plan the police will be dispatched to the property quickly.

High Traffic Areas

Use motion detectors to cover high traffic areas, know areas where burglars would have to pass through in order to steal something of value. The rule with motion detectors is to placement, like mouse traps set them up where the valuables are.

The 2GIG Go!Control Panel

When it comes to wireless control panels for home security systems, the 2GIG Go!Control panel is one of the most advanced and user friendly in the industry. Worlds away from your typically alarm panel, that hardwired into the home with cables running all over the place, the Go!Control panel is a breath of fresh air for those who want great technology with superb user interaction.

When I first saw the Go!Control panel I didn’t know what to make of it, it looked like thermostat switch with an LCD. The clean design with no visible keypad buttons made the 2GIG Go!Control Panel visually appealing enough to spark curiosity.

2GIG Go!Control Panel
The panel comes with a bunch of neat features:

  • – Arm and Disarm from your IPhone, Android and blackberry mobile devices with the appropriate security monitoring plan.
  • – Touch screen LCD controls instead of numeric keypad
  • – Wireless sensors (no wires or cables running through the property)
  • – Compatible with Cellular monitoring, or landline and internet broadband monitoring, so burglars can’t just cut your phone line and defeat the system.
  • – Smoke and fire security buttons with security monitoring plan.
  • – Built in speaker phone option with two-way voice ( talk directly with central monitoring station – monitoring plan required)
  • – Z-wave compatible for home automation, control your door locks, thermostats, light switches – security monitoring plan required.
  • – Stay and away alarm arming modes.
  • – Security sensor bypass feature.

Depending on the home security provider you may be able to install this system yourself ( DIY installation) or have it professionally installed. Wireless home security systems are easy to install yourself should you choose that option, but some home security providers can send a technician to your home to install the 2 GIG Go! Control panel.

To sully enjoy the features that come with the Go!Control panel you want o get a security monitoring plan with interactive features. The Interactive features take home security system functionality to the next level because they allow customers access their security system remotely to arm and disarm. Couples with the Go!Control panel interactive features may include IPhone, Android, windows phone and blackberry applications for easy access and a suite of controls and setting adjustment features. Lock and unlock doors and control thermostats remotely.

The feature people tend to like and use the most is the alerts and notifications by text message, as this helps you keep tabs on whats going onin your property at any time. Know when family members arrive and when they leave.


An Overview of the ADT Security Monitoring Plans

ADT Security has been a provider of home security solutions for over 100 years, which makes not just the largest home security company in the country but the most experienced when it comes to providing home security services in the United States. The great thing about ADT Security is they understand that it is important to offer a variety of monitoring plans so it’s easy for home security shoppers to find an ADT Security monitoring plan that works for them.

ADT monitoring plans range from phone line based monitoring plans to internet and cellular based plans. You may hear of ADT’s cellular backup plan in which they combine a phone line or internet based connection to the monitoring center with a cellular radio as a back-up. In the event the lines get cut the cellular radio kicks in and sends a signal to the authorities.

ADT Security’s monitoring plans you may find are:

ADT Security Monitoring Essential Plan

This is ADT’s basic plan, with this plan you get 24 hour Burglary and theft protection, it typically relies on a phone line to dial out to the authorities and comes with an equipment package that could include door sensors, motion sensors and keychain remotes. The control panel and a high decibel alarm siren are also standard. Expect pricing to be around $36.99 per month.

ADT Security Monitoring Premium Plan

This is a more popular ADT Security package or as it covers all the features in the Essential package especially the 24 hour monitoring for burglary and theft, but with this feature you get 24 hour fire safety monitoring, a feature that is important to most people who are concerned about a fire when there not in the house. 24 hour fire monitoring is also great for people with pets. Another feature that ADT Security‘s Premium package adds is Two way voice. With two way voice, home security users can speak directly to the central monitoring station using a speaker phone feature on the Control Panel. The ADT Security Control panel would serve as an allowing the ADT Security dispatcher to verify that you have an emergency and send the proper authorities to your home. ADT Security’s two way voice option picks up your voice up to 75 feet away and is hands free so if you are injured you can still communicate with a dispatcher at the central monitoring station. You may find the premium package around $42.99 per month.

ADT Security Monitoring Cellular Plan

With the Cellular package you get the features included in both the Essential and the Premium packages except the two – way voice. You may ask why not the two voice? The answer is that the two way voice relies on the phone line connection in order for you to hear from the ADT Security dispatcher using the speaking phone and microphone option built into ADT’s Control panel. With the cellular you don’t get use a phone or internet line at all. The cellular options is designed for people who are looking for the highest level of safety in case your phone lines are cut, damaged by storms or fallen trees, your ADT home security system continues to protect you. ADT Security refers to this as CellGuard technology, cell guard technology helps minimize the risk of the home security system not being able to communicate to an ADT dispatcher at their central monitoring station – a situation that could render the ADT home security system useless during a break in.

This package would typically include some ADT Security equipment. You may find pricing for ADT Security’s cellular package for around $44.99 per month.

ADT Security Monitoring Expanded Plan

ADT Security’s Expanded package is one of ADT Security’s most comprehensive home security packages. It includes all the features in the Essential, Premium and Cellular packages. The cellular package doesn’t typically come with the two way voice but the expanded package you get cellular as a backup or the ADT CellGuard feature. This package gives you 24 hour monitoring ADT Security monitoring, fire monitoring also and typically comes with some equipment. The Expanded package is great for home security customers who want the highest level of safety for their home and want all most of the features ADT has to offer.

Home security shoppers interested in the Expanded package could find monthly pricing around $47.99 per month.
As you can see ADT Security offers great monitoring plans, most people looking for a home security system or pricing should be able to find an ADT Security monitoring plan that works best for them. Smartphone Security App is the top provider of home security monitoring solutions that help enhance user interaction with their home security system. Headquartered in Vienna VA, is a technology company founded in 2000 that has focused on providing convenience and unparalleled control to home and business security users around the United States.

What does do? works with some of the top home security companies in the business to integrate their wireless solutions and build upon the security monitoring these home security companies may already provide, and the main beneficiary of this is the home security user or customer. provides always-on activity reporting and web based control panels that give home security users a wide array of great features. Some key points of solutions include: Mobile App
Interactive Security: With interactive security your security system monitoring package gets a boost in functionality. provides dedicated wireless connections to their servers so home security customers can

  • Receive alerts and notifications, so they always know what’s happening in their home.
  • Remote control allows security system users to control their security system remotely from any computer and mobile device with internet access.
  • Crash and smash protection: crash and smash technology is set in place to protect security system users from a burglar destroying your security system control panel. The system sends an alert at the first sign of entry ensuring that an entry message is sent before the control panel can be destroyed.

Mobile Apps provides easy to use mobile apps to help home security users get more peace of mind based security systems from the alarm system. With your IPhone, Android, Windows phone and Blackberry you can download apps and easily and conveniently control your system, manage your energy with thermostat and light controls and even watch video footage of your home or business. With alarm.coms mobile apps you truly get easy access, Instant awareness and remote control all in the palm of your hand. apps are also available for tablets like the Apple IPad, Android and Windows tablets.

Better Awareness

Get notifications when a door or window opens, if the system is armed or disarmed. This is important for home security users who really want to keep tabs on what’s going on in their home at all times. Know when kids get home from school or if an elderly parent uses their panic pendant for medical response, or if restricted alcohol, gun or medicine cabinets are opened. Get severe weather alerts, know the temperature in your home, get visual verification of your home security system status and even get an alert when video footage is captured or you lose power.

Better controls gives home security system owners unparalleled controls of their security system from internet enabled devices. Control your thermostats, lights, door locks, arm and disarm your home security system. These controls enhance both energy efficiency and give you peace of mind of knowing what’s happening in your home.

Home Automation

Home automation is growing in popularity across the United States and is on the forefront of ensuring home automation controls are made available on the proper platform. With’s wireless platform home security users can access their systems remotely from any web enabled device you can set smart schedules when for your home security system and your light controls , adjust your thermostat, let people into your home or business without a key with door lock controls.’s Image Sensor

An example of some other great home security innovations offers is the Image sensor with built in camera. The image sensor is a motion detector that is pet friendly, the sensor also comes with an on board camera with night vision LED for motion activated pictures. This product is extremely practical because it can text or email home security users a picture of the captured image; it’s worth mentioning that this device is wireless and battery operated so home security users don’t have to run wires through their home when using this device. technology combined with a top home security company is the best way to achieve the security if owning a home security system and the peace of mind, controls and awareness you get with technology. It’s clear why we think is the best provider of home security interactive services.

Finding the Top Home Security Companies

Top 4 Aspects to Selecting a Security Monitoring Service

Every home security company would talk themselves up, brag about their accolades, some may even discuss revenue and size of their customer base in order to earn your business. It’s that healthy competition than keeps the economy going and keeps home security companies on their toes, and constantly looking for new solutions and improved pricing and value for home security customers like you. At some point during your search for a home security system you come to a point where you have to narrow your search or start deciding on what company to go with. Here are a few tips on how to decide who the top home security companies are.

ADT monitoring plans range from phone line based monitoring plans to internet and cellular based plans. You may hear of ADT’s cellular backup plan in which they combine a phone line or internet based connection to the monitoring center with a cellular radio as a back-up. In the event the lines get cut the cellular radio kicks in and sends a signal to the authorities.

Customer reviews

find out about as any independent customer reviews, feedback and testimonials as possible. You want to know how good a home security company is, ask their existing customers. You can find independent reviews by searching the name of your alarm company on Google and adding reviews to the company name then hitting search. Most home security company searches will give you the customer and industry feedback and reviews you need to make a decision on the top home security companies.

Customer Service

Find out how good each home security companies customer service record is by searching for BBB rating. Also call them to ask questions about the system, and find out how much the reps know about the product and services. It is important you feel comfortable talking to the reps employed by the home security company, so call their customer service number and see how quickly someone answers.

24 Hour Monitoring

Find out if the home security company offers 24 hour monitoring. An old fashioned alarm system with siren and hardware and not much else may not be enough to protect you and your family from certain burglaries and home invasions. 24 hour monitoring helps ensure the police or fire department is sent out to your property if you any time you have an emergency, as opposed to an alarm siren just ringing.

Cellular Monitoring

If available in your area, get cellular based monitoring with your home security system. A home security system that uses a cellular chip to connect to the central monitoring station helps ensure that burglars cannot just cut your phone line and defeat you security system. You want to best chances of getting the police to your property when you have an emergency and the cellular based home security system helps increase chances of that happening.

Find out more information on the top rated home security companies under our security system reviews tab.

Home Automation and Security

The home automation industry has seen some growing popularity in recent years. The concept of incorporating home automation in home security systems has made a splash in the home automation industry. Competition among home security companies has been good for the industry and customers alike, leading to a reduction in pricing and the introduction of high tech home security control panels.

If you are looking into home automation, one of the many home security systems with Z-wave or X-10 compatibility may be worth looking into. You get the convenience of home automation and the safety and peace of mind of a home security system.

Home Automation

Home Security Monitoring Plans that offer Home Automation

Frontpoint Ultimate Monitoring Plan Review

Frontpoint’s ultimate monitoring plan not only includes smart phone apps with remote access from any internet enabled device. Add live streaming video, thermostat controls, power door locks and light controls.

Vivint Home Automation Review

Vivint has ventured into energy savings solutions with energy saving bulbs and smart thermostats combined with their home security offerings. Also included in their home automation offerings are small appliance controls, automatic door locks, non-emergency alert, smart thermostat and video surveillance with remote camera access. Vivint also offers some of the best home security equipment on the market, with wireless sensors and a cool looking smart tough screen Control panel.

ADT Pulse Home Automation Review

ADT Security – The home security industry mammoth is also a leader in providing home automation solution to home security system customers. With the introduction of ADT Pulse, ADT added to their home security offerings and showed that this 100+ year old company can learn new tricks and even outperform some of the newer home security companies. With ADT Pulse, home security customers get smartphone apps and remote access, the plan also includes home automation features like automatic door locks, thermostat controls, video surveillance with remote camera access amongst other home security monitoring offerings.

Home Security for Seniors

Security for Seniors

Seniors may know more about the evolution of home security systems than younger Americans. They may tell stories about a time when people didn’t lock their doors and kids could run around the neighborhood without constant adult monitoring. You know “the good old days” days when you knew your neighbors and allowed your kids and theirs to come and go in and out of neighbors home. Seniors do acknowledge there was crime back then because there was but there was more of a sense of community.

Times are very different now, alarm systems and monitored home security systems are not only the norm but they are also very necessary in most parts of the United States. People feel the need to secure their homes and their assets with a security system. We worry about identity theft, corporate fraud, online scams and that sense of community seems to be on a steady decline. In this day and age, we simply need more protection.

Seniors may remember when alarm systems where a panel, sensors and a siren or a horn. The idea was if a burglar breached a point of entry then the siren or the horn would go off and alert and/or awaken neighbors while drawing attention to the burglary or intrusion in progress. Monitoring has since been added to alarm systems and now we have monitored home security systems.

Monitored home security systems take the idea of the traditional alarm system and add the ability to dial out to the authorities in the event of an emergency. Home security systems would call out for police response, fire, medical alert and even environmental response like food or freeze sensors. The idea is to get the proper authorities to the home as quickly as possible to help out.

What is the system for the elderly?

Home security systems work the same for everyone but there are some important things seniors can look for in a home security system to improve their sense of safety and peace of mind. A few things seniors should consider are:

Medical Alerts: More and more Home security solutions now include medical dispatch in their home security monitoring offerings. Seniors have increasing health and security needs; in case of a medical emergency it is important for seniors to help they need from medical professionals quickly. Home security companies also offer emergency pendants, wristbands, panic buttons etc. to make it convenient for seniors to get help if they have an emergency.


Any one can buy an alarm system with a siren and have it installed – these systems work well if people are primarily looking to sound an alarm if there’s a burglar in the home. Some seniors may want to invest in a home security system with a monitoring plan so if there is an emergency the right authorities can be sent to their aid.
Motion Detector Lights: Motion sensors that trigger a light being turned on outside the property could be great deterrents from burglaries. They are also effective at attracting attention to the area if a light suddenly come on at night. These lights could be added to a monitored home security solution.

Real Time Alerts and Notifications

Senior who can receive text messages on their cellular phones may benefit greatly from getting text and email alerts letting them know what’s going on in their property. For elderly friends and family members this could be particularly helpful if they want someone to help keep tabs on them and their homes. There’s a certain peace and sense of safety in knowing that your home security system can alert you and a friend or family member if you have an emergency.

Two Way Voice

This is effective with medical response and monitoring. With the increasing number of seniors that fall every year – combining 2 way voice with a panic button on a pendant or wristband may make it convenient for seniors to speak to a dispatcher from their current location in the property. The ability to discuss the situation, symptoms and even hear a kind voice in a time of need could make all the difference. Find out the best companies that offer senior friendly home security systems here at

ADT’s Security Companion Service Review

When it comes to home security solutions that include medical alert in their service line up, ADT’s Companion service is arguably the best in the industry. Medical alert is an important service, typically marketed to seniors. It helps dispatch Emergency medical techs to the property in case of a fall, injury and other medical emergencies.

One out of three seniors will fall this year, ADT’s Companion service helps seniors who may find themselves in this position get help quickly. This ADT service is credited for helping seniors maintain their freedom and improve their quality of life. The knowledge that help is on the way could make all the difference at times like this.

How ADT Security’s Companion Service works

  1. An emergency button is provided as part of the home health solution. It may be a pendant, or a medical bracelet. When the button is pushed the connection Is made to the dispatch center from the Control panel.
  2. A dispatcher can speak through the two way voice option and help get the proper authorities out if you need one. Dispatchers also know to send the Emergency medical tech EMT’s out even if they are unable to speak to someone.
  3. An ambulance is sent to the property to help.

Why ADT’s Companion Service?

  • – Helps seniors maintain their freedom
  • – Easy to use, help at the push of a button
  • – 24/hour monitoring and dispatch.

ADT Security Deals for AARP Members

  • – 20% off installation
  • – $2 off home security monitoring
  • – Free Activation

For more peace of mind get a monitored home security system from ADT and include the ADT Security’s Companion service to get 24 hour protection from theft, burglary and fire with your medical monitoring all in one plan.

ADT Security’s Companion service is great for seniors or anyone who wants medical response at the puch of a button. ADT is a trusted name in the home security industry, providing home and business security solutions for over 100 years. ADT is leader in providing home security solutions. ADT services over six million customers.

Most Common Questions to Ask

You’ll find with a lot of home security marketing out there, there’s a lot of free home security systems. Home security system deals, unbelievable blow-outs on home security systems. Do this and get something free. Buy one and get something else free.

All this free jargon out there is really intended to get your attention as a home security system shopper or user. They basically want to get your business. In order to understand what is industry trickery to get your attention and what is real, as an educated shopper you want to make sure that you have a few questions answered.

You don’t want to just jump at something because it sounds like it’s free or you feel you’re getting the best deal on the planet. You can do better by actually knowing that you get what you pay for and that applies with home security systems also. The more you know about the offers regardless of how they sound the better you would be.

How Much is the Monthly Home Security Monitoring?

The first question to ask when you come across one of these free systems or offers that sounds really good is how much will the monitoring cost be? A load of times when they offer free equipment, they roll in the cost of the equipment into the monthly monitoring costs.


You’re paying for the equipment over time. It’s important, very important for home security system shoppers to be able to identify the difference between free equipment and really if you’re paying a ton in monthly monitoring fees because it can make a difference in how much it actually costs to own the equipment.

Ideally home security … all home security companies would be upfront as to how much the equipment costs and how much monitoring it is. They tend to provide solutions for everyone and some people may not have the upfront cost for the home security system equipment.

They tailor increased monitoring rates towards those people and reducing the costs of the equipment upfront. The first step would be to find out how much the monitoring cost and then compare costs with other competitors, even those that may charge some money upfront. It might still end up being cheaper for you or less expensive for you in the long run.

How long is the Home Security Contract?

A lot of the so-called free home security systems or the best deals at home security systems that are out there come with a contract. During that contract, you are required to pay a monthly monitoring charge.

Monthly monitoring charge is used to offset other costs and you’re paying for service. It’s possible that some home security companies could extend the length of the contract. You’re looking at anywhere from three to five years in a home security contract in order to pay off some of … offset some of the costs that you’re not incurring upfront with the home security system.

Look at the contract and compare the contract term with other companies including companies that maybe charging for the home security system. The third question is can you use the equipment with other companies?

Is there proprietary equipment? That’s a great question to ask because you may think you’re getting a deal with one home security company but who knows, you may fall out of favor with them or you may not like their service anymore and you may want to take your business elsewhere.

You may find that even though you got a good deal on that home security system, it only works with that company that enticed you into doing business with them in the first place.

Quickly you’ll find that you may not have made the best decision altogether. By going with this home security company, you may want to move to somebody else. The problem with that is if it’s proprietary equipment, they wouldn’t allow you to do that. You may be in the process of shopping for a whole new security system, whole new equipment all over again because this is something that either wasn’t revealed to you or you didn’t understand.

You could incur costs on getting the system the first time and incur additional costs later. Either way, you want to make sure that you understand what flexibility you have with the equipment. Do you own it or do you lease it? More importantly, is it proprietary? Can you use with another company that’s out there. Just a very important tip.

Is the Monthly Home Security Contract Rate Locked In?

You want to make sure that you can take your system with you when you move and you have the flexibility of doing things like that while you also want to ensure that your monthly rate wouldn’t change on you every single time you do something.

Ask for a rate lock because they may entice you with a low monthly rate but as soon as you’re three months, four months into the contract, your monthly monitoring rate could start to go up. A great question to ask any home security company who you’re interested in doing business with is how long is the monthly rate locked in for. Is it subject to change on me?

Does the Home Security System Come with Equipment Warranty?

If the equipment comes with a warranty then you know that you’re protected from equipment failures, things that electronics do like malfunction. You want to make sure that you’re protecting your investment.

Don’t get caught up in the deal you maybe getting upfront. If you start thinking about how much would this cost me if something goes wrong with it or if I’m getting sub par equipment, it can get expensive really quickly and the cost or the deal that you received upfront may not look as good as it is anymore when you’re paying to service or get technicians out there to fix different things on equipment that was of poor quality.

You want to research the manufacturer of the equipment. Find out as much as you can about it and then go from there. Make sure there’s at least a limited warranty or if it has one of those lifetime warranties. Figure out what is included in it. Those are a few questions you should ask when looking for a home security system.

Make sure you’re not just looking at what kind of deals or specials that you have. Make sure you’re getting the best value with your purchase.

Home Security Systems Installation Costs

How Much Does it Cost to Install an Alarm System?

A lot of the home security system marketing out there, may not include installation costs and luckily a lot of people know that an installation is required for at least hardwired home security systems. The truth is that with wireless home security systems, there might be no installation charge, especially if it is a do it yourself installation, but that is not to say that there couldn’t be; because there are home security systems out there that require a professional installation to be done in the property.

The best way to know how much it cost is to ask and to have a detailed quote on how much installation may cost. Installation costs are indeed driving people to purchasing wireless home security systems because they can save on installation costs. With a DIY Security System, they can install the system at their own time, on their own schedule, when it’s most convenient for them to actually have the security system installed and in place.

Hardwired security systems on the other hand, depending on the size of it, home security companies could charge per sensor when it comes to installation costs and that could add up. Say somebody had 10 windows sensors, three door sensors, motion detectors in their home probably a smoke and heat sensor. If there is a charge per sensor to install it, say it’s $40 per sensor, you’re running over $500 in installation costs there that might not be made obvious to you as a buyer. Rest assured that it is important to figure out what the cost of the equipment is, to figure out what the cost of monitoring is and then figure out how much it will cost to install the home security system in your home and get all that in writing.

