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American Elite Security Overview

With over 45 years experience in electronic security services, Sidney Joseph is the man behind the highly successful American Elite Security and A-1 Sentry Alarm. Both are full service electronic security solutions companies.

With his expertise in safety and security, he developed and initiated programs for Centurion Associate. This is a private, personal and industrial investigative company that utilizes highly advanced electronic surveillance equipment to assist in the apprehension of criminals. In addition, among his many credentials include the management of the design and installation of numerous security systems to address the complex and unique needs of the Anheuser-Busch Companies, where he earned the designation “Master of Security System Anheuser-Busch Companies”.

Initially, the program was designed to monitor over 10,000 employees. However, through the years, this expanded to about 50,000, all of which were assigned various access and specific security controls. In addition, he was cited for the design of that theft, smoke/fire sprinkler and more importantly, the system for controlled substances.

Another large project that the company handled is the planning, design and installation of complete security program customized according to the diverse and ever changing needs of Pattonville School District. It was found out that the security design proposed by American Elite Security cut down the school expenses by as much as 30% of its security operating expenses.

With the affiliation with the International Association Chiefs of Police, the company was able to build a strong network of working ordinances and relations along with cooperative programs between different law enforcement agencies as well as private security, which includes the Secret Service and the FBI in the Illinois Gateway Region or the Greater Metropolitan St. Louis.

American Ellite Security is best known for its exceptional customer service, which is strongly founded upon making customer’s interest their primary priority. All employees of the company are trained to make sure customers are informed and consulted of every decision concerning corporate or private security needs.

American Elite Security Reviews

The company does not have any published reviews or testimonials from its clients. In addition, it is not accredited or listed in the BBB database, which gives us no insight on the quality of products or services experienced by the customers.

American Elite Security Equipment

A large bulk of the company’s client base is comprised of the commercial sector. Among their highly in demand products is the commercial/industrial grade HVAC or Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning. It features an automated emergency shutdown to ensure life safety as well as prevent noxious toxic fumes in the event of accidental spillage or even terrorist activity.

American Elite Security has a team of highly skilled and seasoned technicians who are trained to design and install these types of system with optimum focus on safety and security. They also offer a security system microprocessor that comes with a radio fail-safe signalling network. This supports over 200 individual detection devices along with over 100 ADA-compliant fire evacuation strobe devices – all under a single retail inventory level.

They also carry a full host of digital video network recording supported by LAN or WAN. Services include video monitoring service on a local or a national site – all year round. This is ideal for customers who need to carefully monitor life safety assets. These video cameras are available to be installed with visibility or covertly, depending on the type and preferred application of the customer.

Among their most prized products is the full host of interior intrusion detection system that is often used by pharmacies that have a controlled substance area. This creates a safe and impenetrable field to detect movement, which will also result to maximum insurance discounts.

For locations and facilities that house environmentally hazardous chemical products, the company also offers outdoor cameras that feature auto-iris, low light capability and are weatherproof, making them ideal for outdoor applications.

American Elite Security Packages

Over the years, the company has serviced a wide variety of commercial applications including stadiums, large complexes and markets, among others. Of course, they also cater to small businesses and residential owners. This reflects the level of expertise and experiences their technical team possesses when it comes to custom design and installation of security systems from the most basic to the highly complex ones.

One of the their biggest clients is the Pattonville School District, where they designed, engineered, installed as well as monitor and maintain their facility’s master security system. This comprises a total of 17 schools. The system was specifically designed to include a uniformed automated method of controlling and managing a number of security concerns. The said service included intrusion, fire/smoke, access control, sprinkler, energy management and an individualized access to high risk areas such as metal shops and computer rooms.

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