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Alarmtech Overview

alarmtech-logoOperating out of Vacaville, California, this company is locally owned and operated since 1994. They provide high quality security and fire systems that are monitored 24/7 by their UL-listed monitoring agency. They also offer a minimum one year warranty on their parts and labor for all of their security products that are installed by their technicians. Some of their specialties include alarm monitoring, business security, design, fire alarms and home security. Their home and business security systems can be configured to work with fire alarms, access control, and intercom systems. The company chooses to give their customers a customized experience through consultation that results in designing a system to suit your specific needs.

Alarmtech Reviews

Alarmtech gets incredibly favorable reviews online. Customers talk about how the services are very good with this company, and that everything from design to installation, maintenance and monitoring, is all done in-house. They’re a business that hasn’t been around too long, but just enough to give them the experiences that help them to provide good customer service and technical support. Their monitoring is said to be top-notch, with rapid response times for the ultimate in security. Customers also note that their home theaters are great as well. In fact, this company provides an amazing and comprehensive list of equipment to serve all the needs of their customers. The only areas of complaint about this company seems to be around the fact that the warranty is so short on equipment. Even though they say it’s a year minimum, it still comes out to being just about a year. This is problematic because the minimum contract is two years, so you’re most likely going to have to pay an extra fee to extend the warranty on your products. It would have been nice if Alarmtech would have created a 2 year warranty on equipment that perfectly matched the length of their contract, but it’s actually not something that they have much control over. When on the phone with a customer representative, be sure to ask what the added price for extending the warranty is going to be. The monthly monitoring fee is already nice and low, but it can get high very quickly with added fees that Alarmtech doesn’t tell you about. Also make sure to ask if they provide both wireless and wired home alarm systems. Most companies do, but there’s no mention of what brand of equipment Alarmtech supplies, so that’s something that you’re definitely going to want to know upfront.

Alarmtech Equipment

Alarmtech provides an incredibly comprehensive list of equipment to their customers, and this includes home security systems, home theaters, fire alarms, and much more. There’s no mention on the Alarmtech website about what brand of equipment that they are using, but it seems to be high quality and durable. Once this system is installed, Alarmtech will fully maintain and monitor your system for a monthly fee. It’s fantastic that this company does everything from step one. They will completely design your system during a consultation and home evaluation, and then you can choose at that time to add any extra features that you’d like for your home. Their home theaters are quite state of the art, and installing one of these will be enough to make you want to install a home security system as well.

Alarmtech Home Security Packages

alarmtechOn the Alarmtech website, it clearly states that they charge $99 for equipment and installation with a two year contract of $32 a month. This is for their basic home security system, and this is a very competitive price. It also seems as though the consultation is free. There’s no mention on the website of what comes in this basic security package, but we can guess you’re getting a motion sensor, siren, door and window contacts, key fob, control panel, and perhaps an intercom. You can add additional features to this basic package for the best customizable experience, but it should be noted that this might jack up your monthly fee. All in all, if you live in the Vacaville area, this package is very reasonable in price. You’re going to need to ask during your home evaluation just what you’re getting in this basic package, as they really do vary from company to company.

Alarmtech Details

  • * Locally owned and operated in Vacaville, California
  • * In business since 1994
  • * Residential and commercial alarm systems
  • * Home theaters
  • * 24 hour, UL listed monitoring
  • * Minimum 1 year warranty on equipment

How to Contact Alarmtech


Phone: (707) 448-0403

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