With the admin and the popularity of new wireless home security systems, and more and more people are buying those, they’re finding that they can install the system themselves and not worry about installation costs and really just focus on the value of the home security system; on the features that they are receiving with the home security system and what’s included in the monthly monitoring service, which is the most important part. It’s how the home security company actually delivers on their monthly monitoring services, as far as dispatching the police, dispatching the fire department, dispatching the emergency medical team to the home if you have an emergency.

Always find out how much installation costs could affect the upfront charges with the home security system before signing any contracts or agreeing to one.

The Facts About 24-Hour Monitoring

What is 24-hour monitoring? What does it mean? A lot of people looking for a home security system, shopping around will see this being thrown all over the place, in marketing ads by the home security companies out there. What does it mean for you? It’s really in the service itself. 24-Hour monitoring is the key service that home security companies provide. It basically means that if you were to have an emergency, you would have a dispatch sent to you, or a response from the home security company – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year – nonstop, round the clock.

It should mean that you should have quick response from the home security company and then they would actually work towards dispatching the either police, fire department, medical team to your home 24/7. It is important to understand that. Some people may misinterpret that 24-hour monitoring means you have 24-hour customer service or 24-hour tech support. That is not the case. 24-Hour monitoring really speaks to a response from a dispatcher at the home security monitoring station at any time you have an emergency.

That’s why it’s an emergency. We really can’t predict what would happen and accidents occur and things happen and we want to know that we’re paying for a service that would actually be effective in dispatching help when emergency occurs.

24x7 Home Security Monitoring

There’s 24-hour monitoring for theft. Basically, 24-hour monitoring for theft, burglary and intrusion triggers a response from the central monitoring station where a dispatcher calls you and they send the police out to your home. The police would be sent out for burglary, theft-related issues.

24-Hour monitoring for Fires

In the event of a fire, the police won’t necessarily be sent out, but a dispatcher will reach out to alert you that they’re sending the fire department out to your home. In situations like this, you do want the fire department to be dispatched to the property because they’re the ones that can actually put out a fire and not the police.

24-Hour Medical Response

In case of a medical emergency for those that have medical dispatch included in their home security system monthly monitoring plans, they know that the emergency medical technician, the EMTs, will be dispatched to the home with an ambulance so that they can help someone with an ailment or someone that suffered an injury quickly. In this case, you don’t want the police or fire department actually being dispatched. Since it’s a medical emergency, you want a medical team there.

24-Hour monitoring means any of this could be done at any point in time of the day, in any season – be it a holiday or a national holiday – you have this service up and running for you.

Another important part of ensuring you have 24-hour monitoring or going with a security system that offers monitoring is that help is always on the way in the event of an emergency. Find out more about home security systems and companies that offer 24-hour monitoring.

Fire Monitoring Home Security System

Fire Detection and Monitoring

A lot of people shopping for a home security system will start getting acclimated with the features and the services that the home security companies provide. One of such features is fire monitoring. Most home security shoppers probably got into the market looking for a security system because they concerned about burglary, home invasions, theft related stuff, to keep their families safe.

But they didn’t really consider the fact that home security companies also protect from fires, they protect from an environmental issues, extreme heat, extreme freeze. How do you know that fire monitoring is something that you should have included in your home security package? The good news is that most home security systems already include fire monitoring in their packages or at least make it available, so it shouldn’t be difficult to find it.

Fire monitoring is important for people that are concerned about a fire in their home, especially when they’re not there. I say especially when they’re not there because most homes in the United States at least have smoke detectors in there. When there are people in the house, you can hear the smoke detectors beeping and going off. That would alert you that something is awry and as a home security or home owner, you can make the adjustments by opening the door or opening a window, stop cooking that bacon that seems to be burning, or go to the source of the smoke, in case it is not a fire. If it’s a fire, then we move our family members out of range and we can call the fire department ourselves or alert a neighbor. That’s an emergency situation where we have to literally get out of the way.

When we are not there in the home and say a fire is triggered for whatever reason, we cannot respond as if we were there in the home. The home security system with fire monitoring and smoke and heat sensors would be an important addition to the monitoring service because that would call out – in the home security system owner’s absence – to the fire department automatically in case you have a fire.

Some people may actually want it to work for them when they are home also. In case you’re sleeping, you know that the fire department would be called and they can call you and alert you that they are on their way; that’s okay too. It’s more of a piece of mind thing, but definitely serves a big purpose for people that are worried about a break in when they’re not in the house. It could basically reduce the amount of damage that is being done because the fire department is dispatched to the property quicker.

It’s also important for people that have pets. When you’re not at home, your pets may be home alone and it may be worth adding that smoke and heat sensor in the house to get the fire department out there and they may be able to stop the fire and save your pet that’s in the house in case you did have a fire, or that kind of an emergency.

Fire monitoring is an important part of the home security system monitoring plan, but these few points should help people determine if it’s something that they want. Is it something that they want to take advantage of or if it’s something that they might want to pass on. Remember, it’s for protecting your home, mainly if you’re not there and there’s a fire. People that have pets in the home or certain valuables might want the fire department dispatched to the home quicker in the event of a fire.

Hopefully this guide helps you out with your decision on a home security system with fire monitoring.

What Do I Do with my Alarm System when I move?

More and more people are finding the reasons that they pick one home security system over another might not have been apparent to them when they first started searching for a security system. This is interesting because it shows that talking to multiple or different home security systems exposes people to different offers that they have.

One of such things is a portable home security system. It is portable because it is wireless and you can up and take it with you and move with it at no charge, which could always be an advantage and a value adding in proposition for a home security company that offers such a feature. Or your service is portable in a sense … some home security companies say if you move, they’ll come install a new home security system in your new home with the service and add a new service plan there.

Portable Home Security System

Either way, these are convenient ways for the home security system customer, the security system user to be able to take their system with them when they move, or know that they can continue their service if they were to move to a different location. This could also work for business customers also that maybe leasing an office space, or concern about moving home security systems between warehouses. That comes up quite a bit too.

Either way, it’s important that your security system is portable. It’s the system or home security company that gives you the most flexibility, will be one that allows you to take the system with you and move it and install at no charge. Yes, this may require a do it yourself type installation, wireless security system. The majority of people are not going to be able to run wires or drill holes in their walls and install their home security systems themselves, but they could definitely benefit from the fact that they have a portable security system.

Now a lot of people might not realize this, but in this day and age it is very likely that you may want to actually take your security system with you when you move. More and more people are moving, staying in homes for seven years or less. Your security system may be something that you may either want to transfer to the new owner of the home, so you want to look for a transferable security system. Or you might want to be able to take it with you when you move.

Always ask how portable a home security system is when comparing home security companies.

Choosing Wireless Home Security Systems

Why Consumers Prefer Wireless Systems

Wireless security systems are gaining popularity in the home security industry. More and more people are finding that wireless home security systems are the way to go for them when it comes to a home security system because they’re either convenient or that’s what a lot of the home security companies are offering.

Here are a few reasons why wireless security systems are good home security systems. They’re safe. Wireless home security systems offer just as much safety as a hardwired security system without the wiring. Wires are run with a hardwire security system all through the home, running from behind walls, from doors, from windows to the control panel. That’s how they keep that connection with the control panel, is through the wired connection. The wireless security systems have encrypted radio frequencies that they use to communicate to the control panel. They’re just as safe. They send alarm messages just as quickly and response is just as fast.

If someone was ever contemplating between a wireless or a hardwired security system and thinking about the safety of one over the other, you should expect the same level of safety with both. Wireless home security systems are more portable. You’ll find that some home security companies are providing systems that you can take with you when you move. You can move certain sensors around; maybe move a less used window sensor to a medicine cabinet or a gun cabinet if you have kids around.

We’ve heard examples where the grand kids were in town and grandparents have moved sensor to protect their gun cabinets or their medicine cabinets to ensure that people are not getting into areas where they shouldn’t be getting into. That versatility what you get with a wireless home security systems is really what makes it appealing. People also like the fact that if you had to move to a new property, you can simply just take it with you and not expect to pay someone to basically remove the system or move it for you – pull all the wires out, which could be a bunch of work. You simply don’t have to worry about that with a wireless home security system.

Wireless home security systems could require less maintenance also than a hardwired security system. Think of all the wires behind the walls with a hardwired system. All those wires could get cut or maybe rodents could bite on them or there is work being done on the house. There is drilling, you’re hanging stuff up and that could mess with the wiring in the house and suddenly a part of your home security system is not working. The service technician would have to come out and literally trace what part of the security system has been disengaged and is no longer sending a signal.

A cut wire could disable a whole zone or a whole wide area in the house and leave it unprotected. It could be hours and hours of work for a technician to come out and fix that. With wireless security systems, there are no wires at all in the house. The sensors send a wireless signal, so there is no reason to necessarily have somebody over like a service technician if one of the sensors is down. You’d know that it’s just that point that needs servicing. The home security companies would send you a replacement within a warranty period and you don’t have to worry about them fixing any part of the home security system either.

Having a security system that is less maintenance with moving parts that are easy to replace, as opposed to spending a lot of time and money trying to fix or reconnect wires, may be convenient for a lot of home security shoppers out there.

Another reason to go with a wireless home security system is it’s easy to upgrade the parts. If there are newer sensors out there or newer versions of the sensors you have, it’s easy to just replace them and get the new qualities that they provide, as opposed to having a hardwired system where it might require a different level of cabling. It might be more work because you have somebody coming over to actually install the upgrade.

A lot of wireless security systems are do it yourself installations, so when upgrades come out, you’re really just switching one sensor for the other. Needless to say, a lot of these sensors also stick in place in the house and that’s about it. There is no drilling required. There are no hammering holes into the walls or mounting required with a lot of these sensors. They simply come with peel and stick application. When newer models come out, you can upgrade them easily.

When you have a bad sensor or a part of your system isn’t working correctly, you can easily just dispose of it by throwing it away and that’s it and getting a replacement. You don’t have the large control panels anymore that are hardwired into the home circuits, and all these wires that you have to pull out and get rid of. Basically, disposing of and/or replacing a wireless security system should be easier than all of the components in hardwire security system, trying to pull them out. Doing some more dry wall on the walls to cover the holes, to cover the damage, fixing up the dry wall, covering up the damage that’s already in the property could be a time consuming task. That’s why wireless home security systems are becoming the more popular way to go for a lot of home security shoppers out there.

Frontpoint VS Comcast Xfinity Home Security

Frontpoint and Comcast Xfinity Home security are two of the more popular home security companies that are out there right now with Frontpoint specializing in mainly home security systems. Most Americans know Comcast as a cable provider or an Internet service provider as opposed to a company that provides solutions for home security systems; but needless to say, they are into the home security system market now, and we’re going to review some of the pros and cons of using one over the other.

Frontpoint offers 100% cellular wireless security systems. Frontpoint goes for the cellular security system because it gives their customers a higher level of safety. Basically, their systems do not rely on a phone line like most traditional systems would. Traditional phone line based systems are now more apt or more likely to be defeated from outside of the property by somebody cutting the phone line prior to making it in. Simply cutting the phone line would mean that the home security system could not dial out to the central monitoring station. If the central monitoring station cannot receive an alert of an emergency at the house, then it’s basically a useless siren that goes off in the property, so it’s great that Frontpoint only offers cellular security systems because cellular systems don’t have phone lines that burglars or intruders can cut, which means that Frontpoint customers should have a very high level of safety.

Frontpoint VS Comcast Xfinity Home

Frontpoint’s Reputation

Frontpoint also has a reputation for providing great customer service. You can look at Frontpoint on the Better Business Bureau, and they happen to have an A rating. A lot of independent reviews; these are reviews done by customers on independent review sites all over the web tend to show Frontpoint one the top companies for customer service and service in general, so Frontpoint has built quite a stellar reputation for themselves as a provider of home security solutions with top notch customer service.

A lot of home security customers want to align themselves with a company that does well by its customers. As a matter of fact, customer service is one of the top things that people are looking for in a home security company that lets them decide to go with one security company over the other, so Frontpoint does a good job over there with that.

Frontpoint also offers smartphone apps, web access to your system, remote access, and controls of your home security system to make it convenient for their customers to arm and disarm their system remotely, turn it on if they forget to prior to leaving the house, or let family members into the house by locking and unlocking doors from their smart phone or their computers at work, so there’s a huge convenience you get from going with Frontpoint systems with their interactive monitoring, which is their most popular plan. A lot of customers definitely like Frontpoint’s in hands interaction with the control panel and with the alarm system that’s provided for Frontpoint customers.

Now, for someone that’s interested in knowing that they have the highest level of peace of mind after they purchase a home security system, the combination of Frontpoint’s cellular monitoring, knowing that burglars cannot cut the phone line, the fact that Frontpoint has an A rating on the Better Business Bureau, the fact that Frontpoint also provides interactive features that allow you to access your system remotely, you can tell when your kids come home from school, you can tell that they armed the system and they’re safe in the house, or you can do it for them remotely; all this little conveniences that Frontpoint provides makes them a very, very attractive company for home security shoppers in general.

Cable Provider or Security Provider?

Comcast Xfinity Home security is also a very attractive company for people that may be looking for home security systems. Now, as mentioned earlier, Comcast Xfinity specializes in providing cable, Internet, TV services, phone, and home security is not really what Comcast is known for; but since they’re in the field, we can see that the main thing with Comcast is they provide a huge advantage to their possibly millions of customers who already have Comcast services who may want one bill and may want to add home security solutions to that bill, so they may be a great company to go with for that. Now, note that a lot of people with Comcast Xfinity Home security will typically have a phone line in the home or a cable DSL line leading into the home, your alarm systems primary monitoring might be either a phone line based or an Internet-based security system, which while it could be susceptible to a burglar cutting it, the fact that you don’t have to get a connection from a different provider may be attractive to some people out there for the security system. Comcast Xfinity Home security also provides remote access to the system to make it convenient for their customers to access their system from wherever they are. Of course, they provide 24-hour monitoring, so in the case of an emergency, the proper police authorities will be dispatched to the home, so a lot of Comcast Xfinity Home security customers may see an advantage in sticking with one company and sort of adding to their existing bundle by adding home security systems to their existing Comcast offerings, and they might definitely view that as an advantage.

You can look at both companies and really see which home security company would work better for you.

Alarm System Siren

Home Alarms with an Audible Siren

Should I get an indoor or outdoor siren with my home security system? Home security customers can go with indoor or outdoor sirens or both. They don’t have to decide on if they want or the other, but I think the purpose of this article will be to discuss what benefits sirens actually give home security system users out there.

A siren is supposed to serve as a deterrent, a way to notify the homeowner or people around and something that could startle or scare an intruder away. Sirens are supposed to have an immediate impact or deter a particular action from going on, so whether the siren is inside the house or outside the house, as long as it’s able to perform that task, then it’s well served to have a siren.

Now, with indoor sirens, more and more home security companies are just coming standard with indoor sirens because when you think about burglaries, even if nobody’s in the house or if you’re there and somebody breaks in, they hear that siren going off; the burglar hears the siren going off and so does the home security system user or homeowner, and then with a monitored security system, the alarm event doesn’t end with the siren. With a monitored home security system, the police are called and dispatched to the house, which is a job that’s tasked to the central monitoring station to do where their main job is to dispatch the proper authorities to the house in case there’s an emergency, and they should be doing that.

If you have a non-monitored security system, then it’s different because if somebody kicks in the door, the door sensor sends the signal to the control panel, and then the siren goes off. The siren can go off. It can be loud inside the house, but if the police are not called, then after awhile, the siren may reset itself or stop going off, and that’s the end of the action, so there’s a hope that it will serve as a deterrent or it can scare somebody away, and that’s it because the system is not monitored; there’s no additional police being dispatched to the home.

Now, what a lot of people with non-monitored home security systems hope is that the sound of the siren going off would either scare the burglar away or alert neighbors, and then somebody will call the police because they heard a siren. For people like those, it may be important for them to get an outdoor siren or something that’s really loud and can have a large effect because the truth is most people have been desensitized to the sound of sirens. Now, the fact that a siren goes off may not necessarily mean that the next move your neighbor would make or somebody walking by will be to run towards their phones and call the police on your behalf; but if it’s a pretty loud siren that could basically alert more than maybe your immediate neighbor or it’s loud enough to make a burglar inside the house uncomfortable, then maybe you have a chance of someone actually picking up on the sound and maybe doing something about it; but needless to say, sirens are really deterrents, but getting a home security system that is monitored, that’s capable of having the police dispatch to the home, capable of having the fire department dispatched to the home, or having the medical team dispatched to the home would give you the highest level of safety and peace of mind.

If you’re looking for a siren for a non-monitored system, you may want to go with either a combination of an indoor and outdoor security siren or get an outdoor security siren that’s really, really loud and deafening. If you have a monitored home security system, maybe just an indoor siren should suffice because the police would be called, and they’re going to be dispatched to your house, and the idea is that the siren can serve as a deterrent, but you also have backup with your police on the way, which makes owning the home security system give a lot of people a lot more peace of mind.

Peace of mind is the main reason why people get a home security system or alarm system, which is what some people call a non-monitored home security system. They want to have a certain level of peace of mind or they want something to notify them if there’s a break-in. Sirens are typically the first line of action because it’s the first thing that a burglar hears when they get into the home or when they are around the home, so either way you go, continue to keep sirens as part of your home security system solution.

Vivint Disclaimer: * Activation Fee and 42-Month Monitoring Agreement at a minimum of $49.99/mo., home ownership, and satisfactory credit history required. Local permit fees and/or sales tax may apply. Services not available in all areas.

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    I’m looking for some good deals and pricing and I don’t believe FrontPoint offers that unfortunately. They may be the best but they are not cheap.

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           Wednesday, 14th March 2012 at 1:15 pm

    I recently got broken into, these burglars destroyed doors, broke windows and cleaned me out. I’m sick and tired of my current neighborhood but can’t move because of the current housing market. A home security system is my only solution currently. I just wish I had purchased the security system before the break in. I thought about it, but never made the purchase.

  • Thanks for the help
           Tuesday, 20th March 2012 at 12:18 am

    I purchased a home security system after researching them on your site. At first I wasn’t really happy with the prices I was seeing amongst all the security companies here, but finding quality customer service was the most important to me. I’ve been happy with my FrontPoint security purchase so far.

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    I called every company here, somewhere only eager to tell me how the three companies sucked. FrontPoint told me why hey we’re better, I dragged my feet for a week but I’m convinced I’ve bought the best security system out there. Best customer service, they answered all my questions and explained the real benefits if the wireless security system best monitoring plans, with the interactive monitoring.

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    This has been a tough search; I have a 20,000 sqft warehouse/office space. I’m finding that most of the reasonably prices security systems may just work best for homes, the so called small business solutions are a little expensive in an economy where business owners like myself are looking to cut costs and counting every penny. I will not be using any of the companies here but wish there was a solution amongst these companies for me. Please review the best companies for small businesses.

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    ADT may not have the best reviews out there. It seems like my neighbors like them a lot. Three houses on my street ADT alarm systems. This could simply be because they’ve been around the longest or they are doing something right. I was hoping to find more ADT reviews here; I needed feedback from people that own the system so that’s pretty much what I’m looking for. I guess I could just ask my neighbors.

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    The main difference I see is that FrontPoint seems to have better BBB ratings than protect America and better customer service. Protect America seems to have better deals though. Can anyone weigh in on this subject? I just don’t want to regret my decisions So I need to pick the best home security company

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    I think I was leaning on going with another home security company here, but cost was important to me and I had to go with Protect America security.

  • Motion sensors or glass break sensors
           Sunday, 15th April 2012 at 8:41 pm

    I recently bought a home security system from a company that recommended I use several motion sensors, the equipment works but I can never turn them on when I’m in the house. I can’t really use them over night because my kids move around too, I feel like I made a bad purchase here as this system does not protect me when I’m home.

    I feel like glass break sensors may be a better choice for my needs now but i didn’t know much about glass breaks when I purchased. I just wish my security company would’ve gone over the options better with me.

  • Top home security company?
           Wednesday, 18th April 2012 at 12:58 am

    FrontPoint, this is what a security system should be, they have the best technology. I’m actually excited about owning a FrontPoint security system. Can’t go wrong.

  • The Basics of Home Security
           Thursday, 19th April 2012 at 1:13 am

    From an Anonymous Home Security Expert:

    The Basics of Home Security
    Most homeowners will agree that having some form of home security system in place is a major help in improving overall security. There are a lot of different home security system out there that can give homeowners the kind of peace of mind and security that they are looking for. Choosing the right home security system can be difficult, especially if the homeowner doesn’t know the first thing about purchasing one.
    Getting a security system for the household is pointless if the homeowner ends up getting the wrong one. An inadequate security system can potentially be worse than having no security system since homeowners are given a false sense of safety. Learning some of the basics of a home security system can be helpful in understanding which system is the best. Below are some terms and tips that can help the homeowner get started.

    What is a home security control panel?
    All modern day security systems are integrated to a single mainframe. The mainframe of the security system is referred to as the control panel. These control panels are responsible for maintaining the connections between the different security measures that are set in place.
    The panel does more than just maintain the connection between the different components of the security system. The panel is also responsible for showing important data in case of a break in, such as which zone of the household had a security breach. It is also responsible for alerting the security company in case there is a break in.

    Ideally, the control panel of a home security system is located in a safe and secure location that will prevent it from being accessed by outsiders.
    Consider adding extra alarms for other dangers

    There are other potential threats that can harm a household other than burglars or unwanted intruders. Fire, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are starting to become a somewhat standard feature in a lot of security systems. When getting a security system for fires and other forms of potential hazards it is important to ask a professional for advice.

    Motion detectors
    A vast majority of home security systems make use of some form of motion detection technology in order to maintain tight security. The advantage of this over a security camera is that it serves as an automated sentry and does not require a person’s constant attention in order to be useful.
    Security companies have a lot of different options for a security system that uses motion sensing technology. Some security systems allow pets to move around rooms without falsely triggering the alarms in the house.

    What is an alarm keypad?

