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Alliant Inc. Overview

alliant-logoAlliant is headquartered in Idaho Falls, Idaho and services the Idaho market. There specialty is working with residential customers and providing resources to secure their homes and provide peace of mind to customers. The company offers home intrusion systems, fire protection, video surveillance and access control. They work hard to personalize each system to protect the home as an individual rather than selling a set package that may or may not have everything the customer needs.

The company also provide services that include automated systems. This allows owners to control the security system remotely. If they have access to an internet connection they can view and monitor the system from anywhere in the world. This increases the level of security and ensures the system can be armed or disarmed from anywhere. If customers have valuables they keep in their home, Alliant provides safes and vaults to protect valuables. Add this to the sophisticated security systems and customers have the peace of mind that their homes are secured at all times.

Alliant Inc. Reviews

Customers are happy with the products and services provided by Alliant. The technicians and service personnel are professional and knowledgeable. This provides the product and the training that customers need to properly use their systems. When a system is installed correctly there are fewer false alarms. It is also important that customers understand how to use the security system. If it is too complicated then the customer has a tendency to leave the system disarmed. This does not provide the protection they are paying for.

The company offers ongoing monitoring through a central monitoring station. This provides 24 hour protection 365 days a year. It is one thing to have security equipment installed. The second half of the security formula is getting help to the property quickly when an emergency arises. The central monitoring station provides fast and reliable response times. Customers are pleased with the attentive nature of the call center and the response time of contacting emergency personnel when needed. Without this feature customers would be left to react to situations rather than having a proactive approach.

Alliant Inc. Equipment

Alliant offers alarm systems which is the backbone of any home protection program. The intrusion protection creates a barrier of protection around the home. Sensors are placed at all entranceways and motion detectors are set inside the home. If customers want additional protection video surveillance can be added. This provides images to record all activity in or around the home. Video surveillance can include cameras with night vision and motion sensors that activate the cameras. This additional level of security gives homeowners and police access to images or video of activity in and around the home.

Access control systems are also available. These allow homeowners to always know who is entering or exiting the home. Families use this to monitor older children arriving home from school as well as services like housekeeping, lawn care and other home services. Homeowners also have the ability to let guests into the home without being present. Home automation systems allow owners to access their system remotely, anywhere they have an internet connection.

Alliant uses wireless security systems that provides reliable access to the central monitoring station. The system is difficult for intruders to disable and uses GSM cellular to connect the homeowner with the central monitoring station. The system is top of the line and can connect more than one keypad and up to 6 zones for full coverage and protection even for the largest of estates.

Alliant Inc. Packages

alliantAlliant offers basic intrusion protection to the most sophisticated security systems for large estates. They focus on residential needs to provide the highest level of security for homeowners. As such each system is custom designed to meet the homeowner’s needs. They offer a free security audit and will have a company representative meet with the homeowner and walk the property. As the homeowner discusses their security needs the employee will evaluate the property to provide the best solutions.

The employees have years of experience working in the area and can provide the best assessment to fit both the needs and the budget of the customer. This enables them to work in a partnership to design the most appropriate system for the homeowner. Each installation will include monthly monitoring services. Without the monthly monitoring the home is not secure, because if an intruder where to break in, there would be no avenue to call for assistance. This is a key part of the overall home security.

How to Contact Alliant Inc.


Phone: (208) 522-6409

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