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Alert Alarm Hawaii Overview

aah-logoAlert Alarm Hawaii was founded in 1962 and is completely locally owned and operated. The 125 trained employees show great loyalty to the company, and get high marks for customer service. The headquarters are located in Honolulu, and this is the largest security provider in the Aloha state. They have operations on most major islands, such as Oahu, Kauai, Maui, and the Big Island. With nearly 25,000 residential and commercial customers, they’re considered to be one of the largest security providers in Hawaii. For three years in a row, Alert Alarm Hawaii has earned Best of Honolulu, and they claim that all their intrusion detection systems are manufactured with the latest and greatest technology. They also have a number of useful features on their website such as a video library, various user manuals, referral programs, and so much more. The interactive technology that Alert Alarm provides is state of the art and some of the best you can find in the industry today.

Alert Alarm Hawaii Reviews

Alert Alarm Hawaii is the only in its class in the state of Hawaii. It’s the largest security company and provides a tremendous amount of products and services. Many people have favorable things to say about Alert Alarm, especially about how nice the customer service is and how timely the technicians are. There is a little discrepancy about the price of their services and the contract length. Unfortunately they do not state how long the warranty is on their equipment, so this could be a particular problem if you get roped into a long contract. For the most part, the locals do like this company and it has an extensive history on the islands. There doesn’t seem to be a tremendous amount of competition for Alert Alarm Hawaii, so if you’re on the island, you might not have much of a choice. That being said, the reviews are very good, and the company does have a number of years of experience in the industry, and are all highly trained. There is no mention of certifications on the company’s website, but we can guess that they have all the necessary credentials. If you’re anywhere in Hawaii, you’ll most likely be in range of their services.

Alert Alarm Hawaii Equipment

Again, there seems to be very little mention of what specific equipment Alert Alarm installs in their customers homes. But, they do note that they provide fire alarm systems, video surveillance packages, interactive services, and energy management equipment. From this it can be guessed that they provide home automation with the accompanying smartphone app that allows you to monitor your home from a remote location. It seems like Alert Alarm provides a wireless system, but perhaps they offer a wired system as well. You do get up to six sensors in the basic package, and this is fantastic compared to the 3-4 that other companies provide. Customer reviews note that the equipment is very high quality and lasts for quite a while without the need for maintenance or replacement. After installation by an Alert Alarm professional, you’ll have everything about the system explained to you so you fully understand the ins and outs of your system and how to maintain it. Should you have any questions, a customer service representative will be able to help you over the phone to resolve any problem 24/7.

Alert Alarm Hawaii Home Security Packages

aahAlert Alarm Hawaii provides a number of different packages and systems to suit their customers needs. Whether you’re looking for a burglar alarm system, fire alarm system, video surveillance system, energy management, or lock control, Alert Alarm Hawaii has it all. Although there’s no mention of the specific price of these systems, you can be sure the prices are pretty good because it’s such a big company. They’ve been around for quite a while, and they’re a great choice for those who plan to live in Hawaii for many years, as the contract will most likely be lengthy. Because Alert Alarm Hawaii offers so many features, you should be able to customize their basic home security system and add features like video cameras, temperature control, smoke detection, and much more. During a consultation with an Alert Alarm specialist, you’ll get a chance to clarify your specific needs and how you would like to secure your home.

Alert Alarm Hawaii Details

  • * Founded in 1962
  • * Monitors nearly 25,000 systems
  • * Operates out of Honolulu
  • * The largest security company in Hawaii
  • * Residential and commercial security systems

How to Contact Alert Alarm Hawaii


Phone: (808) 521-5000

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