    The alarm keypad is the device that’s installed in the household and is responsible for a large number of features. From the alarm keypad, the homeowner is given access to a large number of functions.
    For example, homeowners are given the ability to change settings in their alarms, it also allows them to activate their alarms, and some even go so far as to allow the homeowner to control individual security sensors.
    Study more

    There are a lot other articles out there that teach other basic security terms that homeowners need to get acquainted with that’ll help them choose the right home security system.

  • Wired or wireless home security systems
           Sunday, 22nd April 2012 at 10:58 pm

    My current wired security system works well; I have the phone line connection and all. After 4 years of good service I’m noticing there are safer options out there, like cellular but I want to keep my hard wired sensors. The wireless sensors look cheap and are not hidden. I just don’t want to see sensors every time I look at my doors and windows.

  • I have ADT security
           Monday, 23rd April 2012 at 12:57 am

    Not sure how I got setup with them, may have been a door to door salesperson, but I have ADT now in my home but haven’t had ADT monitoring service for years now. I’m tried to re activated the system with them and they now claim they cannot monitor my system as I don’t have a phone line anymore. Frustrating because it could cost me up to $400 to get service from them. I think I’ve found more reasonable companies like FrontPoint or LifeShield on this site, but they may be run by ADT too.

  • Burglaries in my gated community
           Wednesday, 25th April 2012 at 7:11 pm

    If you think because you live in a gated community, your house is not at risk – think again. I live in an upscale gated community and there have been 2 robberies in the past month. I feel like we are being targeted more now.
    We used to leave doors unlocked and neighborhood kids came and left freely but now it seems like I need to take security measures and buy a home security system. Too bad.

  • Xfinity Home Security
           Thursday, 26th April 2012 at 11:50 pm

    If you’re anything like me, you scratched your head when you heard Xfinity is now offering home security solutions. I thought Xfinity? as in Comcast…hmm? Full disclosure I happen to be an Xfinity or Comcast customer and know quite a few people who use their services. For the longest time Comcast happened to be the Internet/cable provider in my area. As with There are things I like about their service and like and things I don’t like all that much. The question remains why is the Cable guy selling home security systems now?

    Advantages of Xfinity Home Security

    – For new and existing Comcast customers they convenience of bundling their existing cable and internet services with home security.
    – Xfinity can serve as a one stop shop for their customers.
    – Pay one bill for multiple services.

    If all these reasons sound like security for convenience sake to you, join the club. While convenience is a huge attribute and people looking for purely convenience in a home security system can and may buy Xfinity security services , it is important to be mindful of a how a few things may work with Xfinity;s home security solution.

    Contract: Xfinity home security offers a 36 month contract. So if you have a cable/internet bundle with no contract, or a shorter contract with them then your home security add-on just tied you into a three year contract for all those services. Ask Xfinity what would happen if you’re dissatisfied with their services and want to cancel? Do you own or lease your security equipment? If you do own your security equipment will they allow you to use it with another home security company in the future.

    Internet based security monitoring connection: Well since Xfinity or Comcast is a home internet provider, you bundled home security solution will rely on their internet connection. Have you ever asked yourself what happens to your internet when your power goes out? Chances are you can’t search Google for a power generator during that time because your internet is down. That’s what could happen with your Xfinity home security system, without power it will be unable to dial out to the monitoring station if you have an emergency. If burglars cut your internet line you cant dial out either. Xfinity may know a cellular solution could be safer for their home security customers but cellular doesn’t necessarily fit in with their offerings.

    If you’re not an existing customer ask if Xfinity will require you to sign up for one of their bundles ni order to use their home security offerings.

    Xfinity also offers Remote web and Mobile access with their home security solutions, but its via broadband internet. The same idea about loss of power applies here and could be a limitation to how effective the Xfinity home security system connects with your central mobile and Internet enabled devices. If theres a service interruption – which has happened with Comcast then my mobile alerts are also interrupted, even worse the security systems ability to connect to the central monitoring station would also be interrupted, not good for an emergency situation.

    Pay for Warranty: Xfinity offers a Quality assurance plan for $4.95 more per month. Some other competitors in the home security industry include the warranty at no additional charge. Paying extra for equipment warranty is something home security customers should look out for. It speaks volumes for a home security company when they back their equipment at no additional charge to the customer.

    Xfinity’s home security services have been available for a while and while the service can be appealing to some, it is important to ensure you are asking all the right questions before adding to your bundle.

  • Crazy monitoring costs
           Friday, 27th April 2012 at 12:15 pm

    Monitoring costs are way too high now; I used to pay under $10 a month with my old security system. These alarm companies have caused me to go into sticker shock.

  • Protect America or ADT
           Sunday, 29th April 2012 at 3:24 pm

    I’m thinking about going with one of these 2 companies. ADT has the brand recognition and protect America seems to have the nice new technology at a good price. Neither of them charge for equipment in my area, but I seem to be leaning more towards ADT from a comfort standpoint.

  • Make sure that you’re safe and secure with the best alarm system
           Tuesday, 1st May 2012 at 12:47 pm

    Guest Post:
    It is so hard to get people whom you can trust to take care of your house or belongings when you’re not around (or even when you are, for you just cannot keep your eyes on all that you have all the time), so it is better to just get the best alarm system. Devices are more trustworthy than people sometimes, and they are just easy to use and understand. Read on and see which best alarm system is perfect for you.

    Protect your home with Protect America
    Protect America has very low locked in rate, which is good for people who do not want to overspend and still keep their places safe. It also has customizable packages—so you know for sure that you’re being well taken care of. They look at your place and check the area of the house, the entry points, and they customize alarms to be placed in those places—because no two houses are ever alike and it’s important that you get what’s best for you. And, they also have wireless monitoring connection—which is perfect, and will make you feel even more protected.

    Vivint Source
    Imagine being able to control your home’s environment, or being able to control the lights in that certain place, having them switch on and off whenever you want to, and even have the chance to operate small appliances—even if you’re far away! It’s convenient, and truly meant for the busy individual who still wants to keep tabs on what’s going on at home. Vivint produces alarms such as door and window sensors that could help you with your day to day life. Hopefully, this article has helped you in choosing the best alarm system for your place.

  • Good home security blog posts
           Saturday, 5th May 2012 at 5:05 am

    I had a lot of questions and read through your blog posts and got most them answered. Keep up the good work, those of us who need quick answers and are actively looking for the best home security solution will continue to find your site very helpful… Anish.

  • Looking for a no contract home security system
           Monday, 7th May 2012 at 4:22 pm

    I need a home security system quickly, as in yesterday but I’m totally turned off by all these contracts, Geez! I will be setting up auto billing from my bank account why do I need to be signing these unnecessary contracts.

  • Moving with a home security system
           Tuesday, 8th May 2012 at 5:42 pm

    I will be moving in a few months but need a security system, my husband’s job moved us a lot over the years but he’s retiring in a few months and we will be moving back to our home town of North Carolina. I need an alarm company that will let us move from Arizona to North Carolina with the system or get out of the contract. Are here any hidden fees I should be worried about?

  • Top 4 Tips in Selecting the Best Alarm System for Home
           Wednesday, 9th May 2012 at 12:43 am

    Thanks Tim for the article!

    Everybody wants to be safe from intruders. But when you leave your home, there is a probability that a criminal will be forcing his way in. For this reason, you have to install the best home security system that is known to provide the right protection. Do you really need this type of gadgets? In this type of perilous society, the answer to this question is a resounding “yes”! A property owner cannot simply leave everything to the police.

    Intruders come and go, and you cannot expect them to hang around long enough for the law enforcements to catch up. If you have the best home security systems, the faces of these criminals will be caught on tape, and you can use this to convict them. Here are some important tips that you should remember when shopping for a home security system:

    1. Get recommendations from your relatives and friends. These people may have installed one or more of these gadgets so they know most of the features as well as the price. Take note that there are numerous brands and alarm models that are currently being offered in the market, and if shopping for these devices is a new thing for you, then it would take some time for you to find the most reliable product.

    2. Check out the specifications and price. The features of the best security system for home should be properly studied. Some items are fit for a large property while others can answer for the requirements of a small home. When it comes to the price, you first have to set a particular budget. Good thing if your financial resources are unlimited. This would mean you can conveniently choose a device based on its top quality features alone. On the other hand, if your budget is limited, then it would always be wise to check out the price.

    3. Don’t be ashamed to ask for a discount. Not all alarm systems are being offered at a cheaper cost. Hence, it’s up to you to negotiate with the provider of these products. If you are purchasing a number of security cameras, then there is a chance for you to obtain a greater amount of discount. Additionally, you may also use several online coupons and freebies that are being given out for these products. It may not be much, but it certainly counts.

    4. Make sure to ask about significant items such as the following: period of warranty, requirements of the system, extent of video or camera coverage, space for installation purposes, batteries and the time when these items should be replaced, and other services that can be provided by the company such as installation and maintenance.

    Having the best alarm system for home will give you peace of mind. You no longer have to worry every time you leave home and embark on a long journey. The best alarm system will ensure that your precious assets are safe. If you want to view your property, you can conveniently connect the cameras to your computer and access the same through a remote application.

  • ADT complaints
           Thursday, 10th May 2012 at 6:15 pm

    I will never sign a contract with ADT again, and neither should you. They must have some kind of undercover deal with my phone company AT&T as ADT has refused to monitor my system because I changed to a VoIP carrier. Pay more money or pay thousands to get out of the contract are my options with them now. not happy, take them of your site as they don’t deserve the advertising here.

  • Ak-47
           Friday, 11th May 2012 at 4:48 pm

    Forget a security system or a loud alarm, my ak-47 is the best security system.

  • Wireless alarm companies
           Monday, 14th May 2012 at 6:18 pm

    I’m looking for a list of the alarm companies that provide only wireless systems. I live in a condo and wireless alarms are the only option.

  • Tips on Resetting a Generic Home Alarm System
           Tuesday, 15th May 2012 at 1:36 pm

    Generic home alarms are quite easy to reset, and you can do it yourself without calling a professional to do it for you. Some home owners waste money by hiring a professional to set up and/or reset a generic alarm system for them instead of learning how to do it themselves. If you just bought a new home alarm system but do not know how to reset it, then this short guide may be able to help you. Here, you will find some tips on resetting a generic home alarm that will teach you how to do it yourself without any professional help.

    Disconnect the Power Source
    The first that you need to do is to locate the power source that powers the main control panel of your home alarm system. Once you have found it, you will need to disconnect the power in order to reset your system. Some security systems are hard-wired into your house’s electrical system. If your security system is hard-wired, the only way to cut off the power is to cut off the circuit breaker located at the electrical panel board of your house.

    You will also need to disconnect the backup battery that is in the main control panel of your home alarm system. Pull the leads from the backup battery to disconnect it. Be careful when pulling on the leads because they can break easily when you pull too hard. Once you have disconnected the power sources of your system, leave it off for at least 5 minutes.

    Reactivating the System
    Reconnect the battery leads after leaving your alarm system off for 5 minutes. Ask a friend to assist you in powering up the system. You will need one person to activate the power while the other waits at the main control panel of the home security system. It is best that you wait at the main control panel while your friend activates the power. At the main control panel of your alarm system, press the # (pound) and * (star) keys and hold both of them at the same time for about 5 seconds while your home alarm system is powering back on.

    Resetting the System
    Once the system is on, you will need to enter the installer code. The installer code varies depending on the manufacturer. You can find the installer code for your alarm by searching the internet or by calling the manufacturer of your home alarm system. After entering the installer code, you will be able to enter new password information for your alarm. You can reset all of the features of your alarm by entering a reset code. If you don’t know the reset code, you can search for it on the internet by entering the model and manufacturer of your home alarm. You can also call the manufacturer and get the reset code from them. Some alarm models allow you to reset the features to the factory defaults by scrolling through the screens on the main control panel and then selecting the “Reset” option.

  • My HOA hates alarm systems.
           Tuesday, 15th May 2012 at 3:59 pm

    Have you ever heard of this? My HOA seems to have something against alarms, they don’t want alarm signs in the neighborhood and we are not allowed to have sirens. These wired rules are quite alarming to me (pardon the pun) is this just my neighborhood?

  • Security system equipment
           Wednesday, 16th May 2012 at 1:24 pm

    I have a DSC alarm equipment don’t know how old this is. Will FrontPoint, ADT or Protect America be able to monitor these because I don’t want to spend more money on equipment.

  • Protect America
           Wednesday, 16th May 2012 at 1:25 pm

    I called, I bought no issue. I’m very happy with my protect America system. Good deals too, you should all call them.

  • Best home security systems solution
           Thursday, 17th May 2012 at 1:00 am

    I approached purchasing an alarm system with a tactical approach. It helped we sort through the crap out there. I wasn’t really worried about break-ins but wanted to be able to keep an eye on h teens and stuff. FrontPoint security and their technology were the perfect solution for me. Figure out your needs and come up with a checklist and narrow it down to the best security company based on your checklist. That way you get exactly what you want.

  • FrontPoint Security Recommendation
           Saturday, 19th May 2012 at 7:36 pm

    I feel like since I purchased my FrontPoint system, I’ve just had the best relationship with FrontPoint over time. I want to share a story about my circumstances when I purchased my system. I had a funeral to attend, a family member passed which required me to travel out of town for a week to two weeks, I knew I needed a security system to protect my home when I was away, but I had a total of 24 to 48 hours to purchase one. FrontPoint was able to overnight the equipment to me and I was able to install in under 25 minutes. My alarm system was fully monitored and I could monitor from my DroidX I’ve been very happy with the FrontPoint experience and I thought I’ll share with others. Thank you FrontPoint Security for your great service.

  • GE Simon
           Tuesday, 22nd May 2012 at 11:11 am

    This seems to be the new popular home security equipment out there now, I’m finding a lot of people are using this I need to know if it is better than Honeywell. My company uses a Honeywell security system, any feedback would be helpful.

  • Searching for wireless security system
           Wednesday, 23rd May 2012 at 12:57 am

    Wireless security systems have been around for a while, but I wasn’t too impressed with the ones they had around 5-10 years ago. They had too many issues, turns with the newer technology like FrontPoint’s GE Simon XT wireless alarm systems they now have better battery life and the equipment lasts a lot longer. I feel like GE has always made good security electronics though.

  • Best home alarm system
           Saturday, 26th May 2012 at 1:24 pm

    I guess there is no best but this is important to me as I got broken into lately. I want a good price and don’t want waste your time looking for a free home security system because they are only free in the ads and some are advertised on this website. I got burglarized recently and they walked through the door and took everything they could, I’m quite sure my new criminal neighbors had something to do with it. I will talk to FrontPoint Security because they have a good reputation.

  • Just bought a FrontPoint security system
           Thursday, 31st May 2012 at 11:37 am

    I just received my FrontPoint security system in the mail, I like the packaging and they delivered it quickly. Purchasing the security system was really easy I don’t need an installer or any technicians and set up was a breeze.

  • The best home security system
           Saturday, 2nd June 2012 at 3:15 pm

    The best home security system I have to say is cellular. You have to get a cellular security system because even your local police will let you know that most burglars have figured out how to cut phone lines, so there’s no point in using a phone line based security system.

    A wireless system is good I can use hardwired also but if you move a lot you may want to wireless system because you can take it with you when you move.
    For me having interactive smartphone applications is also a must.

  • Security on campus
           Sunday, 10th June 2012 at 7:08 am

    I’m a professor at a college, so housing is pretty much in the city. I moved when I took this job, with my pregnant wife. The issue is there are too many drunken students walking around in packs in my new neck of the woods. I’ve actually witnessed vandalisms and aggressive behavior several times. My wife and I are uneasy about this so we’ve decided to purchase our first alarm system. I didn’t know I would be walking into a information maze, this site helped me narrow the playing field and while I like iPhone apps, I’m more interested in finding a home security company with the best customer service. I don’t mind DIY and it must be wireless and cellular. I think FrontPoint may be the way to go while Protect America a close second.

  • Medical alert
           Sunday, 10th June 2012 at 7:38 pm

    I see a lot of people buying these security systems, these security systems claim to have medical alert but how do you test to ensure that it will work. Honestly I don’t have iPhone, I don’t use iPhone apps but as a senior I need to know that the police or the medical team will be called if I fall. Which alarm company has the best medical alert?

  • FrontPoint security is better than the others
           Friday, 15th June 2012 at 9:05 am

    I thought my FrontPoint home security system I have was a great purchase. No worries no hidden fees no additional costs adjusted monitor and my family feel secure. FrontPoint was one of the best decisions I’ve made, I only wish purchasing other services could be this easy.

  • Monitored home security systems
           Monday, 18th June 2012 at 1:22 am

    I’m looking for a monitored home security system but I’m wondering if I can select the features that I want. I’m not looking for police I’m just looking for prior I wonder if any of the security companies offer just fire monitoring as this is for a vacation home that I own. I really want to know if there’s a fire and I’m halfway around the country on I want the fire department to be dispatched. I talked to a few companies already and FrontPoint Security does seem to have great service.

  • Motion sensors
           Thursday, 21st June 2012 at 1:36 pm

    I find the door sensors to be annoying and with two kids running in and out of the house I think it’s too much of a hassle. Does anyone know if it’s advisable to use just a motion sensors?

  • Protect America deals
           Saturday, 23rd June 2012 at 12:57 am

    I felt like Protect America made shopping for a wireless home security system easy and painless. I needed a lot of equipment, not the basic 2 doors and a motion I was able to get 15 sensors at the best price I could find with Protect America.

  • Save on your homeowners insurance
           Monday, 25th June 2012 at 11:39 am

    A lot of people don’t know this, so I thought I would share but my home owners insurance company asked me to purchase a home security system is to get discounts. I didn’t know this is how it worked, but I figured since I needed home security service anyway, why not get the discount. If you have a home security system and haven’t received the discount from your homeowners insurance company It may be a good time to ask.

  • Best service FrontPoint Security or Protect America?
           Monday, 2nd July 2012 at 10:38 am

    I’m assuming they basically cost the same and it looks like they have pretty much the same security equipments. But I need to know which one would give the customer the best service. I happen to pay for good service so I don’t mind if I pay a little more, any feedback would help.

  • Alarm permits
           Saturday, 7th July 2012 at 2:51 pm

    Do all alarm companies require you to purchase permits when you buy the security system? Or is this a scam, Seems like a scam to me.

  • I'm looking for the best home security system
           Sunday, 8th July 2012 at 3:35 pm

    I really just want the best service and the best equipment I know from point seems to be a great company but ADT is all over my neighborhood and I know he needs he does good stuff too. What do I need to know to help me determine what the best system is?

  • FrontPoint Security monitoring services
           Tuesday, 10th July 2012 at 5:36 pm

    Honestly I’ve had FrontPoint Security for years, the iPhone technology works great. I’ve got to say if I had a recommend one security company to anyone, friends, family it will be FrontPoint Security. Try them out because you can’t go wrong.

  • ADT Security Services
           Wednesday, 11th July 2012 at 5:55 pm

    I’m on my third ADT system in 2 homes, and ADT has been great, I don’t like DIY or wireless but I really have nothing to complain about when it comes to ADT. Now that ADT offers cellular, they never offered it to me but I called and found out.I think I’ll just stick with my current company and upgrade my existing system.

  • Protect America touchscreen keypad.
           Saturday, 14th July 2012 at 7:39 pm

    I like the alarm system but I like that they offer a free touchscreen keypad when I purchased. Since I have motion sensors are used my touchscreen keypad every day great company, good pricing, great equipment.

  • ADT vs FrontPoint Security
           Monday, 16th July 2012 at 1:26 pm

    Hmm. Everyone seems to know ADT and FrontPoint seems to be a new company. Now that I’ve heard of FrontPoint Security I feel like they are a good competitor. Everyone seems to like them, and they are easy to talk to. Does anyone know of any FrontPoint Security deals because ADT seems to be giving me the world but the monitoring plan is expensive?

  • Seven Home Security Terms Homeowners Should Get Acquainted With
           Thursday, 19th July 2012 at 2:16 pm

    From the 6Webs Editorial Team:

    A lot of people, as homeowners, will agree that an excellent home security system is very important for any home today. The statistics of the FBI for burglary back in 2009 shows the there were as many as 2.2 million break-ins in the United States. The potential harm that may result from being unprepared for potential threats can prove to be fatal.

    Choosing the best home security system can be quite the challenge especially for the novice homeowner. Before heading out there to search for the right security system it would be best for a homeowner to acquaint themselves with certain terms. The seven terms listed below will be quite helpful in assisting the homeowner get the right kind of home security system.

    The Central Monitoring Station
    Depending on the home security system, an alarm might be falsely triggered. Most modern alarm systems work by sensing motion. Unfortunately this may sometimes, again depending on the system, include motions produced by animals such as pets for example. The dilemma of a false alarm can be prevented through the use of a central station.

    The central station is a feature found in a home security system that allows the homeowner to disable the alarms before they go off. They are intended to prevent false alarms from ever taking place. Homeowners are given a limited amount of time and are typically given around 30-45 seconds before the alarm really goes off.

    Glass Sensors
    Statistics have shown that an estimated eighty percent of all household break ins are done on the first floor. Many of these burglars resort to breaking windows to serve as entry points so they can access the house. Glass sensors are simply special sensors used to recognize the sound of breaking glass. Once it hears broken glass the sensors go off and sound an alarm.

    Pre-Wired Home
    A pre-wired home is basically a home that’s already setup for wiring a security system. This will likely lower the cost of installing a security system for the home.

    Two-Way Communication
    Certain alarms are directly linked to security companies. These companies are alert to any alarms that might go off in the household. Homeowners are instructed to report to these companies during an alarm to explain if the cause of the alarm was false or a real emergency.
    Remote Monitoring

    This is where the security company contacts the homeowner or the proper authorities should the alarms ever get triggered.
    The Master Code

    A modern home security system will have what is known as a master code. The master code is used for bypassing the security system’s measurements. These are often used by either the homeowner or a technician in order to bypass the alarm when needed.

