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Allstate Security Industries Overview

allstate-logoInitially named Amarillo Burglar Control, Dale Elliot founded the company back in 1967. Later on it was changed to Allstate Security Industries as the business grew and its client base expanded. Since its inception, it has acquired a total of 22 security companies, which were merged to create one of the oldest and largest locally owned and operated security and safety companies serving the Amarillo area.

Allstate Security has maintained a long tradition of providing exceptional service to its customers. With over 85 years of extensive experience and proven expertise, the company has delivered more than just security solutions, but had driven real value – real peace of mind to its clients.

In the United States, there are 12,000 alarm companies registered to be in operation across the country. However, only 51 of these companies are Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. or are licensed to install, monitor, service and issue certificates for Underwriters Laboratories burglar and fire alarm systems. Allstate Security is one of the 51 security solutions companies and in particular, the only one operating in Amarillo, Texas.

In fact, the nearest companies with the same credentials and accreditations are based on Phoenix, Colorado Springs, Dallas and Oklahoma City. Unlike other security solutions provider, Allstate Security has successfully established a time tested procedure for its alarm monitoring service. Because of their UL listings, all clients catered by the company can expect to receive maximum insurance premium discounts thereby delivering unbeatable value at a reasonable cost.

Among the many Allstate Security affiliations and accreditations include BBB, Best of Amarillo, Central Station Alarm Association, Electronic Security Association and so much more.

Allstate Security Industries Reviews

Allstate is accredited by the Better Business Bureau and has been given an A+ rating. In addition, the company has also been voted as the best security company in Amarillo. In fact, they have been cited the same award for 10 consecutive years in the entire Amarillo as well as in the surrounding areas.

Currently, there are no published reviews, feedbacks and testimonials published on the web for the products and services provided by Allstate Security.

However, according to the BBB database, there was one complaint filed against the company within the past three years pertaining to the company’s billing and collection. The said matter has already been successfully resolved and closed through the assistance of BBB.

Allstate Security Industries Equipment

Among the widely popular product of Allstate Security is the UL Burglar Alarm System, which involves door sensors, window sensors, vent traps, motion detectors, glass break detectors, as well as interior door contracts, sufficient protection is achieved by regular residential owner.

The system is designed in such a way that when any of the installed devices go off, the 24-hour UL central monitoring station will be automatically notified. At the same time one of the interior or exterior strobe lights or sirens will also go off to deter theft and burglary. Within minutes, trained agents in the monitoring center will call the phone and let it ring up to 6 times. If someone answers the call, they will be asked to identify themselves with name and passcode.

If in case, the person is unable to provide sufficient information, a police/sheriff and even Allstate Security personnel will be dispatched to the area. According to past history records there have been a total of 753 criminals that were apprehended by one of the Allstate Security officers without the presence of a policeman.

Throughout the years, the company has installed, serviced and monitored service alarm systems across Amarillo and within the 250 mile radius.

Allstate Security Industries Packages

allstateAside from the repair, replacement and installation of security solutions, Allstate Security is known for the ready availability of their security patrol officers who are ready to respond when the need arise.

These are armed and uniformed patrol officers employed by the company who have undergone extensive TDPS and FBI background checks in order to ensure they do not have any existing criminal record prior to employment with Allstate Security. In addition, these patrol officers are also required to present a certification from the State of Texas as proof that they have also undergone and pass the security officer training academy.

Following stringent standards and established protocols, Allstate Security has established itself as the leading and the best security solutions provider in Amarillo. With adherence to time-tested policies, the company was able to consistently provide quality service and deliver real value to its clients.

How to Contact Allstate Security Industries


Phone: 806-354-3200

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