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Alarm CCTV Distribution Overview

alarmcctv-logoAlarm CCTV Distribution is located in Fremont, California, and they pride themselves on providing the best local services and equipment for security and video surveillance. They’re always trying to stay on the cusp of the latest CCTV equipment technology. Since 2002 they have been serving the area with specialized security cameras, surveillance systems, and CCTV that is designed to protect both homes and local businesses from theft or intrusion. Because Alarm CCTV really does specialize in cameras, they provide perhaps the very best selection of security cameras that you’re going to find in the Fremont area. The selection is so good that the company is continually popular with local businesses, banks, and other commercial buildings that need to be able to monitor customers coming in and out. The staff is highly trained and knowledgeable about the equipment that they sell, and talking to a rep over the phone will help you to be steered towards the right products to suit your individual needs. When it comes to cameras, you’re certainly going to have a lot of options to choose from.

Alarm CCTV Distribution Reviews

It’s hard to get a good sense of this business from the information that is provided on the internet. There seems to be few reviews of Alarm CCTV Distribution, and those that do exist are a little vague. From their website, it’s easy to see that they provide an amazing list of equipment for security and CCTV needs, however there’s absolutely no mention of whether they install this equipment and whether they monitor it. I think we can assume here that they don’t, but the only way to know for sure is to call them. As the name suggests, they really do seem to just be distributers of products, and they’re a little weak on the services side. That being said, it really is great the sheer variety of cameras they provide for their customers, so if you’re looking for CCTV for your home or business then you’re definitely going to get what you need at Alarm CCTV Distribution. This equipment is probably going to come at a premium price because they seem to only sell very high quality stuff that is the most technologically advanced. Should you just want a basic home security system, and you want just one company to install, monitor, and maintain it, then going with Alarm CCTV is not going to be the right choice.

Alarm CCTV Distribution Equipment

The amount of equipment that Alarm CCTV provides is beyond comprehensive. Basically anything you need for a home security system or any kind of video monitoring is going to be provided by this company. There is unfortunately no mention of what brand they’re using, but they provide everything you desire, such as Security Cameras, DVRs, NVRs, Network IP Cameras, Security Camera Lenses, Enclosures & Brackets, CCTV Baluns, PC Baluns, CCTV Microphones, Wireless A/V 2.4 Kit, Power Supplies, Video Intercom Systems, Alarm Systems, Hardwire Sensors, Solar Photobeams, Perimeter Intrusion Fiber, Detection System, Access Control Systems, Magnetic Lock & Electromagnetic Strikes, Request-to-Exit & Remotes, Relay/Timer & Chargers, Network Components, Access Point Systems, Wires & Cables, Speed Bumps & Wire Ductsand much more. So, that is an impressive list of equipment, but unfortunately there is no mention on the Alarm CCTV website as to whether or not they install any of this. It is perhaps just as the name of the business suggests and they merely distribute this equipment. Once this equipment is installed, there’s also no mention of monitoring.

Alarm CCTV Distribution Home Security Packages

alarmcctvWe know that Alarm CCTV provides basic home security systems, but there’s no talk on their website about what this costs, whether they install the system or not, and whether they even monitor it. What we can guess from the website is that this business simply distributes their security systems and you need to find another company to install and monitor the system. Of course, this is an inconvenience, but the good news is that you will fully own your system should you choose to move from your home and bring your system with your. Because Alarm CCTV sells such a comprehensive list of equipment, it’s likely that they’re going to have a number of home security systems to choose from. That means you can decide if you would like a wireless or landline system installed in your home.

Alarm CCTV Distribution Details

  • * Based in Fremont, CA
  • * Provides a comprehensive list of security and CCTV equipment
  • * In business since 2002
  • * Provides commercial and residential products

How to Contact Alarm CCTV Distribution


Phone: 800-558-7888

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