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Alarmco Security Systems Overview

ass-logoAlarmco Security Systems was established in 1998 after 30 years of previous experience. They provide residential and commercial security equipment and services, such as installation, monitoring, repairs, and much more. They monitor over 2,500 customers, and they take pride in not only providing good customer service but also keeping their business small so they can know they’re customers personally. They practice their business in California, and have a C-10 Electrical Contracting – Low Voltage license. Some other services they provide are installation of access control systems, business security, home security design, fire alarms, and video surveillance. Alarmco has a 24/7 monitoring center that they own and operate in the Southern California area, and it’s UL listed. They pride themselves on not outsourcing any of the services that they provide, and that means it’s one stop shopping for evaluation, design, purchase, installation, monitoring, and repairs. That’s a real bonus to going with this company, and makes it easy to take care of all your security needs with the convenience of one company.

Alarmco Security Systems Reviews

For the most part, Alarmco gets very favorable reviews in the Southern California area. They are a small business, and like to maintain strong personal relations with their customers and keep all their products and services in-house. Their customers seem to really respect that, and like little details such as employees at Alarmco remembering their customers names, and so forth. Unfortunately there isn’t more information on Alarmco’s website about price, so customers who want a quote on a home security system must fill out the inquiry form and then speak to an agent over the phone. This is inconvenient but it’s pretty standard for these smaller companies. Customers note that the equipment that Alarmco uses is high-quality and the leading-edge products in the industry. Alarmco’s staff is said to be incredibly friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful, and technicians arrive promptly and are professional. Perhaps the only thing to complain about Alarmco is that they provide absolutely no information about contract length, warranty on their products, and whether or not the customer owns the equipment after installation or if they’re simply leasing it from Alarmco. This is very important information for the customer to have, and it’s a shame that Alarmco isn’t more upfront about these details on their website. That being said, the staff is quite helpful and I’m sure they’ll disclose this information promptly over the phone. When speaking to a customer service representative, it’s important to ask them what the monthly monitoring fee is, the length of the contract, and if there’s an extra price for installation.

Alarmco Security Systems Equipment

In the greater Southern California area, Alarmco offers their customers all kinds of equipment to choose from. They take care of all the design and installation of complex security systems, and are able to come to your home or business for a free evaluation. Some equipment that Alarmco can provide for you includes burglar alarms, video camera systems, home automation eqiupment, and fire detection equipment. Alarmco seems to be using some of the top brands you can find on the market today, and reviews note that this equipment is sound.

Alarmco Security Systems Home Security Packages

assAside from the basic home security packages that Alarmco provides, they can also install a number of other parts that enhance your security system, as well as the control you have over your home. For instance, Alarmco is able to install a home automation system that makes it easy to control things like the temperature of your home, turning the alarm on or off, adjusting the lights, and so much more, from a mobile device like a phone or computer with an internet connection. Alarmco can also add video surveillance cameras to your basic home security system. It’s not specified on the website, but it seems that Alarmco uses either wireless or landline systems for their customers homes. It is nice to have the option, but wireless systems offer advantages that should be noted, like they’re easier to install and they will never dismantle if the phone becomes disconnected, because they’re working on a cellular network. After your package is installed, you’ll receive 24 hour monitoring from Alarmco’s UL listed monitoring center. Please note that there is no mention of price for this basic package on Alarmco’s website.

Alarmco Security Systems Details

  • * Based in Southern California
  • * 30 Years of experience
  • * Residential and commercial security systems
  • * Full installation
  • * UL listed monitoring center
  • * Provides video surveillance equipment

How to Contact Alarmco Security Systems


Phone: 877-71-ALARM

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