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All Secured Overview

allsecured-logoWith over 75 years of experience in providing the Central Ohio and its surrounding area with comprehensive security solutions, All Secured is indeed a force to be reckoned with in the industry. The company has successfully established itself as one of the leading security solutions service providers in Ohio today.

The company’s core services include security, locksmith and fire alarm systems. Unlike other companies that simply sell security alarms or those that install cookie-cutter solutions, All Secured prides itself with its ability to offer customized, hands-on experience from planning, design and execution. This results to high customer satisfaction ratings and consistent, reliable service.

The company owner, Kristoffer Zulandt started out as a local locksmith based in Columbus, Ohio. Since then, he managed to steadily grow his client base which already included homeowners and commercial property owners as well as government and corporate buildings, bars, restaurants and so much more.
Among their core services include doors, locksmith, alarms, surveillance, perimeter, safes and data security. The company has established itself in offering comprehensive services – from installation, repair and removal of locking devices. No one knows and understands the intricacies of locks better than All Secured.

All Secured caters to both commercial and residential clients and offers security systems for people, assets and properties. Their edge over their competition is the significant number of years they have been in operation. All Secured is also fully insured and is state licensed. The company has also been given an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau and has been duly accredited by the same organization.

All Secured Reviews

There are currently no published reviews, feedbacks and testimonials on the services offered by the company. However, according to BBB database, there was a single complaint filed against the company, particularly on its service. According to the complainant, the dead bolt lock installed for over a year was not functional after just two weeks from installation.

According to him, he informed the serviceman about the problem with the next couple of weeks but was simply informed that the serviceman could not do anything about the problem as it was working when he left. However, All Secured responded that the installation happened four years ago and even the staff that handled the account is no longer employed. Furthermore, had the customer lodged the complaint within 30 days, the company would have happily made a replacement as it will be covered by the 30-day warranty.

BBB still gave the company an A+ rating because of their timely response and willingness to resolve the issue despite the fact it has lapsed the prescribed warranty period. In addition, the costumer did not pursue the case.

All Secured Equipment

All Secured offers a comprehensive lineup of security systems for both residential and commercial applications. Among their extensive product line include card reader systems, delayed egress systems, badging systems, daycare access control, biometric access systems, electronic locking systems, turnstiles, buzzers and remote entry, parking lot gate and so much more.

All Secured Packages

allsecuredWhether you are seeking minor fixes, installations or full scale updates, All Secured maintains a team of highly proficient technicians ready to provide professional assistance. Their locksmith services in particular are available 24-hours a day and 365 days a year.

All employees of the company are fully adept with the building and fire codes. They do not simply recommended, choose and install security solutions that are ideal to your property, they also work to ensure all their support services are rendered in accordance with the building control regulations.

All technicians are trained to only implement security solutions that best meet your specific requirements all delivered with the quality of workmanship that you deserve. Among their popular services include the design and installation of access control systems. All Secured has an extensive array of access control products you can choose from. The technicians are trained to install, upgrade, remove and repair following your own unique specifications.

They also offer installation, design and repair of alarm systems including intrusion and fire alarms for commercial properties. All Secured is a certified alarm contractor that will not only ensure everything is in good working condition, more importantly they will ensure it is in compliance with the state, local and national fire codes.

All Secured also installs surveillance cameras designed for monitoring activities, whether for homes, businesses or building spaces. Tapping the power of technology, the company is capable of delivering innovative and highly advance surveillance coverage plans even for the most complex projects.

How to Contact All Secured


Phone: 800-992-7463

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