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Alert Security Systems Overview

ass-logoAlert Security Systems is a family owned security firm that has been serving the California market since 1997. Based in Southern California, the leadership team has over 140 years of combined experience in the security industry. The company serves both commercial and residential customers and seeks to provide the highest level of customer service with the newest technology available.

They have clients that are major retailers, universities, hotels, restaurants, distribution facilities and government buildings. They have the ability to secure small businesses as well as large corporations. The technicians are licensed and well trained to provide excellent service through their intimate understanding of the equipment being installed. This provides them with the knowledge to install each system correctly the first time, as well as train the customer on how to use the system most efficiently. This includes not only understanding how to operate the central panel, but also how to access the system remotely and adjust the settings so the customer is receiving the desired alerts.

The company provides security alarms, video surveillance options, access control and entry systems, controlled gate access, and other security services. When it comes to protecting clients, they provide the services to get the job done.

Alert Security Systems Reviews

Alert Security Systems does not have any complaints with the Better Business Bureau. They have been in the Greater Los Angeles area since 1997 and have been serving the community for over 15 years. Customers like that they are able to obtain the latest technology to secure their home or business. The systems available are high quality and installed by professional technicians.

Customers like the level of customer service. The company takes customer comments seriously and works to meet their needs at all times. Being family owned, they are able to put the customer first and provide a high level of service.

They offer affordable equipment and efficient monitoring services that respond quickly when an alarm is triggered. They also provide excellent service if there is ever a problem with the equipment that has been installed.

Alert Security Systems Equipment

Home intrusion alarm systems include protection against burglar, fire, medical emergencies and even carbon monoxide protection. When the alarm is triggered the appropriate emergency services are contacted to get help arriving within minutes of the alarm.

Video surveillance provides top of the line cameras that can capture activity based on the customer’s needs. They can choose indoor or outdoor cameras. Cameras with night vision and for varying distances is available. Video monitoring can come in the form of closed circuit televisions or remote access through your computer. This enables companies and homes to monitor their property 24 hours a day. You can also receive feeds or clips via email or text, when activity occurs.

Access control and gate control enables the property owner to monitor and control who has access to their home or business. Access control can be used for exterior entrances as well as secure areas of a building. If there is an area where sensitive information or equipment is kept, additional security may be required to enter these areas. This can include photo IDs, card readers, fingerprint scanners, retina scanners and so forth. Both stand-alone systems and multi door systems are available. These can be monitored through PC integrated systems or the CCTV.

With all security options companies and homes can self-monitor their security or they can use a third party monitoring service that will notify them of any breaches in security and will call the appropriate authorities when the need arises. Central monitoring stations with dedicated staff offers the best protection.

Alert Security Systems Packages

assAlert Security Systems does not have set packages available. They believe that each customer has individual needs and therefore each system is custom designed to meet that customer’s needs. They provide a range of products in various price ranges which keeps the equipment costs affordable.
Customers can choose a basic security package which includes a few door and window sensors, motion detectors and a central panel. The system can increase in sophistication depending on the customer’s needs.

Experienced staff will evaluate the property and make recommendations after listening to the customers expressed needs. Then together, they will decide on a plan of action that will secure the property and provide peace of mind for the customer.

The monthly monitoring fees are very competitively priced and will depend on the equipment that is selected by the property owner to be monitored. The monitoring station has an excellent record for fast response times and reliability.

How to Contact Alert Security Systems


Phone: (800) 701-2537

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