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Alarm Center Security Overview

alarmcenters-logoAlarm Center Security has been in business since 1978, and has installed over 10,000 systems in the Baton Rouge, Louisiana area. They provide security equipment and services for residential and commercial customers, and they pride themselves and customizing their packages to suit their customers’ needs. The company is fully licensed and insured in the state of Louisiana. Locally owned and operated by a gentleman named Brian Watson, who is a US Navy Nuclear Submarine Veteran, Alarm Center Security also provides alarm monitoring services, business security, and video surveillance. They fully design and install all their systems, and are always on-call for issues with maintenance and security concerns.

Alarm Center Security Reviews

Alarm Center Security seems to be a pretty good company that provides a comprehensive list of services and equipment. They’ve been in business for over thirty years, and they really do get good reviews in Louisiana. It should be noted that they get extra points for maintaining their services even during some of Louisiana’s worst hurricanes, which is incredibly impressive. They do provide a basic package that they claim is available for no money down, but they do not mention what their monthly monitoring fee is on their website. It seems like it’s probably going to be pricey since they are giving their customers so much for free upfront. It should be noted that some customers claim that Alarm Center Security tries to do a bit of up-selling to their customers. Because their home security package is so incredibly basic, and not sufficient for many homes, they can lure customers in with initial low prices that seem to grow once the other necessary parts are added to the basic package. That being said, it seems like the customer service is quite good at this business, and the staff is trained and has worked there for quite a while. The technicians also seem to be quite knowledgeable and helpful. If you live in Louisiana then going with Alarm Center Security might just be a great option, but do watch out for the company trying to sell you more parts and services than you may actually need.

Alarm Center Security Equipment

Alarm Center Security offers a comprehensive list of equipment to suit home and business security needs. They provide systems to detect and monitor intrusion, hold-up, duress, and panic alarms as well as smoke, fire, carbon monoxide, and high/low temperature equipment. After your equipment is installed by Alarm Center Security, you’ll receive 24 hour UL listed monitoring from their award winning monitoring center. The center is located right in Baton Rouge, and was up and running successfully even during Hurricane Katrina, Rita and Gustav. Their list of various equipment includes smoke detectors, heat detectors, CO detectors, natural gas detectors, temperature alerts, Wireless Remote Keyfobs (Keychains), Wireless Medical Pendants, Glass Break Detectors, Camera Systems (Watch your home on your smartphone), Alarm Link Cellular Monitoring (No home phone needed), Smartphone System Access, Pet Immune Motion Sensors, Open/Close Reporting, Text and Email Alerts, and Home Automation (Adjust air conditioning, lights or locks from your smartphone). Unfortunately there is no mention on the company’s website as to what brand of equipment they install in their customers homes. This would be nice to know as the quality of the equipment is really more important than the quantity that Alarm Center Security provides.

Alarm Center Security Home Security Packages

alarmcentersThe basic home security package that Alarm Center Security provides will include 3 door and window contracts and one motion detector. This is usually enough for a regular sized home, but there’s a good chance you might want to add to this since the company offers so many other fancy options to automate your home and keep it secure. If your credit is approved, you’ll be able to get this basic package installed for 0 money down. If you sign the minimum term contract, then all you’re paying is the monthly monitoring fee for this home security package. Please note, there’s a good chance this monthy fee could be steep considering that Alarm Center is giving their customers a lot of free stuff upfront. Also, the cost is probably going to go up once you add other features like home automation, fire detection, cameras, or any other features that you need.

Alarm Center Security Details

  • * Locally owned and operated in Louisiana
  • * Established in 1978
  • * Over 10,000 systems installed
  • * Local monitoring
  • * Video surveillance
  • * Commercial and residential monitoring

How to Contact Alarm Center Security


Phone: (225) 292-5276

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