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Arkansas Security Overview

arkansas-logoArkansas Security provides both residential and commercial security solutions in the Springdale, AK area. All of their consultants are state-certified, licensed, and incredibly knowledgeable in their trade. Arkansas Security provides some of the most innovative technology in home security for their customers, and this includes home automation that can be controlled from any mobile device. Arkansas Security takes care of everything from beginning to end, including design, installation, maintenance, and monitoring services. They are considered to be one of the best security businesses in the area, and they are known for their solid customer service and technical support.

Arkansas Security Reviews

Arkansas Security gets very high marks from their customers for providing the most elite security systems in the industry. Their wireless Monitronics equipment is fantastic, and customers enjoy the freedom of being able to turn lights on and off, adjust thermostat, set alarm, lock doors, and much more, all from their mobile device. There’s unfortunately no mention of price on the company website, so it’s unclear as to how much this kind of a system costs. There’s also no mention of monitoring fees, so all of this will have to be discussed over the phone with an Arkansas Security agent. Customers also note that the staff is incredibly knowledgable and kind, both over the phone and in-person. Of particular note are the technicians and consultants who seem to have a wealth of experience that allows them to listen to their customers needs and provide solutions that makes their customers completely satisfied. They also are very good at showing up on-time to their customers homes, and installing products in a timely and professional fashion. It should be noted that it seems like Arkansas Security only provides this advanced system, and will not install anything else. What this means is that if you’re looking for a system that is a bit simpler and doesn’t have all the bells and whistles, then this is probably not the service provider that you’re looking for. Arkansas Security specializes in Monitronics, but there are some homes where the family is just looking for a more traditional alarm system. If this is the case with you, then it shouldn’t be hard to find another local security company nearby. There’s no mention of how many years this company has been in business, but it seems like from the experience of their staff that they have been around for quite a while.

Arkansas Security Equipment

Arkansas Security is a licensed dealer of Monitronics, which is considered to be one of the best providers of innovative security equipment. Their systems allow for advanced home automation that allows you to control the environment, as well as being able to lock your home when you’re away. This kind of advanced equipment is becoming the industry standard, and it’s a testament to Arkansas Security’s experience that they know to provide their customers with only the best. Not only do they design their customers systems, but they also install and maintain them as well. These latest wireless systems are incredibly easy to install, so you’ll find that you have your system up and running in no time. Also, the wireless design means that there are very few holes that need to be cut into your walls.

Arkansas Security Home Security Packages

arkansasArkansas Security installs an integrated secure wireless module into their customers homes, and this allows your home to stay connected to support even when the phone lines are down. Not only are their systems wireless, but they are of the latest technology that provide you with real time information that allows you to watch your kids arrive home from school, sends you an image alert or text when the front door opens during school hours, and so much more. You can even lock-up and set the alarm of your home from your mobile device when someone forgets to do it. There is also the option to add temperature control which allows you set your thermostat, lights, and much more from your mobile device. Lastly, the industry leading two-way voice technology allows you to connect directly to emergency support during any event. There’s no mention of price for this advanced system on the company’s website, but it seems like all these features are included in the basic home security package.

Arkansas Security Details

  • * Named “Elite Advantage Top 25 for Quality” by Monitronics for 2013
  • * Authorized dealer of Monitronics
  • * Provides wireless, home automation systems
  • * Based in Springdale, AK

How to Contact Arkansas Security


Phone: (479) 935-9911

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