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Alarm Men Overview

alarmmen-logoHeadquartered in Visalia California the company has been in business since 2001. They service both business establishments and residential homes. Prior to owning their own business the owners Michael and George worked for a number of security companies and learned everything they could about the security industry.

The company is very familiar with the competition and what they offer and creates products and services that are very competitive with the industry. They offer the latest equipment with the newest available technology. Add very competitive pricing for their monitoring services and they will a lot of business from competitors.

They believe in fair pricing and exceptional service. The owners of the family owned business rely on referrals for much of the business growth and believe that protecting others is part of their DNA. This personal approach to the business enables them to maintain very high levels of customer service in a market that is known for stringent contracts and lack of flexibility.

Alarm Men Reviews

Alarm Men gets high reviews for their level of professionalism and responsiveness to customer’s needs and concerns. They offer bonuses for customer referrals and this can enable existing customers to obtain free monitoring through their referral program. Much of the company growth is a result of referrals from current customers.

Customers like that the monitoring fees are very low and that customers are not required to sign long term contracts to obtain monitoring services. The company also works with customers who have other systems and can reprogram the system to be monitored by Alarm Men. They do not pressure customers and respect the contracts from other companies. The owners seek to educate and inform clients and then leave it to customers to make the best decision for their circumstances. This high level of respect is unusual in the industry and refreshing from the high pressure sales pitches that generally accompany alarm system and security audits.

As a result of this customer centric philosophy customers are very pleased with the equipment, installation process, monitoring and ongoing service that is available.

Alarm Men Equipment

The company focus is on fire and burglar protection services. These systems include fire, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. They can be integrated into the burglar alarm system or installed as a stand-alone service. Intrusion alarm systems include door and window sensors along with a central control panel. This is connected to a central monitoring system that provides 24 hour protection 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Optional equipment includes video surveillance which allows customers to monitor their property day or night from any remote location that has an internet connection. Total Connect by Honeywell is available for both business and residential customers. This remote system provides access to every aspect of the equipment remotely. Total Connect allows customers to arm and disarm the security system remotely. They can monitor and control the locks, lights, appliances and HVAC systems to not only add more security but also to save money on energy costs.

With video surveillance customers can view live video in either images or clips. They can also record video on a DVR which enables them to watch the clips or images at their convenience. CCTVs are also available for businesses who have security personnel. This allows real time monitoring of security cameras 24 hours a day. Owners can also access the feeds remotely at any time.

With Alarm Men equipment is owned and not leased. This is an advantage to the customer because they can move their monitoring service at any time and still keep the equipment they have purchased. Often security companies lease equipment and even at the end of the contract the company owns the equipment, not the customer.

Alarm Men Packages

alarmmenThe standard package for intrusion security includes an alarm control, siren, keypad, door and window sensors (3), motion detector, battery backup system, and transformer with telephone connectivity. This service costs $299 installed. Monitoring services are separate but the customer owns the equipment.

Additional items can be purchased at a wholesale cost. This can include additional window or door sensors, motion detectors, fire or carbon monoxide detection, video cameras and more. If the customer has equipment from another service Alarm Men can convert that to Alarm Men for a $49.95 activation fee. This includes the service call and reprogramming the system to the new monitoring service.

Monthly charges for monitoring start at $15 a month. This would be using a land line connection and a multi-year contract. For $25 a month customers receive cellular monitoring and for $30 a month they receive interactive cellular monitoring. This is needed if the customer wants two way communication through the keypad or are using a medical alert device. Contracts can be as short as quarterly to as long as a multi-year contract, depending on the customer’s needs.

How to Contact Alarm Men


Phone: 559-734-2527

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