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ALA Security Overview

ala-logoBased in Athens, Georgia, ALA Security provides high quality equipment, installation, maintenance, and customer service support. Their specialties include business security, design, home security, as well as CCTV surveillance installation. ALA holds a number of different important certifications. Some information that is missing from their website is how many years they’ve been in business, whether or not they do their own monitoring, and whether or not they provide both commercial and residential systems. What we do know is that the company’s main technician is a registered locksmith, and has numerous years of experience. They really do seem to provide an incredibly comprehensive list of equipment for their customers. This is a very small locally owned and operated company that has served thousands of customers in the Athens, Georgia area, for security products and services as well as locksmith services.

ALA Security Reviews

Honestly, there aren’t many reviews about ALA Security, but there are a few comments about the good customer service and professional installation. As with many other small security companies like this, there’s just very little information about the services that ALA provides. They make no mention at all about monitoring, but you really get a sense from their website that this is a service that they definitely do not provide. Customers do note that the equipment that they provide is top notch and really stands the test of time. They’re using the most innovative systems on the market, and they can customize your system to suit your specific needs. The technicians really are well trained, and professional when it comes to installation and maintenance. The key here is to ask a lot of questions over the phone when you talk to a customer service representative, or when you receive a consultation in your home. You need to ask them about monitoring, what your system is going to cost, and whether this cost includes installation. Another key factor you’ll need to know is what the warranty on this equipment is. You want to get a warranty that is as long as possible, especially if you’re getting your equipment monitored by a different company that many have a long contract length. Another good thing to discuss with your technician is whether or not it’s best to have a wireless or a wired system. Wireless systems are easier to install, but some people still prefer a wired system that is attached to a landline.

ALA Security Equipment

ALA provides a wide array of equipment to suit their customers needs including mechanical and electro-mechanical security locking hardware, burglar alarms, video, CCTV, and camera surveillance equipment. For their basic home security package, ALA uses the LYNXR system by Honeywell. With this package you receive a control panel, keypad, dialer, siren, and speakerphone. The unit is sleek and compact, and works very well for most homes. However for residential installation, the company prefers the versatile VISTA-15P. It features hardwired expansion, graphic keypad support, two-wire smoke detectors, scheduling options and a number of other fine features. Aside from these two main systems, ALA also has an incredible selection of other things that can be added to any basic package to enhance your system even more.

ALA Security Home Security Packages

alaThe basic home security package that ALA provides will accommodate most homes, and will most likely use state of the art Honeywell equipment. It seems from the company’s website that the customer is responsible for purchasing this equipment upfront, and then ALA will install and maintain it. There’s absolutely no mention of monitoring on the ALA website so there’s a chance you’ll possibly need to go to a different company to have this task performed. That’s a shame, because it is nice to take care of everything in one location, but it doesn’t seem to be a service that this company provides. That being said, the selection of equipment is really fantastic, and you’re going to find everything you need here to keep your home secure and safe. It’s not a bad idea to add smoke detectors to your package if that’s not something you have already. Should you have a larger home in a more populous area, having video monitoring is never a bad idea as well.

ALA Security Details

  • * Aaron Lock & Alarm Security are members of ALOA
  • * Senior technician is a Certified Registered Locksmith
  • * Active member of the NBFAA
  • * Based in Athens, Georgia
  • * Provides Honeywell security systems, and much more
  • * Installs CCTV video surveillance

How to Contact ALA Security


Phone: 706.543.3344

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