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Alarm Control Systems, Inc. Overview

acs-logoOperating in the greater Boston area, Alarm Control Systems, Inc. has been in business since 1989, and provides both residential and commercial services to their customers. They also provide a wide variety of equipment and services, and their completely computerized Central Station is controlled by highly trained operators. They also install fire alarms and video surveillance for their customers. Their monitoring center exceeds all UL requirements and they boast of the fastest response times in their region. Some services that ACS claims to excel at include design and installation of burglar alarms, fire and smoke detection, carbon monoxide detection, hold-up, AC power fail, low batteries, water pump services, temperature failure, elevators, access control systems, personal emergency response systems, and CCTV systems and components.

Alarm Control Systems, Inc. Reviews

Alarm Control Systems seems to be a pretty good company, and people in the greater Boston area stay loyal to their business for many years. Customers note that customer service reps are very nice over the phone, and that technicians are prompt and professional when it comes to installation and repairs. There is some mention that the price of ACS’s services is quite high. That may be because Alarm Control Systems does provide state-of-the-art equipment, and their monitoring center is pretty advanced since it’s completely computerized. The complaints about price are vague, though. And, it’s hard to tell just how much ACS is charging their customers from their website. There is no mention of price for a standard security package, and there’s also no discussion of warranty and installation costs. For the most part, the reviews are favorable, and if you live in the Boston area then you may want to get a home evaluation from this company to see if you can manage the price. It should be noted that ACS gets very good notes for providing such a wide variety of equipment. Pretty much any part you should ever need for home or business security can be provided by them. They keep everything in-house, which only adds to the quick installation times and fast maintenance.

Alarm Control Systems, Inc. Equipment

Alarm Control Systems provides a tremendously comprehensive list of equipment for their customers, and they take care of all the installation and repairs as well. Some of the products that they can install include remote video surveillance equipment, which allows you to see your home perimeter from anywhere in the world. They also have full burglar alarm systems, fire and smoke detection systems, PERS equipment, furnace/freezer failure monitoring equipment, video entry systems, gate operators, and so much more. In fact, pretty much everything that you can imagine for home or business security or monitoring ACS could sell you. It seems like all this equipment is made by the best manufacturers, and the company offers a wide variety of brands to choose from. After installation, an ACS technician will give you the run-down and make sure that you fully understand your system and how to use it. The wireless security systems, for the most part, are really straight forward and easy to understand, so it shouldn’t be a problem for most people. It should be noted that if you ever have a problem with this equipment, someone from ACS will be there to fix it in no time, and they’re always running tests to make sure everything is up to speed.

Alarm Control Systems, Inc. Home Security Packages

acsAlarm Control Systems fully designs and installs your residential security system for you, and therefore takes out all the guess work. It seems from their website that the company favors wireless systems for their customers homes, which is a good choice because they’re easier to install and maintain. They also provide home automation technology to add to this basic system, which allows you to control certain aspects of your home from a mobile device. After your system is installed, it will be monitored by Alarm Control Systems’ UL listed control center. Trained operators will be able to monitor your home 24 hours a day, and alert the authorities should anything be amiss. From customer reviews, it seems like this basic package is satisfactory and suits the security needs of the average household. Larger homes may have to beef this package up a bit with video surveillance equipment, extra door and window contacts, or an extra motion sensor.

Alarm Control Systems, Inc. Details

  • * Serves the greater Boston area
  • * Residential and commercial security services
  • * 24 hour monitoring
  • * UL listed monitoring center
  • * Provides all design and installation services

How to Contact Alarm Control Systems, Inc.


Phone: 877-231-0392

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