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Approved Protective Services Overview

approved-logoApproved Protective Services is headquartered in Kalamazoo Michigan and have been in the fire and security business since 1929. The company seeks to protect life and business through the newest technology and equipment as well as having the highest level of expertise in the industry.

This company is unique in a few ways. First is community involvement. They are highly involved in the community and serve on local boards that are associated with fire, security, and protection of property. They also donate 5% of all their earning back to the community.

The other area where they stand out is in their training. Many companies will train new customers on the equipment they have purchased. Approved Protective Services goes a step further and offers safety training classes on an ongoing basis. This might include first aid, how to use a fire extinguisher and other important classes that offer critical knowledge and safety for those who take the classes. They also have very useful safety information on their website that goes well beyond the specific products and services they offer.

All of the technicians are licensed and certified. The company offers customer service and technical support 24/7. APS considers each customer a partner and treats them as such. This means they are more concerned about proving real safety and protection options that will protect the family, property and employees. This is an important distinction to the typical sales approach where they sell you a product and all additional contact is about making more money for the company. Here they are more focused on the customers’ needs and as a result the company has grown rapidly. They have three offices in Michigan and focus on the Michigan market. They have also completed work in surrounding states.

Approved Protective Services Reviews

Approved Protective Services has on staff engineers and technicians will over 200 years of combined experience. This results in high levels of expertise and consistently excellent customer service. They consult, design, install and service all their equipment. The company offers fire protection, fire alarm systems, security systems and card access systems.

Customers like that APS offers a full line of security products and services everything they install. The company also offers unique systems like fire containment, first aid cabinets, and fire extinguishers. For businesses this provides a complete line of products allowing customers to be loyal to one company. APS does not sub contract out work which keeps the customer service levels high.

Customers are also impressed with their extensive knowledge about the industry. Many companies offer knowledgeable technicians on the products they sell. This company extends employee training to include issues in the industry. They share information on general fire safety and security measures that can be taken to increase the safety of customers. This information is then shared with customers as appropriate. Customers know if they have any questions about safety they can call Approved Protective Services and get the answer.

Approved Protective Services Equipment

Approved Protective Services offers fire alarm systems and fire protection. They also offer security systems and card access. Each of these systems have monthly monitoring available for ongoing security protection. Other product offerings include first aid cabinets, AEDs and fire extinguishers.

With fire safety they go beyond fire and smoke alarms and carbon monoxide protection. They also offer fire suppression systems, fire extinguishers, and fire training. Fires destroy millions of dollars’ worth of property each year and take thousands of lives. The company’s goal is to help prevent, provide early warning and extinguish fires quickly. This reduces loss and saves lives.

In securing buildings the company has a four prong approach. They offer intrusion detection monitoring which provides sensors to entrances and a central monitoring station that contacts emergency personnel when needed. They also have video surveillance and access control systems which provide an additional layer of security and can limit access to certain areas of a building. Lastly they offer mass notification systems. This enables then to contact everyone in a large building of an emergency and begin evacuation procedures quickly, in the event of an emergency.

Approved Protective Services Packages

approvedEach system is specifically designed with the customer in mind. Highly trained representatives will visit the property and assess the security needs with the owner. The designers and engineers then determine the best solution for the customer’s security needs. Technicians then install the system and are available to continue to service the system as needed. Ongoing monitoring and servicing are provided through Approved Protective Services.

How to Contact Approved Protective Services


Phone: 800-339-1579

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