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Alarm & Suppression Overview

alarms-logoAlarm & Suppression is based in Schenectady, NY, and they specialize in specifically designed security systems. They install their system in the greater Albany area, and have been in business for over 40 years. They are also able to install professional sound systems and various communication systems for educational facilities. Alarm & Suppression is licensed by the New York Department of Safety as well as the Vermont Department of Public Safety. Their emergency services are available 24 hours a day. They also specialize in installation, business security, and fire alarms. They take care of everything from design to installation and maintenance of systems for industrial and commercial clients. Alarm & Suppression is very popular in their area and serve a number of businesses.

Alarm & Suppression Reviews

Unfortunately, Alarm & Suppression does not have too much information on their website, but they do get some positive customer reviews. Their services seem to be mostly employed by commercial customers who have noted that the equipment is top notch. Customer service and installation seems to be pleasant and professional, and response times are nice and fast. That being said, it’s questionable whether or not this is the right choice for home security, as they really do seem to specialize in commercial and industrial security. But it is possibly worth a try because the reviews that they get for their commercial services are very positive. They have an incredible wealth of experience which has made the company well-trusted in the area, and they also provide an incredibly comprehensive list of equipment to suit your needs. It should be noted that there’s a bit of confusion here about whether or not Alarm & Suppression does their own monitoring. It would seem that they do because they state that they provide 24 hour emergency services, but this seems to be for technical support. In no place do they explicitly say that they provide monitoring services from a central station. This is a problem for any home or business that wants to do everything in one place, meaning design, installation, maintenance, and monitoring. This is a big question to be asked over the phone and an important distinction when trying to determine whether or not Alarm & Suppression is right for you. Should they not do their own monitoring, it will be not too difficult to find another company to perform this service for you, but it’s still a hassle to have to deal with two different companies.

Alarm & Suppression Equipment

Alarm & Suppression has a great selection of equipment for their commercial customers such as access control, security systems, fire alarms, and fire suppression systems. Alarm & Suppression does not mention on their website what brands of equipment they use, unfortunately, but it seems like all the equipment is sound. It’s nice that they take care of everything from the start, including design of the system, then installation and maintenance. They offer wireless and wired systems to suit your specific needs, and any add-ons you choose can be incorporated into your larger system network. The company also provides 24 emergency services for their customers. Unfortunately Alarm & Suppression does not mention what the warranty situation is on this equipment. Should the warranty be too short, you should ask about the added monthly cost of extending this warranty to match the length of your contract.

Alarm & Suppression Home Security Packages

alarmsThere’s no mention of what basic home security packages Alarm & Suppression provides, and in fact, their website almost makes it seem like commercial security is their specialty as opposed to residential security. That being said, there is one portion of their website that does talk about home security, so it must be a service that they provide. There’s no basic package, but they seem to be interested in customizing systems for their customers, to suit their specific needs. Should you be interested in employing their services, you’re going to want to ask a lot of questions over the phone to fully understand what you’re getting. You need to ask about what the monthly monitoring fee is, and if this includes the price of installation. In many cases you’ll have one large upfront fee, then after that you will pay a reasonable monthly price. But again, Alarm & Suppression likes to leave much to the imagination, so you’re going to have to inquire over the phone about all the details.

Alarm & Suppression Details

  • * Located in Albany, NY
  • * In business for over 40 years
  • * Licensed by the New York Department of Safety
  • * 24 hour emergency services

How to Contact Alarm & Suppression


Phone: 518-399-5110

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