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Aragon Lock & Key Overview

aragon-logoAragon Lock & Key is headquartered in Denver Colorado. They are one of Denver’s top locksmith companies and provide reliable service 24 hours a day for lock outs. All employees are well trained and must past strict background checks to ensure the safety of customers. Aragon provides help with lock outs, lock mechanism alterations and assembly, substitute keys, car keys, ignition switch replacements, security renovations, access controls and CCTV options.

They have been in business since 2007 and service residential, commercial and industrial clients will all of their lock and security needs to customers in the greater Denver area. They will provide lock smith services for homes, businesses and vehicles and have fast response times for emergencies. They offer lock services, security cameras, door locks, control panels and security systems, home safes, and access control. For residential customers their main service is a lock smith service. For commercial customers they also offer access control and closed circuit television systems, along with locks and key services.

The company partners with the following manufactures: Acorn, Adams Rite, Baldwin, Medeco, Ball and Ball, Multi Lock, Kwikset, Arrow and Stanley Best. They are dedicated to providing the highest level of customer service and the best products on the market.

Aragon Lock & Key Reviews

Aragon Lock & Key has a primary business focus on locks and locksmith services. They do however offer card access, video surveillance and CCTV services as related to the security industry. As many companies expand their product line to cover more areas of security the lines get blurred between those who specialize in security and those that provide security products. Aragon provides security products.

Aragon has a very high rating for their locksmith services. They are known for arriving quickly, taking care of the issue and getting folks back on their way in no time. They are knowledgeable and offer good advice to clients on better ways to protect themselves. This enables them to service both residential and commercial customers with additional services like security cameras and access control systems.

Aragon Lock & Key Equipment

Aragon Lock & Key provides a range of security products. These include primarily video surveillance and access control systems.

Video surveillance provides an extra layer of protection to clients in both the residential and commercial markets. Customers want to see what is happening at their property at all times. New products that give customers access remotely to their homes and businesses has resulted in an increase in demand for video surveillance. Now customers can not only control the locks and systems, but through video feeds they can see what is happening. This allows customers to speak to someone at their door and then decide a course of action.

Video surveillance can be monitored with CCTV (closed circuit televisions). This monitoring is done by the customer and not a third party monitoring service. The CCTVs provide fast access to video clips and arranges video feeds by date and time. The quality of the video will depend on the quality of the camera and the placement of the camera. This ensures the images are clear and recording in the areas of most importance. CCTVs give businesses the ability to constantly monitor the activity on the property of their business.

Access controls provide secured access to homes or businesses in several forms. It may include ID badges for employees and/or scanners which document the time and entrance that employees enter and leave the building. Access controls can also include things like gate security. This provides security for areas that need a physical barrier for entrance. Access control can also include more sophisticated processes like retina eye scans or finger print readers.

Aragon Lock & Key Packages

aragonAragon Lock & Key does not offer ongoing packages to customers because they do not provide the ongoing monitoring services. Customers are able to select products that represent the level of security they desire and they can purchase the product from the company and Aragon will install the systems. The customer need would need to contact a third party provider for any ongoing security monitoring services that are needed.

Customers purchase the equipment they need upfront. The servicing covers the warranty period of the product based on the manufacturer. Technicians understand the products they install and can help with the complete set up of the system and self-monitoring options that are available to customers.

How to Contact Aragon Lock & Key


Phone: 303-953-5108

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