Alarm Zone Home Security Review

Alarm Zone Overview

Alarm Zone ReviewsAlarm Zone is an authorized dealer of GE security products, and offers security equipment and monitoring services at reasonable prices. Their official website offers potential customers a chance to contact the company by filling in a form at the home page. The company contacts you once you fill in the form and gives you a quote after listening to your requirements. The contact is done online and/or over the phone, no Alarm Zone personnel visit your house for an assessment.
The official website also has a useful page containing general security tips for the readers. However, the website seems lacking in information when compared to Guardian Protection Services, Protection One Security Solutions, and some of the other companies we have reviewed.

In this review we will discuss the products and services offered by Alarm Zone, and will discuss where the company stands in today’s market. We will also provide pros and cons of purchasing a home security system from Alarm Zone, and will conclude by recommending who the products and services are suitable for.

Alarm Zone Products and Services

The most prominently featured products offered by Alarm Zone include Simon XT, and Simon 3, both are command station with 24 hours battery. Simon 3 can be connected through landline, broadband, and cellular while Simon XT does not have the broadband option available.

Other products being offered by the company include sensors (overhead garage door sensors, sensors for doors and windows, flood sensors, and low temperature sensors), medical panic pendants, and keychain remote controls. All of these products are available as standalone products for customers looking for additional security without getting into a contract.

The packages include starter, basic, standard, premium and platinum. The starter package comes with 3 sensors and a motion detector. The number of sensors is increased from 3 to 15 as you progress from starter to platinum package.

The good thing about these packages is that the equipment comes for free once you enter the contract. So the users only pay for the service being provided. It has not been mentioned on the website whether the customer gets to keep the equipment if they decide not to renew the contract or if they wish to terminate it.

Another important service package by the company is Flexible Alarm Monitoring, which includes the standard monitoring services and start at 29.95 dollars. The standard services start include 24/7/365 monitoring, motion detectors and sensors.

During our online research we found that the company has recently added smoke detectors and security cameras in the range of products they are offering, but there was no mention of these products on the official website.

It is also not clear whether the company caters to homes and residential property only or whether it also provides security services to businesses. The products being offered are self-install systems, and it appears as if there is a long way to go before Alarm Zone could compete with the larger companies.

 Alarm Zone Pros

  1. The services and products are being offered at affordable prices. There are several special discounts and packages buyers can benefit from. There is also a two minute offer on the website which activated after we spent some time browsing the services.
  2. All the products are from GE, so the hardware is reliable.
  3. All products being offered by the company are also available as standalone products. Customers looking to buy a few motion sensors to add to their already installed security system just have to place an order and get GE products at reasonable prices.
  4. The products are designed to be installed by the customers; no technical expertise is required to install them.

 Alarm Zone Cons

  1. The company has no repair or installation teams. If there is something wrong with the system, the customers have to call the company and receive instructions about what to do. If there is some physical damage to the hardware, that piece of equipment is replaced by a new one and is covered by warranty.
  2. We have mentioned about the lack of information on the official website earlier. The location and state of the monitoring station is not mentioned. While competitors highlight their state of the art monitoring station, Alarm Zone does not mention its location, the number of people that work there, and how equipped the station is.
  3. The company does not offer carbon monoxide detectors. We have mentioned this here because some of the other major security service providers include carbon monoxide detectors in their premium packages.
  4. The company does not offer home automation, which puts them at a serious disadvantage against their competition.
  5. There are no video tutorials or customer testimonials on the official website. The absence of these features makes Alarm Zone look like a smaller company.

 Alarm Zone Review Summary

If you are looking for a very basic security system that does not put a dent in your wallet, Alarm Zone has plenty of options available for you. However, if you are looking for larger features such as home automation, multi-site protection, or complete digitization of your security system, then this company is not for you.

If you are a business owner/manager looking for video monitoring and protection of your workplace, Alarm Zone may have some helpful products that can fulfill your requirements. However, we strongly recommend you ask them if 24/7/365 video monitoring is being offered and if you can receive live video feed to your phone.

When it comes to security solutions, every company has strengths and weaknesses. We will be posting more reviews here, so make sure you check our blog for daily updates. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to receive email notification. Kindly let us know your feedback in the comments section.