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Affiliated Customer Service, Inc. Overview

affiliatedcustomerservice-logoAffiliated Customer Service, Inc was founded in 1983 and has been the premier security provider ever since for companies in Southern Wisconsin and the Chicago metropolitan area. They boast of fully trained technicians with a keen focus on customer service, and are all N.I.C.E.T certified, as well as following NFPA Fire Code & Life Safety Code specifications. Their company is UL certified as well. Some services that they specialize in include alarm monitoring, business security, fire alarms, home security, installation, and life safety systems. They pride themselves on doing routine checks of their security systems to ensure that they’re always running on a peak level. Their technicians are considered to be some of the most skilled in their trade of the Chicago area.

Affiliated Customer Service, Inc. Reviews

Reviews of Affiliated Customer Service, Inc. are good, and customers seem to really appreciate the incredibly knowledgeable and skilled staff that take commercial security to a whole new level for their customers. There are few to no reviews from residential customers because this company simply doesn’t provide that kind of service for their area. They do seem to be amazing at large-scale systems, and handle everything from installation, to maintenance and monitoring. Commercial customers definitely respect the fact that Affiliated is certified by a number of important organizations and has a solid track record of positive reviews since they began in 1983. Their monitoring seems to be top-notch, and their response times are incredibly fast for a locally-owned and operated company. In fact, it’s impressive that this local company takes on such large jobs in the Chicago area, and manages to do it with a lot of good feedback from their commercial clients. Technicians will always do routine checks of all fire and alarm systems to make sure they’re up to speed at all times. It’s a shame that a company like this doesn’t provide more for residential customers. It would be nice if the local homes of Chicago could enjoy the same comprehensive services that the other business clients are receiving. That being said, Affiliated is pursuing what they specialize in, and it seems to be working for them just fine.

Affiliated Customer Service, Inc. Equipment

Affiliated Customer Service uses two-wire network equipment in their home security systems, and what you get with this is Digital Messaging, Spoken Warnings and Instructions, Simultaneous Paging & Messages, Firefighter Telephone Communications Peer-to-Peer Communications, and Network Control. The E3 series equipment is specially designed to survive absolutely any emergency situation. It is designed to increase the security of your home while reducing the chances of property loss. This system is also designed in such a way where it’s easy to add enhancements to the same system, such as fire detection, carbon monoxide, and life safety at a relatively low cost. All this equipment is provided by Affiliated, so it’s one-stop shopping in terms of design, installation, and maintenance. It’s also nice that they can fully monitor all this equipment once it’s installed. There’s no mention on their website about whether your business will own this equipment once installed, or if Affiliated is merely leasing it to you. That’s something that will need to be discussed during consultation, as well as how long the warranty length is on all of this. In most cases, you really want the length of the warranty to be equal in length as your monitoring contract, but unfortunately this is not always the case.

Affiliated Customer Service, Inc. Home Security Packages

affiliatedcustomerserviceIt needs to be mentioned that it really seems like Affiliated only deals with very large buildings and commercial clients. They do not provide a basic home security package for residential customers, but have much more experience with wiring a security system for an entire apartment building or high rise. Should you be looking for a basic home security package, your’e not going to find it here. However, if you own a building and want to install a system for your tenants in the Chicago area then Affiliated might be a great choice for you. Because they use a state-of-the-art wireless system, they’re able to incorporate burglary and fire detection into one simple system which they monitor. They seem to be experts at this in the area.

Affiliated Customer Service, Inc. Details

  • * In business since 1983
  • * Specializes in large residential and commercial applications
  • * Full 24/7 monitoring services
  • * UL certified
  • * N.I.C.E.T. certified technicians
  • * Serves southern Wisconsin and Chicago areas

How to Contact Affiliated Customer Service, Inc.


Phone: 630-434-7900

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