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Alarm Alert Center Overview

alarmalart-logoAlarm Alert Center is a security company that provides both residential and commercial security systems. They take pride in customizing their systems and not providing one-size-fits-all solutions for their customers. They specialize in home security design and installation. The company is completely licensed, bonded, and insured, as well as being locally owned and operated. They have over 30 years of experience in the security market and have never had a bad ratting on the BBB site. Headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee, the company boasts of being locally owned, with a small business feel, while still providing all the services that a larger national company can provide. They do everything from design to installation, and even monitoring, for a monthly fee that comes as low as $13.75 per month.

Alarm Alert Center Reviews

The reviews are fairly good for Alarm Alert Center. They provide a comprehensive list of services, which is nice because it means that you never have to deal with another business that has been outsourced for monitoring or equipment. Alarm Alert Center has gotten consistently good reviews with the Better Business Bureau. However, there is no mention as to whether their control center is UL listed, which is a very important distinction. There also is very little information on their website concerning contract length, price of equipment, what kind of equipment they install, and whether their home evaluation is completely free. This is a shame that they’re not more upfront about their prices, but it is a way to get an Alarm Alert representative into your home for an evaluation. However, customer reviews note that the staff is very kind, and technical support is very prompt and professional. There is some mention that there are some hidden costs with Alarm Alert that customers weren’t aware of, so be sure to ask about everything upfront, including the length of the warranty on the equipment. They boast of a low monthly monitoring fees, but this price can go up quickly when you add extra services and parts to your system. All in all, Alarm Alert seems to be a dependable company for those who live in the Memphis, Tennessee area. They really do provide services that are the hallmark of a small business, but can still provide equipment and customer support that is comparable to a larger national company.

Alarm Alert Center Equipment

Alarm Alert provides a diverse array of equipment to their customers, such as all components needed for a home burglar alarm, access control, surveillance, and so much more. All of these pieces of equipment are provided in-house, and there is no outsourcing. There is unfortunately no mention of what brand of equipment that Alarm Alert favors, so it’s hard to gauge how state-of-the-art their equipment is. But it seems as though they provide either wireless or landline security systems for their customers. They provide a free home evaluation, and at that time you’ll be able to ask the technician what kind of system they suggest, how many door and window contacts you might need, etc. The company does boast of fully customizing their packages, so you’ll definitely get equipment that is tailor-fit for your home.

Alarm Alert Center Home Security Packages

alarmalartThere is no mention of what comes in the home security package from Alarm Alert, but they do state that they will design your system from scratch, install it, and them monitor it. The monitoring fee that they mention on their website is incredibly low, so there’s a good chance the purchase of equipment and installation might be quite expensive. It’s important to ask all these questions up-front before signing any contract. If you’re stuck in a very long contract length, then it matters a bit less that the monthly fee is so low. Also, if the warranty doesn’t last as long as your contract then you’re no doubt going to be spending more each month to extend the warranty on your equipment, which is incredibly important. Traditionally, a good home security package is going to come with motion sensors, key fob, control pad, window and door contacts, and glass break detectors. Should you want to add to this, there are other features like CCTV or home automation that can enhance this basic system.

Alarm Alert Center Details

  • * Fully licensed, bonded, and insured
  • * Locally owned and operated in Tennessee
  • * Over 30 years in the industry
  • * All positive reviews on BBB
  • * Will never raise their rate on an existing customer

How to Contact Alarm Alert Center


Phone: 901.372.6610

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