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Applied Video Solutions Overview

appliedvs-logoApplied Video Solutions is headquartered in San Francisco California. The company specializes in business security applications around the country and around the globe. They provide system integration that can be used at multiple locations and provide a single source where the information is managed. This allows the headquarters of a multi restaurant chain to actively monitor and secure all of their restaurants in their various locations. Security can include HD video surveillance, security management and access control systems.

The company offers advanced hardware that integrates the newest technology along with proprietary software that allows the company to monitor their offices and business units, providing the upmost level of security. They also provide professional services for consulting and installation. Applied manages services solutions that provide seamless operations across various surveillance systems at different physical locations. This includes planning and design, implementation as well as ongoing employee training as needed.

These security systems allow companies to manage risk more effectively. They are able to prevent losses due to employee theft or intrusion of outsiders. It protects the company through liability management. As all spaces are covered with HD video surveillance all activity is recorded. This can improve quality production from workers as well as protecting the company from inappropriate actions by employees. It can also serve as evidence in cases of worker abuse or workman’s comp claims.

Effective surveillance can protect assets and secure areas that contain sensitive data. Access control only allows certain employees access to areas where a compromise in data would impact the company. They work with retail establishments, restaurants, hotels, property management companies and other commercial properties that have a need for multi facility security. Each of the units can be accessed by appropriate management with remote access through laptops, smartphone or other electronic devices. This provides the highest level of security for the company.

Applied Video Solutions Reviews

Companies like that Applied Video Solutions provides custom designed, innovative solutions to multi facility needs. Many business owners operate more than one location. Whether it is two or three buildings that manufacture different products, or a chain of restaurants that operate under the same name and same regional management. By combining security procedures the upper management can monitor and track the business and identify areas that need attention without having to physically be at the location.

Customers also like the HD video surveillance because images and surveillance is only as good as the images it produces. Cameras that can capture activity in poor lighting conditions or secure areas of the business are important in identifying and rooting out problems that cost the company money.

Applied Video Solutions Equipment

HD Video surveillance can extract vital information for companies in the event of a break in or other security matter. This includes facial recognition, capturing license plate numbers and providing clear images that can be used in court if necessary. Security cameras have been proven to deter criminal activity, decrease company liability, improve operational efficiency and provide peace of mind to both owners and tenants or employees.

Applied Video Solutions also provides POS integration solutions. These can be connected to the same systems the video surveillance run off providing seamless operations and high levels of reliability. It also allows owners to ensure accountability, verify transactions, and obtain general reports that the company can use to increase productivity and efficiency.

In addition to equipment and software services, Applied Video Solutions provides analytics for the data that is gathered. This can help to recognize unusual activities and determine courses of action that need to be taken. The company also provides CCTV options that are effective and useful with data and images that are fast and easy to retrieve.

Applied Video Solutions Packages

appliedvsDue to the nature of their business all systems are custom designed for the customer’s needs. A consultant and specialist will meet with the customer and view their current security systems and determine where the system is vulnerable and what measures can be taken to better secure the property or group of properties. Current systems can often be upgraded or retrofitted with new technology that will provide better coverage and overall better security.

Once the consultant has assessed the client’s needs then a system recommendation is made and a plan for implementation created. By carefully considering the needs of clients, systems can be designed to cover the companies security needs and provide an upgradable system that can be updated as new technology is produced.

How to Contact Applied Video Solutions


Phone: (415) 824-1717

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