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Advantage Security Overview

advantage-logoHaving been in operation for the past 25 years, Advantage Security has established itself as one of the most reliable security solutions providers in Lancaster, Harrisburg and York regions. Over the years, they have stayed in the forefront in offering innovative, state of the art security systems for both residential and business applications.

Every Advantage Security staff is trained to provide professional, efficient service as well as offer expert advice and recommendations when you need. Unlike other technicians that do not bother explaining every detail, their team will take time to go through with you the work they do using easy to understand terms. This means, you don’t have to worry about getting confused with all the technical terminologies.

With their extensive experience and expertise in providing safety and security systems, they have managed to set up a time proven process in place so you can expect quality, quick and courteous customer service every single time. They have staff ready to answer all your questions and address your concerns.

In addition, Advantage Security is the only UL listed fire alarm company operating in York area. This means, you can be sure that your fire alarm system will be installed accurately based on industry standards. This is one of the great advantages working with a UL listed company. In fact, Advantage Security along with other UL listed companies canconduct inspections on systems in order to determine everything is properly installed, maintained and monitoring for record keeping.

All products and services offered by Advantage Security are competitively priced, making the latest technology more accessible even to ordinary residential owners and small businesses with limited budgets. This is why they have steadily gained the reputation of providing cost-effective and practical security solutions to all their clients.

However, Advantage Security is not BBB accredited and no rating has been published online.

Advantage Security Reviews

There are no available reviews, feedbacks or complaints filed against Advantage Security published online.

Advantage Security Equipment

Advantage Security carries an extensive range of products and brands that offers the best and the latest innovations in security systems. However, unlike other companies, they do not believe in free systems that include a motion detector and two door sensors, sold and are haphazardly installed by untrained teenagers. With Advantage Security, you can expect that you will deal with and attended by trained professionals who can also offer expert, informed recommendations and advice when you need it.

This means, Advantage Security offers customized solutions and not pre-packaged plans that do not provide comprehensive coverage of the security solution you need or require for your home or business. All their security plans follow a carefully thought out plan that includes the 5 Ds: Detect, Deter, Delay, Defend and Deny. This is the very foundation of their services and how they conduct their business.

With this in mind, you can be sure that Advantage Security will be able to provide you thorough solutions and dependable system for loss prevention. When it comes to asset protection and life safety, you can rely on Advantage Security to provide you the best possible options available all without busting your budget.

Advantage Security Packages

advantageAdvantage Security is most well known for providing electronic security systems, fire alarm systems, burglar alarms, access control and video systems. They mainly cater to upscale homeowners and businesses particularly in the central Pennsylvania area.

All their packages are competitively priced and all solutions are meticulously tailored to seamlessly fit into the specific security needs and requirements of every client.

For homeowners, a large chunk of their clients are from referrals from highly satisfied clients. They are well known for looking after the best interest of their customers instead of merely looking and the figures and making the next big sale. They also take time to explain the details of the services they offer as well as the solutions available.

Aside from homeowners, Advantage Security also caters to residential builders. They typically tie up with builders in ensuring the property is properly secured with state of the art alarm systems.

One of the core services is the AES Intellinet, which is a technologically advanced and fully redundant central station located in a fully secured facility where alarm and communications dispatches occur. All operators in Intellinet have college degrees or have an equivalent military service. They are also trained to fluently speak clear English and provide prompt assistance in cases or emergency situations.

Their technical proficiently supersedes all the benchmarks set by the industry. This means if every time you have certain issues with your system that will require support, you can expect prompt assistance with great depth of experience readily available when you need it.

How to Contact Advantage Security


Phone: 877. 840. 8400

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