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American Central Alarm Overview

American Central Alarm has been established back in 1980 and with over 30 years of experience in the security solutions industry, they have established a proven track record in residential and commercial protection and alarm systems. The company is known to provide the fastest response time for designing and installing alarm systems, including child and personal safety.

Unlike other older established companies, the American Central Alarm has managed to keep pace with the changes in security solutions. They offer top of the line and highly advanced solutions to seamlessly blend and address the specific security needs of modern living. Among their core services include alarm monitoring, fire alarm, burglar alarms, home security and business security. The company is headquartered in Torrance, California and is serving homes and business in Orange, Los Angeles as well as Riverside counties.

However, the company is not BBB accredited, although this has by no means put a dent on their reputation. Over the years, they have served thousands of companies and homes and have managed to grow their business mainly through recommendations and word of mouth advertising.

One of the main selling points of American Central Alarm’s services is their innovative solutions which are made available at affordable rates. This made security and protection solutions more accessible especially among homeowners and start-up and small businesses with limited budget. Peace of mind has never been more affordable and cost effective.

American Central Alarm Reviews

As mentioned, the company is not BBB accredited. According to BBB database, there are no complaints filed against the company’s products and services over the past three years. This reflects the quality of their products as well as superior customer service the company claims to offer.

In addition, there are also no available published reviews, testimonials and feedbacks from customers, whether previous or existing online. Hence, we will not be able to provide a definitive information regarding reviews.

American Central Alarm Equipment

Since its inception, the company has positioned itself as a leader in offering high quality products complemented with hands-on, personalized service. This is consistent with their principle to offer modern products but with a traditional way of handling customers. They have a comprehensive line of popular security brands such as Ademco, FBII, DSC and Silent Knight.

The main goal of the company is to make sure they stay in touch with the rapid changes in the industry so they can continually provide the best products and services that will ensure optimum safety. With this in mind, they offer free installation on their basic systems, which gives customers real savings.

American Central Alarm Packages

As a family owned and operated company, American Central Alarm is known to value long-term relationships with their clients. They work to always ensure they are able to deliver over and beyond the expectations and at the same time ensure the solutions are within the customer’s budget.

The company boasts to have the fastest response time when it comes to commercial and residential protection as they are dedicated in consistently providing prompt, reliable and professional service.

Unlike other companies that have cookie cutter packages, their security professionals take time to listen to the specific security needs and challenges of every customer. Once they are able to understand what is needed, they help clients go through the different options available and offer expert, unbiased advice. This helps ensure that the services they offer are aligned with the specifications and situation.

This is with the great understanding that every customer has unique needs. Thereby, they work with their customersfor their security solutions and life safety systems in order to best meet those needs. It is through this proactive approach that they are able to ensure their customers stay happy and secure.

Their services are guided with the goal to build long-term customer loyalty and not just close a single transaction. They continue to make their products and services available to clients while making sure they keep abreast with the latest.

Today, American Central Alarms does not only keep up with the competition, they thrive in this highly competitive industry as one of the main service providers in South Carolina. Their strong emphasis in proactive customer service and rapid response make them a highly preferred choice especially among business owners looking for cost-effective yet high quality service.

The company was able to steadily expand and grow their client base mainly through word of mouth advertising and recommendations from highly satisfied clients. While there are large national service providers that offer the same service, American Central Alarm was able to successfully retain its dominance in the area through world-class customer service.

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