    A person’s home is divided into several zones. This has the benefit of simplifying the alarm system of the household. Example, the first zone is the front yard so an alarm in zone one means the intruder went through an entry point at the front. This home security system feature alerts people to an intruder and their point of entry making it easier to avoid a confrontation.

  • Wireless security cameras
           Saturday, 21st July 2012 at 3:46 pm

    I’m considering getting wireless security cameras instead of a security system. This thing is the cameras don’t dispatch the police as I found recently so I think a home security system would be a better way to go. I’m just not sure if it fits my needs perfectly.

  • Pushy Sales tactics
           Sunday, 22nd July 2012 at 1:25 pm

    Protect America told me a week ago that I just had one day to make a decision but I wasn’t ready, I spoke to them again today for some additional information and got the same pushy sales guys telling me I had to decide quickly. I’m personally not a fan of that and this may ultimately be the reason I go with another company.

  • Wireless security systems?
           Friday, 27th July 2012 at 8:35 am

    I’m used to having the more traditional home security systems with the hard wires, as a matter of fact I’ve lived in three homes where I have a hardwired systems installed with no problems. It seems like all the alarm companies are peddling the wireless security systems now I was hoping I could get some more information on them I maybe I will join the bandwagon.

  • Monitored Security system
           Friday, 27th July 2012 at 1:25 pm

    First off I’m tired of all these companies that charge for equipment. I have equipment but need to get the cellular monitoring thing and move on with my life. Everyone seems to want to charge for the alarm system equipment but all I’m looking for is monitoring service.

  • Protect America and LifeShield head-to-head
           Wednesday, 1st August 2012 at 7:36 pm

    I like a lot about Protect America, and I’ve seen them over the years. I don’t know much about LifeShield but they seem like the new option, especially when it comes to technology. My initial instinct is to choose Protect America instead of like LifeShield but I’m not sure which way to go at this time. My plan is to find who has the better deal and who has the best service.

  • Protect America no complaints
           Saturday, 4th August 2012 at 3:22 pm

    I highly recommend Protect America I was able to get the 10 sensor system and cellular monitoring for a really reasonable price. It is their silver security package, the sales rep even let me switch out a sensor for the smoke detector.

  • LifeShield Security customer
           Wednesday, 8th August 2012 at 5:37 pm

    I’m happy with LifeShield Security, I guess they could improve a few things, but for the price I have to say not bad at all.

  • best home security system
           Friday, 10th August 2012 at 3:56 pm

    Thanks for all the great information. I wasn’t aware that a glass break sensor even existed but it sounds like pretty cool technology. I have a room with 8 windows so that will be perfect for my set up.

  • Cellular monitoring and limited coverage
           Saturday, 11th August 2012 at 1:25 pm

    I wanted a cellular security system or monitoring, cellular coverage is very limited in my area and I’ve heard different things from alarm companies. Some say it will be fine and some say it wouldn’t, I hate to buy something I cant use. My cellphone barely works were I live.

  • LifeShield Alarm System
           Tuesday, 14th August 2012 at 7:40 pm

    I feel like LifeShield had the best pricing for me I was going to go with FrontPoint but they cost a little more upfront. I will keep you posted.

  • LifeShield Security... is this too good to be true?
           Friday, 24th August 2012 at 7:36 pm

    I’m researching LifeShield Security monitoring prices from this website, and the prices seem really good. I’ve actually been in the market on and off for a home security system for years now, I don’t like surprises so if anybody knows what the catch is with LifeShield Security please let me know.

  • Great information
           Saturday, 25th August 2012 at 2:21 pm

    You have a lot of great information on your website. I’m definitely sold on the DIY home security system but I’m not sure if I should go with FrontPoint Security or Protect America. I like that Protect America has free equipment but I didn’t notice that the cellular monitoring plans are little bit higher than FrontPoint Security’s.

  • ADT Security
           Thursday, 30th August 2012 at 7:36 am

    I’ve had an ADT home security system for about three years now and have a bad experience with their customer service. My contract is ready to expire so I’m looking for the next best home security monitoring services. I’m thinking about trying LifeShield. They look like they have a good Better Business Bureau rating and I like that they have multiple base units. Has anyone used them before?

  • Home security system design
           Saturday, 1st September 2012 at 1:24 pm

    All the alarm companies seem to recommend more motion detectors now, but I’m not sure they can replace the window sensors, I may be leaning on using both, FrontPoint and Protect America seem to have two different approaches to designing a system, but I think having the GE Simon XT is the best system these days.

  • Vivint security wow!
           Saturday, 1st September 2012 at 7:36 pm

    Best equipment, best monitoring plans, great cameras Vivint rules!

  • best commerical security system
           Tuesday, 4th September 2012 at 5:44 pm

    I noticed that your website focuses on security systems for residences or homes. I was wondering if you could do a review on what the best home security system is for a business.

  • Choosing the Right Home Security Cameras
           Saturday, 8th September 2012 at 4:41 pm

    From an anonymous home security expert:

    The modern day homeowner has a lot of home security system options to choose from. Feeling safe and secure in one’s own home is a feeling that many people share. While it isn’t the be all and end all of home security, cameras are perhaps one of the most important additions to any wireless home security system.

    Home security cameras are available with most home security companies nowadays and are important assets for keeping an eye on your home. Wireless home security cameras are used in airports, hotels, and malls; practically any place of significance is now being watched by a security camera. Choosing the right camera for a home security system involves some consideration.

    Below are a few tips that can help the vigilant homeowner choosing what security camera would be best for their home.

    Sharpness is an important quality
    One of the most important factors in choosing the right camera for a home security system is choosing a camera that has high sharpness. Sharpness determines how clear the videos will be recorded and viewed. It is imperative that the videos are of a good quality.
    Home security cameras that have low sharpness result in blurry images and are hardly of any real practical help in maintaining good surveillance of a home or property. Blurry videos will make it difficult to properly identify intruders when they make an attempt to break-in to the homeowner’s property. So remember, when choosing a home security camera always remember to get the ones that provide the best sharpness rating. Look for home security cameras that provide at least 320k pixels.

    Knowing the right type of CCTV camera

    CCTV stands for Closed-circuit television and is a term that is used to refer to video cameras that are used to send signals to a receiver. The receiver is often a form of surveillance center where someone keeps watch of everything that the cameras see. It is referred to as a closed circuit because the signal is not broadcast openly such as the signals sent through television.
    Now there are a lot of different CCTV cameras out there to choose from, but the one that homeowners should look for is one that uses CCD technology. CCD is an acronym for Charge Couple Device; cameras that incorporate this piece of technology produce great images and have great sensitivity to light.

    Black and white or colored?
    This might seem as a no brainer for some but the answer to this question is actually much more complicated. The thing is both black and white cameras and colored cameras have their own different unique sets of advantages and disadvantages. It’s important for the homeowner to know these differences so they can decide which camera would best suit a certain need.

    Black and white cameras are great for keeping surveillance of locations where there are poor lighting conditions. Black and white cameras are more sensitive to light making them excellent for dark areas. Colored cameras produce a more natural looking video and are not as sensitive as black and white cameras. Therefore, colored cameras are better suited for places that have excellent lighting conditions.
    Keeping these tips in mind will help the homeowner find the right cameras for their home security system.

  • carbon monoxide sensors
           Monday, 10th September 2012 at 5:19 pm

    I think with a lot of people fail to realize is that a home security system is not just for security it can also be for fire and carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide is a silent killer that you don’t really know about until it’s too late. Having a detector for this can save your family’s life. When we initially were looking at home security system we thought it was just about the security and it turned out that these features ended up being more important to my wife and I.

  • Do you need a home security system? Really?
           Friday, 14th September 2012 at 7:38 pm

    I feel like if you live in a bad neighborhood, move. Or get a dog, a dog is reliable and would bark louder than any home security system. When your dog barks, grab your gun – best security system ever get a gun.

  • FrontPoint Security is the best
           Friday, 14th September 2012 at 7:40 pm

    It’s hard to find a bad review about this company I wish their equipment charges were a little less, but it may be worth it to pay for equipment and get great service.

  • FrontPoint Security Review
           Saturday, 15th September 2012 at 11:08 am

    I recently bought a FrontPoint home security system and I couldn’t be happier. I wanted the peace of mind for my family because we live in a bad area of Chicago but it is also nice to have the iPhone features so I can check in on my family remotely. It’s like having Skype but you don’t need somebody on the other end to answer the call.

  • home security companies
           Sunday, 16th September 2012 at 1:26 pm

    I really didn’t believe people were truly offering free alarm sytems but my thoughts were confirmed quickly after I called a few of these companies. My advice to these companies is BE honest!

  • Protect America’s Home Security Monitoring
           Tuesday, 18th September 2012 at 8:08 am

    Kind of a funny story but it just goes to show how well protect America’s home security system is. The kids and I were making cookies the other day and we got sidetracked with a game and the cookies were burning and caused smoke in the kitchen. The fire alarm went off and within seconds I got a call from Protect America’s monitoring team asking if everything was ok. Now that’s a great response.

  • ADT Complaints
           Saturday, 22nd September 2012 at 6:19 pm

    Stay away from ADT. I’ve had home security system of their’s for a few months and have had more false alarms than I know what to do with. Maybe I have something misconfigured but every time we have relatives stay over a false alarm always goes off.

  • ADT Security Services
           Monday, 1st October 2012 at 3:18 pm

    Why don’t you guys have any reviews of ADT security. I see their commercials on TV all the time and they also advertise on the radio in my area. They say that they have wireless home security systems too. What’s up with that?

  • Home security prices
           Wednesday, 3rd October 2012 at 7:38 pm

    It seems like all the security company’s got together and agreed to charge people the same price. There’s no sign of great competition in this market they all seem to charge too much for service. In my opinion.

  • Temperature sensors with your alarm system
           Saturday, 13th October 2012 at 7:40 pm

    Does it matter if my temperature sensors are monitored? I don’t know if I want the police responding because the temperature in my house changes. By the way don’t the police charge or find you every time to come out?

  • FrontPoint Security vs Protect America
           Monday, 15th October 2012 at 1:18 am

    I’m torn between Protect America and FrontPoint security. Does anybody have a suggestion on which way to go? The most important aspect to me other than the basic intrusion monitoring is the home automation piece. With that being said they both offer similar equipment from GE it seems so who has the better service?

  • Top Security Company indeed
           Tuesday, 16th October 2012 at 1:26 pm

    FrontPoint is way ahead of these other companies, ask about the features and technology and get ready to be blown away, who knew you could get a reminder after you leave your house, I thought the Geo-Services and the Smash and Crash made FrontPoint Security the best and most well rounded alarm company out there.

  • Excited about iPhone apps
           Saturday, 20th October 2012 at 12:12 am

    Knowing that there are alarm systems out there that allows you to control and receive notifications from your iPhone, is exciting news for me since I have three children and honestly, I’m not too worried about burglaries. Yes, I’m looking to snoop on my kids.

  • Vivint for Home Automation
           Tuesday, 23rd October 2012 at 2:01 am

    If you are interested in home automation then I would highly suggest you check out Vivint security. They’ve got some of the coolest equipment in the industry and the most advanced. They’re on a mission to redefine home security and home automation.

  • Protect America reviews
           Friday, 26th October 2012 at 7:37 pm

    Protect America has the best deals I found in the industry. While I like their pricing I’ve read a few bad reviews. As long as they have a good home security system I may be willing to give them a chance.

  • LifeShield Security is the best
           Sunday, 28th October 2012 at 11:14 am

    I just bought a LifeShield security system because of your reviews it seems like they’re on top of their game as far as innovation. I also read on their website that they have one of the fastest response times in the industry. I live on the outskirts of Houston so I want to make sure that I have the fastest response as possible. Plus I like their approach with the multiple base units, the smash and grab technology from FrontPoint sounds cool but I’d rather have another unit to send a signal than just relying on one. I’m in the IT field so it’s all about redundancy.

  • FrontPoint Security review
           Sunday, 28th October 2012 at 1:24 pm

    This company is definitely the real deal. Everything you read about them is true. Great service great technology and it works well. I had to decide between FrontPoint and ADT, I thought ADT was boring but Protect America was pretty catchy except I got confused by Protect America’s security monitoring prices. I’m glad I went with FrontPoint Security.

  • Submitted by a Home Security Expert
    As you pack for your vacation, you may be so excited about how to cherish it. You may be excited about the hotel you are going to stay in, the cruise ship you are going to spend your few days at, and your family and friends who you will reunite with for a few days. However, this excitement might bring out somewhat paranoid yet realistic thought that you might be leaving your home and properties unsafe as you leave your front door teamed up with the burglary statistics provided in the best wireless alarm system reviews. Indeed, it can be too much too imagine but realizing that home intrusion incidences are high; a few tips on how to prevent it will not hurt.

    The first thing that you have to do even before packing occurs when you have decided to spend your vacations out of town. You can find someone reliable and trustworthy to stay in your house and guard it from intrusion while you are away. However, if it is not at all possible then there are still other ways. As you pack your things, start cleaning the house and remove the cluttered properties around your premises. Keep them in a secured cabinet or room so that they would not be easy prey when intruders enter your house. The thing is not to forget to securely keep everything in your house that you can.

    You may or may not have read it in best wireless alarm system reviews how important and alarm system is but you should buy it even you are just a few days from departure. If you do not have time to shop for everything, you can at least shop for those that will help make an impression that there is somebody in the house such as automatic lights and thermostats. On the other hand, if you have the best home security system, be sure to check them for any malfunction so that they can be addressed soon before you leave.

    At least a day before you leave, alarm system reviews will tell you that you should check the equipment that is battery operated. Change the batteries so that they will not lose power in any way. Make sure that the replacement batteries are working well and still filled with energy so that they can provide what is needed of them. Try to set off the alarm sensors in your system to see if they are still effective in sensing motions and the like. Be careful not to do this many times, as it might drain the batteries you have just placed.

    Aside from checking the automatic system that you have in your house, you should not forget to check your houses built-in defense system against intruders—the windows, doors, and the like. It is advised that you check out some tips on the best wireless alarm system for some do-it-yourself instructions on intensifying the security of your entryways. In addition to this, you should ensure that the entryways are installed with locks that are sturdy and not easily destructible. They should be in good condition so that intruders will not have an easy time breaking through.

  • Home Security Professional
           Tuesday, 30th October 2012 at 3:55 pm

    We got a question the other day if FrontPoint Security is the only company with smash and grab protection. Protect America also offers this service and it is through LifeShield security doesn’t have smash and grab protection but they do have multiple base units so if a burglar was to smash one control panel the other one would pick up and contact the central monitoring station. This is essentially the same as the smash and grab protection but just implemented it a different way.

  • Protect America Reviews
           Friday, 2nd November 2012 at 12:17 pm

    I recently signed up with Protect America and took advantage of their $19.99 per month plan they are running a 20 year special where there’s no activation fees and you get free equipment. Had zero issues with installing the equipment. Took me about 20 minutes to get everything set up and configured.

  • Top 7 Tips in Buying the Best Wireless Security System
           Saturday, 3rd November 2012 at 11:47 pm

    Criminal activities are rampant nowadays and home safety is one of the greatest concerns for any homeowner around the world. Many people prefer to store their valuable items inside their homes. However, even if these precious things are placed in a safe or even if you have dogs around, this is not sufficient to ward off burglars from trying to steal them. One way to deter criminal elements is for you to install the best wireless security systems.

    Remember these tips when buying the right alarm system for your home:

    1. Always make it a point to read the home alarm systems reviews so you will have an idea about the products that you can purchase and install. These unbiased reviews will certainly provide all the answers that you need to know about a particular brand of model of an alarm system.

    2. Choose a wireless home security camera that is considered noiseless. This piece of equipment will be able to record all the things that transpire inside your home, and the intruder will not even know that he has been caught on tape. You can easily use the video to convict the criminal.

    3. Most of the home security system reviews will tell you that the gadget is also used for monitoring purposes. Make sure that the features of the wireless device will allow you to connect the same to your personal computer so you can properly monitor your home even though you are in a remote location. This is extremely important especially for a traveler. As soon as you detect that something wrong is happening in your place, you can immediately call the police.

    4. Some people prefer the wired security system because it is a lot cheaper than the best wireless security system. However, when it comes to a clean and orderly setup, the wireless type is more preferred. The hassle of dealing with cables and cords is pretty tough so if you don’t want to be worrying about the right location where you can setup the security cameras, then it is suggested that you place an order for the wireless security system. Since you can conveniently move the cameras freely without the cords, you’ll be able to test the locations.

    5. Choose a good home security system that is easy to organize and physically reconfigurable. Get the right idea from several home security systems reviews so you won’t be making a mistake in shopping for the device that you need.

    6. So why do people choose to have a wireless securiy system for their home? For one thing, the installation process is quite simple. When you purchase the product, you will also be given a manual. All the tools and equipment that you require in setting up these alarm systems can be found at home so there’s nothing to worry about.

    7. Another important thing about a wireless security system is that it can be concealed. A burglar will not even notice that microphones and cameras were installed all over place since there are no visible cords and cables.

  • home security user
           Sunday, 4th November 2012 at 3:15 pm

    When I initially started my search I thought I could buy a few components online and have a decent home security system but after reading through your site it seems apparent that I need to get one with 24 x 7 monitoring services. It does make me feel safer knowing that there is a live person on the other and who is monitoring my home in the event something happens. Especially with young children I just don’t want to take a risk so I’m definitely going to go with monitoring services.

  • Xfinity security system
           Monday, 5th November 2012 at 1:24 pm

    I’m a little concerned about Xfinity home security services. I probably wouldn’t be talking about it if the Comcast guy didn’t try to pitch it to me. They should’ve asked if I was a satisfied customer first. Don’t know if a mediocre cable company can provide the a good home security system but I may be wrong.

  • I bought my security system
           Thursday, 8th November 2012 at 1:25 pm

    After all the research I’m glad the search is over it was really between FrontPoint Security and Protect America because I wanted the GE Simon with Cellular. Could’ve gone either way but didn’t have enough upfront to spend on the FrontPoint Security alarm system, so I had to go with Protect America. Not saying Lifeshield Security wasn’t a good option or even ADT but these guys knew their stuff.

  • Wireless home security system
           Saturday, 10th November 2012 at 3:21 pm

    I second your comment about going with the wireless home security system because I recently just bought one and three months later I had to move for my job. If I had a hardwired system I’d still be under the contract for a good while and no home security system at my new place. It was fairly easy to move the entire system.

  • Happy FrontPoint Customer
           Saturday, 10th November 2012 at 3:22 pm

    I’ve been a FrontPoint customer for two years now and have had a wonderful experience. I love the mobile features and so do my kids. I travel a lot for work so I like to know what’s going on at home and have the ability to stream video from my phone. When I first did my research I tried to get a system off eBay but read some reviews on how difficult it was to set up to stream video remotely. Since FrontPoint already had that technology built-in, it was a no-brainer for me.

  • Why I chose FrontPoint Security
           Sunday, 11th November 2012 at 2:39 pm

    It’s simple, the reviews. Since I know how frontpoint treats their customers it was a no-brainer to go with them. By the way I figured their pricing was very competitive so why not give them a try.

  • GE Simon 3
           Friday, 16th November 2012 at 1:26 pm

    I have a Simon 3 and have been happy with the equipment, I know its older but don’t want to purchase new equipment I don’t need. Can I go wireless or cellular with my current GE Simon 3 system? Frontpoint seems to offer the new ones Simon XT with a charge.

  • Tips to Getting the Right Home Security System
           Monday, 19th November 2012 at 1:54 pm

    From the Editorial Team:

    People want to feel safe and secure in the comfort of their own home, which is why so many families have their own wireless home security system. Now there are a lot of home security systems out there to choose from, homeowners are practically spoiled for choice.

    There are a lot of wireless home security systems out there preaching that there’s has the most bells and whistles. It’s really easy to get lost out there, especially for new homeowners. Finding the right home security system for a home might be difficult, but it would get a lot easier if a person knew what they were doing.

    Below are practical tips that can help in choosing the right home security system that will address the homeowner’s needs. The factors in getting the right security for a person’s home are:

    The number of entry points:

    The first thing that homeowners need to address is the number of possible entry points. Burglars often check out a residence’s entry points to see which one has the best potential for a good break in. This is probably one of the most, if not the most, important factor that a home security shopper needs to think about.

    Entry points could be anything that a burglar can use to gain access to the home. Entry points can range from doors, to windows, and so much more. It is important for the homeowner to take note that entry points also include possible entries that are beyond the 1st floor.

    If a DIY home security system is ill equipped to cover all entry points, then the homeowner needs to consider another home security system that will provide better coverage.
    Are there pets in the house?

    Another thing that a homeowner should remember is that a lot of modern forms of security systems rely on motion sensor technology. The home alarm system is triggered whenever it senses movement. Even the movement of pets can trigger off an alarm.

    If a homeowner has a pet then it would be a very good idea to find a system that will not falsely trigger an alarm in their presence. There are DIY home security systems that are tailor made for people who have pets at home. Home security systems with motion sensors are smart enough to know the difference between a cat and a burglar, unless the homeowner can tolerate the constant alarms triggered by their pets, is a must.

    Think beyond human dangers

    While burglars and thieves might represent a homeowner’s worst security issue, there are still other things that the smart owner needs to be aware of. There are excellent wireless and diy home security systems that go beyond just detecting possible intrusion.

    There are a lot of detectors and sensors that can provide additional security. Modern day security systems can check for just about anything such as carbon monoxide poisoning and fire. The elderly homeowner can even wear their own some form of panic button that they can activate when they need some form of emergency assistance.

    Finding the best wireless home security system should not be as terrible or difficult as long as the homeowner keeps these tips in mind.

  • Xfinity or FrontPoint Security
           Sunday, 25th November 2012 at 1:25 pm

    I know FrontPoint Security is one of the best home security companies out there that you can find, but Xfinity seems to have good pricing. Does anyone have any experience with both home security companies?

  • LifeShield security is #1
           Tuesday, 27th November 2012 at 12:57 am

    Easy to use, easy to set up. I wanted the best monthly monitoring prices and I got it with LifeShield.

