Best Home Security System Companies in Georgia

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Georgia, the Peach state, is located in the southeastern US. Georgia has the 9th highest population in the U.S with 9.8 million people living in Georgia. It’s also the 24th largest state.Annual violent crime in Georgia is 39,072, with 4 violent crimes per 1,000 residents.¬†Annual property crime in Georgia is 352,679 with 36.41 violent crimes per 1,000 residents according to the FBI’s Uniform Crime Report. Best Georgia Home Security System Companies

Georgia Home Security Systems Reviews

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Tips to Determine the Best Home Alarm Companies in Georgia

Correcting a Few Wrongs Beliefs about the Best Georgia Home Security Companies

Since 66% of burglary incidences take place in residences, many homeowners trust an alarm technology to protect them from such a threat and other crimes as well as natural accidents. Note that the best Georgia home security system will depend on the type of house you have, the properties within, the neighborhood you live in, how often you stay in your house, and many others. These factors will determine the level of added security that you need for your home.

There are individuals who have not experienced a home security system in their household but are very vocal in expressing their opinions about the inefficiency and ineffectiveness of the system. They say that home security companies offering even the best home security system in Georgia do not or are very slow in responding the alarms set off in the premises. The falsity of this statement is not only caused by the lack of experience or evidence but also because many homeowners have continued their use of such a facility. In fact, responses to the alarms take about five to ten seconds. In the event of intrusion and other emergencies, the home security company immediately contacts the authorities for dispatch. Thus, there is no room to doubt such a system especially if it comes from a reputable company.

Some people have also come to believe that the best Georgia alarm system is extremely expensive. This is not at all true since wireless systems can be purchased as low as $99. The monthly fee for the monitoring service, however, will range from $10 to $66 depending on the level of security that you purchased for your home. In the past, home alarm systems may have been more expensive due to the wire installations, which require paid technicians to have your wirings properly installed in your residence. But now, the advent of wireless alarm systems made the service cheaper and more convenient.

Best Security Companies in Georgia

Another wrong notion that needs to be disproved regarding the best alarm systems in Georgia is that such a system always requires a phone line to operate. This is true if we are talking about the traditional home security system, however, with the introduction of the wireless alarm system, the need for a phone line has been deemed unnecessary. The wireless system operates on a cell phone-like signal, which is far more stable and safe from tampering. This means that even if your phone line is cut, your alarm system will not be affected.

Last but not the least is the belief that even the best home security system is hard to manage. Most alarm systems today are wireless and do-it-yourself systems. Thus, you can expect them to be easy to install with minimal assistance from the technicians of any Georgia home security company where you bought it. You can even only talk over the phone to have it installed by yourself within the house in as little as 45 minutes. In case you have confusions about how the home security system works or they should be maintained, you can always call the home security company or visit sites that offer wireless home security reviews.

Brief Video/Podcast that covers the crime statistics in the state of Georgia.

Top Cities in Georgia by Population

  1. Atlanta, Georgia: 420,003
  2. Augusta, Georgia: 195,844
  3. Columbus, Georgia: 189,885
  4. Savannah, Georgia: 136,286
  5. Athens, Georgia: 115,452
  6. Sandy Springs, Georgia: 93,853
  7. Macon, Georgia: 91,351
  8. Roswell, Georgia: 88,346
  9. Albany, Georgia: 77,434
  10. Johns Creek, Georgia: 76,728
  11. Warner Robins, Georgia: 66,588
  12. Alpharetta, Georgia: 57,551
  13. Marietta, Georgia: 56,579
  14. Valdosta, Georgia: 54,518
  15. Smyrna, Georgia: 51,271
  16. Dunwoody, Georgia: 46,267
  17. North Atlanta, Georgia: 40,456
  18. Mableton, Georgia: 37,115
  19. Rome, Georgia: 36,303
  20. Martinez, Georgia: 35,795
  21. Peachtree City, Georgia: 34,364
  22. Gainesville, Georgia: 33,804
  23. East Point, Georgia: 33,712
  24. Hinesville, Georgia: 33,437
  25. Dalton, Georgia: 33,128

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