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Armor Lock & Security Overview

armor-logoArmor Lock & Security began in the Atlanta area as a simple locksmith, and then they expanded their business to specialize in full-service security systems. That means that they provide their residential and commercial customers with everything from lock hardware to a broad range of electronic security systems. They are considered to be one of Atlanta’s largest security service providers, and they bring their customers same day service. Armor Lock & Security has a whole fleet of service vehicles and technicians that can often be seen in the Atlanta area, and all their employees are fully trained and certified. Aside from their security systems, they also specialize in access control systems and video surveillance. They take care of everything from design to installation, and maintenance and monitoring.

Armor Lock & Security Reviews

For the most part, customers like the products and services that Armor Lock & Security provides. Their customer support staff seems to be very kind and helpful, and their technicians are well trained and knowledgeable. One of the biggest benefits of going with this company is the speed of services. Because they have such a large fleet of vehicles and staff, they’re able to provide same day service to their customers in the Atlanta area. Customers really value this kind of timely response, because it means that any issues can be resolved within one day. This provides a lot of peace of mind, because there’s nothing more daunting then knowing that your security system is malfunctioning. Armor Lock & Security also provides tremendous locksmith services, because this is how their business began. That means that customers can receive one-stop shopping for their locks and their home security system. This is perfect for new homeowners who want to upgrade their locks while installing an alarm system. All of this can be done with the same company, and sometimes in just one visit. Customers definitely value this convenience, and the level of expertise as well. As is often the case, it’s unfortunate that Armor Lock & Security does not say more about their prices on their website. They do mention that their home evaluations are completely free, but they do not say what the monthly monitoring fee is going to come out to. This is also perhaps because they customize their systems, so every home is going to be slightly different from the next. All in all, this is a well-respected business in the Atlanta area.

Armor Lock & Security Equipment

Armor Lock & Security provides a wide array equipment to suit their customers needs, including CCTV products, alarm systems, and access control systems. Their home security systems are monitored from their UL listed local monitoring center. All of their devices are also UL rated, and include a wide array of burglar and fire monitoring equipment. They customize all of their systems for their customers, to suit the specific needs of theirs homes or businesses. Unfortunately, there is no mention on Armor Lock & Security’s website about what brand of equipment they’re using, but they do state that they install some of the highest quality that you can find in the industry. Not only that, but they also provide a wide array of locksmith equipment for their customers, and this includes installation. It’s completely free to receive a home evaluation from Armor Lock & Security, and at that time they’ll be able to tell you exactly what it’s going to cost to install the equipment in your home.

Armor Lock & Security Home Security Packages

armorBecause everything is customized at Armor Lock & Security, there’s no basic security package they provide for their residential customers. Instead, they provide a free home evaluation that allows them to get a sense of your home and your specific security needs. From this information, they’ll design a package that fulfills these needs, and get you on the road to a safer home environment. Because there’s very little mention of price on their website, you’re going to need to ask during your consultation about how much it is to install your system, and what the monthly monitoring fee is going to come to. This would also be a good time to ask them what the warranty on your system is, and the contract length. It would be nice if Armor Lock & Security had more information about these things on their website, but it’s not uncommon for security companies to be a little secretive about these details.

Armor Lock & Security Details

  • * Located in Atlanta, Georgia
  • * Provides residential and commercial security systems
  • * UL listed monitoring center
  • * Full locksmith services

How to Contact Armor Lock & Security


Phone: 770.493.1915

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