  • Best Home Security System
           Friday, 7th December 2012 at 6:15 pm

    I’ve been through the ringer with these home security companies on the phone. The only company that made any sense to me was FrontPoint Security. They seem to be friendly to renters so I might end up going with them. It’s hard enough to find the best home security system not to mention one with the monitoring services. Your site definitely helped in the process. A BIG Thank you!

  • Honeywell Systems
           Saturday, 8th December 2012 at 1:26 pm

    I used Honeywell in the past and that what we have for security and access at work. I live in a 7500 sq. ft house and may need something hardwired and a little more sophisticated than what some of the companies here offer. Is there a list of Honeywell dealers available?

  • Best Home Alarm Systems
           Sunday, 9th December 2012 at 10:53 pm

    I ended up selecting FrontPoint Security and I couldn’t be happier. I called both Protect America and ADT but I liked that FrontPoint Security offered the 30-day guarantee even though I didn’t need it. Your site was helpful for me to make a decision. Great information and keep up the good work.

  • The Best Home Alarm Systems
           Monday, 10th December 2012 at 9:15 pm

    From a Security Guest:

    The security of your home should be one of your topmost priorities. While it is important to make your home aesthetically appealing by adding attractive features, you should never forget to keep it secure by installing safety features. You should choose from the best home alarm systems in the country. Ask people you trust for recommendations. You can also read good reviews, as well as join forum communities.

    Keep in mind that the best home alarm systems allow the alarms to communicate quickly with monitoring centers. This means that even clients without a telephone line can easily contact customer support. Obviously, excellent customer service is very important in any company. This is especially true with home security companies. Clients should be able to contact a customer service representative in case an issue or problem occurs.

    Some home security companies are restrictive. They often require clients to contact them via a telephone line. Now, this can be quite a hassle; not to mention it can add to your total costs. The best home alarm systems are efficient yet reasonably priced. They are available to all residents regardless of their financial status. They should give you outstanding coverage without breaking your budget.

    You should go for a security company that offers a free telephone line and an optional cellular monitoring. A lot of security companies actually require clients to purchase additional equipment and pay for monthly cellular monitoring. Also, you should choose a security company that makes use of built-in cellular technology. This is so you can readily send alarm signals to the monitoring center that operates 24/7.

    The best home alarm systems have live monitoring centers so they can assist clients whenever they need assistance. They do not require telephone lines or even Internet connection to be reached. Accessibility is really important in a home security company. Moreover, you should be careful about signing contracts. Keep in mind that once you sign a contract, you would be bound to its terms and regulations for a certain period of time.

    If you do not want any of these hassles, you should choose a company that does not require contracts. An alarm system without a contract will give you more freedom. You will not feel restricted, and you will have a choice. You will be able to cancel your subscription at any time you want without worrying about penalties and termination fees. All you have to do is pay the monthly fee. You can subscribe for as long as you want.

    Likewise, an alarm system without a contract will allow you to reactivate your subscription anytime. The security company should allow you to use their services whenever you want. Your best interest should be in their minds. Nevertheless, the best home alarm systems also have security staff that monitor clients all year. They have alarms that alert the monitoring centers in case they are triggered. If you are not able to provide the correct password, they will send the authorities to your place.

  • Best Security Systems
           Tuesday, 11th December 2012 at 5:59 pm

    I’ve had a Guardian Protection System for 3 years now and I want to get rid of it. The technology is not that great and I want to have access from my mobile phone like what is available on FrontPoint Security and Protect America. Anyone have any experience with either of these companies?

    • Best Alarm Systems
             Wednesday, 12th December 2012 at 1:07 pm

      I have a FrontPoint Security system and am a satisfied customer. Go with the interactive monitoring plan you won’t regret it.

  • Protect America Customer
           Tuesday, 18th December 2012 at 3:08 am

    Wanted to give my review of Protect America. I purchased a home security system from them a few months ago and I’m really happy with the service. I got the plan with 10 window/door sensors. I also got the motion sensor an the GE control panel. The remote access from my iPhone has been really cool. That’s definitely the icing on the cake for me since I’m a techie.

  • Written by a Guest Security Expert

    The effectiveness and efficiency of your home alarm systems is just as much as the strategic level of its installation within the premises. Many homeowners have installed the best home security system in their house but failed to make the most out of it just because they did not account the different elements that an intruder considers when breaking into a property. Thus, for these homeowners, their alarm systems have become just a luxury and source of headache rather than a sure protection from burglary and other crimes.

    It is important that you know even the most basic information about the alarm system that you are buying during the sale. You can acquire the details about the system through the sales representative you are interacting with. You should make further research by visiting the official website of the alarm systems manufacturer you have bought from and read a home security systems review on the internet. Several tips will be handed over to you in such content.

    Should you find yourself still in confusion, do not hesitate to call the home security company for support. They will be able to address your inquiries and make a house visit if necessary. This will end all your worries, as they will be able to assess if there are any malfunctions in the system.

    As the homeowner, do not limit your thinking about where to mount the alarm sensors. Think like an intruder and not as the homeowner, as a home security systems review will advise you. For example, instead of installing all the alarms and sensors in the first floor of your house or in major entry ways, distribute your alarm equipment throughout the premises. Remember that a determined intruder will try to break in even through the rooftop or the basement. It is important that you put the equipment in strategic locations.

    Another problem that may be causing you distress about your home security systems, especially if it is wireless, is the batteries. Batteries are designed to last long but you may not be aware of how time flies, which means that the batteries may have already lasted long enough that it already needs replacement. You can search for a home security systems review that will lead you to the best lasting batteries that are commercially available. Nevertheless, always schedule your battery replacement. Put a reminder in your phone, computer, email, and in any other device or venue that will help you remember that it is time to throw in some new batteries.

    Although some alarm systems are designed to be easily manageable, some homeowners just seem too puzzled with how the system works. The system may be more complex than usual since it may use more buttons than ordinary. The solution to this is reading the manual that comes with the system. You may also ask help from an author of a home security systems review to enlighten you about his or her experience with home security systems since a consumer will better understand another consumer.

    In conclusion, home security systems will be effective depending on how you use it and how you install it. It is important that you schedule system checkups for maximum effectiveness. Do not be afraid to ask any expert or the company where you bought it if you are confused.

  • Best Home Security System
           Thursday, 3rd January 2013 at 1:14 pm

    I called FrontPoint Security and got the Interactive package. The geo fence is a really cool feature. I spent a lot of time researching and FrontPoint is the overall best home security system for the money.

  • Wireless Home Security Systems
           Sunday, 6th January 2013 at 1:24 pm

    Submitted by on of our home security guests
    A lot of homeowners set up home security systems such as burglar alarms to keep their homes safe from criminals. These days, it is very important to exert extra caution when it comes to securing your home. Gone were the days when you can leave your front or back door open and not worry about anyone letting himself in. The present times are dangerous; there are a lot of criminals who lurk around neighbourhoods.

    If you want your home to be secured, you should set up a wireless home security system. It is modern, convenient, and very efficient. Do not worry because it is actually very easy to do. There are no complex wirings involved. You do not need to hire a contractor. You can actually complete the process yourself. There are also a few components, so you will not get confused with the parts.

    Then again, wireless home security systems also have their drawbacks. For instance, some parts of your home may not be covered by the said system. Some corners or areas may have low or poor signal reception. One of the rooms may be too far away, or a wall may block the signals. If the signals transmitted by the main control unit are sent to a unit that is out of reach, this unit will not work properly.

    Nonetheless, the solution to such problem is simple. If you do not want to experience any problems with the signals, you should position your units strategically. As much as possible, avoid placing them in locations that have a poor signal reception. You can use other security units for the rooms in your house that do not receive adequate signals. With proper placement, your wireless sensors will work just fine.

    In addition, wireless home security systems do not consume electricity. They actually operate through batteries. Hence, you will be able to consume energy and save more money in the long run. Also, your sensors and other security devices will work even when there is a brownout or blackout. Your home will be guarded twenty-four hours a day. Just make sure that you replace the batteries regularly, so your security system will work continuously.

    Furthermore, a wireless security system for home use is generally less expensive than its wired counterpart. As mentioned earlier, this kind of security system does not involve wirings, cables, and other components, which is why they cost less. If you are on a budget, you should go for this wireless type of security system. It is especially ideal for apartments and condominium units due to their portability and ease of use.

    Also, since they work because of signals, they are much better installed in a small property. They will work better in limited spaces than in wide open spaces. Their signals will be stronger, so you will rarely experience any technical difficulties. You can conveniently watch streaming videos from your hidden camera without worrying that the signal may get choppy. Moreover, you will not be at risk of tripping over any wirings.

  • Is there a Best Alarm System?
           Sunday, 13th January 2013 at 3:53 pm

    Is there a Best Alarm System?
    Most websites that post product reviews of alarm companies and their products only feature the most in-demand and the best alarm systems. But do you ever want to know what the administrators of these sites are looking for in a home security product just so it could get a special feature on their websites?

    As further research has shown, they are in the look out for security products that integrate the newest and the most innovative technology in home security systems as well as those who have very competitive pricing rates (affordable that is) and that which also renders excellent customer support.
    How do you distinguish the Best Alarm System Companies in the Market?

    Here are some hints that could help you tell if an alarm system company is one of the best:

    -It renders services within your vicinity
    -It offers solutions that you can effortlessly accomplish by yourself
    -It is licensed to operate in different states

    The Best Alarm System in the Market so Far

    Do a Google search, key in the search bar “Best Alarm System” and most home security review sites will point out that FrontPoint Security is the best alarm system out there.

    FrontPoint Security has been in the home security business beginning 2007 and for almost seven years, the company has managed to remain consistent with its “A” rating. It is accredited with the BBB (Better Business Bureau) and is most known for its excellent customer service. Most of FrontPoint Security’s clientele are loyal customers and have nothing but good reviews for the company.

    But apart from the outstanding customer support, FrontPoint is of course, also recognized as one of the best providers of wireless home security systems that are fully-integrated with cellular monitoring services. The company is in fact confident enough that in no time, you’ll be raving about their home security products, so much so that they give a 30-day money back guarantee. True enough, once you’ve tried any of their products, you can’t help but be amazed with what it can do for you and your home. Best alarm system out there, indeed.

    Unlike most home security systems, FrontPoint is very particular about the fact that they only offer cellular monitoring services because they believe that it is the most convenient and practical way to monitor and keep an eye on your homes nowadays. We are now living in a technological world where smartphones and tablets are people’s best friends so they too, should be keeping up with the times.

    Well, who couldn’t agree more? Security systems that don’t utilize cellular monitoring only present risks to homes and families as thieves could simply cut out telephone lines including Internet connection and turn anybody’s so-called best alarm system useless.

  • How to Prevent False Alarms on Your Home Security Systems
           Wednesday, 16th January 2013 at 3:33 pm

    Aside from making sure to learn all the essentials of choosing and utilizing home security systems well, you must also take note of the techniques that must be done to prevent such gadgets from generating false alarms. These may keep you secured and protected, but you may also put yourself in a lot of hassle, discomfort and embarrassment, if they will go off at times when there are no threats and most of your neighbors are asleep.

    This kind of situation can get quite uncomfortable when it happens in the middle of the night or at times when no one is at home to manage the situation. This is not to discourage you from having home security systems installed though; this only aims to make you aware of what could happen and what can you do in order to prevent such.

    Here are some tips that can help you in preventing your home security systems from going off when it is not needed.

    1. Make sure that you read the gadget’s manual. Re-check the installation, while taking the time to study each of its features. This way, you will become more familiarized with its intricacies.

    2. The batteries must be changed every six months in order to avoid faulty equipment ndue to low voltage or empty batteries. There is a power indicator for that. It is best that you don’t wait until the batteries are close to being drained before you replace them.

    3. Upon installation, you have to test the device if the contacts are in order. The alarm will typically go off when an intruder gets in contact with your doors or windows when it is set and armed. The contacts can get loose, so you have to check if this is still working or if it is already faulty, every once in a while after the installation phase.

    4. If you have pets at home, it is best that you request your provider with home alarm systems that have lower levels of motion detection. There are also the types, which alarm could be triggered by sound instead of motion. You may want to see if this will suit your requirements much better and if this will assure you that you will have less chances of having a false alarm set off.

    It is also important that you let everyone in the household know when the alarm is set. This way, no one will make improper actions that may trigger the sound when it is not supposed to.

  • Best Security System for Home
           Friday, 18th January 2013 at 12:55 pm

    After doing plenty of research and looking at ADT reviews I’m going to go with ADT. I don’t care to install a home security system myself. I would much rather have a professional install my home security system. Plus I want it to look nice. For $99.00 you can’t beat it. Plus you get free equipment. Kind of a no brainer for me.

  • Best DIY Home Security Systems
           Sunday, 20th January 2013 at 3:04 pm Editorial Team Tip:
    Most people think that installing a DIY home security system is a big and cumbersome task when in reality it is really easy. A DIY home security system from FrontPoint Security comes preconfigure so when it gets to your home all you have to do is mount the peel and stick wireless home security sensors and call in to the FrontPoint Security team and activate it. The entire process takes less than 20 minutes. The best thing about wireless home security systems that are DIY install is that you can take them with you should you ever decide to move.

  • Pick out the Best Home Security Systems: Simple Tips for First Timers
           Thursday, 24th January 2013 at 2:27 pm

    Provided by a home security guest:

    After taking the big leap of investing on your own house, you should move on to ensuring that your investment and everything that you put in it will remain safe and secure no matter what happens. When it comes to this matter, the first thing that you should concern yourself with involves finding the best home security systems. With the various options in the market, however, it can be pretty tricky to find the option that will best suit your needs. Fortunately, there are certain considerations that you may look into in order to sift through your options and select the best home security systems for your home. Go through the following points and use them in picking out the best security system to invest on.

    First and foremost, you have to do your research and find out what the experts and tech know-it-alls are saying. As professionals who devote majority of their time researching about the newest and the best products that are available in the market, there is no doubt that they will have valuable opinions when it comes to choosing the best home security systems. There are a lot of reputable websites that you may se to pick these experts’ brains. Just make sure that you will be basing your decisions solely on reviews and pieces that are written honestly and with integrity. Try to steer clear of paid articles and reviews, for they will usually sway you into buying a specific model or brand.

    While you are in the process of researching for the information that you need about the best home security systems, you should go ahead and find out what you can about how these systems work and function. There are different materials, both online and offline, which you may use in order to have a basic understanding of how the different parts of security systems work together in providing safety and security to your home. There are different kinds of security systems as well, all of which will lend different extents of protection to your home. Get your hands on these pieces of information and use them to decide which kind you need in order to cover every single area of your home. If you have a well-designed house with minimal blind spots, for example, then a basic home security system should do you just fine.

    Finally, look into how user-friendly your shortlisted options are. Obviously, the best home security systems will be very easy to use and to maintain. The best thing that you can do is to ask your friends and relatives for their advice and see which models and brands they recommend. Chances are, if they have good words for a certain kind of security system, you would do well to invest on that system as well. Get the two cents of all the people whose opinion you value, use them to list down the pros and cons of the models that you are choosing from, and finally, pick out the best home security systems that will work best for your home.

  • The Perks of Investing on the Best Security System
           Thursday, 24th January 2013 at 9:13 pm

    From a guest:

    In this day and age, lending the necessary level of protection to your home and everything that you have in it has never been easier. All you have to do is to get your hands on the best security system and install the necessary parts in the key areas of your home. You can never be too sure when it comes to protecting your house and your loved ones, so this kind of investment is an utmost necessity. Yes, you will have to shell out a certain amount of money because this kind of equipment and service do not exactly come dirt cheap. Worry not, for you will surely be betting your hard earned dough on something that will not only improve the value of your home but will also give you peace of mind in knowing that your property is safe and secured.

    One of the many and the most obvious benefit of installing the best security system into your home is the perk of being able to watch over the different areas of your property all the time. Gone are the days when you can just leave your front door open and trust every single person who passes. In times like these, you can never be too careful. Having the different components of the best security system in different areas of your home will give you the power to check out different rooms and areas without having to leave a centralized spot.

    This power does not end when you leave the house as well, for the best security system has different features that will allow you to look over your property even when you are not around. Most of the high-end models that are available in the market, for example, are equipped with notification systems that will notify you and the authorities in case someone breaks into your home and fails to enter the right code that will deactivate the alarm. There are also models that will allow you to get full and clear view of the different rooms of your home even from a remote location. This means that you do not have to keep second guessing the safety and security of your property when you go on vacation, for one, because the best security system will be keeping an eye out for you.

    Finally, investing on the best security system will allow you to have experienced professionals on your side when it comes to picking the best protection for your home. With their years of experience, you will do well to get the help of the best home security company in keeping your property safe and secured. Yes, you will have to shell out a certain amount of money for their services, but this will be valuable investments in the long run. With the best company and the best security system by your side, there is no doubt that you will be able to ensure the protection of your property no matter what happens.

  • List of Top Rated Home Security Systems for 2013
           Saturday, 26th January 2013 at 11:44 am

    Home security guest writer’s analysis:

    There are only a few home security system providers that were included in the list of the top rated home security systems companies. These brands garnered the highest ranking in terms of technology, excellent customer service and functionality.

    – One of the brands that come out as leading name for the top rated home security systems list is Protect America. Protect America takes pride in providing a cheaper choice compared to other available home security systems. Protect America’s system provides remote access to facilitate home security monitoring from anywhere. Their equipment offers an option for home owners who want to do installation themselves. It is however unfortunate that feedback about the customer service of this company is below expectations, at least according to some consumers.

    – Although Vivint is a newer company compared to others, it has been one with the top rated home security systems that have gained popularity for its sophisticated, easy-to-use technology. Its control panel is designed with a touch screen feature. Apart from that, Vivint’s equipment offer a wide array of other features such as motion detectors, smoke alarm, glass break sensor, z-wave door lock, z-wave thermostat, wireless security cameras and carbon monoxide alarm. Affordability has also been the chief advantage of this home security system provider.

    – ADT is also included in the names under the top rated home security systems list. ADT has several monitoring stations all over the country and uses high standard security devices. Contrary to Protect America which offers easy to install equipment, ADT specializes in professional installation. So if you are a homeowner who prefers to have your alarm system professionally installed by an experienced technician rather than do it yourself, ADT will deliver. But just like any other services, a professional installation comes at a charge although it is reasonable.

    – According to reviews websites, FrontPoint Security comes out as the number one top rated home security systems provider despite the constantly increasing number of competitors in the industry. One of the main reasons why customers chose FrontPoint is their competent and accommodating customer service. This proves how important customer service department is in the success of business. This has been continually met by FrontPoint Security with staff who are ready to provide their clients all the help they need. They are also consistent in offering clear pricing to their customers making them the best of the top rated home security systems list.

    When choosing the appropriate home alarm system, make sure to compare these alarm systems companies.

  • Leading Wireless Alarm System Review
           Thursday, 31st January 2013 at 12:57 am

    Guest Post:
    When it comes to finding the best wireless alarm system review, you should compare the main features of the alarm systems first then determine which ones suit your preferences. Even with the number of competitors in the market, almost all wireless alarm systems offer the same thing. So how do you determine the best out of all the others? By looking at wireless alarm system reviews, you will be able to choose the brand with the superior quality.

    One of the names with the highest wireless alarm system review rating is GE 45129 Wireless Control Center that offers not only an affordable alarm system for your home but also easy to install alarms. The alarm creates a 120 decibel alert sound once the system goes off. This system can also be set up in different parts of your home such as gates, windows and doors. At the same time, it can monitor gas leaks and motion detectors.

    Another system which has received some a wireless alarm system review write-ups is Skylink Complete Wireless System. Apart from an easy to install system, Skylink uses rolling-code technology which protects your security code against burglars from stealing the codes. Apart from the two door and window sensors and motion detectors, this Skylink can be personalized such that you can put in additional features such as Flood Sensor and Dial Alert. Dial Alert enables the system to call 9 telephone numbers which will send a message informing about an emergency situation. This is a very unique feature that is offered by this system.

    Visonic POWERMax is another alarm system provider with a great wireless alarm system review feedback. In fact, it was rated 4.5 out of 5 by a hundred reviews. This is due to the fact that it is highly efficient in providing alarm system to your home. The user is given a plethora of add-ons to ensure wide coverage of alarm sensors. At the same time, you can distantly monitor your house via cameras, customize your lighting system and check appliances. Any emergencies or urgent situations can be notified to the home owner via e-mail or text message.

    When it comes to wireless alarm system, battery life has been one of the main concern for users. Fortunately, Infinite Wireless Alarm has a helpful wireless alarm system review which highlights not only its highly effective alarm system but also safe transmission and long battery life. Smoke detectors and electrical appliances monitoring can be added to your Infinite alarm system. It also ranks high for the ease of installation process.

    When choosing the appropriate wireless alarm for your home and family, never neglect the limitations that come along with the system in any wireless alarm system review. Apart from battery life, it is worth nothing that a wireless alarm system is less affordable than the wired ones. Also, there may be issues regarding interference and jammed signals. Nevertheless, wireless alarm offers the most versatility when it comes to installation and turning on and off. At the same time, there are multiple functions offered compared with wired alarm systems.

  • Home Security Systems Reviews
           Tuesday, 5th February 2013 at 6:27 pm

    I’ve studied up on cellular monitoring and now I’m convinced I want to go that route. It is a few dollar more per month but it’s worth it in my opinion. Also the remote features for FrontPoint and Protect America are super cool. I just got the iPhone 5 after having a flip phone for years. Thanks for the information. I’ll let you know what company I go with.

  • Best Home Security Systems for Home if You have Small Children
           Wednesday, 6th February 2013 at 11:40 am

    The main goal of installing a home security system is to protect your family and properties. If you have small children in the house, the need for an alarm system is intensified since kids need to be well guarded considering that they are prone to a variety of risks even within the household.

