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Alarm Link Overview

alarmlink-logoAlarm Link is headquartered out of Amarillo Texas and opened their business in 1999 after many years in the alarm services business. When the business started they were part of the Brinks security company. When Brinks sold they became Broad view. A few years later the company went public and was bought out by ADT. Now Alarm Link is an independent alarm company that is family owned and operated with their own monitoring center in San Antonia Texas.

For Alarm Link service is everything and they aim to treat all customers like family. And like family they take their job of protecting your family very seriously. The company chooses only the most reliable equipment and operate the central monitoring service to ensure high quality response times. This high level of attention to detail and importance on serving customers enables Alarm Link to maintain high customer ratings and grow through customer referrals.

The company services both residential and commercial customers and supplies burglar alarms, fire detection, medical protection systems, video surveillance and CCTV systems for business owners. The systems so not require a land line to install and the company focuses on wireless systems that provide more reliable connections to the call center.

Owner Ed Landry has over 25 years in the industry and over 14 years operating his own alarm company. He has served on the Board of the Texas Burglar and Fire Alarm Association and is actively involved in the community. He currently serves customers in the panhandle region of northwest Texas.

Alarm Link Reviews

Alarm Link maintains an A rating with the Better Business Bureau. Customers enjoy a high level of customer service and personalization with the company. Free security audits are offered to clients who are interested in the service or an upgrade. The systems are professionally installed and care is taken to install the systems correctly to reduce the service calls.

Customers also like the company’s flexibility. They try to work with customers in the event of a move or circumstances that require a change or upgrade in equipment. These occasions give the company a chance to prove they are really centered on customer satisfaction.

They receive high marks for top quality equipment as well as a fast response time from their monitoring center. The center is based in San Antonio Texas. The company ensures that all employees are well trained and have the fastest response times when an alarm is triggered.

Alarm Link Equipment

Alarm Link offers equipment that will protect property from intrusion, fire, medical emergencies and video surveillance. This provides a full range of protection for your home or business. They also offer remote access and home management services along with 24 hour monitoring to protect your property.
Burglar alarms protect homes from intrusion. The company provides an easy to operate keypad along with a remote keychain that can arm or disarm the system. Sensors are provided for the windows and doors along with training for the owners so the system will be operated corrected. When owners do not understand how to operate the system they tend to keep the system disarmed. This does not help to protect the home in the event of a break-in.

Fire protection includes fire and smoke alarms as well as carbon monoxide detectors. This will provide an early warning and the central monitoring system is notified within seconds that there is a problem in the home. This enables the station to get emergency services to the property faster which saves lives as well as reducing property damage.

Medical emergencies are becoming more common as the elderly seek to remain in their home as long as possible. Medical alerts will contact the central monitoring station with the touch of a button. If there is a fall emergency personnel can be notified immediately getting help on the way quickly. When someone falls and is unable to get up, more damage can occur creating a medical emergency from what may have initially been a light fall.

Video surveillance, cameras and CCTV is growing in popularity. Today’s current products are very effective in recording usable images for law enforcement. This enables the police to have a higher capture rate and to better secure your property. With wireless video surveillance intruders cannot cut the line and data is still recorded. Customers can view images and video clips remotely from anywhere there is an internet connection.

Alarm Link Packages

alarmlinkPackages are custom designed to meet each customer’s needs. This ensures customers are only paying for the equipment and monitoring services they are using, saving customers money. The company offers a free security audit and will make recommendations based on the property and the security needs of the owner. This high level of customization adds to the personal service the company is known for.

How to Contact Alarm Link


Phone: (806) 354-0050

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