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Alert One Monitoring Overview

alert-one-monitoring.258iSituated in Vancouver, Washington, Alert One Monitoring boasts of roughly 18 years of experience specializing in low voltage electrical systems. The business is licensed in both Oregon and Washington states as of 1996. Alert One is locally owned and operated by the current owners for 5 years now, and before that they installed and maintained the business for 10 years before acquiring ownership. They consider themselves a family business that enjoys giving back to the community. Their services include alarm monitoring, business security, fire alarms, and security alarms for residential and commercial customers. Their smoke alarms and motion detectors use the latest technology to protect homes and businesses from fire or intrusion. Their Bravo6 is known for being a high-quality pet-immune detector. They can install both wired and wireless networks for their customers.

Alert One Monitoring Reviews

It’s difficult to get a lot of information about what customers think of Alert One, as there’s very little information on the internet, and it seems that their website is also down. This is not a good sign, but the few comments that could be found remarked how the customer service is good and the prices are reasonable. That being said, it’s quite hard to trust a business these days that doesn’t have a stronger presence on the internet. It would be nice to go to their website and be able to see exactly how much the products and services that Alert One provides are going to cost. Unfortunately, there’s no information to be found, and it leaves a person guessing. It seems like they’re completely local and even have a monitoring facility in Vancouver, as well. Yet again, this is something that you just have to guess. It’s not uncommon for these small, local companies to operate this way, and it does seem like they provide a comprehensive list of services to suit their local customers. It’s a definite benefit that they provide both wireless and wired systems, allowing their customers to choose what is right for them. There’s certainly nothing negative that has been said about the company, so if you live in Washington then Alert One might not be a bad idea.

Alert One Monitoring Equipment

It seems as though Alert One Monitoring provides a comprehensive list of equipment for their customers which includes motion sensors, smoke detectors, wired or wireless security systems, and much more. There is no mention of brand usage on the company’s website, but it seems from customer reviews that the equipment is state of the art and effective. The general home security package will include motion sensor, door and window contacts, key fob, keypad, and any extras that you would want to add on. There are no pre-set packages at Alert One, so you should be able to customize your experience to get the security system that is just right for your home. Alert One takes care of all the installation and maintenance of the system, so if you ever do have any problems with the equipment one of the technicians at Alert Alarm should be able to fix it. There’s no mention of whether or not you’re purchasing this equipment upfront, or if you’re simply leasing it from Alert One Monitoring, so this is something to ask the customer service representative over the phone.

Alert One Monitoring Home Security Packages

As mentioned above, Alert One does not provide basic home security packages, but they prefer to customize the system for their customers. Their home security systems come in both wired and wireless form, allowing you to choose what style is best for your home. It’s often convenient to have a wired system with a wireless backup in case of power outage. There’s no mention on the company’s website about the price of this basic package, but reviews are favorable in terms of cost. Once your system is installed, you can keep it well maintained with the help of an Alert One technician. Please note that there’s also very little information about monitoring this system. It seems as though Alert One has in-house monitoring that is local, but there’s no talk of what the fee for this monitoring is, and what the contract length may be. Be sure to ask a customer representative over the phone what the basic price of this service may be.

Alert One Monitoring Details

  • * Based in Vancouver, Washington
  • * 5 years in business
  • * 15 years experience
  • * Locally owned and operated
  • * Residential and commercial security services
  • * Full installation and maintenance

How to Contact Alert One Monitoring


Phone: (360) 737-7861

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