    Prior to purchasing any system, you should evaluate if it is indeed the best security systems for home as advertisements say. You need to make a survey of your colleagues who have alarm systems in their homes. This may not be reliable enough since your friends or colleagues may not have seen all the angles involved in their home alarm system. Thus, turning to home alarm system reviews will be of great help. An effective and reliable alarm system will have more good reviews than bad ones. Do not expect a specific provider to have only good feedback since there are people or parties that might want to give false information about the features of their system. However, if the system is really reliable then many people will reflect it on their writings.

    Note that the best security systems for home do not need to be the most expensive in terms of equipment and monitoring packages. The best system is affordable for you considering that an alarm company should not charge highly because of the equipment in the system. The fees that are associated are incurred through the plans you choose for the security level that you need to gear your house. Talking to the security company of your choice will help you land on the most flexible terms that you need for your house especially if you have children. Talk to them about the age of your children as well as their playing routines. These two will have a huge influence on how the security systems should be strategically mounted.

    Further, on flexibility, the security company should be able to provide a package where in you can monitor your children’s activities even while you are away. For example, if they are with a baby sitter, additional security cameras that allow you to monitor your children through a mobile device will give you greater assurance that you can call for help in case of any emergency. The best security systems for home today are wireless since they allow greater mobility and accessibility to protect your properties and more importantly, your loved ones.

    Warranty and great customer support are two of the things that must be left out by the providers of the best security systems for home. An extensive warranty should be offered by a reliable security system to ensure clients that they any malfunction in the system can be fixed with professional intervention. This feature should be coupled with greater customer support so as not to frustrate the clients when something unpleasant happens with the system. Great customer support is provided through easy access to the customer hotline, short waiting time before a customer representative is put on the line, and friendly and knowledgeable customer representatives.

  • iPhone home security app
           Thursday, 7th February 2013 at 7:52 pm

    Ok I just put two and two together and realized the Vivint’s mobile app is the same as Duh.

  • Home Security Systems Issues and Concerns
           Friday, 8th February 2013 at 8:36 pm

    Home security systems are known to keep the house safe. They have different features that help monitor your house and alert you or the alarm system company when something is wrong. A huge percentage expects that everything should run smoothly. However, this is not always the case for everyone. There would always be times where problems and delays may arise. Any person would not want these issues with their home security but some of them are unavoidable. Different outside factors are also part of these problems so the system is not solely responsible for them. For those who are considering installing security systems, take a look first with some of these concerns and the explanations behind them.

    Concern #1: The people behind the alarm companies don’t take action quickly

    Alarm companies are always on alert and available 24 hours a day. They will respond immediately to any alarm that has set off. Those people who are spreading this rumor without any valid proof are only doing so to prevent you from installing the system in your house. The only time this will happen is when the alarm is not triggered. This may be due to a device malfunction or when the intruder has found a loop hole in your security system which is very unlikely. It is good to know that alarm companies will respond within 5 seconds after an alarm. They will immediately alert the authorities when fire or break-in alarms are triggered.

    Concern #2: Home security systems are not user friendly

    When emergency arises, no one would want delays to happen. Not knowing how to operate your security system’s control panel can cause such delays. But with the technology featured in the best home security system, commands can be issued with a simple touch of a button. In fact, it is as easy as controlling a smart phone. Some security systems even allow you to control your home security through your smart phone. With these things mentioned, it is very unlikely for you to not easily control the system. Sometimes you may just need to familiarize yourself with the controls. Just practice using it and in just a few short days, you will be giving out commands to it like a pro.

    Concern #3: False alarms

    Almost everyone with an alarm system installed will experience false alarms. Even a person with the best home alarm system cannot avoid this. This has become a huge problem for the police and the owner of the house. A false alarm causes confusions and can interrupt your activities. There are many causes to it but the most common ones are pets, loose windows or doors and carelessness. Control your pet at night or when the alarms are switched on. You can also modify the sensitivity settings. Make sure to close all your windows and door since a slight breeze may cause objects to fall and thus triggering an alarm.

    Knowing these things before installing home security systems will prepare you on how to deal with them when they happen during emergencies. It may even help you in preventing them from happening since you already know what causes them. In the end, you should never completely rely on home security systems for your protection. Remember that they will only alert you when the intruder is already inside your home. They will not physically prevent burglars from coming in. Your safety is up to how you handle the situation.

  • Choosing the Best Home Security System
           Sunday, 10th February 2013 at 2:19 pm

    Your home is where your family stays most of the time. Everyone who lives there with you is important and that’s why your home should be your safe haven. However, this cannot be said for every house. There are those who only think that they have the safest house and there are those who ‘know’ so. Many assume that they are safe from their house due to the kind of community they live in. They don’t take any precautionary measures such as installing home security systems since they completely trust everyone around their area. This is a false sense of security. There will always be that chance of burglars entering your home. Don’t take this risk. Install the best home security system to truly secure your house.

    How to choose the best home security system

    Your first step is to find out how many doors and windows are there in your house. Integrate all of them into the security system but if you would want to cut your expenses to a minimum, only choose the most vulnerable entrances. You should do this wisely to maximize the effectiveness of the alarm security system.

    The best home security system comes with a control panel. This is what you use to control the system. It would be wise to place them in an area you can easily get access to. Some of these places are the bedrooms and the front door. Also consider the fact that the area should be near the doors and windows that are part of the security system since a wireless home security system has a limited range.

    Your family’s lifestyle should also be considered when choosing home security systems. Check if one of your family members routinely takes a midnight snack and consider your family pet as well. Your decision on what type of sensors to choose from will be influenced by these two factors.

    The most important consideration to make is the system itself. There are many types of security systems out there and each has its own unique features. There are those that have fire and carbon monoxide sensors aside from motion sensors. If you live in a cold climate, ask your security provider for an anti-freeze feature. Overall, make sure that your system has all the security basic features in it. Get those extra features if you find them really essential or if you have the money to spend.

    You should never rush installing home alarm security in your home. Rushing will cause headaches since the system will either give you false alarms often or it won’t work at all. Planning on ahead will make sure that everything goes well. It is important to choose the right residential security system and remember to choose those with user friendly features. If you have problem in choosing, try reading alarm system reviews for help. These reviews compare the features of different alarm systems so use them as references. Remember that your house will only be safe for as long as you have the right and the best home security system installed.

  • What are two of the Best Wireless Home Security Systems Out There?
           Sunday, 10th February 2013 at 3:42 pm

    Lots of websites have already doled out on their current pick for this year’s best wireless home security system but the question is, was the review unbiased? One can’t really blame somebody for being a wee bit cynical when it comes to online reviews because most mini blogging sites are powered by companies that are of course, partial towards their own products and services.

    Rest assured though that this review is going to be fair and balanced, seeking to evaluate only the best wireless home security systems out there.

    FrontPoint Security Reviews

    FrontPoint Security is by far the number one best wireless home security system in the market today as countless home alarm companies and security system providers have been raving about their security products. Likewise, this company has ceased to maintain its clean reputation over the years as it seems that it has only squeezed positive feedback from satisfied consumers.

    FrontPoint features a self-install alarm system that may also be installed by a professional (depending on the buyer’s choice) that’s fully-integrated with a cellular alarm system monitoring powered by Rapid Response as well as interactive monitoring.

    But one thing that has set this company apart from the rest of their competitors and that which have made them to be undoubtedly the best wireless home security system is their customer service. If a consumer has any inquiries about any of their products or services, a representative is more than willing to answer questions.

    Also, FrontPoint Security is one of the few providers that offer a wireless connection between control panels and the sensors, including a cellular communication linking the monitoring station and the panels (as a lot of available providers only offer the former).

    Lastly, it’s only FrontPoint that exclusively tenders the “smash and grab protection”, as they’d like to call it. What does this exclusive offer from FrontPoint do? When a thief comes into your house, spots your alarm system and wrecks it, the second sensor becomes active and a notification signal is then sent to the monitoring station. The only time that the signal stops is when someone turns on the alarm and the keypad sends a second disarm signal.
    These are just a few reasons as to why FrontPoint tops this best wireless home security system review.

    Protect America Reviews
    Next to FrontPoint Security is no other than Protect America. Protect America has similar equipment that FrontPoint Security uses and that which also markets do-it-yourself home security products. Protect America is a GE security dealer that offers controls and notifications online through having systems supervised by Criticom, a reputable monitoring station.

    When it comes to price, Protect America has one of the most budget-friendly prices having the cheapest entry price in the market for as low as $19.99 inclusive of the Copper plan and startup equipment. The only thing that made them second best to FrontPoint Security is the fact that FrontPoint Security had the best customer service and they just managed to get by with a good one. Close fight, actually.

  • Looking for the Best Wireless Security System?
           Monday, 11th February 2013 at 12:33 pm

    A lot of home alarm system companies offer wireless technology. Installation and accessing the system have never been so easy with the wireless system. If you are looking for the best wireless security system, you have definitely come to the right place to get tips.

    How does wireless technology work? This system utilizes sensors – window, door, motion, smoke, and even glass break sensors. The readings are then communicated to the central control panel. Most companies now offer this type of alarm system since this is considered to be more efficient than the traditional wired system.

    The best wireless security system should be able to provide efficient protection. It comes down to the level of security a system can provide. A good quality wireless alarm system has all the right components and the right devices.

    There are two manufacturers that are considered to provide the best wireless security system technology; these are GE and 2Gig. GE offers the GE Simon XT model that can provide 40 sensors, home automation, and even security cameras – that is a complete package – making this one of the most popular among businesses and homeowners.

    The other best wireless security system manufacturer is 2Gig. Despite being new in the industry, it offers the Touch Screen Control Panel system. It also offers a very convenient remote monitoring system, automation, and surveillance cameras.

    These two systems are the best in the bunch and you’ll never really go wrong when you choose either of the two.

    Though wireless technology seems to have overtaken the hard wired system, there are consumers that are still at a loss on how to compare the two. Which one is really better? Most experts say that wireless technology offers more flexibility than the traditional hard wired system, especially when there might be a need to install additional systems, as in the case of most offices and businesses.

    Another huge advantage in getting the best wireless security system is that the system moves with you; meaning, should you have to transfer homes, you can bring the wireless system to where you will be transferring; hard wired system don’t have that luxury. This will give you more savings, though wireless technology is more expensive upon installation.

    When security and protection of the family is the main concern, installation of the best alarm system should be of utmost importance. If you want more flexibility and more efficient protection, then you have to go the wireless security system route.

  • How to Program an Alarm System in Your Home
           Tuesday, 12th February 2013 at 5:05 am

    The best alarm systems are versatile. As of the moment of periodical, modern home alarm not only examine windows and doors for illegal entry, but also give carbon-monoxide detection, motion detection and smoke detection. While a best home alarm system is installed, the well experienced technician asks the house-owner to choose a exclusive master pass-code or individual identification number which enables his or her to disarm and arm the alarm system and retune the alarm’s time and date after clout outages. The best alarm system for home always aids you to protect your home from fire and more.

  • About Alarm System
           Wednesday, 13th February 2013 at 11:04 am

    The best home alarm system is one of the most excellent safety systems. It always protects you or your family from the dangers of somebody outside your home. Best alarm system for home is designed with safety protection and well being of the customer in mind. Robbery incidents are increasing at a frightening rate, with information showing which an unguarded home is 2.7 times more liable to be burglarized more than an home with security system fixed. This alone must prove the true fact that in these days insecure globe, best home alarm systems are a useful investment for the security of your home and your beloved ones. This alarm system provides 1 layer of security against home invasion, with fences and locks offering others. While lofty-end best alarm system for home can work through distant control, ready to act law enforcement officials mechanically and offer exposure for your whole yard and home.

  • Different Options For Home Alarm Systems
           Thursday, 14th February 2013 at 11:03 am

    Best Home alarm system for home is accessible in many options. People can choose any one alarm system for their home protection. The best alarm system for home options are fire alarm system, electronic alarm systems and burglar alarm system. All these systems have verified to be an awfully efficient deterrent to home theft and invasion. A home outfitted with 1 of these systems is up to 3 times more apt to be left alone than an home without an alarm system. So, select carefully along with your specific desires and needs while adding extra whistles and bells to a basic alarm system.

  • FrontPoint Security VS ADT
           Saturday, 16th February 2013 at 4:22 pm

    Thanks for the home security comparisons. Other than what you have listed here on your website can you offer any insight to FrontPoint Security VS ADT specifically? What I’ve gathered from my research is the FrontPoint Security goes the DIY installation route. This doesn’t bother me because when I called the FrontPoint rep they said it comes pre-configured from the factory anyways. ADT has the professional installation which comes at a $99 fee. Not too happy about having a installation fee but I know they only go through there dealer network. As far as the home security system itself I think ADT might have more home automation options but I really like FrontPoint’s mobile application and geo-services which I think will be really cool in the near future. Right now I’m leaning toward FrontPoint Security but I’ll let you know where I end up. Thanks for the great information you have listed here. Really helpful in the decision making process. Thanks again!

  • FrontPoint Security vs Protect America
           Monday, 25th February 2013 at 3:41 pm

    Great site. Thanks for the information on home security systems. I’ve been researching for a while and it is good to know that there are reviews sites out there that do side-by-side comparisons. I called FrontPoint Security and Protect America because I want a DIY home security system. I decided on FrontPoint Security since you and other review sites rank them so highly. They have to be doing something right. They expressed shipped my system. I can’t wait to set it up.

  • Tips on Getting your First ADT Home Security System
           Monday, 4th March 2013 at 1:05 pm

    There are many types of security systems and choosing the right one for your house can be confusing, especially if this is the first time that you’re getting a home security system. There are systems that you can install yourself that costs only a few dollars, and there are also elaborate systems that can only be installed by a professional because they have high-tech motion detectors and other devices that alert you during emergencies such as house fires. Here, you will find some tips on getting your first ADT home security system that may be able to help you choose an ADT system that is best for your home.

    Survey your Home
    The first thing you need to do is to survey your home so that you will be able to determine what type of ADT security system will work best for your house. Homes that have a large outdoor area will need an ADT system that has motion detectors with floodlights. If you only need to protect the inside of your house, then you need a system that covers only the major entryways. If you are only renting your home, then get a security plan that has a lease or get a an ADT portable home security system that you can bring with you in case you need to move.

    Count the number of doors, windows, and other areas that you want the system to cover. If you have pets or children living with you, make sure that you get a system that has alarms that will not easily get inadvertently set off by them.

    Examine the Different Types of an ADT Security System Services
    Once you have surveyed your home and listed down all the areas that you want to be covered, you must examine the different types of ADT security system services in order to find one that suits your home. A good ADT home security system is one that has two or more deterrents. Burglar alarms that have motion detectors are good enough to protect the entryways of your home, but you may also want to have a safe installed in your bedroom in order to protect your valuables in case a burglar is able to bypass your security system. You can also make your bedroom more secure by installing an inside lock on the door.

    The goal of your ADT security system is to prevent burglars from breaking into your home and to slow them down in case they do get inside your home. Additional security inside your home will force burglars to flee because they will feel that they cannot get your valuables before the authorities arrive.

    Learn About Your ADT Home Security System
    Once your ADT security system is installed, learn everything you can about it so that you will know how to operate it. You must learn how it works, how to reset it, how to turn it off, and how to reactivate it when someone sets it off. Most burglar alarms fail because the owner was not able to activate it properly or learned how to prevent pets or children from setting off the alarm inadvertently.

  • Top Five Tips in Purchasing the Best Home Security Systems
           Wednesday, 13th March 2013 at 11:45 pm

    Thanks John Q for the guest article!

    Installing the right home security system is one of the most excellent ways to prevent a possible home invasion. This type of special gadgets can detect any movement within its range, even the opening of windows and doors. If you want to be safe and secure on a 24/7 basis, then you should start shopping for the best alarm system.

    Consider the following tips that you can use when shopping for home security systems:

    1. Determine the type of security system that you can install in your property. Wired and wireless systems are currently being marketed in various online and offline stores. The wired type is more affordable compared to the wireless gadgets; however, you have to bear with several wires that will be surrounding your home.

    2. It is best to choose home alarm systems that will immediately go off when several movements are detected inside the home. Many wireless security systems can provide this type of function and you can even install the alarms on your own.

    3. If this is your first time to install any kind of home alarm system, it would be best for you to consult a professional. The expert will first survey your home, then recommend the right equipment that fits the place. Another important thing about hiring a professional is that you will no longer have to deal with the process of installing these alarm systems. There are instances when a property owner commits errors in placing these gadgets in place; hence, rendering these items ineffective.

    4. There are many ways for you to provide ample security for your home. However, the best thing is to install several wireless cameras that will record all things that are happening within the property. With numerous motion detection sensors that are attached to the camera, the entire setup proves to be a formidable enemy against wrongdoers.

    5. Be sure to purchase an alarm system from a reliable store. Always remember that your life and limb depends on the kind of security systems that you have installed. It is recommended that you browse through several home alarm system reviews for you to learn more about the product which is being offered.

    Many property owners are purchasing wireless systems because these gadgets are extremely effective. A security camera can also record whatever activities that are taking place in the area where it is installed. Using these alarm systems is the finest way for you to save on power since a wireless camera has its own supply of battery. Although you have to change the batteries every now and then, it would take a longer period before this power source has to be changed.

    Installing an alarm system is likewise good for evidence purposes. The footages that these gadgets have taken can be used in court to support your case against the criminal who has broken into your place while you were sleeping or away on a trip. Property owners who have lost some of their valuables can easily recover these items and send the criminal to prison.

  • Home Security Words Homeowners Should Learn More about
           Tuesday, 9th April 2013 at 10:04 am

    There are a lot of homeowners out there who place a premium on a great home security system. Whether it’s because they love their family, are paranoid, or have a collection of some of the world’s most important pieces of art, a typical homeowner is concerned with the security of their abode. Despite the increasing security measures that the world has crime is still out there waiting for the right target before making a hit.
    Being unprepared for any sort of break in or breach in security can be a major disaster if the homeowner does not make any sort of preparations. Homeowners who have no knowledge of any sort regarding a home security system may want to start by understanding some of the basic terms listed below.

    Glass Sensor
    There are sources that show that more than 70 percent of all household related break-ins are done through windows. They serve as excellent entry points for most burglars and robbers. This is why it’s a good idea to always get a glass sensor.
    The glass sensor is basically a sensor device that uses sound to detect any kind of intrusion. Windows use glass, and breaking the glass produces a very distinct and loud audible noise. The noise is picked up by the glass sensor which responds by sending a signal that will raise the alarm.

    Central Station
    A central station serves as a sort of console that homeowners can use to manage their home security system. It must be noted however, that not all security systems possess this sort of feature. Central stations are most commonly found in security systems that make use of motion sensors in order to detect any type of disturbance.

    The bad thing about motion sensors is that they can detect the motion of animals. To prevent any sort of false alarm, the central station notifies the homeowner before an alarm actually goes off. Most of the time, homeowners are given around half a minute to respond to a potential false alarm before the alarm is actually triggered.

    Two way sensors
    Two way sensors are some of the most reliable examples of security technology. Two way sensors are sensors that are linked directly to the security companies that provided them. Whenever an alarm goes off, the security company is notified of the intrusion
    Security systems such as this always instruct homeowners to make a call and explain the reason behind the false alarm. This procedure is a safety precaution because if the alarm triggers and homeowners aren’t able to respond the security company treats it as if the homeowners have been captured or what not.

    Some security systems are so sophisticated that they divide the perimeter of the household to certain sections. To illustrate, the first zone of the household could be the backyard with the second zone being the front yard. An alarm in the first zone means that someone has just tried to sneak through the backyard. Only a good home security system will have this kind of feature.

  • Best Home Security Systems
           Monday, 15th April 2013 at 1:04 pm

    I’ve been searching for quite a while now trying to find the best home security system and stumbled across your website. Wow, quite a bit of information to digest here. I was clueless on what technology was out there but now I know I want to go with a wireless home security system from FrontPoint Security or LifeSheild Security. Both home security companies seem to be a good fit for what I’m trying to accomplish and the type of remote access I want. I am leaning a little more towards LifeShield Security because I want the free Android tablet. :) Anyways, thanks for the wealth of information you have put together here.

  • Burglar Alarm System
           Wednesday, 8th May 2013 at 9:14 pm

    My home just got burglarized. :( They took about $3000 worth of recording equipment. I have a home music studio attached to my home. I was so angry but at least I have everything documented and insurance will replace what has been stolen. Anyways I don’t want that to happen again. They showed up during the day while I was at work so I never even saw them. I deal with a lot of younger kids who don’t have much money so I’m thinking it was someone who I’ve recorded with in the past.

    Your site is great and helped me pick out a home security system. I went with FrontPoint Security and went with their Ultimate monitoring plan. I can now keep tabs on what is going on with my home and studio from my iPhone. The streaming app is killer.

  • Not so happy with ADT
           Monday, 13th May 2013 at 6:21 am

    So I bought an ADT home security system a last year and decided to move out of state with my fiance. She just got promoted and is now in charge of running her own retail store. Big name store too. So I go to transfer my ADT service and what they did not tell meis that the contract renews for another 3 years if you move. WHAT???? Yeah I was surprised. Who reads the fine print anyways. Won’t be renewing after this.

  • Home Security Systems
           Monday, 13th May 2013 at 5:05 pm

    After searching through a bunch of different home security systems reviews I found your site very useful. Thanks so much for putting this all together. I’m in a unique situation where I rent out part of my home and I want two separate security systems to protect each living space. I ended up going with Protect America because I needed a lot of equipment. My upstairs or main living area has more than 10 windows on the first floor alone. Anyways thanks for the information, it definitely helped me make a decision and now I feel like I found the best home security system for my situation.

  • Home Automation Systems
           Wednesday, 15th May 2013 at 5:20 pm

    I’ve been interested in home automation systems for quite some time now and finally feel like I’m ready to make a purchase. After reviewing the home security companies on I found that Vivint security is the best home automation security company out there. They have a lot of home automation features like temperature controls for the thermostat and lighting and small appliance controls. All of their home automation equipment seems pretty slick and is z-wave compatible which is the latest technology available.

