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ASG Security Overview

asg-logoASG Security is located in New Orleans, Louisiana, and has been in business since 2002. They work within two distinct operating areas in the Mid-Atlantic region and throughout the state of Texas as well. Their specialties include alarm monitoring, business security, design, home security, and installation. ASG Security provides a number of different products to suit their customers needs, and their business seems to be steadily growing each year. They have a strong presence in the Mid-Atlantic, and their Texas business continues to expand. Their staff are highly trained and have a number of years of experience in the industry.

ASG Security Reviews

Here we have a case again of a company that just doesn’t provide enough information on their website. There are many questions to be asked here about whether or not they do their own monitoring, how much they charge for a basic home security package, what’s the price of installation, and so much more. There is going to be a lot that has to be answered during a home evaluation from ASG Security, and at that time you can get a clearer picture of the quality of products that they use, and what the warranty on equipment might be. That being said, the few reviews that are to be found are positive in terms of customer service, repairs, installation, and support. It seems like the staff is really quite friendly in both ASG Security regions, and the technicians show up in a timely manner for repairs and consultations. You may very well find that ASG Security provides excellent equipment for their customers, has their own UL listed monitoring station, and low monthly prices, but unfortunately you can’t find this information on the website so there’s simply no way of knowing. ASG Security is a fairly new company in terms of history in the security industry, and it seems as though they don’t have any certifications yet to speak of. They do mention that they specialize in design which leads you to think that they provide custom packages for their customers, as opposed to a one-size-fits-all security system. Their business does really seem to be expanding, so if you’re in Texas or the Mid-Atlantic then it might not be a bad idea to give them a try. Because there are such favorable reviews of the customer service, it seems like it will be easy to get on the phone with anASG Security representative and ask all these fundamental questions that are lacking on their website.

ASG Security Equipment

ASG Security has a wide array of equipment that they provide for their customers, and this includes video surveillance systems, burglar alarms, and home security systems. There’s no mention on the ASG Security website as to what kind of brands they use, but we do know that they install and service all their equipment. It’s going to be important to find out exactly what kind of products they’re using, and the length of the warranty on these products. It’s also important to know whether they prefer to install wireless or wired systems. It seems like today everyone should use a wireless system, but not all security companies believe that. In fact, some are still in the dark ages in terms of equipment. Look for innovations that ASG Security might be providing, such as home automation, mobile apps, and much more. You also might want to ask if they provide smoke and carbon monoxide detection devices.

ASG Security Home Security Packages

asgThere are no basic home security packages mentioned on ASG Security’s website. We do not know if they customize their home security solutions for their customers, of if they have a pre-packaged system that they install most of the time. It’s important to get a home evaluation from ASG Security and ask them at that time what the package situation is. So many times these companies will not tell you upfront what they charge because they want to evaluate your home or get you over the phone. This is inconvenient for the customer, but it’s more advantageous for the security company. Before anyone comes to your home, be sure to ask if the evaluation is free or not. Most of the time it is, but it’s really important to ask anyhow.

ASG Security Details

  • * Located in New Orleans, LA
  • * Residential and commercial security systems
  • * Services the Mid-Atlantic and Texas
  • * In business since 2002
  • * Provides installation

How to Contact ASG Security


Phone: (504) 733-8040

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