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Apollo Intelligent Security Solutions Overview

apollo-logoHeadquartered in Newport Beach, CA, Apollo Intelligent Security Solutions provides business, industry and government facilities with their security needs. One feature that makes Apollo different is that they design and manufacture both the hardware and software that is used for their installed security systems. They do not rely on third party partners to provide hardware and software solutions. This gives them an edge when it comes to custom designed systems. All their products are manufactured in the United States providing an additional level of security when it comes to government facilities and high profile industries.

Their hardware technology is regarded as one of the most stable and advanced products in the industry. Offering a 32 bit processor provides faster and more reliable systems than anything else on the market. The products are also user friendly which allows non-technical employees to operate the systems successfully. They work with clients throughout the United States. Some of their clients include nuclear power plants, oil and gas facilities, military and police installations and research laboratories that contain very sensitive data.

Through the manufacturing process the company designs and implements a high level of quality control. This ensures that the security systems work at all times with a very low failure rate and low maintenance requirements.

The company works closely with dealers, customers, and integrators to provide functional products that have succinct installation procedures and are easy to manage by the customer after installation. This provides customers with a working product that all level of employees can utilize and operate. It also provides the highest level of security possible and fast response times when the security system is breached.

Apollo Intelligent Security Solutions Reviews

Customers like the innovative technology and cutting edge designs that Apollo produces. The company listens to customer needs and then creates hardware and software in an integrated format to solve the security issues of the customer. On a design scale they visit the facility and take time to understand the processes that are in place. Then they can identify vulnerabilities and provide solutions that will close the gaps.

This high level of innovative thinking is needed for high security areas. One of their specialties is in access control. They offer panels than can be programmed into new or existing systems to provide high security for sensitive areas. This might include securing an exterior perimeter or specific rooms or areas of a building. From small intricate installations to installs that involve thousands of entry points, Apollo Intelligent Security Solutions is able to create a system that will work effectively with the business security needs.

Apollo Intelligent Security Solutions Equipment

Apollo produces controllers, interfaces and interface readers. They also provide alarm input and outputs, digital video recording devices, power supplies and enclosures and other accessories. On the software side they provide access control, alarm monitoring software and standalone access control system software. By providing both the hardware and the software they company is able to produce products that are seamless and “speak” to one another effectively. This reduces glitches and malfunctions of the systems and provides significantly greater reliability.

Foe seamless integration they offer Biometric extension and reader support along with building control and automation interface technology. Video interface is also used in their security systems to provide live video feeds or image clips of activity.

Apollo Intelligent Security Solutions Packages

apolloApollo Intelligent Security Solutions provide all custom solutions for the businesses and the industries they support. They work with companies and government facilities that have highly sensitive data and unique security needs.

As more companies look to secure sensitive data and proprietary information the need for Apollo’s services continues to grow. Even small companies that are researching innovative products and new technology have high security needs to protect their research and prototypes. The world is getting more competitive on a global scale and the need to protect not only workers, but data and information is rapidly becoming a high priority for many companies. If this information is leaked the consequences can be severe for the company.

Apollo works through both dealers and directly with clients to design and create a top of the line system that will accomplish the security goals of the company. Their integration capability allows them to work with existing security measures and build a secure system that is monitored 24/7. This is what customers are looking for when it comes to securing facilities that carry sensitive data, equipment and products like nuclear, oil and gas.

How to Contact Apollo Intelligent Security Solutions

Website: http://apollo-security.com/

Phone: 949 852 8178

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