  • FrontPoint Security Fantastic Customer Service
           Friday, 17th May 2013 at 9:45 am

    I went with FrontPoint Security because they were ranked number one on several review sites that I went to and man was I impressed. I have kind of a unique situation because my mom lives in the other side of a duplex that I own/live in. I was able to get a nice discount on the second home security system and some free sensors. I won’t mention the reps name that helped me but he knew everything and was happy to take his time and help me out. I upgraded my system to the Ultimate monitoring because I wanted to remotely stream video to my Galaxy S4 that I just got (sweet phone by the way). Anyways, I highly recommend FrontPoint Security if you are looking for an easy to install home security system with a bunch of cool features.

  • New Protect America Customer
           Sunday, 19th May 2013 at 6:11 pm

    Last night I filled out a form to have Protect America call me and they call me the next morning and walk me through setting up a customized home security system. They have wireless systems from a reputable brand too and to top it off there are no upfront fees for their standard packages. I had a little bit of a fee because I added in some sensors that weren’t included with one of their plans but very good deal. I called FrontPoint and Vivint before deciding to go with Protect America. Good fast and friendly service. I can’t comment on how well the home security system works because I just bought one. I’ll have to let you know in a month or two but so far the customer service is above par.

  • Home Security Systems
           Tuesday, 21st May 2013 at 11:09 am

    My apt was recently broken into and they took a few hundred dollars worth of my stuff. I want to install a home security system but my landlord won’t let me. Is there any home security system that does not rip drywall apart when installing and are there any security systems that I could install myself and take with me when I get a house. I’m planning on buying a home in a year or two but want the protection today.

    My sister has an ADT system but they have to come to your home to install it. That won’t fly with my landlord if he sees an ADT truck outside of the apartment complex that I’m in. hahaha

    • Tim Smythe
             Tuesday, 21st May 2013 at 12:11 pm

      Sorry to hear that.

  • What can a top home security system do for your home?
           Wednesday, 5th June 2013 at 1:52 pm

    You may think that getting a top home security system for your house is unnecessary. One reason is that you hardly feel the presence of the security system since you are in a safe community. Well, you should be thankful that you live in a quiet neighborhood but what if someone from the outside community tries to rob your house? What if a psychotic murderer is simply hiding in one of the houses near you waiting for the right time to attack your house? These what ifs are not impossible scenarios. In fact, a huge percentage of burglaries occur in residential homes. With a top home security system, you don’t have to stress yourself with these what ifs.

    How do security systems work?

    When you invest on a security system for your home, you should first understand how the system does it job. Basically, the system is controlled by a control panel. When a sensor is activated, it sends a message to the control panel. The control panel would then create an audible alarm to alert you of the threat that is currently happening. Aside from this, it also automatically contacts a monitoring company which then alerts the police.

    What other advantages a top home security system offers?

    Other than the obvious fact that it protects your home for intruders, a home security system also detects problems that you wouldn’t notice right away. These problems may not be caused by intruders but they still pose the same threat. Usually, you won’t notice these things right away if you don’t have the proper tools. Fortunately, a top home security system is equipped with different sensors to help you with this dilemma.

    • Fire – When a fire breaks out, it emits smoke which can be detected by smoke sensors. Once smoke sensors alert the control panel of the problem, it will then pass this alert to you. But if you are not at home, the control panel will alert the monitoring company and send firemen to your house. Early detection will prevent large property damages and more importantly, it will save lives.

    • Carbon monoxide poisoning – Carbon monoxide is an odorless and colorless gas that you can’t detect on your own. You will only notice that something is wrong when it is already too late. Fortunately, carbon monoxide sensors that come with home security systems can alert you if the gas level becomes abnormally high. This will give you enough time to locate where the gas is coming from and evacuate your home.

    • Temperature changes – In the winter, sudden drops in temperature can freeze your pipes. If you don’t act right away, the pipes can burst and cause flooding. It is a good thing that temperature sensors monitor different areas in your home and continuously send information to the control panel. If the control panel sees that one area becomes too cold, it will alert with this event.
    A top home security system not only protects your house but it also gives you the assurance that your house is safe even when you are away. You don’t have to worry about the house when on vacation. When you are at home, you will feel much more comfortable knowing that burglars can’t sneak up on you.

  • Renter and Home Security System
           Monday, 15th July 2013 at 2:53 pm

    My apt has been broken into now twice since I moved in two years ago. I read your reviews on FrontPoint Security and ADT. Looks like I’ll be going with FrontPoint Security. Apparently ADT doesn’t like to deal with renters like myself. Thanks for the comparisons.

  • Cellular security systems
           Thursday, 8th August 2013 at 1:35 pm

    Found out the cellular system was the safest out there. i didnt know that, I had a wired home security system for 10 years and now i’ve upgraded to cellular.

  • Home Alarm system costs
           Thursday, 15th August 2013 at 3:36 pm

    I received some stuff in the mail from a local alarm company. So I called them and found that the free home alarm system they advertised did not have as much equipment as we needed. Thats when the costs begin piling up, $40 here, $60 there. Before you know it the security system is costing you an arm and a leg. I think this site was helpful since I was able to talk to most of these home security companies over the phone and I had actual price quotes emailed to me.

  • FrontPoint Review
           Monday, 7th October 2013 at 1:07 pm

    Finally got a FrontPoint home security system and I love it. Thanks for the reviews they helped me through the process for sure.

  • Home Security System to Protect Kids
           Tuesday, 8th October 2013 at 12:47 pm

    I see that most people here are concerned about a burglary in their home, so they want to purchase a home security system, for me I think my teenage kids need to be kept in the house. I just want to monitor them when and know that when I say stay they stay, and when their supposed to be in school, I want to know they are actually in school. So I know that FrontPoint Security and some of the others have remote access from an iPhone app. I just hope these apps are full proof and the kids cant find a way around them.

  • Going with a cellular security system
           Wednesday, 9th October 2013 at 1:04 pm

    I have ADT and my parents had ADT in their home as I was growing up, as I started researching the best home security systems it was clear that I needed to go a different route. In my opinion they old hard wired system that was in my house when I bought it wouldn’t keep my family safe from todays burglars. Get the cellular system with all the interactive options from FrontPoint Security any day. Protect America also offered me a pretty good price so this could be a tough decision.

  • Monitored home alarm system is a must-have
           Thursday, 10th October 2013 at 11:13 am

    You must get an alarm system with 24 hour monitoring or you are just wasting your time and money. Burglars tried to break into our house from two different points of entry at the same time. Our alarm company called the police and the thieves left before they could even make it into the house. I don’t want to think what could’ve happened if we didn’t have a home security system. My iPhone alerted me that something was going on. I believe a monitored home alarm system is a must-have for anyone who has an home security system. Read the reviews and make sure you pick a reliable home security company with good monitoring prices.

  • Best Medical Alert
           Friday, 11th October 2013 at 12:28 pm

    I want to add medical alert to my security system, the problem is I have a very old system and these new home security companies don’t seem to be compatible or want to help because they want to sell me equipment. I don’t want to waste money on a equipment I don’t need. I also got quotes from the “I’ve fallen and I cant get up guys” and they seem more expensive. Combining this service with home alarm monitoring seems to make more sense to me. Any advice would be helpful.

  • Reliable home security reviews
           Monday, 14th October 2013 at 12:49 pm

    Home security system reviews helped me quite a bit when I was looking for a security system for my condo. I went with a wireless security system because I wanted something that would be portable. I move quite a bit and would like to take my home security system with me when I do. I rely on the home security system reviews to help me decide, the same way I look at reviews from other industries.

  • How does a security system work with pets?
           Tuesday, 15th October 2013 at 12:36 pm

    Why can’t people with pets get an alarm system? My friend said an alarm company said her pets will cause false alarms in the house so they couldn’t help her. Basically that’s means if burglars know you have a pet then they can target your house. This is crazy in my opinion, I will start calling these companies and will go with the one that has a solution for my dogs. The home security companies should look into this as they could be losing business unnecessarily as a lot of Americans have pets or will adding pets in the near future.

  • LifesShield Security reviews
           Wednesday, 16th October 2013 at 10:43 pm

    I need to read up more on how lifeshield compares to the other companies. There is a chart on the Lifeshield website but, I’m looking for in depth reviews that cover what features the monitoring comes with it. They seems to have good pricing but whats the catch if any? If theres no catch I’m ready to pull the trigger on a home security system from Lifeshield.

  • Security camera systems
           Friday, 18th October 2013 at 12:15 pm

    Its time for me to get home security cameras. I know a thing or two about them, and I feel like the companies here have pretty basic cameras. Unfortunately its hard to get feedback on the cameras at the online retail sites, I have a good home security system already and I feel like cameras would help add to the total monitoring package. What home security companies have the best cameras?

  • Outside Motion Sensors and Cameras
           Wednesday, 23rd October 2013 at 1:37 pm

    My neighborhood is getting worse and worse. My car got vandalized in broad day light and all the neighbors aren’t helpful. Burglars break into peoples homes and no one says or does anything about it. I need a home security system with cameras, and motion sensors outside my house, I want to know exactly who did this so I can go after them myself. I talked to a few security companies and non of them offer outside or outdoor motion sensors, but they have outside security cameras. I feel like these hoodlums and thugs could steal the cameras if I leave them outside.

  • 6Webs Editor
           Monday, 28th October 2013 at 12:50 pm

    Another call to Comcast and they offered me their Xfinity home security system, its a nice option to have since I know the company but there just isnt a lot of information about them from independent review sites. They are also relatively new to home security so who knows how well they perform since they dont have much of a track record in the industry. I wonder were I can find more reviews and information on comcast, my gut tells me to play it safe and go with a veteran alarm company like ADT.

  • Replace my security system
           Wednesday, 30th October 2013 at 8:16 pm

    I think my home security system has seen better says for sure. It has survived a few lighting strikes and short circuits but I think its time to replace or as they say, upgrade to different security system. I started off with just the alarm feature and then I added the monitoring plan and some new equipment. My security system has indeed kept me safe over the years so I cant complain. I think its time for me to try a wireless security system, everything else is going wireless these days so I guess I’ll jump on that wagon.

  • Your rankings
           Monday, 4th November 2013 at 6:29 pm

    The top 5 misses security companies like Guardian, Alarmforce that I have done business with in the past and feel like they provide good service. As far as business security systems are concerned I felt ADT was the best at that, since they have a wide range of options. You guys seem to lean more towards the newer companies with all the bells and whistle as opposed to emphasizing the security companies that actually top-notch 24 hour monitoring for their customers.
    I used Guardian for over 5 years in the Pittsburgh area and whenever there was an alarm the police were sent quickly. Call me old fashioned but thats why I purchased a home security system in the first place, not for apps and pictures.

  • My Xfinity security system
           Friday, 8th November 2013 at 6:20 pm

    I have Xfinity home security and it works for me. Its my first home security system though and i dont have much else to compare with. I was hoping you would have more on monitoring prices for the different home alarm systems on your site. I hate to admit that I went with Xfinity without doing much research, so I dont know what other companies are charging for alarms these days. I did have an incidence once and the siren went off for about a minute, I was around the block and when I got home i heard it but I knew the kids triggered it so I just turned it off. I never got a call from Comcast to acknowledge the alarm, so Im researching how other security companies work.

  • Medical Alert system for parents
           Saturday, 16th November 2013 at 2:44 am

    Looking for a security system for my parents. They live together and have been fine but after a recent visit I found that they may be getting closer to that point where they may be in need of some added monitoring. I also want to protect them from burglars since there have been two break-ins in their neighborhood in the past year. I’m finding that home security systems may present a good option, but the security companies haven’t been able to answer my questions about response times sufficiently. I dont want my parents to think I’m sending them to the I’ve fallen and I cant get up leagues, but they do need the care. Any help on response times would be great.

  • Home Security tip about bushes and shrubs
           Monday, 18th November 2013 at 5:07 pm

    People need to be wary of thier bushes and shrubs around their homes. I am looking for home security system for my daughter because of sick sick perverts in her neighborhood. She is a single mom that works very hard and some thugs on her street have been peeking through her window and watching her and my grand daughter. They broke the air conditioner by leaning on it and that was how she heard a noise and got startled by them running off. I dont want to thing about the amount of harm they could’ve caused, or what would’ve happened if they broke into the house. Dont give burglars a place to hide, cut down your shrubs around your house and dont let the plants get too tall. Definitely get a security system because if anything you want the police sent out to your home if theres a burglar.

  • Security camera issue
           Tuesday, 19th November 2013 at 9:25 pm

    I just realized that my security cameras where not being monitored, the security company I’ve been paying 50 bucks a month to doesnt even check for intruders in my house. Im so disappointed by this, i have a smart phone app and all the bells and whistles for remote access but the security company doesn’t watch it.Make sure you ask these alarm companies if they monitor for video surveillance before you sign a contract.

  • HIdden fees with home security systems
           Thursday, 21st November 2013 at 11:04 pm

    I wasnt told by my home security company that I could be charged for false alarms. i have 3 teenage girls and alarms systems are not the easiest things for them to use, trust me i’ve been trying to teach them for most. I went with the best priced security system and I thought the company was reasonable in their practices, but now my local police have sent me a ticket because they had to show up again since my 14 year old didn’t disarm the motion sensor on security system after she got home from school. Its going to cost me almost $200 that I didnt I know about. Make sure you ask all about hidden fees with security systems before you buy, these reviews dont discuss them either.

  • Helpful home security system reviews
           Monday, 25th November 2013 at 6:13 pm

    I’m very glad I came across the home security system reviews on this website. I didn’t know where to start after I started living alone but just had this feeling like I needed a security system. I like my neighborhood for the most part, but ladies out there who have broken up with an unstable person would probably know what I mean, when it comes to not having peace of mind. You just cant be too safe these day. The funny thing is my ex is a police officer and he had a home security system for his home and I remember him spending more for a wireless sensors to protect his gun safe. I think the reviews here are spot on having talked to FrontPoint and Protect America already, I think I’m ready to make a decision on between one of these companies. I read through a lot of the material and the reviews have all been helpful along the way.

  • Home Security tip I'd like to share
           Tuesday, 26th November 2013 at 9:15 pm

    I found that after ordering my security system, i had an extra sensor. It is a door and window sensor, they are pretty much the same sensors for doors and windows with my security company, its GE equipment. So I asked myself, what should I do with my home security equipment? I started reading the security systems reviews and found that they work in medicine cabinets and almost anything with a door. I knew wireless security sensors made sense but the security system reviews just confirmed that for me. I placed it in the medicine cabinet and not only can it trigger an alarm when its opened but I also get a text message. I thought I had figured out how my monitoring plan worked but I only thought about protection from break-ins. As a mom a security system that can help out with monitoring the kids goes a long way.

  • Home insurance discount
           Friday, 29th November 2013 at 3:18 pm

    My home insurance company basically requires me to get a home security system. While I know this is good advice and its better to be safe than sorry, I’ve never considered getting one for myself as I’ve always felt safe in our neighborhoods. Even now there are two county sheriff police officers that live on my street so this nat not be street that burglars would want to mess with or so I’d like to think. The home insurance company is offering a discount also if you buy an alarm system. I think that is a typical practice to reduce risk on their end, but I think I come out paying more for a home security system altogether since it will cost me around $40 monthly. Has anyone else been offered a discount from their home insurance company if they buy a security system?

  • Happy with ADT Pulse
           Monday, 2nd December 2013 at 11:32 pm

    I went with ADT Security, I really went back and forth with a few other companies for a few months but noticed that ADT just seemed more credible of a company than the other security companies. The ADT Pulse is absolutely awesome, I think the reviews don’t say enough on the functionality of this system and the smartphone app. So far so good, the next step for me is to add the security cameras to the mix. The installation process with ADT was smooth and seamless, and there were no problems with scheduling the appointment or when my technicians showed. I will definitely recommend ADT to any one who is thinking about buying an alarm system.

  • Terrible home security company practices
           Tuesday, 3rd December 2013 at 4:29 pm

    One thing a lot of people don’t know is they need to call their home alarm company for monthly maintenance, you may think you have a home security that works and thats fine and dandy, but without the schedule maintenance some of these scam home security companies would not monitor you system. I am saying this from experience with the criminal security company I’m doing business with. They wouldn’t honor their warranty or guarantee because I havent called them to service the system monthly. I will complain about home security companies in general that pull this tricks to the Better Business Bureau BBB. Ae there any corporations we can trust in America anymore? I’m not saying theres anything wrong with periodically calling to service your security system but voiding my warranty for missing a few months is criminal.

  • Motion sensor for German shepherd
           Thursday, 5th December 2013 at 6:35 pm

    Anyone know of any motion sensors that would work with big pets. My German Shephard we got as a puppy two months ago is fast approaching the point where our 40lb motion sensors are going to be tripped every time he works by. Are there any 100lb motion sensors out there?

  • What is the best home security system?
           Monday, 9th December 2013 at 8:53 pm

    I’m not asking for the best home security company, I’m looking for the best home security system out there instead. i’m an engineer and I’m looking for the most flexible and adaptable security system equipment for my home. I need to be able to wire the equipment in some areas and use wireless sensors in others, I will also be programming timers and additional features. Home automation is also something I’m interested in as a option to be integrated with my security systems control panel. I know the manufacturers design can only go so far, so I want a state of the art security system that can do some or all of what I mentioned early. I’m also looking to fully secure a 5000 square foot house, with a lot of doors and windows so this best security system for me would be able to hold at least 60 sensors.

  • Easy to use security system for my elderly parents
           Wednesday, 11th December 2013 at 3:22 am

    I know these companies have all teh best technology, with text messages and smartphone apps. I’m looking for a security system for my parents home and they elderly and would not be texting or receiving texts any time soon. I need a security system that is easy for them to use, with a control panel with large buttons and displays so they can see it. They need to be safe now more than ever but Im worried that if they purchase some of these more modern systems they may not be able to figure it out. I need a system that covers fire and carbon monoxide and I need sensors for doors. if there is a burglar in the house, I simply want a security system that will call and send the police out. My elderly parents need a simple security system that will be installed for them not a DIY security system as they are seniors.

  • Want to add fire sensors to your home security system?
           Friday, 13th December 2013 at 2:37 am

    I had a fire in my shed/garage, it started due to an electrical spark and I did have some gas in there from the lawn mower, the reason im writing this is I almost passed on putting a fire sensor in the shed because it would cost more towards the home security equipment price. Best purchase I ever made because when the fire started the fire department where dispatched to my home quickly.There were all types of fire trucks out there. If you ever ask yourself the question , should I buy a smoke and fire sensor with my home security system? The answer to that should be Yes all the time, it could be a question of life and death, when dealing with fires.

  • Smoke and Fire monitoring for my home in Virginia
           Saturday, 14th December 2013 at 11:03 pm

    I was told one of the alarm companies that the smoke sensor would not replace having smoke detectors in my house. This is a new construction home and I want to go as wireless as possible, so some electrical wiring may not meet code and I don’t want to have someone come and wire traditional smoke detectors. I know its required by law in Virginia, but I dont see why I cant incorporate that in my home security system. It serves the need of alerting me if there is a fire, is this just another case of government overreach?

  • Why are basic security system prices so high?
           Friday, 20th December 2013 at 8:37 pm

    Basic home security system deals are rare these days, it seems like all the security companies are looking to have each customer pay their kids college costs. There used to be companies that will come and knock on your door and offer you the alarm system for free, thats it, just pay for subscription. Now all these guys are doing is trying to make thousands of dollars up front. I called all the companies listed here and while they have good equipment with the GE wireless, I still don’t think they are worth how much is being asked.

  • How to keep your home safe during the holidays
           Thursday, 2nd January 2014 at 11:35 pm

    Stay safe during the holiday season by letting neighbors you trust know that you will be out of town. turn lights on using a timer to make it seem like people are home and alternate times when lights will be turned on. Use wireless light control sensors with a home security system with remote access to also turn lights on and off. Check doors and windows and ensure they lock firmly. Those are all the things I know could help keep you home safe if you’re away during the holiday season.

  • Protect America has a great security system
           Friday, 3rd January 2014 at 10:16 pm

    Thanks to you guys I found the best home security company and it is Protect America. I have had them for three months now and the service has been absolutely excellent I really cant complain about anything with protect America they have nailed this whole home security thing. A lot of home security companies offer different features and services similar to Protect America but I must that no one could come close to the deal I received from Protect America. I needed a lot of help with installing the system and they walked me through it. I really think I made a great decision picking Protect America.

  • Is it time for me to find a new home security company?
           Tuesday, 7th January 2014 at 10:53 pm

    I’ve found it hard to find a company that understands that should a customer lose their job, the security company should be able to defer or delay payments due to hardship. Businesses that tie you into a long term contract like home security companies do, SHOULD have what is called a hardship clause. We help them out by paying our bills and using their services they need to step up and take care of their customers too. This is one of the best indicators of if a security company has a good customer service policy or not. Customer service should be number one thing for every home security company because of the nature of their business. I have a home security system and have paid my security company religiously for years, the fact that they would not work with me if I ran into some hardship is disappointing. I now know that I need to find a new home security company.

  • Arm yourself for security
           Friday, 10th January 2014 at 1:45 am

    I’m an Iraqi veteran and have always taken pride in serving my country. I love my country, but recently I cant say the same about my neighborhood. We are finding that has more and more homeowners have begun renting their homes the quality of people has deteriorated. We see more thugs and hooligans and sure enough there are more burglaries now. I don’t see a lot of home security signs in my neighborhood and I’m honestly not a big fan of security systems, I am always armed and have conceal carry. I believe honest Americans arming themselves is the best form of security. I will be purchasing a home security system to protect my wife and kids when I cant be around.

