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Advanced Security Group Overview

advanced-security-groupAdvanced Security Group (ASG) was established in 1984 and have been serving customers in the Chicago area for 30 years. They work with businesses and industry to provide complete security integration. So often security is pieced together and the pieces do not necessarily integrate well to support a complete system. ASG focuses on providing all security needs which include intrusion protection, fire detection, security and surveillance and identify any security weaknesses and providing solutions.

The company is licensed in the state of Illinois and have a wide range of business customers that use their services. The company holds a membership with ASIS International which is the leading security membership organization in the world. Along with this membership the company has staff that are ASIS board certified. This high level certification creates a higher level of knowledge and professionalism that can be passed onto customers.

ASG ensures that they are staying on top of the rapidly changing technology in the security field. This effort provides customers with the best security systems on the market and enables customers with the highest level security available to protect their proeprty. As cameras and locking devices improve, ASG is one of the first to provide the advanced technology. With security systems it is important to stay ahead of those who seek to breach your security system. This means evaluating and upgrading systems and ensuring that systems are fully integrated to provide the best protection.

Advanced Security Group Reviews

Customers like the high level of customer service that is provided by ASG. They feel the recommendations are keeping the needs of the customer in mind, over company profits. Customers feel like the equipment and the highest quality and the professional installation is done correctly the first time. This reduces service calls and ensures that businesses are protected 24 hours a day. Security breaches for a business can be very costly and they need to be able to rely on a system that will provide reliable and continuous coverage. Service calls are responded to quickly.

Advanced Security Group Equipment

ASG offers a wide range of products and services that will meet the needs of both small and large businesses. They provide access control, which monitors who has access to the exterior of the building and can provide secure areas within a building where only certain personnel are allowed access. This feature provides an additional layer of security where sensitive information or equipment are kept.

Badging and biometrics is another way to secure the business. Badging provides picture IDs that must be worn at all time while the employee is in the business. Scanners along with the badging provides an additional level of access control. Biometrics can provide the highest level of security which can provide secure access to areas with sensitive data or equipment. This might include finger print reading, retina reading, and palm scanning or face recognition. Each of these levels of security ensures that proprietary data is secure.

CCTV and video surveillance is popular with both small and large businesses. Cameras have advanced in such a way that video, even in pitch dark conditions, can provide valuable information to the authorities. Cameras can be used in both indoor and outdoor applications. Some have night vision and 360 degree coverage.

Fire safety and intrusion protection is a service used by most clients. This secures doors and windows and sets an alarm if the perimeter is breached without the proper security codes. Fire protection can guard against both smoke and fire as well as carbon monoxide poisoning.

Customers receive a free evaluation of their current security system and their overall security needs. A custom security plan is then designed to meet the customer’s needs and provide the necessary protection to the business. The company works with both retrofit systems as well as new construction.

Advanced Security Group Packages

All packages are custom designed. With businesses the needs are as individual as the businesses themselves. The highly trained technicians work with the clients to address their security needs. They also survey the property and make recommendations based on the layout of the building and the entry and exit points. Then working with the client’s budget, they create an affordable system that will secure the building, protect employees and provide peace of mind for the owners.

Advanced Security Group works to provide the latest technology to provide fully integrated systems that will protect the property and the business assets from any damage or loss. This includes both intrusion, internal breaches and fire safety.

How to Contact Advanced Security Group


Phone: (312) 881-9200

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