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American Alarms Overview

American Alarms is a security solutions provider that exclusively caters to businesses across Northeast Florida. With their main headquarters in Cranston, Rhode Island, they were able to gradually expand their operations and open up a branch in Clearwater, Florida. This was made possible through numerous alliances with strategic partners, expanding their capabilities in almost every state.

As of writing, the company protects thousands of American companies coast to coast, 24/7. They are currently monitoring over 10,000 security systems nationwide using the latest and the best technology has to offer. In addition, American Alarms is an Underwriters Laboratories Central Station with the highest approval for systems installations, protective signaling as well as providing response to commercials clients with UL Central Station certifications.

The company taps into constant innovation and boasts comprehensive and non-invasive monitoring services that allow seamless and fuss-free operations of security systems. American Alarms also offers their proprietary M3R service that enables highly skilled and proficient technicians and security personnel to conveniently monitor, measure, manage as well as respond to every aspect of business security systems services.

Exclusively offering their services to businesses, American Alarms has gained in-depth understanding on the diverse and unique and security challenges and requirements of modern businesses today. They cater to small and medium scale businesses as well as established multinational companies, covering simple to complex security planning and designing with practiced ease.

Through its years of operation, American Alarms has become closely familiar with the inherent risks involved in running a business or even an industrial facility. They work closely with their clients to come up with effective security solutions as well as improve productivity and efficiencies. This is made possible by the strategic use of technology, which ultimately results to far greater profitability for businesses, no matter what industry.

Among their core services include alarm monitoring, business security, fire alarms and installations. In addition, their seasoned technicians can readily offer unbiased advice and recommendations.

American Alarms Reviews

The company is not BBB accredited. To date, there are also no published reviews, testimonials and client feedbacks available online. However, according to BBB database, there have been no complaints filed against the products and services offered by the company for the past three years. This is a good indication of the performance of the company as a whole.

American Alarms Equipment

American Alarms sells a wide range of security solutions from some of the most highly popular and trusted brands in the industry. Among their core products include CCTV systems that combine the best of video surveillance and the power of digital video recording for enhanced commercial security. The company showcases a fully integrated remote monitoring capability, complemented by a 24-hour Security Command Center that allows the company to monitor and oversee any property at anytime and anywhere. Their monitoring service claims to be extremely responsive that they are capable of dispatching emergency services within several seconds from receiving a distress alarm.

Aside from carrying a diverse line of CCTV products, the company is also a trusted leader in the design and installation of these systems – from simple setups to complex multiple camera systems. This allows them to offer clients superior control over access and the capability to record transactions – a feature that is critically important in businesses.

They also offer a full line of access control systems that present an effective preventive measure and deterrent for unauthorized individuals to enter certain areas of the facility. American Alarm security professionals and technicians work with clients to design a system tailored to the specific security needs and challenges. Aside from security, this type of system also allows business owners to track equipment and employee movements. There is also an option to integrate advanced biometric systems including fingerprint, hand and/or facial recognition.

American Alarms Packages

One of the most important services offered by American Alarms is fire protection. The company takes great pride in maintaining its reputation as one with the best response rates in the security and monitoring industry. They also design, install as well as maintain/service fire protection systems across a diverse range of commercial applications.

Their systems include heat sensing and photoelectric sensors that are designed to detect fire even at its earliest stage. Within minutes, their response center can readily respond and dispatch the appropriate response teams for whatever type of emergency situation. They have a team of expert staff ready to assist in implementing safety procedures in preventing fires in any type of commercial facility or building.

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