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Arrowhead Radio & Security Overview

arrowhead-logoLocated in Duluth, MN, Arrowhead Radio & Security specializes in a number of security solutions to protect their residential and commercial customers. They provide a variety of equipment and services including fire detection, access control, CCTV installation, intrusion alarms, and much more. They are a business that has been growing steadily in the past couple of years, and they continue to obtain more and more customers in their area. The business is completely locally owned and operated, and Arrowhead Radio & Security takes pride in knowing their neighborhood, and having rapid response times in the area. The technicians at Arrowhead Radio & Security are highly trained and have years of experience in the security industry. The company mission statement states their commitment: “To be the “Best-In-Class”, to develop mutually beneficial, lasting relationships by applying our core values of safety, honesty, quality workmanship and a passion for the industry.” Arrowhead Radio & Security has a number of certifications including Bicsci and Nicet, and they have received awards that include the 2007 Minnesota Safety Council Governor’s Occupational Safety and Health Awards, as well as the Jeff Jensen Memorial Construction Safety Excellence Award.

Arrowhead Radio & Security Reviews

There’s unfortunately very little information about Arrowhead Radio & Security on the internet, but the reviews that can be found are fairly favorable. Customers note that Arrowhead Radio & Security is a fine local company that the people of Duluth trust for reliability, performance, and professionalism. The technicians seem to be timely when making house calls, and customer service representatives seem to be very nice over the phone. The downside to Arrowhead Radio & Security is that they have so little information on their website. You really get no sense at all what a home security system is going to cost you, whether or not Arrowhead Radio & Security does their own monitoring, and whether or not you even get a free consultation. All this can, of course, be resolved when talking to someone over the phone, but it would be nice to be able to see it clearly on their website before having to make the call. All in all, customers do have good things to say about this company, and it seems like they have built a solid reputation in their area. Again, it would be nice to know how many years they’ve been in business, but that’s just something we’re going to have to wonder. Some things that are important to ask Arrowhead Radio & Security when speaking on the phone is what their basic installation and monitoring costs are. It’s also going to be important to discover whether they install wireless or wired systems.

Arrowhead Radio & Security Equipment

Arrowhead Radio & Security uses the Bosch Intrusion Detection System in their customers homes, and they also provide equipment for access control that combines terminals with sub terminals and an access manager for the ultimate in building safety. They also provide a wide array of CCTV cameras in all shapes and styles to suit their customers needs. The Bosch products are very good, and it seems like Arrowhead Radio & Security’s customers are quite pleased with this equipment overall. It’s very durable, reliable, and exhibits the latest in technology and innovation. There’s no mention on the website as to whether or not they prefer to install wireless or wired systems, but because it’s Bosch we might assume that they have both options for their customers. It seems that Arrowhead Radio & Security will take care of installation and maintenance of any home security system, but it does not mention on their website whether or not they do their own monitoring.

Arrowhead Radio & Security Home Security Packages

arrowheadUnfortunately there is no mention of a basic home security package on the Arrowhead Radio & Security website. They do state that they provide Bosch home security systems, so it can be assumed that that’s what you get in the basic package. However, you’re not going to know anything about price until you schedule a consultation with an associate and receive a home evaluation. At that time, it’ll be more clear what it’s going to cost to install all your equipment, and what your monthly monitoring fee is going to come out to. With your basic package, you should be able to add extra features such as CCTV, fire detection devices, and much more.

Arrowhead Radio & Security Details

  • * Bicsci and Nicet certified
  • * 2007 Minnesota Safety Council Occupational Safety and Health Award
  • * Located in Duluth, MN
  • * Residential and commercial security
  • * Bosch Home Security installation

How to Contact Arrowhead Radio & Security


Phone: 888-729-8603

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