  • Should you buy home security cameras from a security company?
           Tuesday, 14th January 2014 at 5:42 pm

    Heres a tip for those who want to add a home security camera to their home security system. It may make more sense to just buy your own camera system instead of getting one from the home security company. most of these security companies have a contract but when the contract expires you may not be able to use their cameras to do things like stream video, or even just store your video. Most monitored home security systems really do not include security system cameras as something that could trigger a dispatch from the police anyway, so video cameras just record. With that said there is no point in using the home security companies cameras unless there is a huge savings up front costs to do so. You want to own your own cameras and ensure they are non proprietary cameras altogether, so they dont become useless if you discontinue service with your existing home security company. I say this because I made this mistake and I should’ve known better because I am not new to security and surveillance devices. To be safe always ask your security company what will happen with your home security equipment after you discontinue service?

  • Carbon Monoxide Sensors
           Thursday, 16th January 2014 at 7:17 pm

    If you don’t have a Carbon monoxide sensor in your home it is important that you purchase one. Some of the home security systems offer carbon monoxide sensors, with monitoring that actually dispatch the fire department to your house if you have a carbon monoxide incident. For people with kids and the elderly a carbon monoxide sensor is a must have. Gas leaks happen, people don’t think about that and thats a carbon monoxide hazard among other things.

  • Which home security company should you trust?
           Monday, 27th January 2014 at 3:09 pm

    Which home security company should you trust?

    There are a lot of service providers that can help you install the security system you are looking for. Home alarm systems reviews online will help you get the details you need before you choose a security system.

    One of the service providers you can look into is FrontPoint Security. This security system is cost-effective and offers clients excellent customer service. This service provider enables clients to customize the packaged security system they want to have installed. This security system allows you to protect your property from fires and carbon monoxide poisoning. This service provider also offers security systems that are easy to install. You will know more about a system’s price, features, and pros and cons when you read online home alarm systems reviews first.

    Vivint Security is another security system you can consider. This security system is also affordable and provides its users with a control mechanism that allows users to control the lighting and other appliances in their house. This system also comes with a mobile application to control your house’s environment.
    There are other security systems on the market. You can read home alarm systems reviews about each one so that you make an informed decision.

  • Can you rely on a home security system?
           Friday, 7th February 2014 at 2:13 am

    My tip to people looking for a home security system would be its not just enough to purchase a security system and think you are now safe. Think about it, the police still have to show up to your home after an emergency. The truth is a good part of keeping your home secured is in your hands. Why should you just rely on a home security system? Don’t. Always try and be aware of activity going on in and around your neighborhood, talk to someone about any suspicious behavior, think of it others as your partners in keeping your homes safe collectively.

  • What are the advantages of using top wireless home security system?
           Sunday, 9th February 2014 at 3:28 pm

    Nowadays, the advancing technology has improved most sectors involving people’s safety. Lots of efforts have been exerted to develop security systems. From the traditional wired home security systems, people are moving on to more innovative products, like the wireless ones. People who are interested in securing their home need to know about the top wireless home security system. What are its advantages?

    Wired home security systems have been around for a long time. This type of security system requires a sophisticated installation. Therefore, it needs a professional to set up and configure it. Also, a wired system needs digging a hole to the walls and is permanent. This means that it could not be taken by the owners when they move to another location. The main drawback of this system is that it relies on landlines.

    In order for the security to become activated, the landline is used to contact a home security monitoring station. When the thieves or criminals get inside the house, they can cut the wires. This results to the failure of the entire system. The expenses allotted for the maintenance and consumption of this system will be compromised when this happens.

    On the other hand, more people are switching to wireless systems. Only those systems included in the top wireless home security systems are considered to be the most effective for ensuring safety. In this system, the primary means of communicating with the home security monitoring station is through cellular connection.
    Then, the secondary means are landline and broadband connection.
    The cellular connection works the same way as cellular phones do in terms of getting signals. It is 100% wireless. With this feature, burglars have no means of cutting the connection. Another edge of this system is its DIY or do it yourself feature.
    Top wireless home security system is easy to install and is portable. They could be carried with the homeowner in case of transferring. There are also wireless systems that can still completely work without electricity. Just make sure that there enough battery supplies to replenish its charge.

    People who use wireless home security systems get to save more money compared to those who use the wired systems. They only pay for the price of the device. There are no additional and hidden charges that come from the service of the security company or security monitoring station. Also, there is no need to pay for a professional to install the system since it has DIY feature.

    Convenience is the word that sums up everything that a homeowner should consider in looking for the top wireless home security systems. If the product offered by a security company does not cover all of the homeowner’s needs, then it is not up to date.

    This means that the system do not use the latest technology to provide maximum security. Nobody can afford inconvenience brought by outdated security systems. One must be wise enough to search for a security system provider that can offer optimal features without the expensive cost.

  • How to use top wireless home alarm systems
           Tuesday, 18th February 2014 at 9:31 pm

    The number of crimes has been increasing lately. The first thing that everyone thinks when hearing about this kind of news is about the family’s protection. Getting a dog to safeguard the house is not enough to provide the desired security. Many people have considered installing security systems such as wireless alarms. When planning to obtain this service to protect the house and family, choose the top wireless home alarm system.
    Home alarm systems are classified into two, wired and wireless. The wired home alarm system requires making holes on the walls to install it. The installation is complicated, so the service of a professional is required for set up and configuration of the alarm. Also, this relies on landline connection to alert the authorities for any emergencies.
    The main drawback of this system is that it could be easily cut by the unwanted intruders who want to victimize people. On the other hand, wireless home alarm system is easy to install. The top wireless home alarm system available today has a DIY or do-it-yourself feature. This eliminates the need to hire a professional.
    Aside from that, it cannot be easily deactivated by the criminals who may go inside the house. Its connection uses primarily cellular connection. This works the same way as the cellular phone works. So, the bad guys will not be able to cut the line in case of emergency. Aside from that, it can still operate even if there are power interruptions.
    Using the top wireless home alarm system involves its ability to meet the homeowner’s needs. When an alarm system is chosen, be sure to follow home security tips to ensure the protection it offers.

  • Protect America Review
           Tuesday, 4th March 2014 at 2:51 pm

    It’s very important to make sure that your home is safe not just from burglars but from other potential dangers such as fires and CO2 emissions, as well. For over 20 years now, Protect America has been a great top alarm company for home. Having lasted in the industry that long, you can be sure that you’ll get the best protection system for your home and that you can finally let some of that stress go.
    Made for your satisfaction
    As a top alarm company for home, Protect America makes sure that you are well taken care of and that your house will be safe away from harm. You can choose from different alarm packages and can also customize the package that you have chosen, which means that the company really cares about its customers and that they know that everyone has different needs. That said, you can be sure that you’ll get only the best kind of service available.
    Very affordable
    Another thing that makes Protect America being a great alarm company is the fact that their alarm systems come in very affordable prices. Imagine, for only $29.99 to $50.00 monthly, you’ll be able to get the services of this top alarm company for home. Plus, if you choose to avail of their services for you will also get free products from GE such as a cellular phone, a landline, or a broadband connection. The best part is, the amount you’ll be paying is only equal to the kind of alarm service you’ll be getting. You can choose from a burglar alarm, a fire alarm or a CO2 emission alarm, or a combination of the three.
    You’ll be safe and sound
    Since Protect America has partnered with Criticom, a central monitoring company, you can be assured that your house will be monitored all the time and that even if you get out of the house, your house and your belongings will still be safe. As a top alarm company for home, Protect America makes sure that you are given a great kind of alarm service. Plus, since it is one of the winners of the 2013 home alarm security awards, you can be sure that this company is trust-worthy. Customers have also praised the company for its excellent service and the fact that they can now breathe a sigh of relief because the worries about getting robbed or having a fire in their homes are lessened.
    Other features
    You can also expect full time cellular monitoring, crash and smash protection and the fact that the alarm system can be controlled remotely or through mobile. Plus, there are some freebies that you can get from time to time and there’s a lifetime warranty, too. Surely, you’ll be able to get the best of what you have paid for and you can be sure that you and your house will be safe away from harm. A top alarm company for home surely is good for you and you should definitely have one installed right now. Do not let your possessions or your life go to waste—stay safe as soon as possible with Protect America.

  • Choosing between ADT and FrontPoint?
           Tuesday, 11th March 2014 at 5:11 pm

    Having narrowed down my search for a home security company to ADT and Frontpoint Security. I cant determine which one to choose because they are very different companies that are very good at different things. FrontPoint has the whole newer more technologically advanced feel, they also manage to hit the right notes when it comes to customer service. ADT security is just the brand i recognize and they are leading the way in the industry for over a 100 years I hear. they protect everything from big government building s to seemingly every other neighbor on my street. They do seem a bit expensive for what they provide. Anyone else trying to decide between ADT and FrontPoint? Let me know who you went with.

  • Mobile Apps with home security systems
           Wednesday, 19th March 2014 at 3:44 pm

    The home security companies that offer the mobile apps are the only practical ones to use these days because they are the ones that work well in alerting you of everything that happens in your home. honestly in my opinion if you are buying any other type of security system it just wouldn’t make sense and is a waste of money. Waiting for a phone call to me made to the police doesn’t seem practical anymore. Get a text message, grab your gun and take control.

  • Lightening risk to security systems
           Wednesday, 26th March 2014 at 5:26 pm

    Lighting literally fried my security system, its completely zapped and I’m freaking out because it could’ve caused a fire. Its crazy how vulnerable these things are or should I say we are to lightning strikes and how they affect the electronic devices in our homes. The ADT service technicians told me they would need to replace the whole thing with a wireless system as that best way to ensure this does not happen again, but the wireless system has its costs and it aint cheap. Power surges are also a risk as these security systems age in your home.
    I didn’t always service my security system quality as was recommended by ADT, but I’ve had the thing for years and thats something I probably did a few times in the beginning. I will continue to look up reviews for wireless security systems and figure out which one gives me the best bang for my buck.

  • More home security system Tips
           Thursday, 27th March 2014 at 5:13 pm

    If you are suspecting that something suspicious is happening in your home, you can change the locks and keys. This could be done especially if you suspect someone that you do not completely trust. This is a simple and cheap trick that could help you gain peace of mind. A cheap trick, indeed, but it would surely go a long way towards keeping you, your family, and your home safe.
    The knowledge of emergency lines could help you and your family in case of emergencies. If something get past your security measures, at least you have the quick option of getting help and alerting the authorities. Having a quick disposition in times of need could be the difference between life and death. It is often that people will overlook this step without knowing its great importance.
    It may help to invest in the best home surveillance system, however, you must still be vigilant. Unwanted visitors may get past your security measures. They may have techniques to still break in your house. Vigilance is the primary, or may even be, the most important part of ensuring the safety and security of your property.
    Invest in great home security system. Knowing you have installed a device that could monitor the activities in your property while you are away or asleep gives you peace of mind.
    Investing in home security system could be a bit costly. However, your safety and your family’s safety is much more valuable as compared to some petty cash.
    These are just some of the measures that you could implement. Some of them may be self explanatory or considered too simple. However, you must also consider that basic measures that are often overlooked. It is practical to apply these measures rather than remaining restless for the most part that you reside at your home.

  • Loud Security
           Saturday, 5th April 2014 at 7:10 pm

    Loud Security Systems is locally owned and provides one of the best home security system in Atlanta, GA. Loud Security Systems offers an array of products and services to secure your home.

    They have the basic equipment and features, including the control panel that connects you to their central monitoring facility, wireless sensors, cameras and keychain remote. They also added monitored smoke detectors to prevent fires in your home. They also install a fire alarm system which, when triggered by a possible fire situation, sends an audible distress signal, automatically turns on the sprinkler system or calls the local fire department. The Total Connect allows you to access your home remotely through your smartphone or laptop so you always know what’s going on inside.

    Everything works through cellular technology, eliminating the need for a landline.

    These are the best home security system in Atlanta, as rated by consumers. There are other companies but, being in the business for a long time, you can be sure they know how to protect your home. If you’re still unsure, call them, ask them questions and let them know your concerns. They’ll be more than willing to calm your fears and answer every concern you have regarding their services. It’s going to be a lot of work to find the best home security system in Atlanta but your safety is worth it.

  • ADT security for kids safety
           Wednesday, 23rd April 2014 at 3:44 pm

    When it comes to protecting my kids, I will do anything and spend any amount of money I can. So it made sense for me to get an ADT security system after i read all their reviews.
    I’m not sure a lot of people know this but with ADT you can get cameras with your security system and watch your kids from your office or even your smartphone. I’m not too crazy about the iPhone video feed because its small for me but thats a personal thing, I don’t have the best eyes. As working parents you don’t know how much of a difference this makes to be able to know and see that our girls are home safe on video.
    This option really made ADT a no brainer, I was worried that since they’ve been around for a while that they may not be up to date on the technology thats out there, but they have definitely kept up. My advice is read as many home security system reviews as possible including ADT reviews and get the system and company that works best for you and your family.

  • Home security reviews for no contract security systems
           Friday, 2nd May 2014 at 1:37 pm

    I’ve been reading different home security system reviews because I want some high end security equipment, but I don’t want to get into a home security contract. These reviews seem to focus on the big companies that may be paying the review sites for contract sign ups.
    I need a security system that has a smartphone app, I use an iPhone so that should be easy to find and download one of the apps like I experience a snag on the next step which is getting good equipment, with cellular or internet connection at a good price.
    The contracts basically reduce the equipment prices drastically, but the companies that do offer equipment at a reasonable price tend to offer security kits with insufficient and scanty equipment included.
    I can protect my home myself without the police being called, my main threats are local and could really be a group of people I know that live around me. I work close by to my house so a text message from my security system means I could respond quickly, I have a concealed carry so I can apprehend the criminals on my property. The security company reviews have been helpful but they made me realize they need to make alarm systems for people in my situation.

  • Why LifeShield Security?
           Tuesday, 6th May 2014 at 2:43 pm

    LifeShield is one of the most advanced wireless home security providers. They use both broadband and cellular monitoring so you can monitor your home from anywhere in the world, using your iPhone or Android through LifeView.

    LifeShield provides two monitoring systems. The Control Center is the main system, where you can arm/disarm the system. It has buttons for each emergency that sends a signal straight to the central monitoring station. Using a broadband connection, the Control Center can send a signal within a second, while others take from 45 to 120 seconds.

    And it also has a Base, which constantly communicates with the Control Center. So when one is down, the other one automatically sends a signal to the central monitoring system. Burglars may think they’ve outsmarted your security system but the truth is, since they didn’t outsmart the base, they’re still going to be caught.

    It also has a Fire Safety Sensor, which listens to your smoke, fire and carbon monoxide monitors. When they smell something, a signal is automatically sent. Even when batteries are low, a signal is always sent so you and the central monitoring system are always aware.

    LifeShield is more affordable than its competitors. Once you subscribe, you get the equipment, which includes 3 door/window sensors, the console, keychain remote, window and yard decals, a motion detector and the fire safety sensor. When you purchase the LifeShield vs Protect America plan, you are protected against burglary, medical emergencies, fire and you can check your home from anywhere using their remote web and mobile apps. This is all available starting at $29.99 a month.

  • Read home security system reviews before buying monitoring
           Thursday, 15th May 2014 at 12:19 pm

    So what are the advantages of getting an unmonitored home security system? Compared to a monitored one, they are much less expensive. This is because monthly monitoring bills are responsible for a majority of your expenses for home security. Also, installation is much easier with these devices because most of them can be installed without professional help. Last but not least, anyone who has an idea on how to set up home security systems can create one that’s tailor-made for his/her home.

    The next part of the comparison between monitored vs. non-monitored home security systems is of course checking out what makes monitored systems tick. Monitored systems provide a higher level of security because they are professionally monitored by the company you tasked to install the security system. They would automatically notify you if an alarm was set off by any reason. You can also check out the live status of your home thru your computer, tablet, or mobile phone.

    The advantages of a monitored vs non-monitored home security systems all revolve around its more effective safety features. Because the company’s reputation is virtually at stake with keeping your home safe, they’ll take all corners to ensure that your home stays safe at their watch. Not only do monitored systems have more superior components, but surveillance teams tasked to monitor your home are trained on what they do. If necessary, they’ll be the ones who’ll perform the response such as calling 911 and having emergency personnel dispatched at your home even at your absence.

    So who wins this comparison between monitored vs. unmonitored home security systems? Obviously, both systems have their own merits and flaws. If you want a simpler safety system or you are working around a short budget, then a properly-armed unmonitored home security system should provide ample protection on a budget. However, if comprehensive safety is what you’re looking for, then you’re better served with a monitored home security system.

  • How can I compare home security systems?
           Tuesday, 27th May 2014 at 12:44 pm

    When comparing flexibility between monitored vs. non-monitored home security systems, you can actually monitor your monitored alarm system in a variety of ways. For instance, you can monitor it using your phone line. Just hook your phone line with the main Control Panel of the system. When your alarm is triggered, a signal will be transmitted through your phone line to the monitoring station.
    Then again, intruders may simply cut your phone line before they enter your home. Also, you will be required to pay for your phone line service aside from your monitoring service. As a homeowner, it can leave you vulnerable. Monitored vs. non-monitored home security systems? Monitored systems may not be perfect after all.
    What about non-monitored home security systems? Well, a non-monitored alarm system may involve a high-class alarm without the need for monitoring. It may also involve a siren and motion detectors that send out signals when they are triggered. With this type of home security system, you can set it up to cater to your needs.
    When an intruder breaks into your home, your non-monitored home security system will simply set off an alarm to try to scare the intruder away. Nobody else will know that an alarm has gone off, though. If you want to be notified when an intruder breaks into your home, you can connect your home security system with your Internet or phone line.
    With these comparisons, you should have already an idea on what type of alarm you have to get. If you are still having a hard time deciding, you can go ahead and find reviews on monitored vs. non-monitored home security systems. Be sure to compare the pros and cons of each type. You should also consider your budget and customer support preference.

  • Tips on wired surveillance systems
           Tuesday, 24th June 2014 at 7:30 pm

    The main benefit of wired surveillance systems is that they produce high quality feeds. The wired surveillance systems produce high quality feeds because of how it transmits its surveillance footage. The footage does not suffer from any sort of quality loss since it is not vulnerable to the same kind of issues as wireless surveillance feeds.
    Placement is one of the biggest disadvantages of wired surveillance systems. Wired systems require cables and wires that run from the camera to the main security console. The wiring severely limits the homeowner’s placement options, unlike in wireless systems where placement is not an issue.
    Another issue that homeowners should take into account is the cost of installation. Depending on the location and the size of the home, the cost for installing a wired surveillance system can be quite high. Those who do not want to spend too much on their home security system may want to think about the costs of installing wired surveillance.
    Wired home surveillance systems may have a lot of drawbacks, but their reliability and quality still surpasses wireless systems in certain ways.

  • Some not so popular motion detectors
           Wednesday, 27th August 2014 at 6:55 pm

    Area Reflective Motion Sensor

    The area reflective motion sensor has a LED that emits infrared light. The light contains 8-12 micrometers of infrared energy. Movement is detected when there’s a change in the amount of infrared energy in the light. This is because an intruder releases 9 micrometers of infrared wavelength if he or she enters the light. The motion sensor sets off an alarm or turns on a light if it detects an intruder.

    The motion sensor may become disrupted if it’s exposed to a temperature of 98 degrees Fahrenheit. An intruder who has a temperature above 98 degrees Fahrenheit may not be detected by the motion sensor.

    Ultrasonic Motion Sensor

    The ultrasonic motion sensor measures the time it takes for the ultrasonic waves to return. A longer returning time means that there’s no intruder at home. It will only detect an intruder if the returning time of the ultrasonic waves is shortened. This is because the intruder enters the ultrasonic waves. The motion sensor sets off an alarm if the ultrasonic waves’ return time is shortened.

    Video Motion Sensor

    The video motion sensor is one of the best security systems for homes. It records images when it detects an intruder. It does not record images that don’t contain an intruder.

    Pet-immune Motion Sensor

    The pet-immune motion sensor does not detect false alarms that are caused by animals. It uses the temperature of objects and living things that are within the area. The motion sensor detects movement if the intruder’s temperature changes the object’s temperature. Temperature change occurs when an intruder passes in front of an object. The motion sensor ignores animals because they can slightly change the temperature of an object.

    Window/Door Motion Sensor

    A window/door motion sensor triggers an alarm if a window or door is opened when the motion sensor is armed.

    Keep in mind that the best security systems for homes are those that make burglars think that someone is monitoring them.

  • Just started looking...
           Wednesday, 3rd September 2014 at 4:11 pm

    Looking for a new alarm system. Believe or not the people who I bought my house from put in a Walmart alarm system in a $350k house. That just doesn’t make sense to me when there are break-ins once a month in the surrounding areas, so I need to pull this crap out of my walls and get a better security system for my house. I’ve started on this site but I must admit to some sticker shock on some of the prices for the comprehensive security system I want. I will continue researching but the smartphone app and remote access is a must have for me. I wonder what security companies people have found to be the best over the past three to five years.

  • Does your security company offer?
           Thursday, 11th September 2014 at 1:46 pm

    Equipment warranty
    Equipment or devices should have their own warranty in case of possible manufacturing damages or other issues experienced while in they are used. According to the best home security system reviews, numerous service providers offer a year up to lifetime equipment warranty. The shortest equipment warranty is three months. Several service providers, however, have warranties as additional service, which means additional fees may apply for limited equipment warranty on certain devices.
    Relocation options
    Clients satisfied with a security company’s service prefer to use the same service with them upon relocation. Several of the best home security system reviews indicate that some service providers offer relocation services for clients wishing to have the same service upon their transfer. They have broad network of branches that will manage their accounts and assist in system reinstallation.
    Alarm history reports
    Alarm history reports are useful in detecting if the system shows some intermittent problems. Records will show frequency of false alarms and see if several factors triggered the system to alert property occupants. Upon referring to these documents, the service provider may note whether device replacement is necessary or not.
    Offered customer support is among the vital details placed on best home security system reviews. A company with complete support will ensure clients will get receive answers for their concern immediately, which is also a way of ensuring quality service as expected by paying clients.

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